Tigers issue traffic tips for Saturday

The Lions are playing in Baltimore tonight, but Ford Field is going to be hopping this weekend for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, who will be performing in concert in an event that begins at 4:30pm ET and is expected to run for most of the evening.

Put that traffic up with the Tigers game at 7:05 across the street, and you get the idea. The Tigers are estimating 85,000 people will be in attendance at two events separated by a two-lane street, so they issued a traffic advisory on Friday so fans could plan ahead.

If you’re driving downtown, the Olympia Development-owned parking lots east of Woodward Avenue will be reserved for fans attending the Tigers game. Fans will have to show a ticket or a parking pass, or they’ll need to have tickets waiting at will call. Tailgating in the lots will be prohibited in an effort to fit in as many fans as possible.

The Olympia Development-owned lots west of Woodward, on the other hand, are fair game for baseball fans and concert goers alike. Spots there will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


JV got away with a less than stellar 1st inning. Really nice play by Prince. No hesitation. Big play, early on.

JV needs to bear down hard on this team he has had so much success against.

As usual, with the extra day of rest he is not at his best.

Right you are.
Can’t let up on this Hunter. He actually had some nice pitches in the 1st.

I will never understand Leyland and his stubborness in not bunting in clear bunt situations. Early in the game and a chance to put TWO runners in scoring position and you let your guy swing away. Peralta is not Cabrera.

The other side of this decision is IF you do make it to the playoffs you pretty much are hog-tied into repeating the strategy because you don’t know how to get the bunt down.
The lack of creativity and offensive strategy by Leyland is a contradiction to his managerial experience. He’s just plain stubborn.

Verlander better figure it out soon ….he looks pretty average tonight. Can’t throw strikes and when they are hitting him its pretty hard. Not impressed so far

Wow. JV is not sharp at all. We let a good scoring chance go by the wayside in the 2nd.
— Bob

Interesting items. Tigers have set MLB record @ 47 consecutive years for 1 million plus attendance. Are #4 in attendance this year.

That was not a pretty inning by JV.

I hear you. El Tigre pointed out the extra day rest and it is most definitely a factor.

El Tigre… Heard today the Tigers are #1 in RISP. Can this be true?

It is true. I saw that stat the other day. But Mr Magoo at 3rd costs many runs.
— Bob


Yes, first in avg with RISP but 5th in runs.Second with RISP and 2 outs,runners on. Fouth : runners on 2 outs .10 th in 3rd less than two outs.29th bases loaded.
10th in runs

why? first in 2B with RISP.19th in HR. They need a HR to take home Fielder, Young or Avila.

Thanx. Good info.

Pretty pitch to get out of it though.
I sure hope AJ gets it going again soon. He looks really off.
Did not like the Boesch effort on the Markakis double.
This guy was one of my favourites and I am extremely disappointed in him and am wondering just how much upside he has.
We need an impact corner outfielder–won’t get him this year but it damn well better be found next year. And when I say impact–I mean bat, glove and speed.
Will be interesting to see how Castellanos and Garcia work out next year.

Might be interesting to see how at least one of them works out this year.

The last start by JV witnessed a brutal offensive contribution. Not sure what’s going on but these guys would be smart to give their ace way more support than they do.
A well-pitched game backed up by good fielding and serious hitting can really lift a team.

JV 74 pitches already. Extra day of rest or not, he is just not the same pitcher this year.

Some interesting points… Too much rest for JV may negatively alter his performance. Failure to bunt in a bunt stuation hurts the Tigers. Hunter actually has some stuff despite his poor record. Adds up to an unexpectantly tough matchup.

Not my points. They belong to other posters. I just happen to agree.

Another blown opportunity. AA stranded at 3rd.

And please JL, don’t back DY and Boesch back-to-back. They are a lethal combination.

With 3.32 JV is 97th in MLB in RS

Lead off double wasted and now a one out triple. Honest to god
And Verlander still is pitching well not like himself. Still can’t throw strikes.

If we win this one we will be fortunate. Can’t take advantage of opportunities,can’ hit and JV can’t get an 0-2 pitch by anybody

Well Justin—that was a horrible (if not stupid) pitch. The arrogance factor strikes once again.I just don’t get it Justin.
The way we are tearing the horsehide off of Hunter means this one could be out of touch already.

Justin is aweful. He’s had a couple good outings since the break but for the most part a completely average pitcher. He needs to not go back in the game. He needs to figure it out because he has been anything but shutdown or an ace.

And there you go. HR. Tigers down 3-1. Can JV even come back out in the 6th inning? Can the Tigers ever get to Hunter?

I’m going to stop coming to games….everyone I come to lately is horrible.

Running out of time—-game and season.

Last 8 before today,Verlander :4-3, 2.33

Can the Tigers take advantage of this? That was total BS. Horrible umping. Peratla was out and they overrule the guy? Right is right-wrong is wrong. We caught a huge break there and good teams jump on this kind of situation. We’ll see how good we are.

Ump did not get the play right. Peralta safe. Equipment violation. No reason to throw out 1B. Protest by Buck?

Call reversed. Tough error.

And by the way—who is the official scorer? Brutal call. If Peralta is ruled safe, that needs to be a base hit. It takes more than an ordinary play to backhand a ball over the bag and get a good throw..
AJ not hitting at all. This is very discouraging.

He is 194 for last 10.And has lost timing for stealing bases.

We look awful out there.
There are a number of issues that need to be resolved but I can tell you one of them: How does a leadoff man with the speed and ability to get a good lead like AJ have only 10 stolen bases? And last year? Leyland does not use his personnel appropriately.
At least they attempted something that inning but why are they not givng AJ better instruction?

QS for Justin. Time to call Putkonem?

Someone is back.

3 hits and 1 run against a guy with a 5.38 era. Tigers looking bad…wait homer Fielder

Peralta looked very out to me (with the advantage of replay.). I hate winning on that crap. So it worked out since Tigers did not score. Bottom 6 now is the time to wipe the slate clean and win this game by earning it. JV still pitching through 6. He battles even when he doesn’t have it.

Just as I post we are tied.

JV or Dotel?

Dotel, good move

Marty.. Saw the Orioles feed. Peralta looked safe and the announcers did not whine except about the ejection and the error call. Different camera angles or maybe I just misunderstood?

The camera view from the OF looked like his foot was pressed into the bag as the ball hit his glove. I donno……….Reynolds sure reacted as though he got hosed for the tremendous effort.

I agree El Tigre. Git while the gittins’ good.

I hope he keeps Dotel

1.2.3. I would take that too

Good for JB! On the controversial play, I think the replay showed he was out but also that the first base ump was not in a good position to make the call. Maybe that’s why he allowed the home plate ump to overrule him if he doubted his own call. But I don’t think the home plate umpire in this case had any better look 90 feet away. It was just a weird play all the way around and I hate to see a game’s outcome decided that way.

To finish the thought, it never should have been overruled. Where was the overruling when Galarraga needed (deserved) it?

Good point. But Prince just went LONG…We are up.

We are winning fair and square now!

Wow! Another Fielder HR. Can you say that Miggy and Biggie are carrying this team tonight? Sure would be nice for anyone else to join in.

I’m happy Miggy & Biggie are carrying the team tonight…as long as Valverde can hold them that’ll do for tonight and then hopefully someone else will do the job tomorow!

Good job by VV against good hitters. Splitter was effective.

All’s Well That Ends Well .
Chisox down 2-4 8th

This was a good win. Looked ugly early and JV wasnt sharp. But the big boys got it done. Benoit was good too and that is super important.
Let’s keep this party rolling tomorrow.
— Bob

Reynolds wasn’t ejected for throwing the glove. After he threw it, he directed an expletive at the umpires, one that rhymes with “luck” and “boo.” That’s what got him tossed. I could read his lips.
It was a horribly called game by a poor umpiring crew, and I will add that Verlander was getting squeezed on pitches that Timmons was giving Hanson. For that reason, I would have had no problem with winning the game on a bad call. Heck, I don’t need a reason, we’ve been hosed enough over the years.
Miggy and Biggy got four of our five hits, scored and drove in all of our runs, yet they still pitched to them. Showalter, in an act of insanity, put on a shift for Cabrera, which MIggy easily beat with a grounder to right.
Benoit was sharp again. Valverde made me nervous with those flyballs but got it done. Another clean inning for Dotel.
I was stuck with the Baltimore feed and Jim Palmer talked nonstop throughout. He gets a lot of facts wrong.

Good news for us,

I still remember that game with Detroit scoring 10 runs against Jim Palmer and El Presidente, giving us false hope of chasing down Baltimore.
Showalter is the manager that gave an IBB to Barry Bonds with the based loaded and won the game.So, yes I dont get why he pitched to them

gk… Where are you? Need your crusty input.

Fielder earned some salary today. Nice play in the 1st and those home runs were as good as they get.
Dotel and Benoit threw well and Valverde, always interesting, threw some encouraging splitters. The key was not walking anybody or plunking them.
Big win but JL has to fijure out how to to get the offense rolling. Maybe bunting? Maybe running? (Not that we had a lot of runners tonight.)
I would not even bother playing Boesch right now but there is no way I have him hitting after Delmon.
KC helped us out big-time.

Lots of Ks for the Mud Hen pitchers tonight. Marte had 6 in 2 1/3. Smyly had 7 and Rondon had 2 in the 9th (along with 3 walks).

Just got back from the game….battery died on phone. Really was quite a miserable game for a lot of it.. Verlander was frustrating…I wondered if Verlander was getting squeezed its ard to tell from our seats but his reaction and simply the fact that I not think I’ve ever seen him have such a poor ball to strike ratio.

And I agree Rich..I don’t much care if we would of won because of a bad call..we’ve been hosed and lst a few games o our own because of bad calls, I can think of 2 series in Boston this year that costs us a few.

Who’s on the card Dan? Can’t read the name. Looks like Dick McAuliffe, but the first name looks like Jim. Wish the printing was a little larger. Too small for my eyes.

Did you try hovering the cursor over the gravatar? (sounds like something from Star Trek) That makes it a little larger. I’m having fun looking at the daily “changing of the card.”

The Royals beat Chris Sale tonight. That’s a good thing, but also a reminder that those KC boys can mess you up. Can’t count W’s on your schedule with them.
While I think umpires should be able to reverse calls like that, I’ve never seen it until tonight. At first I thought Peralta was safe, but seeing it again he looked out. It’s a tough call. I suppose that, here in 2012, Galarraga gets his perfecto.
Miggy and Biggy have hit some homers this year that will live on in highlights for years to come. True bombs.
Re Verlander, he had his off night and we won. I expect he won’t have two off nights in a row.

Jered Weaver also got rocked for nine in 3 innings! JV even giving up 3 now has a better ERA…not a better win loss though.

Rich called it right; Reynolds, a UVA guy, was tossed because of the bad language.
It had nothing to do with the glove. I continue to be amazed at how much the quality of good umpiring has diminished over the last three years. It’s pretty scary. Again, as “bad” as JV was, he’s still good enough to keep us in the game. Also like you Rich, I was stuck with MASN; they should not have blackout rights unless it’s a home game for the O’s. Tom Davis knows less than Palmer. It’s time for three things that I liked about this game tonight:
1. Sheer homer power from Miggy and of course, Biggy. Note agaain how Fielder can turn on an inside pitch. Wow and Wow!
2. Infante’s good defense at second base. He’s a keeper for the near future!. Hits the ball well too.
3. Great bullpen tonight from DBV. It’s been a while.
So I stayed with the obvious for my three things; but that truly was about it. When we needed clutch hits from Del and Bren, they did their usual no show. Dirks was down tonight, and Ajax has hit a little puny spell. Need to take it up a notch for tomorrow. Good night to all!

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