Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

Reminder: Tonight’s game starts at 8:30pm ET, a half-hour later than usual, because of the Rangers 40th anniversary team ceremonies.


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Omar Infante, 2b
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Jeff Baker, rf
  7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  8. Andy Dirks, lf
  9. Gerald Laird, c

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Ian Kinsler, dh
  2. Elvis Andrus, ss
  3. Josh Hamilton, cf
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3b
  5. Nelson Cruz, rf
  6. Michael Young, 2b
  7. David Murphy, rf
  8. Geovany Soto, c
  9. Mitch Moreland, 1b

P: Derek Holland


Wouldn’t be surprised if the tigs hit some dingers tonight – D. Holland has been giving up at least a couple HRs a game the past 4 games.

Dirks sure has cut into Q’s playing time but you have to go with who’s hot and Dirks has been getting it done. Wonder if we’ve seen the last of Raburn?

Q is batting so badly that even raburn would have cut into Qs playing time (if he wasn’t hurt). The RR answer: depends on J. Baker!


and AJ hits a dinger.
JV looks like he has fastball command (which was his problem a few weeks back).

Boy not two minutes earlier I aw talking about how good Miggy had been and then he makes an error? No matter JV bailed him out. I’m still trying to figures out how Cruz didn’t get an error on that ‘inside the park homer last night”. I guess it’s good for AJ but I really think that was a single with a 3 base error?

Wow I gotta say I’m really disappointed so far in how the Tigers hitters are looking. Holland has been horrible this year and he has struck out 5 through 2 innings?? What’s up with that…..and I dont want to hear after the game how wicked he was after the game…I won’t buy it!

JV is surely getting squeezed……wow Holland seems to be getting a very be ours strike zone? Is it me or are you all seeing the same thing?

No 3 base error because he didnt get a glove on it. He made a decision to dive and it was a bad decision. Almost every inside the park home run is a result of an outfielder making a poor decision.
In regards to the stike zone; it seems to be moving around. He seems to be giving the inside and outside pitches but not the up and down pitches.
— Bob

That beign said, I cant believe that have struck out so many times already.
— Bob

Well Justin better pick it up because his. Team sure doesn’t look like they are oing to do much at the plate for him.

Texas Delmon is not a Tiger friend. To me, he seems always to be in the middle of our damage from Texas.

Another pitiful inning at the plate…

dangit delmon! Hey I heard Holland gives it up on the 3rd date tho!

Tooooooo many pitches!

JV has a plus fastball which everyone raves about. I am beginning to think his curveball is his best pitch. It is an absolute hammer.

Another 5 plus ERA guy carving us up.
Also, the Sox just took the lead.
— Bob

Cy Holland!! Making Tigers look really bad. Meanwhile they are fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch on JV… something that is happening a lot more this year. Last year JV learned to ge quicker outs, this year they can follow them off easily.

9 pitches!!! … Really grinding it out, tonight.
— Bob

One hit since the second batter of the game. How times has a Tiger batter swung at that pitch that almost lands on their back foot. That is why Holland is carving them up. They are expanding the strike zone and making it far too easy on him.
— Bob

They look foolish and incompetent!

Really really disappointed in ths 3 hit attack against this guy.. Beginning to think they don’t like JV they certainly don’t give him any run support, they don’t even look like they are trying.

If they dont work the count and stop swinging at balls .. I fear it will be more of the same tomorrow against Darvish. Another guy who has success when hitters expand the strike zone.
— Bob

Now, Coke again.

Just say “NO.”

Don’t ask Hamilton or Ron Washington that question? Ha ha

gk,,, Cy Holland is right. He has reverted to last year’s form tonight. I was hoping for his nightmare version.

Thank you Ron Washington. The guy was cruising. Over managing at its best. I guess JL isnt the only one who does it😉
— Bob

Sox lost to A’s
Just got in looks like we haven’t been able to hit much.

Not at all .. First 2 guys got hits .. only 2 since
— Bob

Well, JL has answered with a move of his own. It will beinteresting to see how BV pitches in this situation—and it is a situation with the hitters he’ll have to face.

Be a shame to drop a game like this to a team with hitting like they have

Pitcher’s battle? In Texas?

Totally nervewracking.

DY came through! Now it is on BB.

Bases loaded and can’t score.

Dang……not again can anybody on this team get a stinking sac fly?????? Sory excuse for.professional hitters. By the way I don’t think it was a mistake to hold him up

Unbelievalbe. BB swinging at the first pitch and the fly ball always comes one out too late. It is a joke that everyone know the punchline to.
— Bob

Where is ElTigre?

Probably cannot bear to watch anymore. 😉
— Bob

The game is not on TV. We had Mets- Braves

And the lead off walk. I fear the Rangers will find a way to get him around.
— Bob

Now he is getting squeezed.
— Bob

Very true about Boesch. He reacts counter intuitively to the situation. When he should be selective and patient he is impatient and over aggressive.
BV lead off walk—–doesn’t look good BV looks like he is gonna throw this game away. He is not ready for the situation either. Unfortunately we have several players that we absolutely know will fail under pressure.

It looked like cabby was really slow getting off of 3rd…. That was pretty elow roller should of made it home I thought. But BB needed a better at bat.

Jason Grilli ???? Is that you?
— Bob

Giving another one away! Can’t score…..walk two now you bring gas can Coke in? He’s expecting him to get any of these guys out… Love ya Coke but fat chance!

207/46 RBI bases loaded. They are 27th in MLB

It is because they dont even have one grand slam this year. Not one that I remember. And they fail to sac flies way too often.
— Bob

No we don’t…not one

10, middle of the pack. Infante is amog top three for the Tigers in SF

No we don’t…not one grand slam

10 SF/0 GS

Thats crazy … He has only been here for 3 plus weeks. Shows how poor the rest of the team has been.
— Bob

Jason Beck‏@beckjason

Omar Infante has been a Tiger again for almost two weeks. He’s now tied for 4th on team with 2 sac flies

I FEAR you are right.

Sorry…Reply to Gk.

To close, to far

So we have “professional” hitters with experience … and we fail. And a AA callup gets it done for them. Maybe it is time for our AA callup to be here.
This game hurts.
Good night all.
— Bob

Well all we can do now is hope the Ranger hitters hit like we do in these situations.
I have zero confidence in Coke but a DP here can go a long waqy to getting out of this.

Well pretty predictable….although I will say Oltswung at that pitch so in that respect I think he was screwed, but that’s not surprising either. Again disappointing and if I hear one of those guys say how crazy good Holland was tonight I’ll scream…they were aweful!

Oh you will. You will get the proverbial: “gotta tip your hat to him”
— Bob

Ten bucks Holands next outing he gives up 5 or more!

Hang ’em high.
Kinda figured Olt would come through because Coke has only 2 pitches and he fought everything off. Could have gotten a call against him (on the check swing) as sometimes umps like to ring the rookies up.
Truth is though, our “team” fell into a hitting slump once again.
Still ticked at Boesch for the 1st pitch swinging.
Someone said Cabby got a bad break off 3rd, well he got an even worse break off 2nd on the Young single to right.
A little unlike him. He looked slow tonight. Ankle I guess.
We have trouble in our bullpen.
Speaking of rookies—Avisail Garcia is out-hitting and out-powering Castellano at Erie AND he is on the 40 man roster.
Poor defensive jump on the ball by Dirks and not a very exciting throw.
Should have at least had a shot at him.
Tough one to lose.

Here’s a little hindsight for you.
Might have been a much better plan to PH Avila for Baker if you want a disciplined at bat plus a guy who has been hitting the ball solidly.

Baltimore, Boesch was the winning run on the road and Lamont sent him.Out but it was the right thing to do. Today, it was the same

I guess I saw it differently. I thought Holland was very tough tonight. We should bear in mind that these pitchers gear up for Detroit, so you see better efforts from them. It goes with being one of the “big” teams.
It was a very tight and entertaining game. We’ve played six games this week against playoff teams and split them, all the while having almost no bullpen to speak of.
With the bullpen problems in mind, Lamont should have sent Miggy home in the 9th. Delmon got the big hit, which good teams get, but the coach at third can’t be afraid of Nelson Cruz, as Lamont obviously is. I recall him not sending Santiago home in game two of the ALCS in a similar situation and wasn’t surprised when he did the same tonight. Maybe Miggy makes it, maybe he doesn’t, but you’ve got to try to take advantage of the opportunity that Delmon provided, and Cabrera and Fielder set up. I suppose I have a different philosophy for coaching third. If Lamont had been the Texas coach, he’d have held Cruz and we’d still be playing.
So Benoit is injured or what? Are we down to a 4-man bullpen?

I guess I’m in a bad mood, but in my opinion Tigers were swinging atcwy too many pitches out of the zone, they are impatient. Holland has been walking quite a few. So holland gears up for Detroit, but failed twice recently against the Angels which are in his own division.?? Snarky I know, but I truly think that. I think Miguel would of been a dead duck if he were sent, but ya never know. I think his ankle is really bothering him. Dirks has a pretty week throwing arm eh?

Were down to a no man pen these days!

There is no way I would have had BB up there. Jim Leland’s thinking is counterintuitive. I just can’t stand it anymore.

I agree—what I saw (got home around the 5th) from Holland was good.
Cruz’s throw was off-line. He has an arm but (keeping in mind I feel the same about Lamont), I think Cabby’s departure from 2nd was about as bad as humanly possible and Lamont probably felt there was no chance.

Agreed it was not the best of chances to score but Delmon got the big hit, wonder of wonders, and our bullpen is non-existent. If Lamont had sent him, I’m not sure Cruz’s throw would have been off-line, but you have to make them execute the play. Their catcher has to catch and tag with a big man charging in on his blind side. People complain about our hitting but Delmon got the hit we needed. In addition, with no viable relievers available for us, you can pinch run Berry for Cabrera (what??) if his ankle is bad. Unlike Thursday, tonight was the time to go for the win. What frustrates me is the players put us into a position to win, but manager and coach fail us.
Actually I’m not really frustrated. Going into tonight, we’ve played .636 ball over the past two months. Keep up that pace and we’d win 92 games. Our hitting has been good, starting pitching good. Bullpen currently in bad shape, management bad. By the way, I think Ron Washington ain’t too hot managing a game either.

Well, here we are again lamenting the one that got away.Happens to the Tigers a lot lately. JV, though not spectacular, was better than most anything else pitching tonight. I do believe Avila calls a better game with JV. No stats, just a gut feeling. I thought Holland pitched well; don’t forget 16 wins last year. We did help him though by making him throw no more than 9-10 pitches for three innings straight. That’s the most frustrating thing to me. Look at a pitch occasionally. It won’t kill you. I’m not one to complain about “Blue”, but there was a lot of squeezing tonight. JV does need to keep the foul offs to a minimum. They really drive up his count. Sadly, no offense tonight. I thought really hard about three things to like about tonight’s game:
1. Laird’s base hit and approach on Ogando’s heat in the 8th. inning. Too many players are trying to pull and kill that kind of pitch.
2. JV walked none, and gave up no extra base hits. Even when we think he’s “struggling”, the numbers tell a different story.
3. The greatly feared Texas offense has score 2 runs in each of the the first 2 games. Maybe that bodes well for Ricky P. Or maybe the Rangers take all that frustration out on Rick tomorrow. Pray that the sinker is doing a belly flop! Good night all!

Well JL kept a reliever in for two innings in two consecutive games. Only problem Bryan could only muster 4 strikes from 17 pitches not helped with the calls.
The Tigs in August are hitting a crazy .330/.383/.538.
Hopefully our season long clutch hitting good for 2nd in MLB doesn’t start to desert us down the stretch.

Amazing how at times they are hitting so well yet 3 times in less than a week at critical times they have a runner on third an 1 out or less and they come up with zippo! Wrong guys up at the time I guess.

Well today we get Darvish again….key dude walks a ton of batters and that’s how you get to him (not unlike Holland last night). The question is will they be patient😦 or will they give him quick eay outs nd innings like they did with Holland lat night?

On Aug. 1st against the angels Yu had 6 walks in 5 innings, yikes! (4BB in 6.2IP on Aug. 6th)

Yu Darvish isn’t unhittable right now. Honestly he is getting hit with some serious power right now. Basically – if anyone wants to shop at the gap today it’s a good day for it. Conversely, no double plays behind Yu in a while. Lefties are hitting him harder/better; Prince, Avila, Dirks and Boesch gotta get to him today! This offense needs to continue to produce with the bullpen we have got right now. Has to.

Yu just haven’t been the same since the break

Ricky needs to keep us in this game tho – Yu is a much better pitcher with the led than without it.

Yu gives up that major power to lefties pulling it – thats perfect for Brennan, Prince and Dirks

Have to work today so will only be able watch a few minutes at lunchtime. Tigers have to win today or I’m counting them out. Too many games lost by our manager.

Leyland on Lamont:
“He knows the runner,” Leyland said. “He knows the outfielders. He’s got the ability to make a split-second decision. He knows the score. He takes chances when you’re supposed to take chances. And you are supposed to take chances at times even though you know the guy’s probably out if they make the play.”
“You show me a third base coach that never gets anybody thrown out and I’ll show you a conservative guy who cost his team a lot of runs.”

Putting the quotes in context, he was commenting about Lamont’s decision to send Jackson home on that inside the park job Friday. That was a no-brainer, but JL needed to compliment his friend, I guess.

Again, Boesh in Baltimore was sent with lees chance than Cabrera. If Cabrera cant run, why Berry was not pinch running?


He pulled Cabrera against the Yankees . Off course, he was winning 7-2- Still ,it was the right move. Another proof about what this team really need

and “hurt”…who knows if he is still hurt….maybe

pull cabrera? mmm – not happening with this SOC.

I won’t argue that. He’d never do it. But we had no bullpen and one shot to win this game. Sometimes you have to do what’s necessary NOW.

I know this is total hindsight but Berry pinch running either scores on Delmon’s single or BB’s grounder. If on the grounder they get no one out on the play and Fielder scores on Peralta’s fly ball.

It was the kind of game that generates a lot of questions. In the televised interview, Keating asked Leyland about his choice of pitchers, to which JL replied, “who did you want me to use? I’ll answer it that way.” At that point, my man Keats should have started naming names; Below, Downs, Benoit, but he totally backed down, which was disappointing, John. Are you a journalist or an entertainer?
So………why not Below, Downs, or Benoit? I’d sure like to know the answer to that. You see Washington using pitchers left and right, and you see them with a 13-man bullpen. We had three guys out there other than Villarreal and Coke. Again we get SOC, Below is a long man, Downs hasn’t enough experience, and Benoit is struggling. The lack of creative thinking.
I’ve managed some teams in the low levels where I didn’t even know which players were showing up until gametime. Jim would have a stroke if that happened. 🙂

Benoit was being held back for a save situation. Same thing he does with Valverde with extra-inning games on the road, only Valverde was out. And he doesn’t see Below or Downs as guys for late-inning situations against right-handed hitters. For Keating to go down the list would’ve been entertainment, not journalism.

I should add that Keating is one of my favorite guys. My wife created a “John Keating is my Tiger” sign a few years ago and we took it to Cleveland. John loved it, and autographed it.
I don’t agree about Below, if it’s a necessity, but my original point was that the bullpen was very shorthanded.

Funny comments. Your points are well taken.

Guess you got your answer. Now the question is, do you buy it?

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Boesch 9, Young dh, Avila 2, Peralta 6, Infante 4. Porcello is starting

great lineup

is there a way to lookup managerial splits? For example if JL is kicked out and a bench coach manages….does he manage the pen better or worse than JL? That kinda stat – where can i get that? anyone know?
They show the result of the game.Then at the Tigers webpage you can check the scoreboard

He has been expelled 4 times this year 2-2.

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