August 2nd, 2012

Fielder hit on helmet, but OK afterwards

Miguel Cabrera’s home run out of Fenway Park was the highlight for Tigers fans Wednesday night. Aaron Cook’s pickoff throw off Prince Fielder’s helmet as he was sliding back into second base was the horror picture.

It didn’t knock him out, and it didn’t knock him out of the game, but he said it left his ear ringing for a minute.

“I got a little rattled, a little headache,” Fielder said. “It stung me a little bit.”

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand came running out of the dugout, and was immediately thankful to learn that the ball hit the helmet, not the side of his head. He started asking him questions and gave a concussion test, which continued as the game went on, but knew pretty quickly that he was fine.

“He was joking with me as I was asking questions,” Rand said. “He was OK.”

Said Fielder: “Right away, I knew. I just had to gather, that’s all.”