Dirks activated, Kelly designated

The question from a couple weeks ago on what the Tigers would do to make room for Andy Dirks on the 25-man roster has now been answered. Detroit activated Dirks from the disabled list this afternoon and designated utilityman Don Kelly’s contract for assignment.

The Tigers now have 10 days to either trade Kelly, release him or outright him to the minors. He would have to clear waivers in order to go back to the minors.

Kelly is one of the most versatile players in baseball today, having played literally every position at some point during his big league career. However, he wasn’t being used that way this season. His starts, for the most part, had been limited to the outfield, and even those starts had dwindled with Quintin Berry’s emergence. He had started exactly one game since July 1, and had basically become a late-inning defensive substitute for Brennan Boesch in right field.

That explains in part his .175 batting average on the year. With maybe one at-bat a game, he wasn’t getting many chances to see live pitching.

Add Dirks, a similarly strong defensive outfielder, into the mix, and Kelly’s role was in serious question.

Many will make the argument that Ryan Raburn should’ve gone instead, given his season-long struggles. The saving grace for Raburn was that he bats right-handed, and the Tigers don’t have many right-handed bats on the bench. This certainly doesn’t leave his spot safe if his struggles continue, but it at least salvages a role for him.

Friday’s lineup might well reflect how Dirks’ return affects the rest of the outfield. Dirks will start in right field, batting sixth behind Boesch, who is starting at designated hitter. Delmon Young is out of the lineup. Doubtful that Young will be benched against all right-handed pitchers, but given manager Jim Leyland’s comments about looking to change around the lineup a bit, Young’s everyday status looks to be in serious question.


Delmon isn’t really much against RHP – and we all know about his defense and running game.

real simple:
.645 OPS vs. RHP
.821 OPS vs. LHP

I’ll re-post under the correct heading:
It had to be Kelly at this time, no question. If he can clear the AL, an NL team would love to have him. I’ll save the goodbyes until he’s actually gone, you never know.
Anyone notice that our two new fathers, Peralta and Coke, have struggled since the blessed event? Jhonny not starting. Is JL getting serious?
So Delmon sits after having that game in Boston Wednesday. Now I”m half joking so no comments about how you can’t please people.

eh maybe delmon has that court date. isn’t that around now?

It was yesterday. The next after the WS

ESPN:Left-handed hitters are hitting .290 with a .788 OPS against Justin Masterson in his career

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Boesch dh, Dirks 9, Avila 2, Santiago 6, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting.

Well we somehow have gotten by without HR production from our outfielders. I would suggest that this is one area where a team should be looking for power.
Our outfielders are Dirks, Raburn, Berry, AJ and Boesch.
Combined they have 29 dingers.
For comparison:
Curtis Granderson has 29 all by his lonexsome.
As do Josh Hamilton and Ryan Braun.
This needs to be a consideration next year.

Yes, we will be looking at Nick Castellanos, Avisail Garcia, Tyler Collins, and Daniel Fields to name a few in spring training.

I guess we’ll never hear who the Tigers put on waivers. Even though they are revocable, it would be interesting.

Indians cut a few vets recently, Derek Lowe and then Johnny Damon today. Hafner is out until tomorrow.
It’ll be interesting to see what Sanchez brings today. Didn’t seem to adjust well to the more aggressive hitting approach Toronto took the 2nd time through the lineup.

After we left Toronto has gone cold!

Wow raburns saving grace is he bats right? Thats grasping at straws as far as a reason to keep him. A million players bat right. Most teams want left or switch hitters not right hitters.

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