Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Yes, Ryan Raburn is batting just .165 off left-handed pitching this year, but the fact remains that he’s a right-handed hitter. The way the Tigers roster lines up, he’s the only right-handed hitting outfielder the Tigers had on their bench, so his move to the DL Sunday — and Danny Worth’s return to replace him — forced some juggling on Jim Leyland’s part to put in some right-handed bats against Chris Seddon, who was allowing a .194 average to left-handed hitters this year at Triple-A Columbus before the Indians called him up for this start.

“I was actually going to play Omar [Infante] in left and DH [Delmon] Young,” Leyland said. “But I said, you know what, this is a good opportunity to get [Miguel] Cabrera off his feet.”

That last part is the bigger news out of all this. Cabrera fouled a ball off his left shin earlier in the week, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand confirmed Sunday morning, and the drainage is causing soreness in his left ankle. That’s why Leyland used a defensive substitution to replace Cabrera in the ninth inning the last couple nights with the outcome pretty well secure.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 3B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brennan Boesch, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  4. Carlos Santana, 1B
  5. Michael Brantley, CF
  6. Travis Hafner, DH
  7. Ezequiel Carrera, LF
  8. Brent Lillibridge, 3B
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Chris Seddon


is Dirks ok? he should probably be playing over BB IMO

Taking it a bit easy with Andy is not a bad strategy coming off the Achilles issue.
Boesch is beginning to hit the ball with more authority.
The key move of the day will be how Young hits back in the 5 hole (as much as him actually playing left field again).
Dombrowski NOT making a move for a RHB corner outfielder comes into play.
If Cabby didn’t have that gimpy ankle I wonder if Garcia would not have been called up.
Not real big on Worth being called up once again. He is pretty serviceable though and he quite likely will replace Ramon next year.
Somebody mentioned Haffner. Rightly so. He seems to pound the Tiger pitching and turn games around against us. This one is not going to be easy. Playing for (manufacturing) a run or two might be very important.

This could be “it” for Ryan Raburn.
It was just about this time last year when Boesch was put on the DL for the same thing. It ended up being more serious with torn ligament but it effectively ended his season.
No question about it now—Dombrowski needs to find a RH bat somewhere.

Tried two posts and nothing. Probably see duplicates.

Well we are facing a AAA call-up which we historically stink at hitting. So let’s say I’m reserving my enthusiasm for a win.

We need the sweep today. We have the matchup in our favour. We need to bury the Indians 8 games behind us. We have just begun a very key stretch of games. We need to take advantage. Friday was the beginning of 31 games in which we have 22 at home. Conversely, the White Sox have 18 of 32 at home over the same time frame. We have to beat people up in our park.
This stretch will determine whether we will control September or whether we will be looking for help in September. We must overtake the Sox in this stretch.
I was also looking at the rotation. If everyone stays on turn, JV is not scheduled to start in either of the remaining series against the Sox. JL will need to look at that as he MUST pitch against the Sox. If they beat us, so be it. But you have to make sure you fire your bullets. There are off days to make it happen, so it should happen.
Let’s get the sweep, boys.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Getting nickeled and dimmed a bit, but still not pleased with Max’s start here in he first. And Bob while you think the matchup favors us (and you would think so). We don’t often do well against the AAA call up. Why I don’t knw but they always seem to stymie our hitters!

True. But this is not a normal AAA callup. He is 29. He has bounced around. Forget the AAA numbers. There is a reason he is not in the majors at 29. And we need to exploit that and have a killer instinct.
Nice seed BB !!!!
— Bob

There are three days off before.So it could be done. Anyway, WSox have been the team causing him more problems most of his career.

Agreed earlier in his career but not recently.
— Bob

Geez. Bleeder and a bloop.
— Bob

Hit em were they ain’t Omar!

Was the child poster for a human stop sign wrong again?

I don’t think so! It probably would of been close.

Mr Magoo doesnt have a clue. He always holds up faster runners and waves in slow runner.
And then Mr GIDP … Right on cue.
— Bob

Nicely played by BB to get Marson. What is wrong with our fans trying to play Marson’s hit into a double?

I know idiot. Marson and the fan!

Really what do we need that guy for? ( the guy we traded for). I don’t get it!

269/4/20. He plays 1b

Again do we need that?

Morosi:”Jeff Baker, acquired for two players to be named later, a nice pickup for #Tigers. Solid career numbers vs LHP, can play multiple positions.”

played second base, first base and outfield this season. He also played third base in his career.
He’s insurance, fellas. Santiago isn’t performing really on either side of the ball either.

Come on Max, 43 pitches through 2 IP’s! hope he at least lasts 5 IP’s at this pitch count. DY out in LF and he costs them a run and hits into a DP in the 1st. What is Leyland batting him 5th again? Hope they can generate some offense today!! at least the BP is rested. Go Tigs!

Good ump gets the call wrong at first then the a-hole tosses him! I swear umps can’t get thir egos out of the way!

We are getting jobbed by these umps. Just horrible. Bad call compounded by rabbit ears.

Wrong call … again
— Bob

Well we almost got through a series without Old Joe West being in the middle of something screwed up and controversial.
— Bob

Either do I. Complete waste of time. A big RBI is needed. Someone to compensate for Raburn AND Young!!
Everybody’s favourite Country Joe West.
The ump missed the call and Laird paid the price……twice.
As far as I am concerned these last two roster moves are completely anaemic and without a sense of vision at all.
These are not ingredients for playing October baseball.

Holbrook tossed Zach Grienke after 4 pitches earlier this season when replay showed Zach didnt say a thing or even look at the him.

DY kills yet another rally in the 5 hole. Complete liability in LF. This one is shaping up like a real stinker.
The Baker move is beyond ridiculous it is insulting to Tiger fans.
Dombrowski should be questioned by the media on this.

why so bummed about Baker, anyhow? Looks like his stats are better than santiagos

2 PTS REAL QUICK: a) Would Dirks have caught that in RF (in the third)? b) Why are you pitching to Mr. Choo, Max?

This is Bad Max. Too much of the plate. Dont wait around Lloyd. The BP is well rested.
— Bob

Very difficult ball to flag down. BB turned the wrong way but every fielder does that from time to time.
Surprised Max got Haffner. They could have put us to bed if he had done what I though he would.

Austin looks good today!

And then Imar pops up??? Geez!

“Omar “

Herr Baker . Career against LHP:304/.352/.516/.869

Kinda incongruous. Infante pops up to the pullside with AJ on third. Then Miggy scores AJ with a grounder to the opposite side.

I know tradition and all but how, in this day and age of cultural respect and “political correctness”, does baseball allow a caricature of an ethnic nature on a team’s uniform?

See Redskins, Washington. Don’t get me started on how insulting that is.

Infante does need to be more patient. Especially in that situation. Max is not long for this game. Too much trouble and too many pitches.

I’d bring in a lefty to start the 5th.

Who is our emergency catcher?

I did not find anyone listed on the Depth Chart.

Beck says Santiago

Thank you.

Tie game!

Well congratulations, not paying attention to base runners just cost you a run! And mediocre pitching. I guess bad Max is back! Really disappointed in the level of play today! Prince shoulda mad that last play at first.

Wow, have I missed a bunch today. Max not pitching so hot, I guess. Have to go back to work. Go Tigers.!!!!!!!!!!!!

We gotta win today.

Well I love Max, but he is too good to have a High 4 era, just too wishy washy you just simply have no idea what you are going to get. I find it almost painful to watch him pitch, his crazy mechanics, his inability to field his position because of those crazy mechanics. When he’s good he’s good but Im not sure he’s good enough.

Bad Max the last 2 outings with 105 pitches thru 5 IP today. If we can scratch out some offense maybe Jones can pick the correct relievers to shut down the Tribe.
Looks like we need a solid #3 SP, Scherzer is not the answer nor Porcello. Both are too unpredictable!

Young could be playing his last game for Detroit. He could be in waivers tomorrow

Well that would not break my heart but we NEED RH hitters. I mean really need them.
I don’t like takeing Villarael out here for Coke. Don’t have confidence in Coke and I can’t forget how many times he has failed to get the 1st LHB he is supposed to.

Is Duane Below still on the team?

I am not familiar with that name. Did we pick him up on the waiver wire? 😉
— Bob

I did mention we would need to manufacture runs today but hitting and running with Avila and Boesch against a hight strikeout LHP? Not a good % especially with the way Boesch leans backt to the bag with every pitch. Better off bunting.

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Jeff Baker is scheduled to join the Tigers on Monday and he will wear #18. (via @BBritten_Tigers)

Oh my god is Country Joe squeezing Coke here in the 7th! Geez Santana was giving a gift!

He did squeeze him … but he all of a sudden was all over the place again. Why is he still in here?
— Bob

I agree he was all over the place with the Brantley and Hafner, but he wasn’t against Santana he had him struck out like 3 times, but since Joe is a notoriously bad umpire we are now behind!

Well this game is over if history repeats itself…..we cannot hit their pen. And as usual we didn’t do enough against. AAA call up. Pretty boring lazy ball so far today. Heck we are at nearly 3 hours and not through the 7th!

Dombrowski: You are responsible for this team too! Smarten up!

Worth = Over matched.
— Bob

Ya think??? Lol

Aargh…W. Soxs just went up.

It’s a perfect day for a walk off. Let’s go boys. Let’s win it right here.
— Bob


Yes lead off triple. Too bad Omar szwung at a whole lot of pitches out of the struck zone.

dang that was heart breaking

Son of a ?!!£&”. Geez! Lead off damn triple and nothing!

I dont believe what I just saw. Unbelievable.
— Bob

Good team gets something done there!

It is easy to second guess, but I would rather have had Dirks and his compact swing in that situation. Why was Berry trying to hit a grand slam with his first to two swings. I think Dirks gives you a better at bat there.
— Bob

Excellent point.

Omar and Quinten really f’d that up!


And yet another gopher ball from Benoit. What gives????
— Bob

well thats all folks! Thanks a million Beniot.

Thank Omar and Berry…he shouldn’t even be pitching right now!

More like thanks a 18 million
— Bob

You waste your opportunity and that’s the kinda crap that typically happens! Big momentum shift, what a freaking joke! This is why this team shows some sparks but isn’t going anywhere and DD insists on trading everything away for what, playing like this they won’t go anywhere!

Two homers this inning? Great job Omar!

Ok. Benoit giving BP? When will Lloyd pull him out?

Are you effing kidding me? Whose wants Benoit to be the closer next year? Not me … He cannot be trusted. He is throwing batting practice.
This game should be over if we were a team with a killer instinct.
— Bob

Turning this cap off!

That have been said about Benoit. He is weak to be a closer. Dotel is the main option of the current cast

wow! AJ triples and we can’t get him home? Berry, how about a bunt? Gotta hand it to Acta, he took the big lumber out of equation, after Omar screwed up!!

Dirks was a better option than Berry.

Berry was not even an option. They needed a professional hitter there

Now, PH Berry looks even more silly

I am Omar’s biggest supporter here but that was a brutal at bat. He is too aggressive in those situations. I feel as bad fro him as he no doubt does. Turned victory into defeat.
As soon as he K’d you just knew how this was gonna turn out.
And on top of that our GM picked up “Homerun” Baker to bouy our lineup against Righties. He failed as much as the players did today.

It is aint over till is over

Holy moly!….sorry Omar!

Never say never.

100 Rrs in his career to go ahead

100 HRs in his career to go ahead


I got home just in time………a 5-run inning to win the game……WOWOWOW!

5 run inning with 2 outs!

And Dirks was 2-2 before being walked

And so was Infante

And the Tigers remain undefeated in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s official. The Titanic docked and the Tigers disembarked. The Indians have boarded. Ship ahoy.

Meanwhile Jackson had a hell of a game!

Gk…As soon as you posted , I knew you couldn’ turn it off.

Losers of the day…… not Cleveland. Rather all the fans that left early to avoid the rush. You lose. Take a seat….in your cars.

Well I did turn it off….but I was watching gameday on the iPad! 🙂. So after the double by Jackson I turned it over! 🙂

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