Tigers defend umpires’ call on rain delay, game’s end

UPDATE: In light of last night’s report of a formal complaint being filed, I followed up. Both the Tigers and Major League Baseball said no complaint was filed about the weather-related decisions.

The last time the Tigers were here in Boston, manager Jim Leyland made headlines across baseball with his rant on the umpiring over the four-game series at the end of May. When Jerry Layne made the call to start Tuesday’s game in the rain, delay the game when the rain finally grew harder in the sixth inning, then call the game when the rain wouldn’t stop, you figured he was in for an interesting postgame interview.

Instead, he took the high road, or at least the pragmatic one.

“At some point, umpires have to make a call,” Leyland said. “It’s a tough call. Whether we could’ve gotten that, you’ve got the bases loaded, you’re a little bit excited that you have a shot, but the umpires do the best they can with that stuff. We had been playing in some pretty good rain, and I think Jerry just decided at that point that he needed to stop it. He gave it a good shot to try to get it in, but from what I’m hearing, it’s not supposed to do stop until 1 or 1:30.

“Certainly, to call the game at this point was the right call. Could we have maybe gotten through that inning? Who knows? That’s a tough situation for an umpire, but I think they definitely made the right call, calling it now. So be it. We put ourselves in an unfortunate situation.”

Verlander sounded similar. He admitted that he “really would’ve liked to have seen one more batter in that game,” meaning Omar Infante stepping to the plate with two outs in the sixth as the potential go-ahead run. But he also sounded like he understood it was time for that game to get stopped.

“I don’t think they could’ve waited any longer,” Verlander said. “It was getting pretty bad out there. Obviously, I would’ve liked to seen them give it one more bat. Who knows what happens? Infante hits a grand slam and we’d be walking out of here winners right now. But you can’t fault those guys. I think they waited as long as they possibly could.”

Why start that game in the first place, you ask, instead of trying to play two games on Wednesday? You can point to the constrictions of the Major League schedule for that one, if you must. With an extra round of postseason play meaning less time at season’s end, and more incentive than ever to play the full schedule, umpires and teams are under more pressure than ever to try to get in games whenever there’s a window, despite changeable summer weather. Though it was raining at game’s start, it was a light rain that picked up after the first inning.

Nobody brought that up after the game. The umpires warned the Tigers about the weather conditions well ahead of time so that they knew what they were facing and what the forecast called for.

“The umpires, they do a great job with that,” Leyland said of their handling of the weather conditions. “They’re in a Catch-22 in situations like that.”


Sounds like they are talking pc…….game probably never should of started …..again there is always some kind of bull ?!? That goes on in Boston.

Agreed. It started raining in the bottom of the first and it didnt stop. They could have seen it on the radar that there was no shot of getting this game in. I understand the constriction of the schedule and pressure; but why couldnt they try for 2 games today?
But to go that many innings and to call it at that particular point just smells. Then again, the umpires probablly just saved the Tigers from another choke job with the bases loaded this season.
The fact that JL and the boys are not more vocal against the decision to start the game is an illustration of no urgency around this team. Failing has become acceptable. Everybody needs to be accountable. You said Jim. Your words. I really think that they believe they will magically win this division because “they are supposed to”. Pretty dangerous way to operate. Less than 60 games to go guys. Anytime would be fine. …. Bueller …. Bueller … Bueller.
— Bob

Leyland went off on the umps when the Tigers were in town in May, and he looked like a desperate manager losing his grip on his team. He takes the high road this time and gets ripped for no urgency. So which is it?

Man it was pouring last night, they should not have been playing in my mind. The team is in a bad position – if they complain then people can say the Sox were able to perform so you should have been to. The fact that 2 runs were scored on bases loaded walks was the first clue they should not have been playing. It has been zero fun to watch them this last week, glad the Olympics have my attention. We need to get back to better playing, I am going to Sunday’s game and am hoping for better than what we have been seeing.

i kinda felt like boston was stalling. especially during the 1st bases loaded situation.

Verlander: “The last couple starts, I’ve just been a bit inconsistent. Gotta work to get it back. I have some work to do”. He has been so all season long against professional hitters:
Hit hard by the East:Twice by NY 4 and 5( 3 ER), twice by Boston 5 and 4 ( 3 ER) , twice by TB 4 and 4 runs. 5 lost games. Detroit is 14 -14 against the East. The rest of the staff is 14- 9 against the East.
Last night was again in love with his fastball.
He served to Hitiriaco a BP pitch. Did he understimate the rookie? That is what the ESPN in español commenter thinks(and he is Detroit Tigers fan ). BTW:Why the infield was in with 1 out and bases loaded?
He got the corner in the first inning , then not.
Best pitcher in baseball? Ray Halladay and King Felix may disagree

yea his stuff was gross last night. lack of movement on his fastball i thought.

Probably had to rely on his fastball because he couldnt get any grip on offspeed stuff.
Infield was probably in for 2 reasons: 1) JL knew this game was not going the full 9 and he wanted to cut down the run and restore the score; 2) the infield was so saturated that they had to play in because a ground ball was going to die on the grass or skip on the dirt. They needed to be in just to have a chance at a force at home.
Thats just my opinion as to why.
— Bob

Crawford tough to double up too.

Good point … Ok, 3 reasons …🙂
— Bob

The game should have never been played at all. They started in rain, which used to be unheard of, and had a clear radar picture of the rain increasing in the coming hours. Detroit has Thursday off and Boston plays at home that night, so a DH today would have been no problem. Money drives these things from the home team perspective but the umpires should have shut it down before it became official. It was very obvious that conditions were unplayable most of the game. I also venture to say that if the score had been reversed, the Red Sox would be screaming to high heaven.
That aside, Prince was that close to hitting a grand slam that would have put us up, 5-1.
Infante appeared to stop to allow the runner to go by before trying to field Crawford’s hopper, then looked up before picking up the ball. I think Omar had the right of way and obstruction/interference may have been called.
All in all, it’s another typical Boston visit. The foreboding thought is that if we lose the division by one game, this will be the one we look back at.

Damaso Blanco said that Infante was at fault in the 2 runs play.
Fielder and Peralta and a couple more were out of the stadium without the rain. It was like a wall stopping those flyballs.
Fielder did what he is paid for : swing hard , sometimes it does not work.

I’m beginning to think the Boston mob pays off the umps……every call every decision always seems to go their way. Lol. Seriously though it’s a beyond the ridiculous and the obvious.

One fact pretty much indisputable is the team this year has been unable to deliver or reduce the pressure it is under to perform. Their inability to play loose and enjoy the game has been absent for maybe 2 or 3 weeks all season. Not surprising the least secure support guys have struggled.
I sure hope the season is not judged a success or failure on whether the Tigs are able to scrape past Chisox by a game or so with a 84-78 record.
Our last 13 are against KC and the Twins who no doubt will bring pitchers out of the woods and look to even up the 12-5 season split.

I had a thought and I dont know if anyone knows the rules on this.
If they continued for one more batter and Omar hit a grand slam to give us the lead. Then AJax makes an out to end the inning. At that point the umpires call for the tarp. Two hours later, they decide to call the game. Does the top of the 6th get wiped out because the Bosox did not have the same amount of at bats? Does the score revert back to the end of 5 innings? Does anyone know the rule on that?
What would have P’ed us off more? What actually happened or my hypothetical scenario?
If the top of the 6th does get wiped, do you think that played into the umpires mind. I mean they waited until the go ahead run came to the plate. Not before.
Conspiracy theorists please pile on.
— Bob

No, if the Tigers had taken the lead the game is suspended and ended later ot today.
Steimbrener coerced MLB into that change in the middle 80s: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/official_rules/start_end_4.jsp

(a) A game shall become a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following reasons
5) Weather, if a regulation game is called while an inning is in progress and before the inning is completed, and the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead; or

Thanks El Tigre. I knew you would have the answer.
Another reason why they should have let us have one more batter. The umpires based their decision this rule and not the weather otherwise they wouldn’t have even started the 6th or the game for that matter.
— Bob

Your welcome

Right. It was still a strange time to suddenly say enough is enough. I think the umpires had it in their mind that this is the last hitter, and hoped upon hope that he’d make the third out. Didn’t happen.
Even though we were probably never going to win the thing, we still got hosed. In Boston. Again.

And we took it gracefully, like the gentlemanly club that we are. Polite gentlemen.

The umps simply handled the game improperly. We deserved the loss, (3 measly singles?), but the game should have been stopped earlier to protect the players.
It was clear the field was compromised and so was the safety of the players playing on it.
To have stopped the game was the right thing to do but it was done at the wrong time.
Doesn’t change the fact we look like a second division team out there.

Don’t know what it’s going to take to get these guys to gel as a team.

nother batting coach duh

dr scholl maybe?

My guess would be accountability. There is no accountability on the Tigers. Everyone has their jobs and it’s etched in stone, from top to bottom. Managers don’t get fired, it practically takes an act of congress to release a veteran, and so on. The Tigers have become the greatest show on earth, if attendance is any indication, and will remain so, it appears.

As they said:you can not fire 25 players ( even if Boston is trying). There is only one manager…

@BBritten_Tigers: Scoring change from 7/26: Santiago now charged with error in 7th inning. Subtracts 1 H & 1 ER from Verlander’s line.

I love how they can go back a week and change a hit to an error … but they couldnt go back and change a hit to an out (I think everyone knows what I am referrring to). Head scratching.
— Bob

I shut it off as soon as Jim started talking. Perhaps Carlos can give the boys some batting tips when he rolls into town.

Infante should bat 5th

Thanx for the update. Health sounds good Performance thus far leaves much to be desired. Hope Dirks gets back on track soon.

Phil Coke.

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