Rondon promoted from Erie to Toledo

Bruce Rondon and his triple-digit fastball allowed just two earned runs on 15 hits over 21 2/3 innings for Double-A Erie, essentially overmatching most of the Eastern League. The Tigers have decided to give him a new challenge by stepping him up a level with a month to go in the minor-league season.

Detroit made it official on Monday, promoting him from Erie to Triple-A Toledo. The Tigers have made no announcement nor statements about whether Rondon could end up being a September call-up to Detroit once rosters expand, but this move will probably fuel the speculation.

Rondon is 21 years old and has regularly topped 100 mph on radar guns at ballparks big and small. He hit 102 mph on the Kauffman Stadium radar gun at last month’s All-Star Futures Game. That kind of fastball, no doubt, can make an impact in the big leagues. The question is whether that impact will come this year.

“I’m just going to keep working hard and we will see what happens in the future,” Rondon told reporters at the Futures Game. “We don’t know what’s going happen tomorrow. All I can do this control how hard I work.”

The move coincides with an injury to Mud Hens closer Chris Bootcheck Sunday night. However, Tigers vice president/assistant GM Al Avila said in an email, “In our evaluation, Rondon was ready to be moved to Toledo.”


JV paid for hanging that breaking ball to Martin. He’s pi$$ed now.

What do all our hitters have 9:30 dinner reservations? Geez someone take a few pitches. Bad at bats!

Miguel is “sic”. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen one hit further there. Thames and Ortiz hit a couple of douzies once (Ortiz ‘s was wind aided). But man Miggy!

Verlander screwed himself there. Although Biggy should of stayed home.

Cost him at least two runs…..and our guys except for the 2 homers look miserable at the plate.

He just can’t stop the bleeding anymore these days. Lots of crooked innings these days for JV.

He is also screwing himself by leaving 0-2 pitches up and hittable.
Actually Tiexiera could have pretty much ended the game on his 0-2 pitch. It hung up there and he got away with that one.
Horrible play by JV–can’t blame Fielder really, that is one of the dilemmas of the position. Totally JV worrying about the bag.
Now we need the guys to answer back.

I only blame Biggy in the respect that it wasn’t really his ball, that being said Verlander needs to catch it
Avila screws up a hit and run two days in a row!

Another very poor decision with the hit & run. JL does this with the most illogical guys on base. He tried to hit & run yesterday with Avila too. That didn’t work either.
Well the guys are answering back in spite of the botched hit & run. AND we got a huge break on Lamont’s bone head decision to send Peralta home.

I understand GK, as to Avila, my point is JL should not be hitting and running with him anyway. Avila is one of those guys who wil look at some pitches and actually try to wait for something he likes. He has been hitting not to badly lately and to make him swing is (obviously) not a great idea.
I will give credit to Leyland for at least trying to think out of the box he has manufactured over the years.

I get your point…I guess he’s just trying to stay out of the double play..and Avila is really good at grounding out to second this year.

Nice game by JV. Did give up too much on 0-2 though. Needs to think about that a bit.
Cabby got charged with an error on Martin’s ball. That could have gone either way.

You know—I don’t think I’d send Verlander back out. We still have Below right? (regards to Rich!)
I also don’t see a huge advantage in defense by bringing Berry in a 5 run game. He can be as problematic as Boesch—only faster!
I also thing he has peaked offensively. Doesn’t really hit fastballs good enough IMO.
Good on the bench though.
Mistake leaving JV in.

Berry has not stolen a base in over 2 weeks.
Yankees are given too much latitude by the umps in arguing balls and strikes.
And it’s working. They are setting things up to go their way tomorrow.

Pull him out. Enough is enough

I agree with you about how Yankees are setting themselves up for tomorrow. I Los don’t think JV should of gone out there for the 8th…no reason with a nice lead. Do they want his arm to fall off. Heck maybe all the work over the last few years is the reason he hasn’t been as good.

I am on the Yankee feed. Announcers are biased, but respectful to the Tigers. Interesting comment about Boesch and it’s the second time (similar type) I have heard of its type recently…The gist is/was, “Why take Boesch out for defensive purposes?” Presumably he was perceived by the opposition as very adequate and opponents were unwilling to run on his arm.

What were they saying about Verander?

They started out in typical NY fashion (prove it to me and then prove it to me again) , but then gave up the kudos appropriately.They particularly noted JV’s fastball mph increase and his pitching skills as the game progressed. Interestingly enough, it also sounded in-game like they felt (hoped?) he should have been pulled 1 or 2 innings earlier,

Later in the season , JL will regret games like this

Why do you feel this way about JV? Think Gibson, et al from his era. To me, JV is a throwback.

Mike Norris?

In both 2006 and 2011,he was pushing the ball during the Playoffs.
Last year he had the third largest number of pitches since 1990. Morris in 1991 and Steward in 1990.

Well he’s been pretty darn good tonight. That’s the most impressive 8-hitter you will ever see! And I don’t mean that facetiously. Darn impressive.
And the 10th man (those fans) are amazing. They are part of this team right now.

Good win….!

Taking boesch out regularly is part of the JL mystique. He gets something in his head and he will stay with it for a very, very long time. As to Boesch’s defense, I don’t see where it’s that poor at all. I would much rather hve him out there than Raburn. Berry is a tossup. But Berry doesn’t have an arm and he is a little suspicious with his routes and his Jai Lai glove.

Pretty much agree.

Yesterday,the Tigers. Today, Canada- USA. Pretty much emotion.

That basquet catch did not help Boesch image

Yes and no. Your point is well taken, but those familiar with CoPa know that particular diamond point can be treacherous. And, he made the play.

A beautiful August evening, a pennant race going on, ballpark sold out, the Yankees in town and Verlander on the hill. Prince and Miggy go deep and everyone else pitches in. Good times, good times.
Disaster averted in the 5th when our hitters immediately bailed out JV’s error. Prince ranged too far, but he’s played with multiple 2ndbasemen all year in his first season in Detroit. With Infante there everyday, that should take care of itself soon. He still had the play made but you try to avoid having to throw to the pitcher.
I think pulling Boesch for defense is the right move. He’s very Raburn-like out there, but takes no heat for it since he isn’t Raburn. There was the one the other day where he jumped at the wall and ball landed behind him. Same thing Raburn did. Nobody misspells Brennan’s name. If you’ve got a Berry and Dirks available, make the move.
I don’t have a problem with Verlander pitching the 8th. We’ll need the bullpen tomorrow with Porcello pitching and if anybody can throw a lot of pitches, it’s Justin.
Before I lose my good standing as a JL detractor, that hit and run business with Avila ain’t too smart. He don’t do good with that. Tried it yesterday but like I said, he don’t do good with that. You try to get a guy started at the plate, but like I said, Avila don’t do good with that.
The White Sox are making it happen.

Just out of curiosity, are you or have you been a journalist or writer? You wax too eloquent
for most of our lot.

At least, I cannot compare.

Neither a journalist or a writer. It’s just the way they “learned us in skool.” I wrote technical instruction sheets on my job, so that’s the closest I came to being paid for it. It was just easier to write it down than to keep explaining it all the time.

Today was a great adventure for me. Went to Fredricksburg to tour the Civil War sites, got back to Roanoke around 6:30, and sat back to watch my beloved Tigers. Oh how sweet to see the guys playing at a much higher level right now. It’s so refreshing to watch Nick Swisher whine; he should learn some class from a former Tiger, Mr. Granderson. Results were essentially the same, Curtis doesn’t act like a horse’s behind when he strikes out. I figure Mr. V was getting a little miffed at being outshined by Mr. Fister. Nice game, even with the careless error. Good to see Miggie and Biggie do their routine once again. So with all that, here’s three things I like about tonight’s game:
1. Yo Delmon! You showed that great speed with the infield hit, and the graceful base running though not all your fault. you got another solid single, and(gulp)another walk! What are we trying to do here?
2. The great approach in the bottom of the fifth. Five hits and a sac fly. They did their job, getting Nova totally out of sinc.
3. Verlander’s eight inning performance. My, how jealous other fans are of us, when that machine decides he’s going to gt an out.

Nice opening series win. I keep thinking that Ricky P can do an adequate job tomorrow. Keep Dirks in the two. Play Berry in the right spots, but keep him near the bottom of the lineup. Good Evening!

Have you been to the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania/Wilderness battlefields before, Greg? I used to drive down here from Michigan on my vacations to do that. If I’d have known I’d end up living here, I would have gone to Mackinac Island more. Now that I’m surrounded by Civil War sites, I quit visiting them. Go figure.

Weirdest than an infield hit by Young:
Young, OBP:298.
Ichiro, OBP:286.

Amen to that.

Rich…Maybe you got another gear?

Maybe you should go for it?

No words can express the joy I felt after the Tigers beat the Yankees tonight. Breathtaking. For those of you who missed Sunday’s 10 inning magic carpet ride here’s the call from both Mario and Dan: Enjoy!

Thanks kathy – I had not heard Dan’s yet – he was so excited he could barely speak – gives me goose bumps all over again!

Today is Tuesday and I still revel in the moment. Thank you.

It will be interesting to see how Rondon does with the MudHens. I have to believe he’ll do pretty well, but not convinced we’ll see him up with the Tigers after Sept. 1. I mentioned his promotion on my blog, too.

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