Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Yankees

Phil Hughes is right-handed, but his splits fit the definition of a “reverse right-hander.” You can throw left-handed hitters against him if you want, but they’re batting just .203 against him this year with more strikeouts (61) than hits (57). By contrast, right-handed batters are .326 with a .977 OPS against him. Thus, Delmon Young is in the lineup and Omar Infante is batting second. No Jeff Baker in the lineup, though. No Quintin Berry, either.

Worth noting, though, that lefties hit .312 off Hughes last year, compared to .234 for righties.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Delmon Young, DH
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Andy Dirks, LF

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Derek Jeter, SS
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  5. Eric Chavez, 3B
  6. Nick Swisher, RF
  7. Raul Ibanez, DH
  8. Ichiro Suzuki, LF
  9. Russell Martin, C

P: Phil Hughes


what would make a pitchers splits flip-flop from year to year like that?

No Jeff Baker? No big deal but would JL have had RR in the line-up somewhere if he was not on the DL? You know how he is with his favorites. Below is almost invisible. Now Baker too? I won’t be surprised at all if the next time Below comes into a game, he has trouble from gathering rust and dust on the bench. Meanwhile JL is running Coke out there all the time.

All of a sudden the L-R-L-R thing is no longer a strategy.
I like Omar batting 2nd (I also like Dirks batting 2nd). Not sure why it is what it is tonight though.

Omar: Hughes is a “reverse right-hander.” Baker? JL being JL

hahah dang you guys have it out for JL

there is an article on mlive by schmel about how RR will probably not be back until september roster expansions.
in the comments section there are some really mean comments that have me laughing pretty hard. Here are a couple for you:
“I couldn’t believe it when I heard Ryan Raburn was on the DL. How do you get hurt sitting on the bench? Did he get a sliver in his backside? A sprained thumb? What was he doing, shining Leyland’s shoes?”
“Of the 265 MLB players with as many at-bats as Raburn, he ranks LAST in batting average (.172) , LAST in slugging percentage (.258), and SECOND TO LAST in on-base percentage (.225). That equates to dead last, 265th out of 265 players, in OPS. He has the FEWEST hits, the FEWEST runs scored, and the THIRD FEWEST RBIs of all those 265 players. But don’t worry … he makes up for it with a whopping ONE steal, ONE home run, and a stunning .165 average against lefties. “Oh, but he heats up as the season goes on!” Really? Is that why he hit .149 in 47 at-bats in July? Also, he boasts a .971 fielding percentage at 2nd, which, among 2nd basemen who’ve played at least 30 games, ranks 35th out of 39.”
“Raburn IS helping the club win games (in August)!!”

I guess there is always need for a whipping boy, and Raburn is it. I have never seen RR give up, dog it. Never heard him complain. He has had a bad season, no question. But ease up on the guy. It is easy to root for the .300 hitter or the ace of the staff, it is much tougher rooting for the guy that is slumping. So get well soon Ryan, and don’t give up!

Well said.

I will unabashedly admit to not being a fan of JL’s managing. That can be interpreted as “having` it in for him” by those that like his managing. I think he is one of the least creative managers in the game. I think he is liked by his players and his demeanor being so predictable is also good for his players. He provides continuity and stability. He gives the sense that he is in control. He understands the game very well (though doesn’t seem to employ that understanding well). He is loyal and trustworthy. A true character—a throwback. There are things he has done in the past that worry me. The decision to start JV in the Series in his rookie year when Kenny Rogers was the best pitcher, at that time, in the game. Starting Alfredo Figaro in game 161 in 2009.
Those inexplicable, inflexible “I’m the manager, I know better” type decisions worry me.
He has many attributes. But he is stubborn, predictable, and unwilling to change what he has fixed in his mind as the way he wants things to be. He is brutish with the media (though that is a bit understandable) and too dismissive of the fans at times.
I will give him credit for finally trying something different with DY and to a lesser degree, QB. I think he missed the boat on Quinton and didn’t take advantage of what QB brings to the game.
I hope he is open minded when it comes to late-inning relief if Valverde shows signs of disintegrating. I hope he shows some willingness to deploy a little small ball when useful. I hope he doesn’t forget to use Laird and not wait for September. Same for Below.
All this being said, it all amounts to winning. If his team wins he should stay. If it loses, and particularly if they bomb, it should be time for him to go.
I don’t have it in for him. I just think he could be better and I think his strong personality gets in the way sometimes.

And again, well said.

I agree I would like to see QB do some of the things we saw him do earlier in his tenure. However we’ve talked about it recently everytime I’ve seen him try to put a bunt down recently he CAN’T do it? I don’t know why, but he looks like he’s never done it before. I don’t know about the stealing thing, supposedly JL doesn’t dictate too much that part of the game?

Berry’s bunting abilities are lacking

For one thing, they got his number re bunts. They play in on him just about every at bat. As for stealing bases, there’s a rumor about that and I’m beginning to believe it’s true. No comment.

Regarding the bunting if you are fast and a good bunter you should be able to bunt sometimes regardless. NL pitchers do it all the time.

Or time to teach him how to slug bunting

Tigers better put their hittin shoes on.

Thanks be to Cabby. But they need their hittin shoes on because JL sure doesn’t have their base-stealin’ shoes on! Not running AJ is ridiculous. Hughes has a high leg kick. Easy steal. Worked out anyway.
Sure like the way Dirks plays ball.
If QB can’t bunt, or hit, or steal. Kinda makes you wonder what’s next.
Cabby has the team going right now.

According to an MLive interview, Q said he’ll play off the bench since Dirks is back.

evan…Thought about your pitcher “flip-flop” comment, Cannot figure it out. But it made me think about Saberhagen , who seemed to be Cy Young one year and Cy Who the next.

Why not leave Villarael in?

Octavio Dotel: What a personality. I think I have a little crush on him.

Henning thinks Detroit will try to resign JV. Dotel will end as the closer

Man–kinda what I’m talkin about above. JL has it in his brain that he needs to defense Boesch in the 8th even though he’s due up in the bottom of the 8th.
Problem is you are gonna give a way an out when Berry bats.

Is that a Prediction El Tigre?
2 run lead for PG? I dunno. He’s been looking better lately but 2 runs against the Yankees isn’t real comfortable. Hope he doesn’t walk the leadoff guy.

I mean next season

Could be–not Dotel’s pattern though is it?
I like him. He’s been very good almost every time out.
Big run—thanks Andy.
Bottom of the lineup is contributing–makes a huge difference.
Are you thinking Valverde won’t be signed?

Price too high

He leads MLB in saves /op since he went to Detroit

Oh no……..please Valverde!

Oh, this is terrible. OMG.

Another example of being stubborn—right here, nobody warming up and the mindset is “He’s my closer, end of story. Next question”

I can’t watch. We gotta win this.

JL really needs to reassess this situation. I might be a little behind real time–Martin just doubled.
You just can’t let this kind of stuff contaminate your season. Coke warming up far too late.

Best thing about Valverde’s performance?
Mean’s we won’t see him tomorrow.
Hope Rondon is ready next year.
But this year—El Tigre, you could be right. It may end being Dotel.
And if PG doesn’t close where else can he pitch? No way you want him to throw the 7th or 8th.

Whoever our next closer is, I just hope he works quickly. Seems like I’ve spent five years of my life watching Valverde and Rodney work the ninth.

Yeah. I just finished telling my wife (I’m not real sure she actually listens to me), that this guy takes the fans right out of the game. They lose their excitement, and the 10th man factor.

And Jones, and Farnsworse and even Ugheth. It has been along time since Henemman

The closer’s job is to be shaking hands when he’s done, and the Potato did that.
I hope everyone realizes how fortunate we all are to get to watch one of the greatest hitters of all time on a nightly basis. The team as a whole made a nice adjustment to Hughes and it paid off big time. They beat the Yankees at their own game. Boesch seeing all those pitches, Dirks with that compact swing, Avila pitching in at the plate.
Porcello was good tonight. He’s getting there. Anyone wanting to trade him better think again.
I wonder why we can’t get Eric Chavez out?
Cleveland has blown a 5-1 lead and trails 7-5. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. The Orioles came from some five runs down and are trying to pull within 4.5 games of NY.

Papa is our closer. The only way he isn’t would be because of injury. Villareal (Zorro), Al, Al (he might be coming to Comerica soon). I think seeing Coke warming up probably woke Papa up. I know it did me.

Gee. I kind of enjoy waiting 2 minutes to watch a fastball sail 6 inches off the plate….multiple times. I can get up, fix a cup of coffee, get a snack, all in the relaxed atmosphere of a 9th inning game with the Yankees.

WS lost. 1/2 game.

The most amazing thing about Valverde is that he can remember his hat tapping sequence after each pitch. You have to admit, very few closers are as unique or animated as VV. Brian Wilson is on the DL, so Jose gets the prize. What’s really aggravating in general, is the parameters that describe a save or the role of a closer. Put your best pitcher in whenever, whoever he may be. Enough of Jose for tonight;he gets credit for the save, even though he was terrible. The rest of the team was great, as they pull the rug out from under the Yanks again. If there is a better hitter than Miguel, he must also be invisible. As Rich says, how lucky Tiger fans are to see him day in, and day out. Great victory, but odd in that Fielder was the only starter not to get on base. But I still love his style and passion. Time to recap three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Ricky P does not fold after giving up the 2 runs and four hits in the fourth. I told you all that he is maturing before our very eyes. Remember, he won’t be 24 until December , and he will have four seasons behind him.
2. Boesch sees 9 pitches and 12 pitches, and gets solid singles out of his first two AB’s. Another sign of maturity here?
3. Dirks brings pure energy and delight to the lineup. Had he not missed those 60 games, at least 4-5 more wins. Put him in the two hole, leave him, and then 1-4 would all be batting over .300. Leave him at the bottom, and he drives in any runner. Just a great example of playing the game right. He contributes anywhere in the lineup.

Kudos to Alex and Jhonny for their contributions. Three out of four from the Big boys is not out of the realm of possibility. Good night all.

Okay Dan, JL did say “he’s my closer.” He also said Valverde had trouble with his release point, which was fairly obvious. It’s been a recurring problem for him all season. I was hoping he’d solved it but no. Anyway, don’t want to turn a positive night into a negative one, but I would seriously like to see the next guy work quicker.
Was anyone else shocked when their coach held up Ichiro at third? I mean, Berry got over there quickly but that’s the tying run. Maybe it’s that coaches box at Comerica that causes these things. I actually said “he blew the save” when Martin hit the ball. When he didn’t score, I figured we’d get Grandy and that’s how we’d win it. When you’re going good…………
Okay, I’m going to search my DVR recording to find the women’s beach volleyball game. That has to be the greatest sport ever invented, right?

The true Beautiful Game

It was a great match! Must see tv.

That makes six straight wins. It moves us closer to the White Sox. The bottom of the lineup just gets better and with different combinations. Anyone think Dirks might be the answer at #5?? He’s al lot like V-Mart in his approach. Although Valverde had my 86 year old mother chirping for ten minutes all ended well. He has the best save % for the past three years. Right?? Checked his last ten games and he has six saves against six different teams.

That’s all wonderful and rosy and peachy keen about Valverde. For me, personally, it is not enough just to finish and win the game. It’s about injecting your team with belief, not doubt. It’s about throwing fear into the phyches’ of the enemy.
I will say, other than tonight, he had been looking better but you need this role to be one that is vital and one that is rock solid going into the post season.
To be waiting for the other shoe to drop jeopardizes the team’s collective soul.

I just reviewed Valverde against the Yankees this season and it’s anything but rosy. He has faced them four times and allowed six runs in four innings. He has one save and one blown save. Without QB’s play it would be two BS. During our losing streak, Leyland was able to get him in a groove. For Valverde the danger time is when we are on a winning streak, because our manager always over uses him. But at the end of the road wehope to be playing these Yankees again.

We’re darn lucky to get a seemingly healthy Dirks back. Our OF was beginning to get very iffy. Not sure what we’ll get out of Baker but perhaps he will make some significant contributions now that he is on a significant team.

How does the lineup shape up tomorrow?? Which glove will Baker use?? Santiago hit CC hard earlier this year. Any lefties other than PF in the lineup??

I’d be surprised to see Baker anywhere but LF. Let’s take the stereotype seriously and make sure Laird is behind the plate for Sanchez. Boesch has hit CC pretty well. Over .300 with a homer. Don’t think Dirks has ever seen him.
So I expect it will be Prince and BB from the left side.
Laird has hit CC very well over the years.

Rich, better record the volleyball tonight – 2 US teams!

I love Andy Dirks, he plays the ball the right way. I was surprised to see him going for the triple just coming back from that injury but I am ok with it at the same time. I also am a bit confused by taking Brennan out all the time for defensive purposes – true Berry covers ground a bit better, but I think Brennan has a terrific arm at times.

another great win – tip of the cap to you Ricky – good job tonight and was glad to see the fans giving you props.

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