Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Yankees

It’s a rainy, dreary morning at Comerica Park, where the waiting game is on to see if they can get this game in. At this point, the reports suggest there’s going to be a window coming up when, if the windows lasts enough, they can at least get the game started and try to play through rain when it resumes this afternoon.

One thing to keep in mind: Since it’s late in the season and it’s the Yankees’ last trip to Detroit, the call on whether this game will be played is up to the umpires, not the Tigers. And they’re well aware that there’s only one common off-day between these two clubs — Sept. 17, which is the last off-day they have. If the Tigers have to play that day, they’ll be playing 26 consecutive days to end the regular season.

The forecast played at least a small part in Jim Leyland’s lineup today. After talking with the medical staff, he decided to give Miguel Cabrera another day at DH to take it easy on his sore ankle. That caused an outfield shuffle that ends in a day off for Austin Jackson, who’s 3-for-14 this series after going 1-for-5 with three strikeouts last night.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Omar Infante, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Derek Jeter, SS
  2. Nick Swisher, DH
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  5. Eric Chavez, 3B
  6. Curtis Granderson, CF
  7. Raul Ibanez, LF
  8. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
  9. Chris Stewart, C

P: Hiroki Kuroda


The Dodgers are starting to look like a major spending rival to the Yankees. Heyman reported they made an inquiry on Adrian Gonzalez.

11:50 still raining rather hard at my house. Like I said earlier I don’t want the same fiasco that happened in Boston…..and more importantly no injuries because they chose to worry more about a day off than the big picture.

Radar showing rain today at your house but not downtown. Seriously.

I guess I… I can only report the weather as I see it out my window.

I’m 2 hrs away and it rained here at 8:30 am for a couple hours. No rain since but very cloudy.

A Yankees game in 2 hour? Not even Fister can accomplish that. They take 20 seconds only to be ready to take one pitch

well said. They also take 15 seconds complaining about each pitch

12:46 still raining at a steady clip in Royal Oak!

Seems to be clearing a little sooner to the south thn it is here if you loo at the radar. We really really need the rain here in Mchigan like many parts of the country!

Has there been any word as to the length of the rain delay?

Doug looked good 1st inning…..let’s go Tigers!

Oh Miggy….love ya but that was just silly base running!

Seriously they just can’t get. Chavez dude out…guys on fire!

Well Q almost had it….I wonder if Jackson would of had it? Fister getting squeezed a little in fact Ibanez was struck out, but oh we’ll…that’s the way it seems to go some days.
Rich you’ll probably remember wasnt this the same umpiring crew that we had to live through that first series in Boston that was horrible?

Jackson missed there

I think you r right!

Next inn. Infante:333/2/8 in last 10 games

10 game hit streak for Infante.

Infante looks good.

Our hitters look a bit sluggish through the first two innings……pick it up boys!

Well what should of been two on and nobody out with Infante and Santiago because appearently Kuroda gets pitches. 6 inches off the plate called strikes it turns into a strike em out throw em out. Gotta love umpires who favor one pitcher over the other. Berry has had 2 poor at bats.

The hitter at the plate has lower avg and OBP than Young but …

I guess we’ll all have to endure the sill hit & run plays unti they work—upon which time JL will be considered genius.
The bunt game appears to have gone way of the dodo. Or the dodo is not going the way of the bunt game. Depends on how you look at things.
Santiago is as feeble as I have seen him right now and being probably the team’s best bunter one has to wonder why isn’t he instructed to do this? Both he and Berry are automatics right now and both either K or harmlessly ground out.
We will be very fortunate to overcome these Yanks today.
Boy the old pros for the Yanks are just clobbering us. (Ibanez, Chavez)

Yep to all…..

Ive come to expect more out of santiago..looks lost at the plate. Makes me sad for him i like him and his story very much! He is a liability at the plate

Mario, Kaline would not be a very good guess for most 30 homer seasons since he never had one!
One 29 homer season in an injury shortened (broken collarbone) season and 2 or 3 27 homer seasons though.

Kuroda is making us look, well, less than good.

Correction: SIX had 29 twice. I remember well 1962 when he accomplished that in 100 games.
He actually hit 27 homers four times, not “2 or 3”.
This 5th inning just might determine the outcome of this game. We need Fister to find a way out of it.

Fister’s pitch count is getting elevated. I hope he can get to the 7th.

Tie game!

I hope we can get a lead and get AJ back into CF for defense in the late innings.


Well here I go again. What is wrong with Berry and with JL?
You tell me if there is not a better time to lay one down?
Way to go Dirks.

I am listening on radio. Fair or foul?
Welke is a terrible ump. He is the guy that called a guy out and the 1st basemen was 2 feet off the base.
— Bob

It hit the line….fair

Well Girardi gets an awefully lot of leeway!

Yeah…He turned into a human rain delay.

The Yankee announcers said the game is under protest, but paperwork still needs to be filed.

Finally a call goes our way … and it sounded like it was almost called foul by Welke. So almost another job call.
— Bob

Not a very good camera angle here but it sure looked like it landed just fair inside the line. One time the Yankees didn’t get it their way.

The ball kicked up chalk.

Fister made it to the 7th. I hope JL lets him keep going.

Protest will and should go nowhere….Yankees ? Seriously?

Sure would be nice to tack on a few more…..or let it start downpouring

Not to be

Fister has thrown as many as 111 pitches in a game this year.

Pitching change.

Bad pitch to Stewert here in the 7th. Come on Dotel. Please strand the runner!

I’m so nervous.


The Tigers need more runs. (I guess you could call me Captain Obvious.) Or the bullpen has to completely shut them down. Asking a lot there.

infante was certianly out! Got a break

Take advantage of gifts. Infante was out but called safe. Ramon does what should be done and gets him to 2nd with a sacbunt.
Now Berry up. I have no confidence in this situation. At least he won’t hit into a DP
Doubt he will even hit it.

infante was certianly out! Got a break. Boy did Q lok ugly against. Rapada. Rapada was not that kind of pitcher when he pitched here

Berry’s swing looked longer and worse than usual against Rapada’s delivery.

It looked verrrrrrry long and clueless

Hope Benoit is feeling better…..or it starts pouring

Uh-OH. Jim Leyland “Formula Time”.
Dotel did a really nice job. And has been.

It’s been that way lately. Nothng like Ichiro’s! Here’s a tip kid……choke up on the bat!!!
Looks like he is swinging a broomstick.
Another week of non production from him and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an early call-up.

benoit and coke are killing us. I don’t know if the bullpen can survive.

Damn Benoit are you kidding me right down the freaking middle. Benoit needs the DL.

Captain Obvious here again. Can they bring Dotel back into the game?

JL, At what point is Benoit NOT your 8th inning guy?

I could cry……Benoit :-(:O:'(o_O

Better re-think “the formula” Leyland.
This stuff with Benoit is getting old.
Chavez has absolutely feasted off Tiger pitching this series.
Houston, we have a problem. And it is in an area where previously there was none.
All of a sudden, the bullpen which not long ago was astounding, is a huge question mark. Coke, Benoit and Valverde are all unreliable.

Crap, I actually was praying for rain in our half of the 7th.
So much for that idea.

This pen used to be a bright spot and now they are a crap shoot. They were the only part of this team I really had little conern. I’m grumpy now.

Benoit: 10Hrs, 6.28 ERA in last 14 IP.

Pretty bad. Makes me frustrated.

I’m just sick.

We need a miracle here.

at least the bats have been hot. if they weren’t we’d be losing all of these games pretty much.

Been pretty good in these rbi situations but not to be today i guess…very frustrating.

Relief Pitching………….a contradiction in terms.
Next year will have a whole new look. We need a lights out lefty out there as well as a new closer.

Where have you gone John Hiller!

Bad play by Infante and a save by Fielder. Can wehave another miracle?

Shocked santiago is not. Being pinch hit for.

That’s why u pinch hit for him…and realy not going to pinch hit for Berry either damn


JUST like I said… Berry up next they needed to bring Baker in there. Ramon hasn’t got a ball out of the infield with man on 3rd all blood y year.
Berry won’t to anything either.
This is horrible managing.

Really you don’t pinch hit for the 2 worst hitters I. Guess JL had no freaking interest in even trying to get that run in. You have 2 beter hitters on ur bench but you chose those 2. What an idiot and shame on those two for not even getting a damn sac fly

2 good bunters up in a row and leave the tying run on 3rd.

Two decent hitters sitting on the branch that are capable of getting a ball out of the infield for a sac fly! Are they there to look pretty? Honest to god stupid non- move my head is about to explode.

Horrible managing. Reprehnsible even.
The 2 weakest links allowed to hit for themselves with Baker and Young on the bench. Man on 3rd and less than 2 out Leyland had a chance to twice to make an intelligent decision. EVERYONE knows Ramon or Berry will not produce in that situation.
I’m disgusted with Leyland. That was brutal.And having refrained from being “mean” in the past I will not this time. That was stupid.

You know me I almost always stick up for JL and I don’t understand was he out smoking? I just dont get that at all does he know anything about his hitters? Does he know that Santiago hasn’t hit all year and Q hasn’t been hitting as well in a while? What an idiot and yes I mean an idiot, no explanation for it..and in the interview he really didn’t answer Ryan’s question when he asked it

I don’t like to bash JL, But, gk and slowbyrne made some valid points.

Leyland has himself to blame for this one. He knows better than we do how feeble both those guys have been. He knows how they have performed in critical situations like this. But he goes ahead and plods on anyway.
Why? Because somewhere in the cavernous recesses of his mind he is thinking (again a contradiction in terms), “I’m the manager, I know best”.
He blew it but I bet you don’t see him taking responsibility for this one. Not when it really is his responsibility. Ramon? Berry? C’mon Jim.

Well I disagree that JL made big blunder there, but I also don’t let Santago or Berry off the hook either. But JL has got to make a better decision than that. And his so called explanation in his interview is that Santiago had put some good at bats together well he really wasnt paying attention, but even if that were true what us his explanation for leaving Berry in? That’s right there is no excuse!

I mean that I agree obviously JL screwed up….. But I disagree that Santiago and Berry don’t deserve any blame they had a job to do and didn’t do it,

wait just a second. Where are all the “Ramon is my Tiger” and “Santiago doesn’t get a chance” stuff? It is not Leyland’s fault that Ramon pops out the 2B. It is Ramons. He is a big leaguer, get the job done.
QB was swinging well in July, but I agree with a previous post, his swing has gotten long. And he won’t see much time with a long stroke (see Thomas, Clete).
Benoit and Coke are concerns. Are they worn down? Without an effective Benoit, we will be in some trouble. Could Rondon be far behind?

I don’t have the same faith in Ramon as others on here do, but I do believe he has a place on this team. But in this situation and the way he has NOT swung the bat all year it was not a god idea to keep him in there. But I agree they still got to get the job done but it is JL ‘s job to put the best option at the time, and there is no way in heck those two were anywhere in the realm of the right hitters to have up at the plate.

Blame is squarely on JL. Yes, Santiago meekly lined/blooped/popped out but given his track record that should have been anticipated.
Berry has no business batting in the bottom of the 9th in that situation either.
Leyland had two chances to get it right. and he missed both of them.
Yes they are major league hitters but no they are not even average major league hitters and less than good major league hitters in the clutch.
Leyland is the manager. He should have managed.

I was thinking of going to fantasy camp but I figured I might see Leyland there so I changed my mind.

In his televised interview, JL said he messed up a sign and confused Gene, and he said it was his own fault. Twice. I’m telling you, JL will make a big deal out of taking blame for something that either wasn’t his fault or never even happened, and it’s to divert attention away from his pinch hitting non-decisions this time. I’ve been watching this guy seven years. He does this.
It was a poorly played, poorly managed, and poorly umpired game, by, for, and against all three parties. Really a sorry excuse for big league baseball, when you think about it.

Gk, that wasn’t the same umpiring crew as in Boston earlier this year. That crew had Bill Welke, and today we had his brother Tim. I think Girardi’s beef was that, by changing the call, Welke caused Ibanez to give up on the play and Berry scored as a result. The fact that this hadn’t happened didn’t deter Joe from putting on a show. He was arguing something that had never happened.

And regarding not pinch hitting for either of those 2….. If you think it was a righty lefty thing it’s not what the numbers say against Soriono righties hit him much better. So another reason to make a move! I hope I’m done with this but pretty annoyed right now.

I’m having a tough time with this one. Actually starting to wonder about things like competency and vision.

I’ve been the driver of the Santiago bandwagon, and probably own the only Santiago t-shirt in existence, but Ramon wasn’t the guy for that AB today in the 9th. One has nothing to do with the other.
Explaining it further, my position has been that Santiago was the best option over all the humanity we ran out there to 2ndbase ever since Polanco left. Ramon was the better option over many of the trade candidates we’ve heard about. Now that we’ve got Omar Infante, the situation has changed. We finally have a regular 2ndbaseman. Santiago is now back in his place as super utility guy. Hopefully this won’t come up everytime he fails at something.

I agree, even to the point that it was actually unfair of Leyland to put those two guys up in positions of almost certain failure.
Ramon is quality guy, and a good Tiger. He has gone through years of being unter-utilized and over-looked. He was the best option at 2nd. For sure. Lately he couldn’t hit a nail with a hammer. Berry just as bad. OK—–I’ll drop it now.
Can’t afford to play or manage like this at this stage of the season.

Boy this one left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. No way, we shouldn’t have gotten the win for the series. I mentioned four games ago that Benoit was throwing what looks like obligatory gopher balls. If he’s sore, don’t throw him. I have also gone sour on Berry anywhere at the top of the lineup, be it leadoff or second. His skills are not utilized, and everyone of us knew that when the dust settled, Gene Money would still be standing on third. I was disappointed that Andy didn’t look at a pitch or two, especially with two outs. But he’s still done so much, I can’t stay angry long. I’ll jump on the “beat up on Jim Bandwagon” tonight. Bench and situations were not used to maximum ability. Fister gives a good solid performance against a very difficult lineup, and we should have delivered him a win. First and Third with no one out, demands a fly ball, a squeeze play, a drag bunt, even a double play ball on the ground. Instead,we give them soft liners, popups, and a first pitch flyout. Really, leaves a sour taste. With that sour taste still there, I’ll try to give three things that I liked about the game:
1. Biggy’s saving dive in the top of the 9th. to keep us at one run. Quite a character, that Biggy.
2. Alex’s clutch hitting in two different at bats. He’s slowly creeping toward .270, and a little more power. We need so much from him.
3. Fister’s no nonsense approach to pitching; he gets the ball, throws the pitch, and usually good things happen. His is a model approach to being a successful big league pitcher, considering his velocity is the lowest among our starters.

The team is playing much better, but there is so little margin of error to deal with. This one goes down to the wire, unless we go on a bigger roll. Good night!

Yes JL had many bad managing decisions today and several times this season but of bigger concern is the back end of the BP, Coke, Benoit & Valverde! These 3 guys have been/are extremely vulnerable and non-reliable this year. Jones needs to spend some quality time with these guys like he has with JV, MS, RP and DF or else the season will be shortened considerably! Dd has his work cut out for him this off-season in the BP!

Apologies, DD has his work cut out for him. Add a Manager to that shopping list too if they don’t make or go deep into the playoffs.

C’mon Leyland, how about a safety squeeze? Also, Benoit, a 2-0 pitch right down the middle to Texiria? Is anyone impressed with the stuff in our bullpen? I would have left Dotel in. He was impressive! You have the hammer and do not pound it on the Yankees head, Sad. Well, on to Texas. Go Tigers. –Dave

All season, JL has stuck by his opening day roster trying to make the players and batting order work. Now that the offense is starting to fire, he decides to rotate players.
JL has to throw out the MLB formula of late end relievers being only good for one inning. A stat guy with some time on his hands would surely prove going to three separate guys just increases your chance of failing rather than leaving guys in who are obviously dealing. It feels like relying on our last two has as much hope as winning the lottery.
I still have difficulty accepting this season will be judged either a success or failure on whether the team falls over the division line or comes up just short.

Ah, the two Dave’s at it again…..

Yeah, talking about the SOC…. I did not see the 9th but just read the play by play on espn. !st and 3rd, nobody out? Leyland, do you know what a safety squeeze is to tie the game?

Another good homestand with a 5-2 record. Great to see Jeff Baker go 2 for 3 in his first action the other night. We need him to stay close to that .275 against lefties. With the addition of Omar and Jeff, our current thirteen players on the roster have hit .285 this season. In today’s game, why did Jackson PR for Boesch?? We needed AJ available to PH for QB in the seventh against Rapada to help us add on runs. Yes, the bullpen needs a little retooling. Right now we have one lefty in the bullpen that is effective against LH batters and that is Darin Downs. Do we need to have Smyly get some relief action in at Toledo??

I shut it off. As soon as I saw he didn’t put a pinch hitter in there, I shut if off. I can only surmise he’s po’d he hasn’t gotten a contract yet, as far as we know. Maybe he has and he just doesn’t care. Idk. Just disgusted.

Detroit is 15 th in MLB in Inning Pitched by relievers. 11th in AL. So they dont look overworked . But since Below and Downs are the invisible men( so were Weber, Ortega but unfortunately not Plutonium), the real bullpen is of only 5 pitchers. Benoit is 14th in the AL in innings pitched and Valverde 27th fand Phil Coke is 31 or 43% of the total inning pitched.
Below has pitched 42 innings ( 38th).Dotel is 58th with only 37 innings
As point of comparation, Rodney is 8th with 58 innnings
So they are not really overloaded.
Benoit 10 years ago pitched the longes relief in history, 89 pitches, but he is known as phisically weak and injury prone.Still he is the most used pitcher.
Dotel was closer in 2010. He is a workhorse but is being used less than Below.
Beside that the inconsistency of starters. Today they throw a gem, tomorrow they barely made the 5th. Then 3 o 4 QS in line with no use for bullpen .
Pinch hitting? As Evan mentioned last week the 5 teams of the central division are in the bottom 5 of AB for PH. With Detroit specially good in avg.
Berry´s spark is gone. He better make his bags, at this point I would take RR over him. At least, JL wont put RR in CF
The new Boras´client with the team can play 2B. He bats better than Santiago

Jeff Baker is 275 overall. 305 against LHP

Several interesting points to ponder.

Okay, let me insert somewhat of a joke here. During today’s game, they showed some voting that was done and Leyland was voted best manager………by other managers. You can look at that several different ways.
Some nice news on this day, sort of. Don Kelly cleared waivers and is headed to Toledo. Nice for us maybe, but not so much for Donnie. I was sure an NL club would take him. As it is, I guess I was correct by not writing a goodbye note on here.

I appreciate your perspective on JL. I do not like to bash JL, but I second guess every decision by him and every other coach/manager I have ever seen. It is the nature of the game and probably what makes it attractive to many of us. JL has so many attributes that override his shortcomings. My personal perspective on JL is that he is imperfect, but in a professional relationship I would want him on my side and I think he would have my back if I needed him.

I feel bad for Benoit. I don’t like to see any of our Tigers make errors or get dogged on. I’ve always liked RR, too. Win as a team, lose as a team.

Getting Boesch out of RF on a daily basis is also part of “The Formula”.
Pinch runs for him in what–the 6th?
JL is one fixated individual

I agree with you about the BB substitution ritual. I think he is ok and not much worse (if that) than replacement personnel. The biggest factor remaining is what his bat has to offer when it remains in the game.

new day. new game. tonights game will be a big factor in this series

Fifty games to go. Baseball is a looong season. Can we win the AL Central?? Yes, we can. Absolutely!! We need to become road warriors. Every road trip is a landmine. Stay tough. Our final four games with Chicago will be in Chicago. Our final three with Cleveland in Cleveland. Our final three with MN @MN. Our final three with KC @ KC. Besides that we have LAA @ LAA and start a road trip tonight in TX against the defending AL champs!!!! We do breakeven and play twenty-five more games at Comerica. We need to defend home turf, too. One day at a time.

Found this at Billfer: 10 of last 12 hits against Benoit have been HR

That great season with the Rays almost all the runs he allowed were on home runs, too. He needs to keep his changup in the dirt.

27-29 on the road.17-16 against the East. 8-13 against the West. 24-16 Central

We have 50 games to go. Do we need to win 30 more to win the division??

The ChiSox have two games less tan the Tigers. The Tigers already lost those games. So they need the Chisox to lose two games more than the Tigers to tie

Once Laird entered the game to replace Avila, who our emergency catcher was became a discussion on the bench. That means Leyland could not use versatile utility-man Baker at that point in the game.

I’m not saying Baker possibly wears a mask later in the game, should Laird get hurt. But someone may have been needed to catch in an emergency situation – thus allowing Baker entrance into the game, should the game gone extra innings.

Delmon Young was the “only” option to pinch-hit for Berry. But that move gets questioned by media in a hurry, since Berry has only been with the team for half-the-season and has more clutch hits than Delmon Young.

I don’t know, that’s quite a reach. Leyland himself said that pinch hitting Baker never crossed his mind because of the L-R thing. And at this point in the season, Young is a much better option in that situation than Berry. Berry’s not doing what he used to. Throw in the bungled sign business, not starting Jackson in a very important game with playoff homefield implications, then playing Jackson anyway (not a day off after all) after Berry had allowed two runs on a play Jackson would have made, using up bench players needlessly………….it’s a long list. We’ll need to face the fact that Leyland managed that game very poorly and it cost us a win. I have to say, this one shook me up.

And this business about playing for a win because we were out of pitchers. We weren’t out of pitchers. JL just didn’t trust any of them. Nice message to those guys.

The emergency catcher is Santiago.

So what do we do with berry now?

Berry in the past 81 ABS: 22SO, 5BB, 3SB, .295OBP, .604OPS, 4GDP (delmon has 4 GDP the past 88ABS).

Bench him. Pinch runner late. Dr for BB

fully agree

can try to shorten that swing and bring him back…but whatever. If dirks didn’t hit when he came back – i’d be more of a wait and see attitude with berry.

IDK if anyone else noticed but Don Kelly accepted a role in AAA. 🙂

I mentioned that here last night and Kelly is not on the 40-man roster.

sorry i didn’t see it – it’s better i am not on here while drinking. Anyhow what does the 40 man roster have to do with it? I mean, couldn’t he be on the 40 man roster tomorrow morning? All that is needed is he be on it before AUG 30th, right?

To the playoff roster are elegible : the players in the 25th roster plus those in DL , restricted list and bereveament list by aug 31th ( Al Al, Scherelth , RR , Vmart all in DL). But if there is an injury ,any player in the organization can be added to the playoff roster.If he is not in the 40 roster must be added. As long as I know, the 40 roster is full, they would need to DFA someone to make room for him. They have to do it too to add Al Al and Castellanos or Rondón

Unless Berry re-energizies he really should not play. Someone (Lloyd) should teach him to choke up on the bat and not try to pull the ball. Leyland should be absolutely insisting that he bunts. If he can’t he can’t play. And by play I mean as a role player not a regular.

exactly. he still has a role as a role player – just not as a regular.

honestly, if he can play on an irregular basis, choke up some on that bat and work on his bunting….he’s a heckova role player

QB starts a few more times when either Delmon or Austin are out.

AJ should not BE out! He’s young, strong, key player and we are at an exponential loss when he is not in that lineup

if Prince gets to (play 100% of the time), then why wouldn’t AJ?

Leyland´s nightmare: Being the manager of Ripken , Gherig , Musial, Yost.
He rest AJ but play Avila every inning

He rests AJ (and Peralta twice a week)

to be fair – AJ didn’t have a good game the previous game and didn’t get a hit after he was put it. maybe something (e.g. stomach flu) was wrong with him. Just because he is young doesn’t mean he is except from having ailments

Rich, I saw that info that Leyland was best manager. It, however, did not say smartest manager. It was not the pinch hitting but how he used his players. Many comments were does he know them? Again, 1st and 3rd nobody out with Santiago up. He is a decent bunter, right? Stay out of the dp, score the run and have the winning run at 2nd. Now Berry is up and again no bunt. Oh well, it is only one game but I do not want to mention that one extra game we all saw. Smile Jim! Go Tigers! –Dave

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