Tigers-White Sox moved to Sunday night

For the second straight year, the Tigers and White Sox will play a Sunday night game at Comerica Park on Labor Day weekend. ESPN made the move official today, selecting the game for its national broadcast and shifting the game from what had been a 1:05pm ET start.

The game will be broadcast on ESPN2 with an 8:06pm first pitch. It’ll be the second Sunday night game this season for the Tigers, who beat the Reds under the lights in June with a crazy eighth-inning comeback off Aroldis Chapman.

Of course, you’ll remember last year’s Tigers-White Sox matchup on Sunday night as the 18-2 rout that featured a five-run fourth inning and the seven-run sixth, completing a series sweep that pretty much sent them on their way to the AL Central title. If you include a win in Chicago in 2010, then the Tigers have beaten the White Sox on Sunday night in back-to-back Septembers.

Also like last year, the Tigers will have to bounce back quickly from a Sunday night game against the White Sox to a Labor Day matinee against the Indians. Unlike last year, though, the Tigers won’t have to travel to Cleveland for it, instead welcoming the Tribe to Detroit. The White Sox, meanwhile, return home to Chicago for a Labor Day evening affair with the Twins as part of a 10-game homestand.

Still unresolved is the game time for the following Sunday’s Tigers game against the Angels in Anaheim. That’s still listed as TBA, and ESPN hasn’t selected its Sunday night game for that weekend. That’ll be of particular interest to the Tigers, who have to fly to Chicago after that for a four-game series against the White Sox beginning Monday night.


I am still waiting for that “collapse” of the White Sox predicted by somebody here on this blog. They have been able to defeat teams we expected would give them more trouble. They have had problems winning in Toronto until this past week. They handles the Angels, Rangers and A’s fairly well. Now they have a 2 1/2 game lead on the Tigers who seem at times to be ready to break out but then relapse. This week they nearly lost thethe Fister game with errors. What’s your take on this race?

IMO to this point we’ve underperformed, and they have overperformed. I think this huge homestand – and the fact that we play the 2 worst teams in the AL for the last 13 games or so…..I think we can pull this out.

Both team are 9 -5 for august. Run Dif : Sox +14 . Tigers:+18.
July: Tigers:16-10. +16 CWS:14-11. + 16
But the ChiSox have defeated team that are stronger than them.While the Tigers have been unable to win against the West.

Agreed. That weekend was the coffin weekend. It is what started the 12 game wiinning streak they went on. Another of those would just be fine and dandy with me.
Outside of JV’s no hitter, the Saturday game of that series was probably my most favourite game of last year. It had everything. Penny getting pounded earlier. A bad call at first by the ump that set up a big Chisox inning. A rain delay. DY will a big homer. David Pauley’s only decent outing as a Tiger. Raburn’s 2 run shot to tie it in the ninth. Remember him pumping his right fist while he still had the bat in his left hand. And then Miggy ambushing Santos on a first pitch off speed pitch. And Mitch Williams doing the colour for Fox saying “Game Over” as soon as Miggy hit the pitch.
The White Sox died that day.
15 of 18 at home starting tonight. It is go time. I am making my first trip to Comerica since the fall of 2006 next week to see Wednesdays and Thursdays games against the Jays. It looks like I will see JV live which I have never had the opportunty to see yet. So that excites me. I missed his no hitter here in Toronto last year by one day.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

The Sox have several guys who had a disappointing 2011 but have come back to form; Rios and Dunn to name two, and AJ’s HR numbers have gone from 8 last year to 23 so far this year. Their rotation was strengthened with Chris Sale, and their bullpen has been bolstered by Brett Myers, Jesse Crain, and Addison Reed. Addition by subtraction with Ozzie gone, and these guys are for real. I don’t expect them to go away, and it’s up to our guys to step it up down the stretch. The head to head games can’t be more magnified. As I said last night, the next 18 games will be the first pivotal stretch. Let’s see where we are by that point.

maybe last year’s disappointments made me think less of them (thus making me think they’ve out performed this year).
DEF addition by subtraction with Ozzie!

Did anyone watch “Caught Looking” this week on NBC Sports Network (channel 603 on DirecTV)? It should be on a few more times. It’s a one-hour show that covered last weekend’s series in Texas. What I took away from it was that the Rangers play more like a rowdy bunch of good ol’ boys under Ron Washington, while the Tigers play like a Jim Leyland team. More important was the look of disappointment on Cabrera’s face after being held at 3rdbase by Lamont on Delmon’s (should have been game-winning) single. Miggy very nearly ran through the stop sign as he did a few times earlier this year. I don’t have much patience for games being lost by non-playing members of the team, and Lamont has also cost us game 2 of the ALCS (and maybe a WS appearance) by holding Santiago, and then a couple nights later sending Cabrera when he shouldn’t have. Throw in the the mixup over the bunt sign last week and Leyland feeling the need to defend Gino in the media, and I see a problem there.
Anyway, see the show if you can because it’s very well done and very entertaining.

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