Tuesday’s lineup: Tigers at Twins

Another day, another hitter in the fifth spot. This time, it’s Jhonny Peralta batting behind Prince Fielder against Twins lefty Brian Duensing, who has allowed a .322 average to right-handed hitters this year compared to .239 from left-handed batters. The OPS difference is exactly 200 points (.834 righties, .634 lefties).

No hitter has done more against Duensing than Peralta, 10-for-22 lifetime off of him with three doubles, a home run and seven RBIs. Most of that damage came last season, when he went 5-for-8 with three doubles and five RBIs.

Meanwhile, Jeff Baker starts in right field in place of Brennan Boesch. Andy Dirks gets the lefty-against-lefty start tonight.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (7-for-28, 2 HRs, 5 BB, 6 Ks off Duensing)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Delmon Young, DH
  7. Jeff Baker, RF
  8. Andy Dirks, LF
  9. Gerald Laird, C (1-for-9 off Duensing)

P: Doug Fister


Well, many of us have asked for this. If this line-up can’t produce we are in deep do-do.
Actually looks good. Glad to see JL is giving Laird a much needed start and Avila a much needed rest.
I like Infante batting 2nd and Dirks playing over Boesch and Berry.

Agree Dan. And it’s good to see JL trying some different looks to get something going. If JP responds well, we will have some good things to say tonight. Deep doo doo on the other hand (heck, in either hand) is not good.

I think this Blog gave up on Jhonny ever going to the #5 hole from around May/June when we were screaming for him to be switched with Delmon who was not clearly even then not handling the pressure. I hope JL is not turning the #5 into a revolving door based on daily matchups.
Jhonny should make a go of #5 as whilst his batting average looks similar to Delmon being .262 & .263, the similarity ends there.
Delmon – 46 RBI’s with 102 AB’s for RISP or .284/.291/.624 & .624 OPS;
Jhonny – 42 RBI’s with 73 AB’s for RISP or .274/.402/.521 & .923 OPS.
For RISP and 2 outs, Jhonny’s stats are only bettered by Miguel with his .333/.50/.733 & 1.233 OPS.

Sorry for the error in Delmon’s stats. A slugging % of .333 has to be one for the #5 record books.

here’s JHONNY! yep well hey this is a great opportunity with JP hitting this guy so well in the past.
If we lose this series to the Twins tho – oof it’s going to be bad in that club house. We might need at least 7 from Doug tonight to do that tho.

Great job with the lineup Mr. Leyland!!!!!!. When allowed to make some necessary tweaks he is the man for the job. Go Jhonny go!!!!!! Ramon and Ryan (in Toledo) would love to get a chance at their starter tonight,too.

Just watching MLB channel, they just said the Rangers pitchers have the worst era since June 21st or 22nd. Apparently the Tigers brought that era down significantly since either………..A. Rangers pitchers pitch their best games against the Tigers……or B. the tigers hitters are pathetic underachievers with no life! What do you think?

hey we need to hire another batting coach – we’ll be ok. Maybe a bun pen coach too.

A little from Column A and a little from Column B. More from Column B, though.
— Bob

Mark Fydrich would’ve turned 58 today

His family is suing the truck company that killed him.

The most important tweak Leyland can manufacture is firing his buddy Lloyd.
Really makes no difference infusing different players in today’s lineup. If someone like Baker gets three hits tonight, Leyland will sit him tomorrow.

The whole managerial staff needs to be fired after the season. Only one to keep is Belliard.

Well, it is working

A run scored from second. It is that legal?

Darin Mastroiani played here last season. His avg was 200. He was released after a quarrel with Barbaro Garbey. When Aguilas clinched the playoff , Justin Henry refused to extend his contract . Mastroiani was resigned and Barbaro Garbey released. I cant believe he is already in MLB and hitting 800 against the Tigers

The one diving for a 3B. That is the one I saw here


So far so good…..Fister looks good, Cabrera not so good those are a- typical at bats for him I’m guessing his ankle is really bothering him.

2 errors on that play by Fielder. Too busy running his mouth.

Well, there you go. Too bad the defense didn’t do their job earlier.

New game. Fielder and the Ump

Well I guess I spoke too soon…. Three errors in an inning and wham! Winning baseball boys!??!? . Honest to god, these dudes are just freaking horrible right now. Can’t pitch, can’t field can’t pitch. And I’m sure now Duensing will settle down and be awesome. Losers!

Fister needed some teammates in that inning. Sandlot baseball … again.
— Bob

Absolutely, but fister still put one right own the middle on a tee. Ths team s an embarrassment to their owner and fans! Really tired of this shit!

Crap I mean! Sorry!

Omar .. that thing on your hand is a glove … you use it to catch the ball.
— Bob

Omar needs some super glue or some extra pine tar. Something.

Fister has been good of late and deseves better. A potential laugher has turned into a nailbiter, for which Fister has evolved again into a victim of circumstances. Fielder has gone from adequate defensively to his former inadequate self. And what’s up with Infante?

Prince Fielder bobblehead head night coming up next week. out They could have handed them out tonight.

Funny. Good to see you back in the Tiger fold.

How do you like that stat…Duensing this is the mat strikeouts he’s had all season. Clown show out there…!

ChiSox won

You go Andy!!!!

Nice Andy! You showed up tonight unlike some of your boys!
White Soxs won.

King Andy to the rescue!

Redemption time

Infante was thinking three from the moment it left his bat. Huge triple and big hit for Miggy. I was just about to accept the fact the Tigs weren’t going to get the run in from third.

Fielder has gone way cold. He hasn’t really hit since he hit the homer the first game in Texas, I think. Miguel looks really uncomfortable, he must still be in some pain.

Coke warming?

Fill your glass with ice quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please the public and run QB

I like JL’s decision to put berry in there for a pinch bunt.

add on runs are pennies from heaven

Too bad we had no pennies in our piggy bank that inning.
— Bob

I see those splinters Q.

I get your thinking El Tigre. Could have pinch run QB for Delmon. Let him steal or put on the hit and run, and would not have had to sacrifice an out. Even though QB’s bunt was perfect.

I like your idea better than mine

QB scores on Laird’s hit. Lamont sending Delmon home for the out must do wonders for Gene’s confidence level.

Santiago bunting or Baker himself with QB as P R was too logical?

You are correct sir.

Glad to see QB able to get a bunt down. But does anyone else think he is not booking down the line like he used to?
Fister has made one mistake. They are not hitting the ball hard against him.
Dirks works.
Not impressed with the Baker acquisition. I’m hoping we see Garcia.
We need another inning (8th) out of Fister.
Not sure what his pitch count is but you almost hate to turn it over to anybody in the pen. Maybe Dotel.

There you go Evan. There is one of your pennies.
— Bob

Fielder error changed to fielder choice.

and then even more

The must love their baseball up there in Minny. Look at that crowd on a Tuesday night and a team under .500.

Dotel would be a good choice. Non save no nonsense situation.

It is Valverde because JL doesnt like warming up his closer and not bringing him in the game and that is just the way it is … Next question.
— Bob


Omar sprints down the line as fast as anyone. Have noticed he makes every ground out close.

Is anyone else getting the radio feed from the Minny radio announcers? Because, I am. Kinda creepy. Just all of a sudden I get their audio.

Just went off.

Check for a feral cat up on your roof Kathy:-)

Nice job by Gerald Laird today.

Absolutely Dan. Would like to see him a little more often.

One win in a row. Now let’s win a road series. We haven’t done that since Baltimore. Go Tigers!!!!!!

BB and DY are at critical points in their respective careers. BB is 27 and DY is 26. BB has flashed brilliance and DY has had 2-3 seasons of brilliance. DY will most likely be dumped post season. BB has lost playing time due to his recent ineffectiveness. Baker, et al, are not the answer. RBI production is needed. Who/what is the answer?

Well, maybe there is a little life left in TigerTown. These guys came out tonight, and decided to get on top early. Alas, the big debacle occurs, and all of a sudden we’re all knotted up. Kitty Cats would have rolled over(last night), but the Tigers remained on a mission, and decided that Mister Fister deserved to win. I must say that this was perhaps Biggy’s worst overall performance as a Tiger. But he has more than made up for tonight with many solid games throughout the season. Agree that Baker is a dud so far, but it does provide some flexibility for JL in making a lineup. There were several bad Tiger plays, but there were also some good things to like about tonight’s game. Here are my three:
1. Fister threw 120 pitches, a career high, and only one was bad; and it should never have happened. Keeping Mauer O-FER was a great accomplishment.
2. Laird’s 2 base hits were great examples of smart hitting. He also called a great game.
3. The team approach to hitting was so much better tonight. Good plate discipline, with Delmon even seeing more than three pitches.

Congrats to Miggy for the 5 100RBI seasons as a Tiger, and Kudos to Dirks. But my hat really must be tipped to Mister Fister once again. Daddy Long Legs(AKA
Scherzer) needs to come out tomorrow and dominate the stuffing out of the Twins.
Hitters, show up omorrow, and by the way, bring your glove along too! Good night to everyone!

Finally a nice win for the Tigers. Fister looked solid, and delivered for us last night. Especially on Fidrychs’ birthday!

Nice game for Fister he was lights out and am glad he got the win after his defense had a huge laps of judgement, I have no idea in the first place why Omar did not just throw to 2nd to get the lead runner. Omar did make up for it at the plate, he does have hustle that is for sure. Was nice to see a pinch hit bunt, we don’t see nearly enough of that and QB got it done when he had been lacking in that lately. He is a ball of fire, would have thought he hit a homerun. Now with Dirks back we realize just how much we miss him – he is a prize for our team – Mr. Hustle and he rarely makes those judgement mistakes in the field or the basepaths.

And Austin – dude, getting picked off at 2nd was just plain silly – we would not have socred him but does not matter – he is having a great season but gets a little goofy on the bases sometimes.

I liked Laird’s triple where he faked like he might go home and looked over at the bench.

Congrats Miguel – even with injuries he gets the job done.

lapse, not laps

Yes, Richard, I’m back in the fold. So disgusted with the losses to NY and Rangers, I started working on my garage sale. Guess you could say, I needed some mental health days off. The guys redeemed themselves last night and Mister Fister was a joy to watch. Go Tigers!!!!!!1

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Avila 2, Young dh, Peralta 6, Infante 4, Berry 7. Scherzer is starting

That’ll teach boss to “get mad” when his bosses speak to him.

That’ll teach BOESCH to “get mad” when his bosses speak to him

quoted from:
“He gets mad when we talk about relaxing, but he’s just fighting himself. I don’t know what to do with him, to be honest with you.” – JL

Hire a shrink like the legend says about Smoltz when he was 1-10 in 1991.

Boesch is an enigma. He has been very inconsistent. His performance has ranged from fantastic to abysmal. I admit, when the idea of bringing up a Castellanos and/or a Garcia in August was first proposed I thought it ludicrous. I have revised my perspective and am now on board. After all, how much worse than Boesch could either of them be?

We still need a productive RHB. Baker is unlikely to provide us enough in that regard. Garcia is hitting better than Castellanos, is already proficient in the outfield and is on the 40 man roster. He has more power than NC and really good speed.
Seems like a logical move and one that I would make if I were running things, before September 1st, if they aren’t gonna go for a Soriano type.
I believe Boesch’s days as a Tiger will include any in 2013.

Sánchez was moved in the rotation. He will be against Jays again. ( They dont know him well so JL will give them one more chance). As Mayo Smith mentioned last week, JV wont pitch against the Sox unless another move is done.

Jokes apart, he want Sánchez pitching at CoPa and not the launching pad of the O¨s

I believe the blue jays have seen Sanchez twice this year and they have beat him up pretty good. I will double check that.

Yep twice once with us where he allowed 5er including three homers and once during interleague where he gave up 6ER.

I know, I was joking

blue jays offense is nasty this year but their pitching sucks pretty bad lol

Alex 0 – 1 in the 5th hole with 1 LOB

HAPPY 1 yr. anniversary of Delmon to DET. [smh]


and DY hits a homer

Can’t find the strike zone!

fight it Maxx!

casilla walks about as much as DY….lol

99 on the gun!

50 pitches through 2 innings, he and Alex better figure out a way to get easier outs. And his ten better have some good at bats and let him get a breather here for a minute….no quick easy outs for Devries.

I am on the Twin feed. They showed something going on between Max and Miggy. Any clue as to what that was about?

No no mention of it here.
Boy this ump doesn’t know what his own strike zone is, jumping all over the place.


Who does everyone want to come in for the 6th or 7th today? What does it depend on?

Downs. LHP against the core.Then the formula with Dotel in the 8th( wont happen)

not Putkonen huh?

If they are 5 down

I agree with you, downs looks rested and pitched well the last time out or so.

Melky Cabrera suspended for 50 games: testosterone.

People here were not pleased when he won the MVP over Sandoval for the ASG.

I don’t know how these guys don’t think they won’t caught. Obviously it goes on a lot and they just feel there is a rik reward. Last year Braun ( and yes I do believe he got off not because he was innocent but because of a technicality). Who else!

what is up with steroids and the BAY AREA?

Manship went from 9.16 to 7.89 ERA.

just heard (on the FSN television broadcast) some people cursing at delmon and saying something about his mother as he was walking away from being struck out just now. lol.

I just read the article on the home page about skipping Sanchez. It is fine to do that but JL is not moving JV up to Wednesday. If he did that and had Sanchez go Thursday instead of Wednesday, JV would then pitch the following Tuesday against KC. That would set him up to pitch the Sunday game against the Sox and 2 starts later he would pitch the Thursday game in Chicago.
I hope JL has another move to make. If not, JV will miss both Chicago series and that cannot happen.
Listening on radio today from work. Sounds like Max has settled in nicely. Let’s finish the road trip at .500 please.
— Bob

Ya….it isn’t look like he would be in there very long not necessarily because they would hit him hard but an excessive pitch counts. He was awesome today, Twins were no match r him on this day. Two good starts in row for our starters .

Sure looked like Berry should have caught that “double” in the 7th. Looked like bad communication between him and Jackson again. Sure nice to see Max strand him on third!!

I guess Benoit/Valverde will be. Still hope Dotel

well we do need to get benoit going…..and i’d rather not do it in important situations….

So just checking – with this sizeable lead….we want dotel to come out? or is it downs with such a big lead (then use Dotel to close the game)?

I wrote before the add on run. I would go with Downs with the LHB comming

I agree with you. JL does not agree with us

AJax 211 and Fielder 206 for last 10 games.

The Twins feed replayed Miggy versus Max. Max looked pretty hot at Miggy, who laughed it off. No verified reason was given for the episode.

was that when jeff jones went out there to settle him down….in like the 2nd or something?

Afterwars(?), in the dugout.

Sorry. Afterwards(?), in the dugout.

no i though i heard the radio guys say someone had to go settle max down because he was pissed (while on the mound). right afterwards he gave up the 2nd walk….then struck out the next couple guys.

They will want benoit to handle the 8th. They will want him to get back on track and into the role laid out for him. On this< I agree. I am actually more worried about Valverde than Benoit. If Valverde falters I would not be surprised to see Dotel get the nod.
That 5th run driven in by Infante is a big one.

I’ve been wrong before!!!!Dotel in for the 8th

if revere wasn’t small in size that would have been a HR

benoit and coke warming up tho…..oof

good game today. lets hope the jays win!

Max & Fister really come through for thr team.

very true!

Inge was hitting .216 with 12 home runs and 52 RBIs before getting hurt Saturday in Chicago. He’s on the 15 day DL now.

Catching up…..Kelly, Worth, and Below all in Toledo now. Kelly must have cleared waivers. Below needed pitching time. JL has allowed him to rust in the bullpen.

I’m going to quit doubting Mad Max. I figured he would hit 100 pitches by he third inning, and lo and behold, he gives us seven. Nasty stuff, I tell you. Great to get 2-3 from the Twins. Hey, you got to beat who you play. Pretty much a nice game to watch, with very little panic involved. Glad Berry got to play, but unless, he’s doing his “punch and Judy” game, he doesn’t bring much on the offense. Still, it was good to get him in the game today. I’m going to do my three things and then share a little personal note, and trust no one will be offended.
1. Alex has a great peg to throw Revere out at second. Keeping that speed off second base is always very important.
2. 2-9 all get hits to contribute to today’s win. Ajax plays a good solid defense as usual, and the team has a good win.
3.Sherzer settles in to spin a great game today. I think we really underestimate what a good pitcher he is. And I think, he is going to be better.

If I may, I wanted to share some great news. Most of you are aware that I have had prostate cancer since last September. I completed all my radiation treatment in April, and will be on Hormone Therapy for three years(The opposite problem of Melky Cabrera). I have been waiting for the results of my first PSA test since September to see how things are going. Today, I got my results: Dr. was hoping for <1.0; mine was 0.07. I wanted to share that news with my Baseball Family, and Thank God for His Mercy. Hopefully, I didn't offend anyone; if I did, I apologize. I'm pretty much on Cloud 9 right now. Good night all!

Tremendous news. Every male adult in my family has had it and survived.

Greg news Greg!

That’s great news Greg!

That’s great news, Greg!

that’s awesome man! congrats!!

that really is great news Greg – glad for you and your family – thanks for keeping us in the loop

Certainly no offense taken. I’m having the same problem. I chose cryotherapy as a treatment. So far so good. Only time will tell. My first PSA will be November. Congrats on your results.

Definitely no offense Greg – great news.

Fantastic Greg! Will remember you also Illinois Fan. I missed the game today as usual on a work day. Rather miss a win than watch a loss. Although with just 44 regular season games left, I don’t want to miss too many more.
Did I hear Max and Miggs had words? What happened there?

Good news for your health problems, guys Hope all goes well for you both.

Marty…I was on the Twins feed and saw the incident. As far as I could tell, the announcers only had speculative insight into the apparent confrontation. It happenened in the second or third frame, in the dugout, post Max struggling on the mound. As I recall, Miggy came up to Max, put his arm arond him and said something. Max looked pretty heated, made a remark to Miggy and then charged into the clubhouse runway. Miggy looked kind of startled and stared after him. He then started laughing and one of the other guys then slapped his hand.

Tom Gage‏@Tom_Gage

Getting angry at 2 walks to start 2nd was key for #Tigers Scherzer “My anger gets my adrenaline going and it’s often when I’m at my best.”

Great news,Greg. That should have been at the top of your list!.

Congratulation for your recovered health and our best wishes

Soriano has cleared waivers and the Cubs are reportedly willing to take on huge salary numbers.This could prove interesting.

Why does Perlta run the bases with his batting gloves in his hands? He takes them off, but just holds on to them instead of putting them in his pocket or tossing them aside. I don’t get it.

So if he has to slide he will not extend his fingers and possibly break one or more of them. Old school.

Please excuse my ignorance, but are you saying he is more prone to break a finger if he keeps his gloves on?

By grasping his gloves, Peralta keeps his fists cllenched. If he has to slide he will resultantly not stick any of his fingers out and catch the ground with them. Thus, he will presumably avoid injuring them..

Glad to see you are curious and want to enhance your knowledge of the game. No one knows everything and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.


Marmol also cleared waivers. He was very good a couple of years ago and is only 29, plus he is a lefty.


Soriano would be interesting.
JB—Boesch runs the bases the same way. It is not uncommon.

Hey Tiger fans, a 2 game win streak! Greg, cool, just as your retirement will official start the day afer labor day. My prayers are with you. Go Tigers! –Dave

Watched a little MLB network today and they replayed King Felix 9th inning. Had tears in my eyes when he got that perfecto.

Thanks Richard for the explanation. Maybe Miguel was just trying to lighten things up and Max, being frustrated at himself, took it hard. Strange that he charged into the clubhouse runway as you described.

You are welcome. Your speculation is consistent with the opinion of the announcers from the Twins feed.

Been reading and sometmes posting for 10 years or so here. Gotta say, I love the lack of foul attitudes and language. And I love watching a Tiger team that is 7 or 8 games up, instead of down. Nothing is certain, but this team stands a great chance of getting into the playoffs, and in my opinion will get ahead of Chicago. Go Tigers!

Greg. Great news for you. My wife fought breast cancer in 2011 and she is in great shape now. Glad to hear you are on the downslope of your mountain.
— Bob

Speaking of posting and health issues, Where is our poster laureate, Rich

Sorry, I tried to imply I hope he is okay.

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he is away in the mountains for a few days. Unlike him to go this long without a post.
— Bob

Hopefully, just a vacation.

did not realize it was a day game yesterday – I suppose I got more work done at the office that way! Glad to see good max was there with a vengeance. My blue-eyed daughter said that Good Max must be pitching with his blue eye and Bas Max shows up when his brown eye pitches – no offense to the brown -eyed posters! Nice win, rest up boys and let’s keep the winning going.

Miguel is so light-hearted, not everyone can deal with that when ticked off, so Max likely just wasn’t ready for any ribbing at that time, am sure it is water under the bridge by now.

Well today is an off day. But I’ll bet there will be news to digest for Tiger fans.
Raburn comes off the DL today. Villarael’s “tired arm” situation might necessitate a roster move. Dombrowski and Leyland still need a lockdown, rock solid #5 hitter.
They can keep rotating guys in there on an experimental (hope & dream) basis but if they want to overtake the White Sox they will need to do something about this.
You need someone there that is tough at bat but dangerous, and consistent as well.
There really is no one on the team that can do that adequately.
The White Sox have Alex Rios hitting 5th. He is having a very solid year and particularly when he hits 5th. He is a linchpin in their offense (which is dangerous) and makes the players around him in the order work.
There is a lot of risk parachuting someone in for that role, even with salary relief (Soriano), but I would argue that this may STILL be the key to establishing an offensive juggernaut capable of offsetting the deficiencies in the bullpen.
It would be nice if someone from the lineup could provide the fireworks for this assignment. I just don’t think they will though. Delmon may be “dangerous” but he is neither a tough at bat or consistent. His proclivity for 1st pitch swinging and hitting into critical double plays not only is rally-lling but momentum-breaking.
JP is a bit too streaky. Boesch reacts negatively to the challenge, Avila has enough to worry about with his catching. No one else on the roster makes sense there. AJ is comfortable leading off and a mid-season adjustment would likely fail. Dirks is an option but he is hitting well in the #2 hole. Infante? No.
One could plug Omar in the #2 hole and bat Dirks #5 but then you have 3 RHB at the top of the lineup and 2 LHB at #4 & #5. That is not ideal either.
I don’t think this roster is strong enough to cobble and piecemeal the importnat #5 spot.
So in my mind, this is David Dombrowski’s responsibility to his team and its fans.

I like the idea of Dirks after Fielder – he can handle the pressure I think. I also like Jhonny there as well, I think DY should be #6, he just is not consistent enough. Omar and Jackson can get on base enough for Miggy and Biggy and Dirks is just too good right now to not give him that shot.

feels great to be playing pretty good baseball – late in the season in a division race. Update on AL AL (aka Al^2, New Mexico, etc.): Aug 15: 2.2 innings pitched, 3 hits, 1BB, 5Ks, 0 ER/R

Good guess, Bob, about the mountains, but I was actually at the Atlantic seashore, Cape May to be exact. First visit, really really nice place. I usually keep in touch when away but my WiFi connection was iffy where I was. Just now getting caught up.
Greg, way to get after it. Good man.
I get very frustrated with Scherzer, and the early innings of his last two starts were no exception. He came out of both in good shape and it suddenly dawned on me that he’s doing exactly what I’ve always hoped he could do; that is, make the necessary adjustments in-game before the damage mounts. This is an excellent sign. As Leyland says, your #1 pitcher is that day’s starter. Along those lines, one can make a case that Fister is our best pitcher.
We have a good enough team to win the division, but so does Chicago. This will be a close race and can be very entertaining if we can all keep the frustration level down. This is, after all, what it’s all about.

welcome back, as you can tell your absence is noticeable!

15 of the next 18 at home. Let’s see how that goes.

TOmorrows starting pitcher (Tommy Hunter) for the O’s closed a game recently (the O’s were being blown out). http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2012_08_01_balmlb_nyamlb_1#gid=2012_08_01_balmlb_nyamlb_1&mode=box
I haven’t really seen that – must have been to save the pen?

The short relief was the substitution of his side session. Os have been working with only 4 starters and their bullpen is in bad shape: http://brittghiroli.mlblogs.com/2012/08/13/more-on-rotation-britton-note/

that’s a good thing!

15 of 18? Wow. Now that IS a very significant opportunity.

while i’m waiting for Ran Raburn news….what are the options (or lack their of) for him?

Here’s my take on Ryan. He is in Lakeland. Well, actually he lives in Tampa so he probably is commuting to Lakeland. Not sure if he has played any games yet down there or will. He will have to get to Toledo and get 10 to 30 ABs. Much hinges on what Baker does the next 10 days. We play the White Sox starting 8/31. The next day is September call ups. Is that the best time for him to return?? He still wants to be part of this team.

chen, laffy, romero, Britten are all lefties coming up…..so he will be tested!

baker that is – hopefully he hits well against these lefties. Maybe AJ will hit better against these lefties as well (has batted poorly of late).

AJax 211 and Fielder 206 for last 10 games

I hope not

Yeah–AJ seems to be in a “Mini” funk. Usually snaps out of it quickly though.

I don’t expect another acquisition, and think it would probably be a bad idea. We’ve already got more guys than JL can plug in with his “play ’em all” approach. Baker has been in five games. Looking at his game log this year, he appears to be a guy who does better with steady playing time, as are most players. I’m going to nominate Baker for this year’s Aubrey Huff Award. You remember Huff, the guy who came over here and withered away as JL’s fulltime DH? It’s JL that hands out that award.
Raburn will be ready to play (somewhere) soon. He might do better if all those yahoos would get off his case, but that’s wishful thinking.
I can say this much with certainty: if we’re not in first place by the end of the next 18 games, we can forget about it. The window of opportunity will have closed. So it’s time to play some sharp ball; no more phone-in games, no more sloppy defense, no more wasted offensive opportunities, no more shoddy management/coaching decisions. The run to the postseason needs to start tomorrow night.

And I’d go with Peralta as the number 5 hitter. He has the best ABs among all the candidates. Victor isn’t here and he’s not replaceable, so may as well go with the next best guy.

I’m completely shocked Holland gve up 5 runs 4 of them earned to the Yankees! I thought he was unhittable??? Actually he is only unhittable to us everyone else including the Royals has smashed him!

By that thinking, you’re saying that a Drew Smyly, for example, never pitched a good game but it was the failure of the opposing hitters, since other teams had no problem with him?

Let’s look at some of our primary position starters and the number of extra base hits they have had this year and then compare them to their peers at their position in the AL.
For Omar, I’ve combined his Miami/Det numbers. Also, I’ve not included left field and DH as those are our “muddled positions.” Well, anyway here they are.
pos. XBH rank
1B 44 #4
2B 40 #3
SS 39 #2
3B 61 #1
CF 41 #7
RF 32 #10
C 25 #10

That is one solid hitting infield and all can be back here next year. Everyone in favor of picking up the option on Jhonny?? The rankings also point out that Brennan has underperformed in right and Alex has had an off year, so far. Hopefully these two guys get better in the next seven weeks. Andy certainly has held his own in LF when he has played but two months on the DL does not allow him to be a “qualifier” at the position. I guess the bottom line is we better figure out how to win one game more than the White Sox. Will 90-72 be good enough??

90-72. Chicago goes 26-20 and Detroit 27-17 to tie with 90 wins. How about we draw even with the Sox and let those seven head to head games decide it? May the better team win. I can accept that outcome, whichever way it goes.

Jhonny would be the second most young SS available as FA, so is him or a trade.

Taking a look at Tommy Hunter.
a) he hasn’t pitched well in a while. Since June 14th (my birthday) he has gone 2-4 with a .574 ERA, .333 OBP and a .524 SLG. Not many walks tho (7 in 47innings).
b) righties have 30 pts higher in BA and 90 pts higher in SLG….but he doesn’t walk them often.
c) tough on the running game and pitches better with guys on the basepaths

Trivia: Since 2010, Bats added to our team include Jhonny Peralta Delmon Young
Gerald Laird, Prince Fielder, Omar Infante, Jeff Baker. What do they all have in common??.

Answer: Division series experience somewhere other than with Detroit! Good job DD!!!!!!

Oops need to add VMart, too!!!!!!!!!

Double oops!!!!! Wilson Betemit in four division series, too.

Better Trivia question. Can anyone name someone DD has pickup who has not been in a division series?????

Doug Fister hadn’t been before he came to the Tigers.

Jays down 7-2. Were 2-3 one inning ago

You could go back even further and only Huff and Casey lacked experience in Division Series:Miguel,Sheffield , Renteria ,IRod have WS rings.Played in divisional series: Neifi Perez, Matt Stairs,Jacques Jones.Magglio, Guillen.Dimitri Young

Casey played in one for Cincy years ago. It could have been his rookie year.

I just checked it and he did not have at AB in postseason but with Tigers and Boston (2008)He could be with the team but he did not take a single AB.

I think Jhonny is the best option for the 5th spot . His hitting could even improve there. I believe he would respond to the expectations of hitting in that spot. He has a mental approach and, most of the time, a discipline at the plate when he knows he needs to. I’d trust him hitting 5th. Dirks could be an option too.
Baker must perform well against the 4 lefty pitchers mentioned. Probably not fair to put that kind of pressure on him, but that’s the way it is. If he fails, how about easing Ryan Raburn into the lineup for a couple of games? He hits well against Chicago correct? Maybe he can get hot for one month? One can dream.
I have a question concerning the Baker trade. Does the list of players that the Cubs can choose 2 from depend on Baker’s performance as a Tiger, or do the Cubs get two picks from a predetermined list of players even if Baker is a bust as a Tiger?

I considered Dirks to alternate at 5th but he’d be hitting 2nd against RHers. I don’t want Berry there; I think Q should hit 9th when he plays. I’d just simplify it and hit Jhonny 5th. Good approaches, experience, he’ll get some big hits. Won’t do it everytime but I think you come out ahead with him there. Don’t want to start up with platooning Baker in the 5-hole. Whoever it is, just choose one guy, and not Delmon.

Of course AJax is another without previous experience

Technically became a Tiger before having any ML experience.

ChiSox won. Another half game. They have one game played less than the Tigers and our team has one more lost game. ChiSox still can win it.

Yeah…CWS are not going away. Posted that a while ago and still beleive it. Hope I am wrong. Probably contributed to my fantasy the Tigers could get a LHP/starter like Hamels. Was okay with the Sanchez deal because I considered him decent and undervalued, Plus it included Infante, who may turn out to be the actual treasure of the transaction.

The Sox are making this look easy with all those homeruns (5 tonight). 3 of 4 in Toronto where we dropped 2 of 3. They’re not going to come back to us so we have to run them down. The Tigers have wasted too much season already.

ChiSox still can win it (the game the Tigers already lost)

On that trade, I can’t help but wonder who we would have had to give up to get Infante only. Just something that sticks in my mind. I don’t like that rental business, even if Sanchez turns it around for us.

Point made. Hopefully the deal blossoms for us.

The amount of homers the White Soxs are hitting is almost unreal??? And yes you can read whatever you want into that statement. Seems to me if you can keep them in the park you can beat them…without the long ball their miniature park (or other homer friendly parks) its not as hard.

so am I missing something or did NO news concerning Ran Raburn come out? Is he on the DL, cut, on a minor league rehab, etc….

I got nuthin’ on that.

He’s on a minor league rehab.


Is anyone able to obtain this stat: percentage of a team’s runs scored on homers?

I personally couldn’t find it on espn or baseball-reference…..i’m sure it exists tho

ChiSox total HR: 154
RISP: 35
1 on :53
2 on:17
Bases loaded:2
Any on: 72
Solo shots:82
RBI with HR:247
Total RBI:539 /45% with HR

Input here:http://www.baseball-reference.com/play-index/event_finder.cgi?type=b#gotresults&year=2012&year_to=2012&divisory=1&from=button&type=b&team_id=CHW&event=23&out_type=&ajax=1&submitter=1&z=1

33% for the Tigers.118 for only 175 RBI. Only 45 HRs with runners on

Ah, I see what you did there, El Tigre. You’re really good with that site. Thanks.
I would have guessed higher than 45%, so that’s interesting.

There is a box down with the number of RBI and Hr . You only need to use the rule of three. I did not notice it at first so I took the long way.

I guess he simply remains on the DL. No mention of rehab or anything yet.

Don’t look now but Andy Oliver seems to be adapting to his new role.

ah i see he is a reliever now…. kinda a long man? no?

Appears to be. He started off rocky enough but actually has been exhibiting more control lately. I’d kinda’ given up on him. Really was kind of ticked off at management for not getting something for him a year ago. My feeling is he is short on “heart”. The opposite of a Fister type, so to speak.
Maybe he still has possibilities

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