Castellanos’ visit to Boston in quotes

Nick Castellanos took in the sights of Fenway Park on Monday, from the field during Tigers batting practice and from the stands during the Tigers-Red Sox game itself. He also gave a pretty wide-ranging interview to reporters before BP. The main piece with the highlights is in the notebook from the game. Here’s a more complete rundown:

  • On how the visit came about: “We were spending our off-day [in Manchester, New Hampshire], so Avi [Garcia] was looking up Tigers stuff and said, ‘They’re playing in Boston. Isn’t that close?’ So I looked it up and it was about 45 minutes away. So he called [Brayan] Villarreal and he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ll get you tickets, come on over.'”
  • On having lots to learn in the outfield: “I’m picking it up quickly, but there’s definitely a lot of improvement. I’ve played there 15 games in my life, so there’s going to be improvement. Fly balls aren’t an issue. The big thing now is reading line drives.”
  • On following trade rumors: “Last year, I was able to avoid it. This year, no. This year, it’s been every day, all the time, in my face. I’m definitely ready for the trade deadline so I can just relax.”
  • On the stress of it: “The added pressure of trying to play a new position and also every time I walk into a locker room, all my teammates are saying you’re going somewhere else. You try to avoid it as much as possible, but it’s still going to linger.”
  • On untouchable status: “Whenever they come to town, a lot of the big guys are in town to see me play the outfield, so I talk to them. I have a really good relationship with the front office. And sometimes I’ll ask them, ‘Well, do you think?’ And it’s like, ‘Definitely not, but we can’t say it can’t happen, because if somebody comes up and makes an unbelievable deal, then no one’s untouchable.’ They said it’s very unlikely, but I still know that anything can happen. I’m just ready for this trade deadline to go.”
  • On possibility of September call-up: “I’ve heard about it. There’s been people like these guys saying, ‘Oh, get used to it. It’ll be your locker in September, joking around.’ And it’s awesome to hear these guys say it, but I know that it’s not real until it happens. I’m definitely taking this all in, but I definitely realize that it’s a visit. It’s not because I deserve to be here.”
  • On possibility of Arizona Fall League at end of season: “That’s a possibility. I’ve heard instructional league is a possibility. I’ve heard if we make the postseason and I keep hitting off lefties, I stay with the team into the postseason. So everything’s a possibility, and we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.”
  • On who he hears stuff from: “A little bit of everybody. All the people that really matter, though, I haven’t heard anything from, because that’s always a last-minute thing.”
  • On seeing former teammate and close friend Rob Brantly get traded: “I miss him to death, but I’m really happy for him, because it’s such a better opportunity for him there, just for the obvious factor that we have Alex Avila, who needs no introduction. And he did go to Miami.”
  • On working with Al Kaline on outfield play: “Not yet, but I know he’s coming. It means a lot, because I know they’re really serious about me being here if they’re going to go through all that to make sure that I’m prepared in right field.”


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Rod and Mario said a few of the Tigers did double takes when they saw Castellanos in the dugout before the game. I can name several of them who should be hearing footsteps.

Boesch and RR

Soriano is the only name remaining in the market. Unless they really want to win now an go for Cory Hart.
With Victorino traded , Hunter Pence is no longer in the market

Cabby and Prince sure have batted well for us the past 7 games or so. Prince especially. [sarcasm]

He is now the most slumping of all Tigers

You are totally on target. I checked the Tiger stats after reading your post. Outside of AJ and QB the team has put up some really funky numbers over the last 7 games. Kinda hard to believe we won any games in that span.

The trade deadline rumors seemed to have quite an effect on Castellanos. Wonder how much it affects the guys on the big club?

Do I dare mention some gossip I read on some site, twitter or blog. Can’t remember which. I typed it, and then erased it. Have to see it for myself to believe it. It’s about the lineup and base stealing.

Knobler posted that the Tigers do not expect VMart to return this year. They are reportedly in search of a RH middle-of-the-order hitter. The Tigers have apparently given up on DY in the 5 spot.

Well Reed Johnson would surely not have been the solution for that!
Stay away from Carlos Lee. He’s got nothing left
Soriano a possibility but an albatross of a contract to go with advanced years. Pretty much an emphatic “NO”
Like I said yesterday, the best move would be to trade Toledo to the Twins for Willingham.
Guerrero retired.
What’s left?
Shake things up—-Put Austin Jackson there.
Dirks is really not hitting much in Toledo.
How is Brad Eldred doing?
Quite likely they will stick it out for another 3 and a half weeks.
Guess we can hope (and dream) that Raburn gets hot.
Don’t see Young getting much better though he can go on tears.
Left Fielder-Detroit Tigers-Perpetual Problem. Why?

things could get interesting today

Yeah , that’s the link I followed to get Knobler’s report. Just hit his name and it will take you there.

HEY WAIT, can we just sign another hitting coach?

We already have two.

Victorino wouldn’t have helped much and Pence was too expensive. We may be stuck here. Might be able to out-struggle the White Sox, or our hitters could suddenly get hot for no apparent reason. We have good starters.
Looks like any trade would have to be something totally out of the blue.
JL doesn’t do well changing his etched in stone lineups.

Un-etching the stone, how about putting Delmon third and re-creating last year’s lineup with Prince playing the role of Victor? It DID work.

I absolutely agree with you. Pitchers would have to throw strikes, probably a plethora of fastballs, DY can crush that pitch and the issue of stikezone expansion against him would be minimized.

Hunter could be or not off the market.
Yes, I mentioned something like that yesterday but with Boesch in the third. I did not dare to write DY there.

Trout and Trumbo both incurred injuries over the last few days. They do not appear to be serious, but neither did the injuries to Fister and Dirks.

Lynn Henning: “Carlos Lee just turned 36, contract ceases at the end of this season. Tigers are like an over-chromosomed bar customer at 1 a.m. Might jump.”
Okay Lynn, that is a good one.

Berry has filled in pretty good at the 2 hole for Dirks. We sure miss Dirk’s production. Put Infante in the 5 hole. I see no emotion from Delmon. Why is he still on the team? It also looks like he has gained weight. At least Berry show some fire when he hit the double, only to be stranded. C,mon Jimmy, fire the boys up! Go Tigers! –Dave

Toledo Mud Hens‏@MudHens

DANDY ANDY! Andy Dirks blasts a homer in the bottom of the 7th. Hens lead 7-2.

Good to see him get going. Danny hit one today too. He was batting CLEANUP!

With two on. The famed three runs HR

Jim Leyland thinks Tigers may be done on trade front

Leyland is out of the loop on trades.
Heck, at times I think Dombrowski is out of the loop too!
Cody Ross rumoured to be available. Good numbers versus lefties. BoSox would like a LHP reliever. We have some of those. I won’t mention ANY names but I know what it would take to get that deal done and it would not break my heart.

A leftty reliever. The irony : Tigers dont have one available

Don’t rule out a 3-way deal.

Did you say that “Jim Leyland thinks the Tigers are done”?
(Just kidding)
Glad to see JL is still thinking though.

For my two cents, I say that Delmon is not the right guy for the #5 spot against right handed pitching. Right now the best 3-4-5 we can put out there may be Jackson-Cabrera-Fielder. That would leave us with Berry-Dirks-Infante for the 1-2-9 spots. Peralta, Avila, Young/Boesch fill out 6-7-8. Assuming Leyland would insist the 3-4-5 would have to be consist, then Young would bat sixth against left handed pitching.

Interesting. I figured AJ a candidate for #5. #3 not a bad idea but it would require a major philosophical change with Miggy & Biggy. I don’t think we’ll see that happen.
Fielder has been scuffling lately. Not getting many good pitches to hit at all. He could really benefit from someone dependable behind him IMO.

Riddle me this. Why do trade your untouchable pitching prospect for a hitter like Infante and bat him ninth?

because he is batting crappy currently. And because you were batting you’re previous 2Bmen 9th (or should have been, lol).

but i see your point. JT was overrated IMO.

Infante should be batting 2nd. He, or Berry, actually could leadoff and then move AJ to the 5 hole

not against righties tho. OBP aint even 300 ‘gainst ’em. Same with Delmon – he shouldn’t be batting 5th against righties…his OPS is sub .675 for god’s sake.

i’d go with:
AJ, Berry 1 and 2 against righties
AJ, infante 1 and 2 against lefties
Delmon batting 5th against lefties
Alex or Boesch batting 5th against righties

By Tim Dierkes [July 31, 2012 at 2:04pm CST]
2:04pm: The Tigers and Cubs are hard at work on Soriano, tweets David Kaplan of, but he’s not sure if they can make the money work. Soriano is owed $42.3MM through 2014.

He will be available until aug 31. He will clear waivers ,easily.

Anything but DY. He has not produce, in fact been counter productive, and I do think he is affecting Fielder’s opportunities

I’ve seen many suggested lineups in the last few days and all of them are better than what we’re doing now. I think Jackson makes a good number three. At five, he’s behind the slow runners. No matter who is behind Prince, it can’t be someone that pitchers know they can get out without throwing a strike.
Allegedly, JL loves to tinker with lineups. Why doesn’t he do so for real? Trying to avoid having to think? Six million dollar man should think.

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