Tigers pull plug on V-Mart comeback for 2012

You might remember Tigers head athletic trainer Kevin Rand saying a few days ago that Victor Martinez was “basically running out of time” to complete his rehab in time for a chance at coming back this season. That clock has officially run out.

Rand told reporters Friday at Comerica Park that the Tigers are now gearing Martinez’s comeback for next spring. His running progression, which was supposed to be the next hurdle if and when he got enough strength in his left leg, has been pushed to November, giving him enough time that the team medical staff expects him to be ready for the start of Spring Training next February.

“I’m anticipating [Martinez] being ready to go from Day 1,” Rand said.

It wasn’t for lack of effort, Rand emphasized. Essentially, he has been doing some sort of rehab since the end of January, when he had his microfracture surgery. But they couldn’t get his left leg strong enough to start a running progression, which he needed to do before he could begin baseball activities.

The final decision came on a Wednesday conference call with therapists handling Martinez’s rehab work.

“It got to a point where we looked at it and he doesn’t have enough time to do a running progression and start doing baseball activities,” Rand said.

It wasn’t an easy decision, and Rand said Martinez was “disappointed.” However, the move provides some clarity on what the Tigers will have for the postseason. More important for Martinez, it allows him to focus his effort on next season and not worry about putting his long-term health at risk for a quick comeback.

“We were not going to do anything to jeopardize [2013 and 2014],” Rand said.


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Bueno suerte Victor.
I was never over the top with VMart signing, until I saw him grind out every damn at bat. The power is not all there, the defense and the base speed is not there, but what a guy to hit behind Cabby.! His at bats were phenomenal really, and his production was a blessing. His comportment and and influence in the clubhouse and dugout can’t even be estimated let alone quantified. He was an MVP for us last year.
While I look forward to his return I do wonder how another year older combined with a year off is going to affect him. He will stabilize the team next year and his role as DH will impact several hitters for this team. A future manager in the making?

TOT– How are the Lions going to make it to the playoffs without a a running back?

Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs! Playoffs? 🙂

I was so on board with the Martinez signing that I would have sent money to Mr. Ilitch to get it done. That said, even I was amazed at just how much Victor could bring to a ballclub.

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