Cabrera on walkoff: “I was not sure it was getting out”

Miguel Cabrera doesn’t look for many pitches to pull, and he says that was the case with his at-bat against Indians closer Chris Perez. Yet all four of his hits off Perez in eight career meetings have gone to left field, including the walkoff home run that completed a five-run 10th inning for a 10-8 win Sunday afternoon at Comerica Park.

“I was looking for one pitch to drive the other way, try to hit it hard to the gap,” Cabrera said. “But he fell behind in the count, 3-1, so I was saying stay aggressive and try to hit it hard.”

Asked if he thought the ball was headed out, Cabrera said, “Oh, it was a little scary. It was high. I was not sure it was getting out, but I’m glad it went out.”

Other quotes from the win …

Austin Jackson on Chris Perez: “We haven’t really had too much success off of him. But that just shows what type of team we have. We kept battling even though we were down. Miggy’s been coming up with the clutch hits all year. That was incredible.”

Infante on his hit: “I feel bad because when Jackson made the triple [in the ninth], I had the opportunity for a walkoff and I don’t make contact in that situation. It didn’t work out. But the team was never down all game. I had another situation, and in that situation I wanted to make contact. [Perez] threw me a slider and I made contact to center field. That’s why I feel good. I made a base hit in that situation to tie the game.”

Infante on the win: “Oh, wow. I think that’s the best win I’ve ever seen. With two outs, a good pitcher, that’s the best win I’ve seen.”

Perez on the loss: “That’s what makes this so much worse, the fight that our hitters showed. Obviously, everybody knows we’re playing bad ball and this has been a terrible road trip. But to keep coming back, adding one on, and keep coming back, adding one on, put three up in extra innings, and then watch me [give] it away, it just sucks.”


“the team was never down all game” – that’s what I’ve been looking for all year.
Lets take this series against the yanks.

A year ago, August 19-21, we swept Cleveland in much the same fashion. Easy wins on Friday and Saturday, then the gut-wrencher on Sunday. Jackson’s throw out at home last year, and much more of Jackson this year. History repeats.

oh wow that is an excellent point. that was my favorite game last year, or at least one of them.

I hope the 2 PTBNL are inconsequential. Baker’s stats against LHP is at least better than Raburn’s. I’ll give him that.
I had hoped DD would be able to get more but who knows, maybe this will work out.

That may be about as much as they can get off waivers. The fact that Soriano is still in Chicago tells me that the Cubs aren’t willing to pick up enough salary. You’d think somebody could use him.
That stuff with Oswalt is ugly. It would appear many of us had the correct opinion of him. He is what many expected him to be.

how would it go over if someone told JL he wasn’t pitching. holy smokes!

how is Jeff Baker on the defensive side of the ball? His stats looked like he is a career platoon guy – or is he just injury prone?

heard some talk of Delmon going way of the waiver wire a short while ago. His past 84ABs have him with 10RBI, 12SO, 3GDP and hitting at a .675OPS. OUCH!

I’m very underwhelmed by this trade, but oh well we’ll see, can’t hurt I suppose. (although Washburn and Aubrey Huff sure did).
What can you say about Miguel and others yesterday. I admit a was awefully angry at Omar yesterday in the 9th, but by the grace of god they got the win yesterday anyway, in no small art to Omar.
I hope we see a much better Verlander tonight, he ha been underwhelming and pretty average really his last few outings.

DD on Soriano: Our DH is back for 2013. So no place for him with a crowded OF.He is Ryan Raburn redux:

Funny fact:July 2, 2009: Traded by the Colorado Rockies to the Chicago Cubs for Al Alburquerque

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Boesch 9, Young dh, Avila 2, Peralta 6, Infante 4. Verlander is starting.

Their playoff lineup

That could well be the case, assuming VMart remains out.

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