Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Delmon Young is back in the lineup for the Tigers against Ubaldo Jimenez, off whom he’s 10-for-23. Andy Dirks, 2-for-15 off Jimenez, sits. Brennan Boesch sticks in the fifth spot, with Young behind him.

The Indians have Travis Hafner back from paternity leave, but still waiting to see if he starts tonight. Either Hafner or Jose Lopez will be the DH, according to the Indians beat writers.


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Quintin Berry, lf
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Brennan Boesch, rf
  6. Delmon Young, dh
  7. Alex Avila, c
  8. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  9. Omar Infante, 2b

P: Doug Fister


  1. Jason Kipnis, 2b
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, ss
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, rf
  4. Carlos Santana, c
  5. Michael Brantley, cf
  6. Hafner or Lopez, dh
  7. Casey Kotchman, 1b
  8. Jack Hannahan, 3b
  9. Ezequiel Carrera, lf

P: Ubaldo Jimenez


I know Berry has been getting his hits. But I remain surprised. I would have had Dirks in there today. Not that big a deal though. It does make some sense in not putting too many expectations, performance-wise or physical, on Andy right away.
But I’d damn sure be making Berry re-establish his bunting/speed advantage.

I liked the line up better last night, worked just fine without Young. Thanks to Carlos for all the memories. I proudly wore his jersey for years.

I’m okay with the lineup because 20 and 15 ABs is a large enough sample to base it on. JL has the right idea as long as he uses meaningful numbers. At least he’s un-etched that stone.
James has an entertaining and informative article on it here:

That interview was almost one that never happened!
As to thought behind lineups…I think most of us here actually give it that.
It was suggested that though Boesch had a great deal of trouble batting 5th, that was behind a RHB and Cabby. Totally different scenario with Cabby 2 spots ahead of him and tw LHB in a row.
I am glad that he pulled his head out of the sand and considered alternatives.
Don’t stop there Jim!

There you go, Dan. Right on cue.
— Bob

Fister looks stronger each outing. 91mph and 92mph in the first inning, With movement,

Granted, I am not a JL fan. I think he is a good baseball man and a strong character. Fair to say I think he is a Stubborn Ol’ Coot. It is not nice to call someone stupid. And I won’t go that far, but I will say there is a very thin line separating stubborness from stupidity.
Again, even though we just saw JL admit a game can be won in the 1st inning, he fails to bunt in an excellent bunting situation with the chance to pressure the Cleveland defense and pitcher. Anybody else in the real world want to see Cabby up in the 1st with 1 out? Or better yet, a ball thrown by a panic-struck infielder or pitcher down the RF line?
Managerial mistake #1……………….for the umpteenth time.

Go Angels!!!

In 1970, more or less, a Dodgers fan was always behind home screaming at Lasorda. He called him names after every move.
Once, Bobby Darwin, a pitcher ,was in the lineup in the cleaning spot. The man yelled at Lasorda: %%% a pitcher batting fourth. Bobby Darwin, who held the HR record in Venezuela, hit a HR. Lasorda went out to receive him at home . The man yelled %%% Lasorda , you had him pitching.
Now, it is my time . The changes are working. Why JL wait so long to do something?

Tarp coming off field in the D…..still coming down here in Royal Oak!

I agree in this respect, I don’t understand why Berry doesn’t bunt anymore. Although I will say when I’ve seen him attempt it lately he isn’t doing it well anymore for some reason.

Good story.You sound very passionate, Hope your heart is okay.

Sorry, Mine was a comment to ElTigre.

Only about the Tigers. The history is true, the last bit a joke.

Angels got 3 in the 1st and almost had 7. Wells hit a line drive foul that would hanve been a grand slam. He then struck out on ball 4.
So Instead of the game being over the hated Sox are still in it.

I thin you are right GK, he’s not bunting well. But, if you totally give up yourself and sacrifice you got 2 chances to get it right.

Wow! The storm has already reached Detroit? It was here in Illinois about 3:30 your time and we lost power. I am just getting back online now.

Sox are gonna make a game of it. Darn.

Delmon got the job done.

Play ball

Make it fast Dougie!!!

Is there a better place to play CF than Comerica?

Now that was a BIG HIT. We come up empty there and the game can turn right around.

Ozzie Virgil

One too many long fly balls. AJ couldn’t get to that one. Still a shutout.

0-2 pitch!!!
What a game by Fister.
AJ hesitated a split-second and it cost him the out. Toughest ball to catch for a center fielder IMO.
Fister is such an addicted strike-thrower. Tose are the kinds of times you wish he would just bury that 0-2 pitch.

Nice game by Fister and the Tigers. Nice to see some other guys other than Fielder and Cabrera get it done.
Stupid Youklis just hit a homer to tie it up!

Mister Fister givin it 120%!!!

Very good game. Fister gave everything he had at the end. Can he win 8 games in Aug-Sept like 2011? Now the Angels just took the lead. Can they hold on?

They gone! The bad guys lose. Dad gum it.

Two down and one to go. I’m serious about this sweep. We picked up a game on the Sox.
If I tried to write the three things I liked about tonight’s game, I wouldn’t know what to leave out. It was a good one. Just a little over two hours minus the rain delay.
I had the same complaint about bunting in the first inning, and I didn’t like the steal attempt on the 0-2 count. All things considered, I’d rather have Dirks hitting second. We’re winning and hitting, though, so Berry should remain.
Fister was in a seriously good position to throw a no-hitter, but I was glad when they got the second hit. Jackson had a tough play on that one, so I didn’t want him beating himself up.
Something to consider for the upcoming Yankee series, and that is Seattle deploying a shift on Granderson. It worked in the first inning. Grandy must be pulling everything.

Who is the Angels’ pitcher tomorrow? Greinke and Santana didn’t hold down the WSox very well. Could it be Weaver? Max needs a good game to get a sweep. But oh-oh, the Indians are starting a LH rookie that the Tigers have not seen before.
Too bad I have to miss the Sunday game. Instead I get to go where I don’t know anybody. My wife’s side of the family 100th reunion. . And there is someone who has been to all 100. She is 100.

That sounds like………fun………..yeah that’s it…………fun…………
How was the reunion? It was……fun……

Mister Fister threw a mean twister tonight. Man, it must have been the side strain earlier in the year; the guy simply says,”give me the ball, I pitch, you try to hit!”
His control is back on, and I didn’t see any pitch above 90. What a sheer pleasure. Game over at 10:01, even with a 37 minute delay. Thanks, MISTER FISTER. Three games in a row that we’ve taken control of the game early. Tiger Fans at Comerica are being rewarded well over the last two homestands. Again, there were many things to like about tonight’s game, but are three things that I particularly liked:
1. Peralta stepping up, especially against a tough righty. A triple to right, and a double pulled down the line in left. I really look for Jhonny to finish strong.
2. Delmon’s Sac Fly in the bottom of the second; he was determined I think to get the ball in the air. A big second run early. And another walk in the sixth!
3. Infante’s Sac Fly in the bottom of the sixth. Big deal you say. It’s an area where we weren’t doing the job in May and June. Omar also has a single to drive in another run. Welcome back.

Boesch continues to make contributions. Miggy took a night off from hitting, but Biggy just keeps on hitting. Great game Team. It’s time to get out the broom. Good night all!

Lot of good pitching in the AL tonight.

You are right: King Felix held the Yankees to win 1-0

Seddon might be tough tomorrow. He’s done pretty well at Columbus.

Hope they rest Avila tomorrow.
I suspect Raburn will be in LF. I’d start Boesch or Dirks over Berry tomorrow.

Infante is starting to come on.

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Tigers have placed Raburn on DL retro to 8/1 with right thumb sprain. Worth has been recalled from Toledo


Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 5, Cabrera dh, Fielder 3, Young 7, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Laird 2, Worth 4. Scherzer is starting.

Is ramon going that badly? [looks at 10 game log] yep – he sure is! Plus [looks at ramon’s defensive statistics at SS] his ability at SS is suspect!!

shit my bad i saw worth 4 and blindly assumed thought it was 2B – and then that infante was playing SS. incorrect however. ….so worth is the backup 1B man huh? I forgot that was DK’s role. He picked up yet?

I hope king andy isn’t being played because of the lefty….not because he is hurt or anything.

It would be nice if Hafner could spend another day with his wife and new child…..because he hits MAX pretty hard. Not as hard as Mr. Choo does tho – def. want to stay way from Mr. Choo today, Max.

Worth 2b. Infante 3b. His arm is said to be weak for SS, but not for OF?

aw yea right – dang this 1 yr old has me messed up this morning.

I think OMAR is a pretty good 2 hole hitter against LHP:
against lefties the OBP of the tigers goes: Cabby, Jackson, (Dirks with 24ABs), Fielder, (Avila with 57 ABs), Infante, Peralta, Delmon, Brennan, Santiago
Cabby, Jackson and Feilder are out of the question for batting 2nd if they bat 3rd, 1st and 4th.
Dirks and Avila are lefties – so that won’t work in JL’s world.
Peralta, Delmon and Avila are too slow to bat 2nd.
Brennan could bat in front of miggy, and so could Santiago. But i think you’ll see the OBP isn’t there for those guys against LHP.

with that said – Q. Berry is the obvious choice against RHP. At least from a speed and OBP perspective.

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