Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Yankees

CC Sabathia has been stifling left-handed hitters for the better part of a decade, so Jim Leyland loads up with right-handed hitters tonight. So why, then, is Jhonny Peralta sitting in favor of switch-hitting Ramon Santiago, you ask? Peralta is 2-for-20 lifetime off his ex-teammate Sabathia, including the postseason.

On the Yankees side, Curtis Granderson is out of the leadoff spot tonight. Derek Jeter moves up, with Nick Swisher batting 2nd. Granderson bats 6th.


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Omar Infante, 2b
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Jeff Baker, lf
  7. Brennan Boesch, rf
  8. Gerald Laird, c
  9. Ramon Santiago, ss

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Derek Jeter, ss
  2. Nick Swisher, rf
  3. Robinson Cano, 2b
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1b
  5. Eric Chavez, dh
  6. Curtis Granderson, cf
  7. Russell Martin, c
  8. Ichiro Suzuki, lf
  9. Casey McGehee, 3b

P: CC Sabathia



Odd stat of the day: the Tigers are 32-22 in games that Ryan Raburn starts. So without Raburn, they’re a .500 club. You can use that on the next Raburn-basher you encounter and watch them splutter.

nice stat rich! maybe it is because he starts when JV starts? idk idk….

Correlation does not imply causation.
I have seen that before. But the sum of both stats is different from the real record

It’s meant as a joke to pull on Raburn-bashers. Including games that Raburn played in but didn’t start, Detroit’s record is 36-27, equaling 63.

I was thinking to switch DY and BB…but in the last 17 abs DY has an ops > 800 so….whatever, play the R/L matchup.

Sanchez hasn’t pitched bad for us so far – but typically he doesn’t go real deep into games. Plus Benoit is sore and VV……uh…..needs a rest, i think. SO 2 questions: a) does Below get action tonight? b) does Villareal maybe get a chance to close out the game?

Remember he played in NL.So not going deep was until some point normal. His managers with the Marlins had him on shorth leash to avoid an injury.

Good point!

Oh boy….The train wreck that is Josh Hamilton is coming out of his funk, which was a huge funk. Just in time for the Tigers to o to another hell hole that is Texas, and they have a day off before we get out of here.

hopefully the 4 game series they have in NYC after our series…..distracts them?

I want to see Roy Oswalt pretty bad. he crapped the bed today vs. boston….amoungst other reasons

Hey EVAN! Where’s ole rusty and dusty Below in your plans?

If sanchez gets the hook prior to the 7th I’d put in Below until the 9th…where i’d put in Villarreal.

but honestly, Below wasn’t that great the past 2 times he pitched….july 27th and 17th!

Funny how a manager will make sure his short relievers get work, but will let a long man sit out there forever. Then he brings the guy in, he fails, and the manager is justified in using him as the long man only.

shouldn’t a good long man should be fairly rust proof like a closer should be pressure proof?

Well, I don’t think either exist.

The Rangers play a series in Boston, fly home for one weekend, then go play a series in New York? What kind of scheduling is that?
Not like the old days when the west began in Cleveland and you made three eastern trips per season. Nosireee bob. Couldn’t do diddly squat.

Rich, I think you see right through Ol’ Jim.
His plan is to use Below as cannon fodder. To deviate from that plan means it’s not a plan at all. I’m not sure Jim even cares if he throws left or right. Hence, we can expect to see Below very rarely. I guess, using that logic, it’s a good thing as it means we are avoiding blow outs.
I don’t think Below is anything special by any means but I agree that he should be treated as well as the other pitchers

More often than not, my complaints with Leyland are also complaints with managers in general. In our case, we carry 3 lefties but if Coke struggles, we have no backup. It’s like working with a 5-man bullpen. He won’t use Below or Downs in a situation. They’re strictly mop up. Darin only got the win on Sunday because we were beat, or so we thought.

Evan…Hopefully Sancez goes deeper tonight than you might anticipate. I checked on stats for Sanchez and learned 71% of his starts this year have been of the quality variety.

Out of curiosity, I brought up comparative quality start pecentages for our other starters. The results are as follows: 1. Verlander 74% 2.Fister 69% 3. Scherzer 59% 4.Porcello 50% 5. Smyly 40%.

hmmm time to bring in Duane Rusty Below.

Yikes—walk and HBP have both scored in the 1st.
Can’t get game on Radio or TV. MLB problems.
Gameday only.
Anybody else having trouble?

Yes, also having problems. Gameday only. Seems to be the case with all 7PM starts for some reason…

Yes, read in two blogs : problems with radio and


Fielder get hit hard? Brush back or mistake?

not that hard….look like a brush back went wrong…..

Or did he lean into it!!!

No Raburn comparison coming from me!! (yet)

Below will be

Oh my. Sanchez’s command has cost him 5 runs today. Should have got a southpaw!!!!

Yeah—Cannon Fodder Below.

I guess it’s best I can’t watch this one after all.

Anybody else wondered why Ichiro is playing LF fsince being traded to the Yanks (instead of his normal RF)?

It is more to do with leaving Swisher in right and more ground to cover in left in Yankee Stadium.

At the game it is ugly and getting uglier. 5 run defecit that’s a tough one to come back from especially witb CC on the mound

We were due for a clunker. CC appears to be dealin’
If they can get to him for a couple next inning we have a chance.

Why did it have to happen the game I had ti,kets for? If I were a home at least I could flip over to the olympics or the paint drying station, anythig but this

Yikes. Sanchez has been just lit up tonight. Disturbing. Smyly may not be done after all.

And uglier…………geez I came down here for this?

27 outs….remember? Not likely, but I’d still love to be there in person.

Hope you didn’t leave the game, gk.

I haven’t been able to watch the game (MLB.TV technical problems) but maybe that’s a blessing. Below is now expected to be a saviour after wilting away in the bullpen for too long. So 5th inning, down 7-1. This will really need a big comeback.

Sanchez is okay, maybe better than okay.He will rebound. And Kathy, gotcha.

1 good outing and 2 bad, we will see?

They are trying to hit a grand slam with nobody on.

Just a theory why we are getting creamed tonight….my season ticket is a picture of Inge??? Jinxed tonight???

By the way, I watched Grenke today. Not so good 5 innings, 4 ER, 6 H and 5 BB.

And then there was Oswalt today, again. Jason(?) referred to him as an acquisition probably best not made. Sanchez will do fine.

Hope your right…..he was good once so far but that was against the indians. We will see.

P H?

Tying run @ the plate. Wish I had a feed.

He had to PH for Santiago. the tying run was at second

Almost. Almost. Six more chances.

Kathy…You are the MVP for Tiger fans. We have a ballgame. Are we the only ones on board the Titanic?

Looks like ElTigre and illinoifan are still with us.


9-7 now. Too bad. It was 7-0 when gk was cryin the blues and he was/still is at Comerica. The way those Tigers came back the other night, anything is possible.

Phil Coke is in. Good luck!

Things do not go better with Coke.

Good one. Scary guy.

yes, Im here

But JL wants us out too.

Villareal? Dotel?

1 out, runners on 2nd & 3rd. Avila and Coke not on the same page.

Why the hell would u bring in Coke, instead of villareal or benoit or dotel or anybody who actualy gets outs. Team scraped and clawed and he gives it right back. Honest to god. Coke just isn’t the same guy?

Thought you died.

Otherwise you would still be griping.

Well, we only need 4 runs to win and then close it out. That would be something! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

12 pitches to Chavez and an infield hit. 10-7.

Geez…Chavez is tough on us.

On everyone. 10 for 30 before the game since replacing ARod

He is waiting to be winning to call the horses. But witout them no winnig situation. Catch 22

He is waiting to be winning to call the horses. But without them no winning situation. Catch 22

10-8. Omar hit a HR.

Enter “zorro”.

and a balk. 11-8.

At least, the ChiSox are losing

Good news , particularly if we can pull this out, Tuff job to close for us.

Balk… Start and stop per MLB. Geez.

The game is almost in the freezer

12-8. Jeter scores on Dirks bobble.

Well-the guys did not die. They played and they came back hard. Unfortunately, the 2nd tier of the bullpen couldn’t shut them down. I have been complaining about Coke all year. Always puts me off when I guy is so full of swag and bluster. Haven’t ever really trusted him.
Villarael melts down. That’s not the 1st time he has balked. Inexperience hurts and compounds problems. No way they should have had that big of an inning.
Give Jeter credit though–great at bat.

Villarael is running out of gas. Thrown a lot of pitches.

Sanchez got them down but Coke and Villarreal haven’t helped. The Tigers were trying to come back, but……..

A pinch hitter for Santiago . Villareal in the 8th. Below beginning in the fourth.

The baulk did me in, I guess villareal wasn’t the answer either. I did like the fight in the hitters and on most nights it would of worked but the pitching was obviously horrible…beyond horrible.

Still 1/2 back

Soxs lost

Well, that’s baseball. Everyone knows the applicable cliches. I like this team. It grinds and does not quit. We play tomorrow.

Maybe we’ll catch the arrogant Yankees overconfident wit Fister on the mound.
Disappointing start today by Sanchez. I really did think they needed to find a quality LHP. Sanchez may well turn things around but let’s face ti. He’s only got about another 9 starts left.

This was the game in the series I thought we’d lose, but it got close there for awhile. At least the guys kept the fans entertained, so that’s good. I was afraid it was going to be like that 13-0 game.
I was hoping JL would go with better relievers after we pulled within one. Coke is struggling big time. I can see using a lefty, but he’d used up the other two in mop up duty. Coke was not the guy to use there. He’s had an up and down year, but since that baby was born, he’s been terrible. Go figure. The main problem tonight, though, was Sanchez getting roughed up. That was ugly. We shouldn’t have been in that situation. I hope Sanchez will maintain some consistency.
The hitting has come around. Nice night from Baker.
In the things could be worse department, the Sox got shut down entirely by Jeremy Guthrie. While we took 2 of 3 from NY at home, the Sox dropped 2 of 3 to the Royals at home.

By the way it’s supposed to rain all day here tomorrow.

Leyland didn’t mention it in the televised interview, only saying that “we didn’t pitch good,” so I’ll say it for him. Good job by Below and Downs to keep us within what turned out to be striking distance. With a nod to Neil Young, I guess Below disproved the notion that rust never sleeps.
He’d never do it with Below, but JL might want to consider a trial run with Downs as an extra situational lefty. It can’t be Coke every single time if Jim insists on playing matchup.

Good ideas. Nicely said. Try another gear. Maybe your own blog? Journalism?

Hello out there Tiger Fans. This night was one long mess of a game. It is somewhat remarkable that the guys lost only by four, when they were down by seven. It was those nasty add on runs, and the Yanks kept the pressure on after the near collapse in the seventh. You figure as soon as Grandy gets the three bagger, that it’s not going to be a very good night for Tiger Town. Sanchez is 1-3; what bugs me about his outing tonight was allowing both walks and HBP’s to score. That set the tone early, and it was digging up for the rest of the night. There were some ugly things in there tonight, but also some good things. Here are my three for this evening:
1. Infante’s continuing evolution as a difference maker the second time around. Nice HR tonight, and his defense is above average. That part of the trade is okay. Infante helps all the way to the end.
2. Boesch’s RBI single off of CC in the fourth. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but Brennan’s AB’s are becoming more significant each night. I do wish he would take a pitch here and there, but he protects the third strike very well.
3. Both pinch hitters come through off the bench in the big inning. That’s a tough thing to do and Andy and Alex did themsleves proud.

Kudos to Baker in his first game, and to Below and Downs keeping the margin almost in check from the beginning. So tomorrow, we win and take 3-4 from the mighty Yanks. Good night all!

Really liked the Tiger effort, the never say die mentality. The Tigers kept grinding. Back when, it was winners never quit and quitters never win.

Granderson was batting 100 plus before tonight in the last 10 days. Moved to another position. Bang. He destroyed the Tigers. Even the much maligned Binder Boy( I hope is not an offending name) can teach something to JL

You have a great perspective with your enormous statistical bank. But… guys like Lasorda have a place and he was a “feel” guy. I trust JL and he too is a “feel guy.” His players play hard, are loyal, do not quit and they mimic JL in those respects.

It’s not rocket science last night came own to bad pitching….our and theirs ( theirs wasn’t good either) those who have been here for a while know that I don’t generally disagree too much much with JL but I still don’t get the Coke decision. Last night looked from the start to be a real “groaner”. ( a family term ) but the hitters and clean up pitchers surprisingly made it interesting. I don’t ave the same good feelings about Sanchez as some here do. He’s had 1 good outing out of 3. And the 2 weren’t just kinda poor they were really bad. But I hope I’m wrong……….

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