Benoit update: Sore, but not injured

Normally, an eighth-inning lead belongs to Joaquin Benoit when he’s available, so Jim Leyland raised eyebrows Tuesday when he went to Octavio Dotel to handle the eighth inning and carry the lead to closer Jose Valverde. Leyland explained after the game that Benoit had some soreness around his right shoulder.

“He’s been a little sore, but he’s ok. No red flags,” Leyland said.

It’s similar, Leyland said, to a minor issue he had last year. Leyland said he gave him two days off at the time and he felt fine afterwards. Tuesday marked his second consecutive day off, Leyland expects to have him for Wednesday. He could have pitched Tuesday if needed, Leyland said, but he wanted to avoid it if he could.


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I recently read an interesting NY fan post. Last year’s savior, hitting coach Kevin Long, is now being villified.

I wrote a about the young Chisox bullpen, Just before they traded for Mayers, then Crain came back from DL. They are holding themselves but at a price. Chisox is fourth in MLB in innings pitched. Sale was skipped once. And will be rested down the line. The injury prone Peavy have been not that good lately. Detroit will be soon first for good.
Good deadline trade that for Dirks.

am curious what Verlander said to Jeter last night from the dugout that got his attention? I caught the clip on sportscenter this morning but could not tell what it was all about

The health of any player is a concern. When it’s the health of our MVP of the bullpen it’s even more of a concern.

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