Fielder hit on helmet, but OK afterwards

Miguel Cabrera’s home run out of Fenway Park was the highlight for Tigers fans Wednesday night. Aaron Cook’s pickoff throw off Prince Fielder’s helmet as he was sliding back into second base was the horror picture.

It didn’t knock him out, and it didn’t knock him out of the game, but he said it left his ear ringing for a minute.

“I got a little rattled, a little headache,” Fielder said. “It stung me a little bit.”

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand came running out of the dugout, and was immediately thankful to learn that the ball hit the helmet, not the side of his head. He started asking him questions and gave a concussion test, which continued as the game went on, but knew pretty quickly that he was fine.

“He was joking with me as I was asking questions,” Rand said. “He was OK.”

Said Fielder: “Right away, I knew. I just had to gather, that’s all.”


He told Ryan Field after the game that he was still dizzy, so that was cause for concern. Glad to hear he’s okay. Too many crazy things happen in Boston. We played seven games there this season, which is nuts. We only play nine games in division cities. Doesn’t seem like it, but the season series was split, 5-5.
I can’t agree with the club position that Jerry Layne did a good job with Tuesday’s weather. So he kept them informed of his ongoing bumbling of it, so what. Avila agreed with me when he said you don’t often start a game in the rain. Let’s hope it doesn’t all come down to a single game.

If it had been comerica park the game would have never started. A cloud in the sky delays game starts at comerica. By the way it sure is nice to see the flags flying at the corner again. The detroit tigers flag especially.

Here we go again:
“You have to be careful because what you see is what they did tonight,”
“They’ll bring in a lefty.”
BB: last 10: 200 Last 30 days: 300. VS LHP : 239 (248 RHP)RISP 283/744
GIDP with RISP: 2
Young: last 10:257. Last 30: 261. VS LHP:291(254) RISP:280/623 GIDP with RISP: 6
So he will go with worse? option only because in the 7th inning the other manager will bring a reliver. Does JL know about something called pinch hitter?
No other manager in MLB thinks that way. You stack with lefties your lineup against a RHS and with RHB against LHS.The players on the bench are paid for something. . Kelly is there because is the “emergency catcher” so Laird can pinch hit, if not why keep Kelly?

El Tigre, is it possible to pull up pure pinch hitting stats?? I don’t think he even goes to a PH that often. PH not used as much in AL??

I tought that after being hit like last night the 7 days DL was mandatory

good point tho! i thought so too.

IF he had a concussion, yes. It was determined he did not have a concussion.

Thanks for the stats on PHitting. The five AL central teams do the least PHitting in baseball. Cleveland runs out those lineups with nine lefties, although two are switch hitters, and they are absolutely last in number of PH ABs. Amazing. The Tigers PH BA is actually above average for AL teams. Our bench is designed to serve as late inning defensive replacements/late inning injury catastrophes.

Today is a good day for me take a break from the anxiety that comes with a baseball team that is competitive and has a great fan base. Count your blessings, friends.

Who is Boston’s “emergency” catcher?
The played both Shoppach and Saltalamacchia twice!

Since the Nava´s injury they have three catcher on the roster. So Stoppach can play first and El Titán can DH or play RF. Thanks to Sweeny they are short at OF

The R-L-R-L lineup thing is nice to have, but the hitters have to produce to make it work. I think it’s wise to go away from it and not worry so much about late game matchups. If we can beat up their starter, it doesn’t matter. And if Raburn is going to be on the roster, you have to trust him to pinch hit, regardless of what some fans might think.
So is Delmon going to last out the month? It appears likely.
Tomorrow begins an important stretch of games. We can’t just keep floundering about. They get a mulligan for Boston. Time to play some real ball.

Agreed. When you have Lou, Alan, Kirk, Lance, and Larry. Andy was doing great batting 2nd, why can’t the Tigers(JL) find a way to be productive at the 5 spot. OK, so now I say Omar should bat 2nd, and Brennan bats 5th. We need to show Cleveland what we show the White Sox when they came to our house, and then New York. I can’t wait until September, I will still watch my Tigers in these dog days.

Inquiring minds want to know: Anybody hear how far Miggy’s homer went yesterday?
I remember the last Tiger to put one over—very surprising answer actually.
Whatever happend to Chris Shelton? (No, he’s not the answer)

I had intended to bring that up last night. I think Brent Clevlen’s shot went further. Looked like he got his out on the highway there, or the railroad tracks. About as impressive a homer as you’ll ever see.

As to the batting order. This may be a little crazy but if Delmon reacts well to hitting in the 6th spot why not leave him there? Boesch, Peralta or Jackson could hit 5. Yes, I am again suggesting they consider AJ for the role, knowing full well it won’t be done.

I am hoping the days off for Omar will settle him down. This guy is really gonna help us. I’m pretty sure of that.

Rich—How is it we can find space to register these facts in our memory banks?
I should have figured you would know the answer!
I always held out hope for Brent. He had a nice arm too.
Best arm I have ever seen though belongs to “The Rock”. Not as true or quick as Six’s, but absolute ropes, just like his home runs.

Some of them just stick, I guess. For example, I can see a homer that Frank Robinson hit off Mickey Lolich in 1968 like it was yesterday.
Clevlen now, I had seats beind firstbase in Cleveland in 2006 and Brent made a throw from RF that brought me to my feet. It just never happened for him for some reason. I just now checked the map of Boston and see that his homer landed on or near the Mass Pike, just beyond those tracks. Miggy’s homer last night fell just short of that, landing where they park some cars.
Anybody that doesn’t know what we’re talking about but has MLB.TV, you can go back to the August 2006 schedule and see Clevlen’s homer.

Looks like you can’t do that anymore.

I think it was 2004, but maybe 2005….tigers played at home against the white sox…went into extra innings…..fireworks on the DTR could be plainly seen by the batter and all in attendence…..fernando rodney gives a meatball to frank thomas…..i can see it all right now, vividly.

* the fireworks were the 4th of july fireworks that year. frank hit that homer a mile.

“Q2” 1 inning pitched yesterday—–3 Ks.
Article about NC possibly being called up in September. Lot easier to call up Garcia—he’s already on the 40 man roster.
Garcia will project as more power and speed. Actually out-hitting NC in Erie too.
Can’t wait to see both of them. I imagine Toledo would like to see them too. They have fans to keep interested too.

Watched a bit of the Rangers Angels game. Rangers offense works. The guys build off each other and pick each other up. Makes a big difference when you have that offensive synergy and flow. We are much more of a disjointed club when it comes to our lineup.
Mike Olt debuted and singled hard his 1st at bat. He’s the big Ranger prospect and is 20 years old up from AA.
Kinda makes you think if the Rangers (and the Nats and the Angels) can afford to advance their youngsters early why shouldn’t we?

Welcome to the American League Ryan Dempster.

Boston just got 2 hit by some Twins pitcher I’ve never heard of….some call up I guess and our pitchers looked like they were holding batting practice for the better part of 3 days.

Daniel Fields promoted to Erie. Rough night for him though. Same for NC
extra, extra innings.
I suspect somebody is going to be promoted in turn.

It seems that the Rangers style of play reflects their manager, as does ours.

Interesting you say that.
my friends bumped into G$ last night at a bar. They said he was cool and he smokes cigs – which makes sense because JL smokes. So with your logic about players and managers…..wonder if those rangers are crack/coke heads? I know that hamilton guy has had issues with that sorta stuff.

I will be out of town tonight, so won’t get to see the game and likely may catch the end only tomorrow but going to the game Sunday (of course rain is predicted, it has rained on us the last 3 years when our whole famliy has made the trip for a game). But I have the DVR set for the Carlos Guillen thing tomorrow.

Let’s put Cleveland even further down so we can then just worry about the Sox for a while – kick them while they are down I say!

We just completed the July portion of our schedule with a 16-10 record. Good job Tigers!!! Also in the rearview mirror is the 3-6 road trip to C, T, and B when we welcomed Omar and Anibal to the team. Somehow we survived this trip with only one pitcher, Phil Coke, going more than three times in the bullpen. Papa Grande had three saves and Benoit actually got some much needed rest. Off to a good start in August too at 1-0. Now it is back home to face those pesky Indians who were just swept by the Royals. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Injury rehab assignment of Alburquerque has been transferred from Lakeland to Toledo today

I wonder if they have him working on fastball location??

Days ago, he pitched 8 innings .They are strengthening his arm.

Sorry, I checked that.It was misreported by the webpage of Lakeland. He pitched only one inning that day

Is it too early to start watching the scoreboard? Greinke starts tonight against the CWS,

No, Very important job.

No–not to early watch. There is less than 2 months of baseball and under 60 games to play. It’s certainly time for JL to watch the scoreboard.

How many of you think that Miguel Cabrera could win the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove at third base??

gold glove is going to be tough. sounds like a good goal tho!

They won’t give him the Gold Glove. They are fixated on Beltre. Truth be told, Miguel has been just about as good as Beltre, actually has more assists if you can believe it.

Detroit Defense:

One of the poster pointed out that Jeter won that year the Gold G being among the worst SS in MLB

BTW: sabermetric defense stats worth nothing. They are subjective , in fact arbitrary.

I agree. And Detroit’s defense has improved as the season has progressed.

Point of interest: Mantle and Maris hit back-to-back homers 4 times in 1961.

Point of memory: it seems like they went back to back against the Tigers alone 4 times! You’d think it would be more, but facts are facts. What a season that was.

How many did the C & C boys have that year??

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Cabrera and Fielder hit back-to-back home runs for 3rd time in ’12 — marks 5th time overall Tigers have homered back-to-back

You know, we need to sweep Cleveland this weekend. Not 2 of 3, but a sweep. I realize that’s a tall task against any big league club, but we’ve got to take advantage of the few struggling teams on our schedule. Sanchez, Fister, and Scherzer on the mound and they are starting at least two RHers. And it’s at home. The Tigers have used up all of their “get out of jail free” cards (sorry Delmon) and need to step on some throats here. Enough of just surviving.

Oooooh Rich, good one. I’ve been avoiding too many pithy comments re Delmon. I have a few stored up though!

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

RT @BBritten_Tigers: Tigers have reinstated Dirks from DL today. Club designated Don Kelly for assignment today. #tigers

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