Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Red Sox

Brennan Boesch and Delmon Young swap places in the batting order. Ramon Santiago gets a day at second base in place of Omar Infante. Jim Leyland said in his pregame talk today that he moved up Boesch to get another left-handed bat up in the middle of the order against Aaron Cook, who is giving up a .309 batting average to lefties this year. The same thought process played into playing Santiago today and getting a day off for Infante.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Delmon Young, LF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Carl Crawford, LF
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  4. Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
  5. Cody Ross, DH
  6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
  7. Will Middlebrooks, 3B
  8. Ryan Kalish, RF
  9. Pedro Ciriaco, SS

P: Aaron Cook



Trying something different. That’s all one could ask. Speaking for myself, anyway.

well there ya go guys! Boesch hitting so well right now too😉


Omar looked very circa 2004 out there yesterday

Totally agree Rich. This is mind altering news! For JL to leave the “formula” even for a day is remarkable.
Many people will remember how painful it was to watch Boesch batting 5th when Cabby was cleanup. Well, this is a bit different. He has another LHB in front of him so there will be less intentional walks (and consequent pressure) to get to him.
I asked for this the other day. Read Brennan the riot act-tell him this is an opportunity to show what he can do and that it is important to his team to improve his at bats. This also sends a message to Delmon. That he can’t just expect to be guaranteed that job and that he is being scrutinized.
Personally I would rather see Boesch batting 2nd. Berry is not a dangerous batter there and as time goes he will only get worse in the role. Boesch seeing fastballs ahead of Miggy & Biggy worked for a time earlier this year. JL probably has Berry’s role etched in his brain though. Will take an injury to get him out of there.
I am very concerned about this team. They seem to be on the verge of becoming very Ho-Hum.
As to players. Yes Boesch is not hitting consistently. But he does play. He does give you effort on the bases and in the field. As does Infante. He plays hard. The error yesterday was a difficult play that was going to take an extraordinary effort to get even one out. He didn’t bare hand the ball in the mud and 2 runs scored rather tan 1.
But the effort was there.
He is taking a lot of criticism right now and things haven’;t gone that well but he is a solid addition to this team.
The worm WILL turn for Omar.-it might have last night if they had let him hit!
I wonder how long before we see some roster changes and waiver claims?
Castellanos and Garcia are quite likely to make their debuts this year.

Fielder is 3rd, Cabrera 7th in MLB for intentional walks. Teams will continue to pitch around these two regardless of who bats 5th. Understandable for opposing managers to make a lesser hitter beat them. The search for someone who can do some damage out of that slot continues…

Yep! JL hiccuped on #5. Has he been reading these comments?

Gk, for you!:
“Aaron Cook is a former All-Star (2008 with the Rockies) who has fallen on hard times (11-22, 5.34 ERA from 2010-12). Cook hasn’t won a game in over a month (0-3 with a 4.63 ERA in July) or pitched particularly well at home (1-2 with a 4.71 ERA at Fenway). And I know what you’re saying. The Tigers have a knack for making pitchers of Cook’s ilk look like Cy Young for an evening.”

Thanks Ya know it……..I thinking we will get no hit tonight. We like no other make BAD pitching look real good.
Regarding the lineup I don’t even know if it matters anymore there is no rhyme or reason to this team. I guess the joke is on us….mid June or so I was resigned to the fact that ths team wasn’t going to much this year. Then we ha pretty good good pitching for a month. Hitting was better, timely hitting then just like that they all go cold. I just don’t know what to think other than the good month was a mirage. They are depressing me.

By the way pitching other than Fister really has been not good….and that includes MR. CY Young and MVP. He isn’t close to either this year, in fact has looked rather fallible and to me disappointing.

DD for you!
Time to elevate NC and/or Garcia and/or Rondon.
See what they’ve got in AAA and keep them close. Erie is too far away for these guys.

I really don’t like the way the game went down yesterday. A rule is a rule but the game honeslty should never have gone that far. I’m not saying it should have been called before the top of the 5th but that is a pretty logical time to re-assess conditions.
Once they made the the decision (wrong one) to keep playing they should have played the rest of that half inning. I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right but in this case it was the next best thing.
What if this were game #160 in a playoff potential game (or #162 for that matter)? Would it be acceptable to handle it this way?
The rule states the game is in the hands of the umps but perhaps they should consult with both managers at some point to see if they agree on stopping or continuing?
I unequivocally know (well ya’ never know do ya?) that we would not have at least tied that game. But it still leaves a very sour taste in one’s mouth.

Boesch and Young would have got their talk to the same time as us.
Didn’t take long for Omar to start feeling the team anxiety with his error rate going up as quick as his batting average goes down.

The Jackson “out”

0 for 13

Last sweep: 2004

Crappy first inning all the way around! 1 run against Cy Cook may be too much!

Sorry already frustrated.

White Sox won already.
Big game. I hope these guys don’t make us more cynical than we already are.
How about a good game, both sides of the ball, for 9 innings.
Is that possible?

I doubt we could get more cynical and I doubt we could play a complete game.
Those were some awesome at bats there in the second….hard to believe lefties hit mid 300 against Cook. Because those lefties of ours looked like crap.

Nice Polite baseball.
Uninspiring, uninteresting, unmotivated and unintelligent.
The pitcher is getting away with get me over fastballs then follows it up with his sinker.
And we’re buying the program.
One thing you can do against a sinker ball pitcher when he’s on—B-U-N-T.
Berry not bunting is criminal.
That Ellsbury is one heckuva ballplayer. Does he ever strike out?
Spoils everything and gets his pitch.
Be nice to have a guy like that on our club.
Gonna try not to get upset tonight. Catch the comments after the game.

Good inning by Porcello.
An undervalued player did a good play to kill any offenseive attempt by Tigers

Just when you don’t think it could get any worse………………….

Porcello SO the fourth hardest to SO in MLB

Porcello has looked good the last 2 innings….can say much for our guys at the plate….it is Cook though the best pitcher in baseball??????!

Same ump , another bad call

It was close but since all calls in Boston go the way of The Red Soxs I expect that call.

OMG. Prince hit in the head.

he’s OK, but that sure was scary. In the meantime, BB knocked a run in.

Great effort by Fielder. Playing with heart

Boesch delivering.
Young can not hit the ball better than that, still

Delmon got robbed there.

Impossible to hit better still no hit.That the definition of a slump

I like what JL and Santiago did in the 5th. Nice adjustment to our circs.


That ball was screaming

That for sure , call the NASA to track those shot

Big crooked number. We have six runs in a game for the first time on the road trip.

Oh my god they can hit the ball? Go figure?

Pitching, offense, defense. Where they were all this trip?

Well the wheels are coming off here in the 6th. Crap. Bases loaded.

Call the bullpen

One hitter too late

What was somewhat comfortable s now scary..hell why can it never be easy. Does anyone realize we have really only had 1 true laugher which came in the firt series of the year which was a 10-0 game.

Awesome Phil walk the 1st batter. Lord help me!,

Honest to god get Phil out of there! For the live of god!

Well I doubt we win this unless we can tack on more runs. What ya think?

The White Sox are probably drooling.

Melanin 8.59 era probably unhittable!

I am not a Coke fan!

Awesome bring Coke back in. Great idea.

BTW—I said that before the HR!!!

What on earth made you think that bringing him back in was a good idea? Awesome JL I don’t get angry with you too often but that was a damn stupid non-move.

He must not give. A crap about winning this game.

feeling tigers are going to let this slip away,great move letting coke start the ining

You’re setting yourself up for a disappointment. Don’t do it.

Come VV!

Amen we leave that horror house with a win.

Good ending to a really bad road trip. One win in each city. The next 10-game roadie is in September and we’ll have to do much much better, considering that four of them are in Chicago and three in Cleveland. The easy part is the 3 games in LAA?
Don’t know if the lineup change made a difference but it worked well tonight. Boesch got the first RBI hit and Delmon was mashing.
Porcello was great for the first five and we’re seeing him mature into the pitcher he will become. Before long he’ll be avoiding those bad innings and then we’ll have something.
I’m not entirely convinced that Prince is okay, but he sure played a good all around game. Anyone notice the improvement in his defense the last six weeks or so?
The Tiger formerly known as Andrew Miller makes for a pretty tough lefty specialist, doesn’t he? Looks like a different person physically with that mountain man facial hair.
Delmon’s Pesky Pole homer may have been a foul ball on the ground in any other ballpark. Fenway is a ridiculous place to play ball.
I’ll leave you with a horror scenario. Tigers-Red Sox in the WC play-in game……at Fenway Park.

What not to like?
Porcello commanding against a great artillery. His inducing DP pitch was a prosseional work
Dotel with 9 strikes to stop the rebellion.
A pre 50 pitches version of Valverde.
Boesch grinding his at bat
Peralta opportunity and agressivity. Young puting away the game.
Those colossal back to back HRs
Fielder being a fielder. Cabrera,who said he cant play 3b?
Jackson already learned how to play there.
Note: Benoit really? Is that is the way to throw?


Tiger’s Win! Tigers Win! Sure has a nice sound to it. It took a while to start “Cookin”, but finally those frustrating floodgates opened up. The Miggie homer was a statement saying, I’m tired of this garbage”, and Biggie said, “I can do this too”. If that wasn’t enough, Delmon said, “bring on the curly fries.” Fifth inning brings on several base hits, and all of a sudden, we have a five run lead. I’m telling all my Tiger Friends, Ricky P is going to be a very good pitcher. His velocity is up +2, and the slider is becoming a dependable pitch. Look for a solid breakout year in 2013. It was nice to see Ramon in the lineup, and I did like the Delmon/Brennan shuffle. I think it helped both guys. Erase Coke’s nightmare, and you have 3 solid relief innings from DVB. Nice win on the way back to Comerica. And now for three things that I really like in tonight’s game(there were many):
1. Boesch’s hit to drive in Biggie in the fourth. What made this so pivotal was BB’s fighting off a 1-2 count for seven additional pitches. Tied the score! Big hit.
2. Miggy’s AB in the top of the ninth. A classic 10 pitch at bat , and he strikes out on a foul tip. What an at bat! Classic baseball. His grin said it all. Pitcher won that battle, but he didn’t mind this time.
3. All starter had a base hit, and made some contribution to the win. Kudos to Delmon in the 6 hole.

With the day off tomorrow, this team needs to follow up with that team approach again. It could lead to a nice home stand. Good night to all.

1 of the 3 thngs I liked was that the team didn’t fold when it looked like it would.
Dotel was the guy who changed the momentum.
Now what?

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