Tuesday’s lineup: Tigers at Red Sox

A slight switch tonight for the Tigers, who stack up left-handed hitters Brennan Boesch and Alex Avila back-to-back against Josh Beckett. Hey, why not?


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


And the comfort of the status quo batting 5th again!
We should lead him off that ensures he won’t hit into a bases loaded DP the 1st time up.

Obviously everyone thinks it’s a problem but Leyland.

So you two would bat who 5th?

Boesch should be OUT of consideration since he’s batted like crap recently.

because delmon hits beckett pretty well

and miggy does not hit him well. btw.

Anybody but DY.

you can do better slowbyrne. Because today is not the best day to complain about DY batting 5th. The past 7 games he has the 4th best OPS with half as many GDPs is cabby.
I’m surprised people are so mad at DY right now – it’s prince, cabby, boesch and omar who have been tanking on the road trip.

past 7 days rather

Evan, if you were reading the other posts here you would see that I have made specific suggestions for the 5 hole.
DY is not doing the job. He’s hurting his team and he is influencing the at bats of the guy ahead of him in the lineup.
Can he hit? Yes, but not dependably. He might be better off hitting 3rd but that means a sea change in thinking for Leyland.
Can I do better? I’d like to think I can.

yea i’ve read them – I was asking about tonight. tonight who would you bat behind prince?

You didn’t ask me, but I would put Jhonny behind Prince and I might not even put Brennan in the lineup. But you didn’t ask me so…………

hah sorry it’s an open question. JP bats 300 against beckett….and he did have those 2 HRs the other day. Albeit those were his only 2 hits on the roadtrip and DY bats ~150pts higher (batting avg.) against beckett.

Agree with you about Jhonny.But I would put Boesch in the third and move up Miguel and Fielder.


[insert complaint about lineups not being consistent enough]

Delmon is hotter and better against the pitcher tonight.
delmon .623 with RISP in 2012 in 100 plate appearances
peralta .920 with RISP in 2012 in 84 plate appearances
So it’s not that i JP couldn’t do it better just maybe tomorrow is a better day to switch.

So you’re saying that you would use a totally different lineup every night depending on statistical matchups?
I already said I like Jackson third and Prince fifth. I’ve also suggested Peralta fifth. I even suggested Delmon third. The bottom line is that THIS LINEUP DOESN’T WORK over the course of the season. No stats will change that fact.

no i am saying that i’d switch X (lets say “peralta”) to the 5th spot tomorrow – not tonight. I might platoon the 5th spot even.
And the 3-4-5 we have had all season is failing – yes – but that is easy to say with hindsight.

Has nothing to do with hindsight. We’ve had four months to see that this lineup doesn’t work. At some point, you realize that this is how it is and will be going forward. In other words, it’s high time to change it.

Ahhh tonight. And against Beckett and in keeping with the “anything but Delmon” theme, I would go (hope you are sitting down)
You are sending a message (a different kind to each) to Young and to Boesch.
That is my lineup if I am Jim Leyland. (Stuck in the mud/status quo)
My own personal lineup is much more bizarre than that.

We need a manager for a day promotion:
Berry ( or Infante).( He would be able to steal bases)
Boesch ( he wont anchor Miguel unlike Delmon and will see a lot of fastballs)
Cabrera( he will have runners on)
Fielder ( he too)
Infante (or Berry).

definitely some good points here

I just think JL should try something different. If he ever gets let go, that would be the reason. It’s his biggest fault, in my opinion.

I’m watching to see if Berry will steal a base. Of course, he has to get on one first.

Let’s keep the faith that the most important line in the Tiger lineup remains P Justin Verlander. Play ball. Go Tigers!!!!!

This is DY’s contract/free agent year? With his present stats, he’ll be lucky to get a bag of peanuts. He just doesn’t seem to have the intelligence to adjust or get away from his bad habits. But then there is also BB…..

Yes, that is why all is even more disappointing. He was expected to play hard for the beans,JL words.

At least BB ´s grounder are to the right side. It is a little harder to convert the DP

with men in RISP, DY GDP like 3x as much as BB does.

That is the point. He can advance the runners or beat the throw.
8 times BB
9 times DY

6 Young RISP
2 BB

I was just thinking the same thing. In his contract year, he’s been involved in an alleged racially charged altercation, become the focus of a struggling offense, and may end up on waivers in August for the second straight year. Incredible.

can anyone tell me what the second row is (the one under RISP that is labeled ‘—-‘)


empty bases?


Once a SOC, always a SOC.
Coming from a soon to be SOC.

Typical 1st inning for JV—-lots of pitches and pitching in trouble.

How are we gonna win with the pervalent attitude on this team that you can disregard base-runners.

I meant prevalent.
30+ pitches!!!
Wow—that’s not a good thing–especially against a Boston Red Sox team.


Avila on the foul pop—this guys knees are killing him.

I wonder how much interest there was from GMs on Delmon Young?

1 pitch, 1 out

7 pitches, 3 outs.

Yep. They’d have done better just standing there taking strikes. That would have taken 9 pitches. Hoo boy. Is no one talking to these people?

So JV throws 35 pitches and Biggy, DY and BB make 3 outs on 8 pitches. Are you kidding me?
What a joke. A team of individuals, me thinks.
Rowing in a circle.
— Bob

Do you think our hitters are paying attention to the tight strike zone?
I would suspect not.
— Bob

I have never seen a team of hitters that can’t (or won’t) make in game adjustments. That assumes, of course, that someone on the coaching staff is sharp enough to offer a suggestion or two!

Infante is among the top 5 2B in MLB. He will show it

Miguel is not 417 career with bases loaded for nothing

We have often mentioned the inability of our Tigers to be able to “stomp on their throat” or come up with a killing blow (sorry for the violent innuendo).
Well here is another one–Fielder up and a young untested pitcher in.

i don’t think we could hit any worse with men on base

Infante is not having much luck at all. He pretty much has had to manufacture his own. Gives you max effort and I hope he is able to really make an impact.
Memo to DD: Not sure why you seem so confident in the current cast of characters. Another bat was really needed and that isn’t going to change.

The Tig clubhouse would be a psychologists dream.

Uh-OH–getting fastball happy. JV has thrown a tonne of pitches tonight.

Why the infield was in with one out?

Going 3 balls on just about everybody. This game is pretty much done now and the Bosox only have 2 as we speak.
Lost our chance when we couldn’t get the big hit when we needed it.

Wow, what a mess this game is. Now JV falls apart. I guess the only fans happy with this Tigers road trip are the White Sox fans.

If JV becomes ordinary (like his last 2 starts), the house of cards will collapse and this WILL be a sunk ship.
Why are they still playing in this downpour?
— Bob

I bet Dave Dombrowski is gnashing his teeth.

Unbelievable yet predictable. How can this team possibly score enough runs to come back with the pitiful offense they exhibit.
This is serious. They are coming apart and I don’t just mean this game.
Needed a lift at the deadline and even their GM joined the club with a failing performance. And I don’t mean the Miami trade as even as lacklustre as that has been thus far it was still a good one.

Safe. What a bunch of BS.
— Bob

You dont run in a wet field.
When Maurys Will played, the opposite team used to make it as close possible to mud.

Was too close. And 3 down ? it was not wise

Pitcher slow to the plate. Catcher has trouble throwing people out. Jackson runs and is thrown out. When it rains, it pours ( pun intended).

Wise or not … it is just another BS call in Fenway this year for us.
— Bob

JL went crazy. Risking JV in the rain. A bad step and he is out for the season

Dan, JL does not run but now he runs when we are 3 runs down. Leyland is a joke and why does Verlander not throw a stike? I am done watching until September! Dave B, I am becoming a SOC too!

They are more concerned with keeping his 6+ inning streak alive then his health.
This game should not even have been started based on the weather that was coming. Quite ridiculous actually.
— Bob

2 unearned runs because of that error. Can’t pitch, can’t hit, can’t field.

SOC. What does it mean?

Stubborn Ole Coot … coined by Dan (I think) years ago.
— Bob

Nail on the head Bob.
This game is going to be called pretty soon.
Very odd time to run.
Mortensen shut us down pretty effectively.
SOC=Stubborn Ol’ Coot
Don’t be surprised to see them call up Garcia in September but maybe even before.
The team needs an adrenaline injection and they know it.
Raburn ain’t gonna cut the mustard and either is Young. At least Peralta can play some defense.

Bob, thank you.

slowbyrne, thank you as well.

We talk about big hits, heck we have trouble getting little ones too.
They are going to have to tarp this field. It should have been done innings ago.

What else can anyone here say about this debacle? There is something rotten in the core of this team. The only way to find out what it is would be to FIRE JL NOW! In the meantime, how many of you can stop making useless suggestions and comments here. Why not just boycott this blog. Maybe Jason would pass the word along to Mr. I that the fans have had it with the very poor performance of the manager, coaches and players. Otherwise you and I are just wasting our time here. Nothing seems to change.

Ok .. I see how it is. We load the bases and have them on the ropes and then they call for the tarp. What a joke.
— Bob

Perfect—pull the tarp after they’re loaded up!
Par for the course—regrettably it is the right thing to do but a bit too late.
Infante will be on the spot and I feel kinda bad for him. His return has been a bit cursed.
That will certainly be the end of JV’s night and the streak. ——Good.
Get that silly thing over with.

Dont be surprised if JV goes back out if the delay is short. You know he is already lobbying for it. JV is the one tail on this team that can wag the dog.
— Bob

Amen to Bob and slowbyrne.

Hi there good lookers! (Ernie Harwell)
Well, we’ve got a steady rain. (George Kell)
Frustrating events as of late. Hang in there, guys. Next year when we play in Boston I’m going to take a vacation without my laptop so I won’t be tempted to watch. It’s a pointless endeavor. The only way I get through it is to assume we’ll lose. I know, dumb way to watch a ballgame.
The umpires do seem to conspire against us here. The strike zone, the call on Jackson, the stupid way the weather was handled. Leyland doesn’t squawk at anything since the first trip to Boston, does he? Guess they fixed him.
I hope this does end that Verlander streak of 6+ innings because it’s a meaningless stat. JL looked like he was going to send him back out there, too. I’d fire a guy for less myself.
They may be able to continue the game in a couple of hours. Since they left us with the bases loaded, I’d suggest they do so.

I was monitoring the radar down here since we’re begging for rain. A big ol’ thunderstorm took dead aim at us, pulled up at the edge of town, and then made a sharp right turn while remaining intact and took off in the other direction. Never seen a storm do that. That furthers the frustration of watching that downpour in Boston.

Illini–I can feel your anguish. But we aren’t gonna change anything. This Blog is all about blowing off steam I’m afraid. Works for me.
I’m actually far more interested in the responses here than what we would get from management. They can’t think in “Free-Form” like we can here.
Interesting to guage the sentiment here for JL too. As much as they guy has done for the ball team and , I suppose, Detroit. “There Comes a Time”. I’m pretty sure it should be now or at the end of this very disappointing season.
Not saying it can’t be turned around–I just don’t think it will under this staff and mindset.

Now am I right even though we are in the middle of at bats, they can call this a regulation game correct, since it has gone 5 innings? I freaking hate Boston!

Liriano threw pretty well against his old club tonight. Good to have those southpaws.
Looks like Chicago and Minny GMs are ganging up on us!!!

Smyly did well today.
Yes GK—absolutemente.

Figures…… Feels like another crap situation in the hell hole that they call Fenway!

The bright side: after this season, JL is gone.

Ahhhh, there is some sunshine in this rain after all.

I’m not holding my breath on that. DD is here until ’15. Probably if the whole thing just goes down the tubes.

I’m watching the Pirates vs Cubs.

I just turned that on too Kathy. I am not a big Burnett lover but man is this guy ever pitching this year. Where did that come from?
We won’t mention anymore right!!!!!


He was always good. But he was not a true Yankee. He was the right choice last year when they were looking for another starter

Darn—whew was AJ ever ticked at the ump. It was some pretty good umpimg actually but then again I don’t know if he was getting those calls earlier.
Regardless–that’s a shame.

Sox-Twins ends with Mauer grounding out to Konerko, who seemed to injure himself on the play. Not so well played, Mauer.
Leyland has been here so long that I’ve forgotten what it looks like to see a manager smile in the Detroit dugout. Or to hear a manager give a postgame interview without repeating the same single line over and over and over and………….
It sure would be nice to have some fresh ideas from a manager. Davey Johnson is older than God but he’s got those Nats believing they can do anything. And then they do.

Game over

Only in Boston…..did I say I hated that place it’s always something there always!

Well that’s it. Can they think of anymore ways for us to lose in this sorry excuse for a ballpark?

Mauer got robbed by Viciedo with two men on a couple of innings earlier. Hit the snot out of the ball.
Well, this 1 loss that will make the natives restless.
We would have lost it anyway but to have it played out so far to suspend it at that precise time will be criticized pretty harshly. Rightly so.

I think now we can face the harsh reality that our beloved Tigers are simply not a very good team. It is so ironic that the “best pitcher in baseball” is all over the place tonight, and a nobody for the Redsox shuts us down for three innings. Already said,
Game should never have been played; Leyland should be gone barring a miracle; I think Pumpsie Green out of the grave would be a better five than Delmon, and JV hasn’t been the same since Kate Upton. This level of baseball is an insult to all loyal Tiger fans. It’s one thing to lose, but another to lose with non conviction at all.
Well, I started this a while back, so I will continue until we’re officially done. Three things I liked about tonight’s game.
1. Boesch’s 4 pitch walk; he actually has a lower OBP than Delmon. And then he stole second. Wow!
2. The fact that Delmon was the only Tiger with three official at bats. I’m glad it wasn’t four.
3. Infante’s hustle on the infield hit. He gave it all he had.

That’s it. Nothing good about JV. For such a dominant pitcher, good clubs make him work so hard. Our guys would never repay the favor, if nothing else but to give our pitcher a blow. I do think the weather and rain were killing his curve ball, plus Campos was squeezing the strike zone. No corner calls at all.
Again, I call on Leyland to shake up the lineup; put Santiago in the five hole; it could not be any worse. The lineup we are using is pretty worthless; and please get Berry out of the two hole, he is being overpowered on a nightly basis. Good grieg, I don’t think tomorrow could be any worse for us. Lead us in a cheer Delmon!
I really can’t stand myself right now. Good night all!

Kudos to those GMs with the guts to make the acquisitions their clubs needed and not afraid to spend a little of the fans’ money in order to please the fans.

Best pitcher in baseball? Ray Halladay and King Felix may disagree

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