Alburquerque cleared to resume rehab assignment

The Tigers have been hoping for the sight of Al Alburquerque around Comerica Park at some point this summer. These weren’t the circumstances they were looking for, though.

The good news for the Tigers is that team doctors don’t believe the tenderness Alburquerque felt in his surgically repaired right elbow to be anything serious. He was cleared to resume his minor-league rehab assignment, and he’ll rejoin the Mud Hens in Lehigh Valley on Sunday with plans to make his next appearance on the mound Monday.

Whether he’ll have enough time to get back on the mound after that before the Tigers have to make a decision is in serious question. Alburquerque, who went out on rehab July 24, can be on assignment for no more than 30 days, or up to this coming Wednesday.

After that, the Tigers have to make a decision to activate him, send him to the minors or keep him on the disabled list without pitching.

Alburquerque has spent the past two and a half weeks with Triple-A Toledo. He has pitched only once in the past week, however, tossing 2 2/3 scoreless innings on three hits with five strikeouts Wednesday at Syracuse. Alburquerque threw 44 pitches in the outing, but the Tigers have had relievers on rehab stretch out their arm on longer outings to see how the arm responds.

Alburquerque said he felt tenderness in his elbow after that. In accordance with what the team medical staff told him before he went on rehab, he reported it and flew to Detroit to have it checked out.


Uh-oh. Ricky is going to have a very long night if he is n’t going to get the call at the knees. i.e. 2nd pitch to Markakis.

Very impressive 1st inning by RP. 95 MPH 4-seamer is helping keep the hitters honest.
Today will be an important day for Jeff Baker.

Would have been a good to play Laird.
I don’t like the way JL manages this guy’s playing time.
You also have to keep Laird fired up and sitting him against Britton is not a good idea.

I think my man Infante is going yard this inning.

Oh my—what a brutal call by the home plate ump.
Make ’em pay Prince.

Just brutal umpiring jobs this series

To be fair, most of the time the umps are amazingly good at the MLB level.

The call on Omar was the key pitch of that inning.
I hope this ball club realizes what a treasure they have in Austin Jackson. Please take note of this guys talent and utilize it effectively. He is not a good base stealer, but he should be. He gets minimal leads off 2nd base and even worse secondary leads. This is a waste of a resource. This is not an unimportant issue and would go a long way to making the lineup more dangerous.

If that is the case Richard, the minor league umping must be absolutely dreadful.


Very important to support Porcello tonight.
Also very important that DD find us a #5 hitter and not wait for one to appear from within. It would make all the difference in the world to have a legitmate, dangerous threat batting after Miggy & Biggy. If the Tigers fail this year this will be one of the major factors.

Porcello has plus stuff. But he does not keep hitters off balance.He must learn to pitch. Is he calling his own game? Something needs to change in that regard, me thinks. Too many guys square the ball up on him.

Odd to say that about Porcello for a game he is performing prettywell.

“in a game in which he is performing pretty well.” Sorry. Need my secretary/assistant back. I obviously am typing challenged.

He is performing very well, the 4 seam letter high fastball, the swingback 2 seamer, show them the slider and the change. Nice stuff. And I repeat, the club has to support this kind of effort from the back of the rotation.
We’ll see what they are made of today.

With the stakes raised, these are those games you know losing is not an option…
Someone besides the big two has to man up.

Dombrowski has to do more. Infante was an exquisite acquisition. Sanchez may help yet.
But he has missed the boat on providing us a RHB. It has been abundantly clear all year how much that has hurt us (Raburn). Getting Baker was a milk-toast solution. What was needed was a RHB but one that can come in and impact every game and in the #5 slot, since Delmon has been unable to.
I am quite surprised that DD has failed to accomplish this.

Man, the 6th inning has been groundhog day all season long.

Over and over and over again. Same movie with this offense.
You just knew DY was going to GIDP.
Auditions the #5 batting spot will continue. Have your resume ready.
And right on cue, the O’s begin to threaten.
— Bob

Wow—DY the rally killer and JP leaving 7 men on so far.
How long can RP hold out? The Orioles simply have to throw the ball over the plate and we politely oblige by chopping into a litany of DPs.
Great game for Ricky. I feel bad for him because I “feel” bad about the course of this game.

Crap—Infante had a play at 1st!!!!

I like the AL approach and the 3 run Weaver-type home run approach. But geez…we need to score and a bunt followed by a sac fly and/or an opposite side grounder a liitle more frequently would be welcome, especially later in games.

Sorry Richard. You will need a new manager if that is the game you want. It will not and does not happen with this management group.
— Bob

Oh well… You may be right.

Unbelievable. I got nothing else.
— Bob

Here we go. Anybody expect the O’s to (non) produce in this situation like we did?

Pretty dang pathetic. Wasted opportunity after opportunity. then a 3 run bomb by the orioles. another horrible oitcher they make look incredible.

Predictable. And for me, entirely believable. You could feel the team self destructing. There’s just these prolonged periods of an absence of hitting. We got a little yesterday but it was by pretty much one or two guys. We have endured a season long, team wide lack of cohesive hitting.
Ricky pitched a really nice game, but, he did not get Davis to hit the ball on the ground. Conversely, we have been a very polite host by constantly doing the same for Britton. I guess my feed is considerably behind the live action. I see Bob saw what happened before I did!
Killer game. To have the Kid pitch like that and give him nothing, literally, nothing in support.
I will nauseate everybody once more. Dombrowski needs to insert himself into the equation. Otherwise, we’re sunk.

Yes, it is nauseating.

Not you, the game.

Coke has an ERA of nearly 7 in his last 11 appearances? No wonder he scares me.

I love you too Kathy!

At last ! JP came through. We have a chance.

Jhonny sure is strange – he hits far better with men on and even better with 2 outs – unlucky to line out in the 3rd on 2 outs and now his hit in the 8th. For seasonhe is .344/.50/.719.

Young, Avila and Baker/Boesch??
I don’t see it happening.
These guys are not game breakers.
Peralta may have made a base-running mistake but realistically. What was Delmon going to do other than add 1 pitch to Strop’s night?

All up to Brennan. Good Luck.

Real bad crew of umpires. The strike zone was ridiculously large. Even though it may be that way for both teams, anytime a strike zone is out of the ordinary, it will favor one team. Tonight it was the Orioles. We lost our early opportunities because the zone hadn’t been established yet.
I hate these Baltimore announcers, and there’s one more day of it. Appreciate Rod and Mario, everybody, believe me.
Peralta did get a big hit from the 5-hole and if he hadn’t hit into the DP earlier, it would have been an acceptable game for him. I can live with him there, but not Avila. Dan, I don’t see who DD could possibly get at this stage of the season who would be an impact #5 hitter, although I understand your position.
If Omar would have gone to 1stbase with that 7th inning grounder, that 3-run homer doesn’t happen. These close games are unforgiving, aren’t they? On the plus side, Prince is working with him much better. So who’s dumb idea has it been to use half a dozen 2ndbasemen the last few years?
Porcello pitched very well so that’s a big positive. We can win the series with Fister tomorrow BUT…………at some point, winning series isn’t enough. You have to win about 8 games in a row to take control of the race.

Every loss at this time of the year is an important one. Especially if you do have an opportunity in the game.
This was a game where you half expect you are spotting the the other team (because of your pitcher in the rotation that day). And when you are given a bonus by that pitcher but can’t take advantage—well it’s very troubling. This is when the “team” has to excel. It simply didn’t.
We have a team that is among the best when the bottom of the order works. And we have a very mediocre team when it isn’t.
Jeff Baker , as I mentioned when we got him, was an insult to Tiger fans. No insult to him. He is, and has been, at best an average player. No way he was going to be able to come here and inject a dynamic that was going to transform this team. And that is what was (and is) needed..
There is still time and necessity to do this.

Several good points.

Soriano. They missed out on Cespedes.

The Cubs will pay us to take him. He can hit, he can field, he can run, he has energy and enthusiasm and he’s dangerous.

The season is surely sitting on the production out of the #5 hole.
We have run out of time to just maintain the muddling pace and the big two will start to falter with less opportunity and feeling forced to press outside of the zone to make an impact.

I am sorry to again bore/aggrevate all of you with my idea to put DY back in the 3 hole, but he benefits for obvious reasons. And it fits the needs of the team. The team benefits because the production slots are thereby filled by reliable run producers. Besides , it worked last year.

As I posted before, slowbyrne, I too think Soriano could be interesting at the right price. The Cubs could be players. That or Garcia and/or Castellanos.

No, slowbyrne, he cannot field.

This game of baseball is so fummy; Ricky P is pitching so well, has controlled Davis, and all of a sudden he’s down 3-0. I think it’s also intuitive for Tiger fans, that the longer we go before scoring, the more likelihood the opponent will win. Self destruction through double plays can really take the sails out of you. This up and down hitting performance almost demands your starter to be perfect. There’s never any room for margin. Odds are we won’t score a lot of runs tomorrow; thus Fister will feel the pressure. Boy, do we ever miss Martinez. Simply no one else on the team has stepped up to assume the five spot. It really shows in games like tonights’.
Tonight I saw three things that I liked in the game:
1. Peralta’s 2 run single put us in position to have a chance in the ninth. That’s all you can ask for.
2. Alex’s 2 pegs to throw out base runners tonight. The throwout at third was big. Alex, I thought you’d found your bat!.
3. the pitching was good both front and back. Rick pitched a very solid game, and the pen was effective too. Hopefully, Coke is getting himself back on track.

Royals helped again. Don’t look pass them. The have had good success against the Sox. Infante made the great stop in the 7th. I think he might have been surprised that he got to the ball, thus no throw. It was critical; that’s why it’s the best game on the planet. My prediction: Miggy will win the Batting Title again. Good night all!

Meant to say funny. Fummy might actually describe things better.

Okay, a name. Soriano. I’d be glad to take him and stick him in at #5 for the rest of the year and see what happens. He’d have to DH because he’s a terrible defender. I don’t know if he has any speed left. His salary is unbelievably high so we could only pick up a small percentage of it. But yeah, at least the opposing pitcher has to think carefully about him. They may not be so quick to pitch around Miggy and Biggy. Do I think it will happen? No.
Jeff Baker probably will do us no good in this strict platoon. He hits lefties but he was also getting some ABs against righties. I expect nothing from him and it won’t be his fault.
Anyone still think the Royals are a soft spot on the schedule after taking 4 of the last 5 from the Sox?

Was at the game tonight, my family came from out of town,…..boy was that game a drag and very frustrating. I cannot believe they let yet another crappy pitcher look dominant, it utterly mind boggling.

By the way Rich I caught a game on national tv the other day with the Baltimore broadcaster…they were mind numbing they were so aweful.

Tough loss for Rick. He deserved better. We found out the hard way how the O’s have been winning this year. Best record in one run games in baseball. The good news is KC beat the Hawk Sox sooooooo it’s a breakeven night. We need to win this series tomorrow. Mr. Fister are you ready!!!!!! WOW we have almost completed 75% of our schedule. Need to battle lefties as the O’s and Jays have a few more of them lined up to face us. Jeff Baker, Delmon Young, Omar Infante, Austin Jackson time for you guys to shine. Go get’em!!!!!!! Our schedule is very tough from here on out. I say that because we have to finish on the road against all of our division opponents. Does that happen often?? Later this month we will root for the O’s as they will host the pesky Sox for four games. That’s baseball. Just 42 more games to play to finish the regular season. Then we want more!!!!!!!!

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