Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Red Sox

Good to be back on the beat at Fenway, where it feels like the Tigers were just here a couple weeks ago, not a couple months ago. It’s a different looking lineup compared to then, but a familiar looking lineup to the past week or so in Cleveland and Toronto.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Carl Crawford, LF
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  4. Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
  5. Will Middlebrooks, 3B
  6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, DH
  7. Ryan Sweeney, RF
  8. Kelly Shoppach, C
  9. Pedro Ciriaco, SS

P: Clay Buchholz


Will JP continue to hit?
Will Max pitch like he did the past two games?
How will Miggy and Biggy do tonight – and for that matter how will BB, AA and OI do tonight will have a big impact as well.

HIS past two games*

Tom Gage:another #Tigers trade before the deadline? “I have no indication we’re doing anything” – Leyland

“he’s not a fit here in Detroit” – DD ~ 5 days before signing Prince Fielder. just saying.

Time to get some wins in Boston. BoSox playing well, but Tigers need to take advantage of hitting in Fenway.

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Al Alburquerque pitched 1 inning in rehab start. It was a 1-2-3 inning with 2 strikeouts.

Man stranded on 3rd. What else is new? Looking forward to seeing Al back in the BP.

When the heart of your order can’t drive a run in, you got a problem.

As we says here:who does not score , get runs against

As expected by ESPN, they have momentum after yesterdays ´s game. I mean , the wrong team

Same old same old waste Berrys double and bam Red Soxs plate 2. Rod wont say Austin misplayed that off the wall….well I will. He misplayed it! I freaking hate it when the Tigers come here nd that ridiculous wall. A normal out is a double or a triple.

Its never a dull moment with Max.

Are you kidding me two pitches and two outs!! What a bunch of ???? (can’t say it on here)

Home run. Double. Then 3 very bad at-bats by the “heart” of the order.
Next inning 3 more very bad at-bats. Are they done already?

OMG, Omar.

Early comments:
Max looks good. Hitters don’t.
Miggy & Biggy are non contributors right now and don’t “feel” like they are gonna do much.
Max made 2 bad pitches that inning. One was an ill-advised 2-2 slider to Ellsbury. Made the count 3-2 and gave Ellsbury the advantage. Give Ellsbury credit, he was fooled on a 3-2 change and managed to foul it off before getting that critical walk.
Next inning–Boesch and Peralta come up there swinging and we end up going 3 up/down politely. Not good baseball.
Delmon of course can’t come up with a clutch hit. We all know that song.
Agreed-AJ misplayed the wall—he isn’t the 1st person to have done that.
Leadoff error, ouch. I do think Max could have had that even if the throw wasn’t perfect.
I agree Kathy, we need those 2 guys to be more dangerous again.

Before going to Detroit , Infante was among the top 5 2b .
Will the real Omar Infante please stand up?


The offense needs help. I hope they get it. We have seen the current cast of characters go into these team-wide funks often enough not to expect it will happen again.
We need a fresh face and we need him to actually produce in the 5th spot. Not a Hairston or Johnson. Johnson is a decent ballplayer but not a run producer.
Heads up triple by Omar–hope AJ can get him in

Let’s see a running game here Leyland.

That really is omething nobody has talked about….Miguel and Prince have gotten a few hits and or RBI here and there over this losing stretch but reall both are not getting many critical timely hits. Not completely cold but mini cold. No coincidence we have been losing.

Now , it is time to go for second

Stupid Managerial move #1–not running during Berry’s at bat. Yes we got a hit by Cabby but that could as easily have been a 1st pitch DP.
Just can’t understand Leyland’s rationale with the speed at the top of the lineup.
May as well have Avila and Young hitting there.

I think AJ was having a lot of trouble reading buchholz and couldn’t steal… They threw over 20 times!

Seminal moment and DY is up?

OK Dombrowski—enough is enough. It’s time to jettison Young.
0 for 8 with bases loaded this year and I’ll bet you at least 3 DPs.
He’s a rally killer and momentum shifter.
It’s almost unbelievable.

Well, you just can’t do that. We’ve seen it all season long except for a few short weeks. Bases loaded and nothing to show for it.

DY = rally killer…..again?

This could finally be the game that forces the SOC to act on Delmon. Heck, if he has some issues with putting Jhonny above 7, I would put AJax there and lead off with Berry and Omar.
Alternatively 1 August is close by and Ryan could get a last hurrah there.

Cabrera did what he does with runners on. He said in an interview for ESPN, in such situations he looks to hit by the middle

Minor points:
Dirks struggling in Toledo
Albuquerque is starting! tonight for Lakeland. 6 innings and 3 hits with 3 Ks.
What’s up with that?
Major points:
When is the bottom of our lineup going to do something? Many thanks to JP yesterday but this is a constant and ongoing problem.

They did the same with Villareal,strengthening his arm

Boy Boesch and Peralta did so much better their second at bats 2 pitches this time! Good grief and Avila grounds out to second on cue. His signature hit…or out should I say?

It just LOOKS so pathetic. Makes a fan want to scream. They need to sit Avila and read Boesch the riot act. No point in telling Young anything as he is meaningless bump on a log and a contradiction in terms as far as being the designated hitter.

Thanks Amigo.
I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if we win this game. Can’t see Max being able to hold these guys off forever–at home especially.
Be nice if we didn’t have to bat 5-8.
Berry has subscribed to the Jim Leyland philosophy of baseball. Waiting for someone (including himself) to hit a HR. He has completely abandoned his correct style of play. How many bunt hits or stolen bases has this guy had in the last 3 or 4 weeks?

I know Berry was a different hitter, bunting and stealing….I don’t know why he’s changed his approach to the game.

2 outs nobody on—time for DY to get a single.

Pudge used to get a lot of two out hits… Used to drive me crazy

No comment.

Pedroia homer, might be time to change this over to the olympics these hitters quit, they won’t get anymore runs….their pathetic!

What a difference a week makes. A week ago we were riding high and playing well all aspects of the game, now they look like they did in may and a lot of June.

Al Alburquerque. Final line:8.0/4 H/0 R/2 BB/4 SO/1.93

Bad choice to Pedroia who like high fastballs. Knew that leadoff walk would hurt.
Realistically, I don’t know if our guys have enough juice in them to have scored a run or two anyway.
Too bad for Max–trying to do too much I suspect. We have the nucleus of a very nice pitching staff. Wish we had the bats and gloves to go with it.
This one is done. Our guys will fold like a cheap tent now.

They did that with the bases loaded.

66% of lead off walks end in a scored run
Unless the Tigers got the LOW

Stupidest park around. Will somebody send a wrecking ball in?
— Bob

We have to scratch and claw and get aided by a dropped 3rd strike to get one run. And they get it back in like 4 pitches. Why does it look so easy for everyone else?
— Bob

What’s not to like about Jacob Ellsbury?
This guy does it all and just knows how to put his bat on the ball.
Nice player.
I’ll bet Austin Jackson hates Fenway more than you Bob.
Time to go listen to some blues.

Coffin hit. Do we know what one of those is. Might as well leave Coke in skipper. They are just teeing off on him.
Good night all. That’s enough for me.
— Bob

Thats enough for me……turned it over just in time to see an American swimmer win the gold. Ah talent imagine having talent and not wasting it. And guess what she doesn’t make millions either!

Great. DY is taking walks and Berry is trying to go yard.

Role reversal?

I would call Justin Henry. He could be no worse than most of them.

Henning:Right. Options, if not exercised by 4 p.m. tomorrow, will apply in August. That Young DP was the coup de grace, indeed.

Look up stats for DY in bags full situations. In his career and prior to tonight’s AB I think he is .326(?). That is counting his 0-8(?) this year. Can you confirm and get his power numbers in those circs? I want that powerful DY to surface again.

Otherwise, he can go down with the Titanic too.

0 for 7 . 2 RBI. 2 SO
326. 1 GS 7 2B 31 H. 81 RBI.
One season 21 HR. 2010.Never more than 13 in the rest of his career.
His OBP means he is gone

ElTigre…Thank you for the info. I watched the game on the Red Sox feed and DY ‘s stats were flashed. The announcers sounded concerned about him in that situation and my curiosity was resultantly piqued. Thanx again.

Your welcome

Max pitched well, but we just didn’t drive the runs in. Might have been a different outcome but right from the start we see the same thing night in and night out: runners left in scoring position.

Reed Jonhson traded to Braves

I never expect these guys to win in Fenway and I recommend this approach. Less stress. And history backs it up.
No one will ever mistake me for a Delmon Young fan but I will point out this forgotten fact. DY said all along he doesn’t like to DH. Leyland said Delmon would get some starts in the outfield. That has not happened. At all. Only in interleague. So either Jim lied to us or he lied to Delmon too. Something to consider.
Max threw that pitch right where Pedroia likes it. Did they know that? But this is about hitting, not pitching. We don’t hit.
They may make that Reed Johnson acquisition but I’m not sure what that accomplishes since we go long stretches without seeing a lefty. Any hitter will lose his edge sitting on the bench. You almost could just go with Raburn if that’s how we’re going to do it.
Once again the goal is to just get out of Boston. We’ll begin to find out which direction we’re going starting on Friday night.

So forget the Reed Johnson comment.

Jim will run that lineup out there everyday from now until October unless DD does something to change it, as he did last year.

Hello Folks,
Back to Mudville again today. Our team is too thumpingly polite to want to dare try and hit the ball. The amazing thing is the hitters going up , looking at 2 or 3 pitches, then having Max come out again before he could catch his breath. In the one inning, it was 2 pitches and 2 outs for Boesch and Peralta. Just plain ugly. A couple of quick comments to vent my frustration. QB is not going to work in the two hole, especially with a hard throwing pitcher. After the first inning double, he was overmatched the rest of the evening. Young has to vacate the five hole; if nothing else, tell Rayburn he has five games as DH to prove himself in the five hole; if he doesn’t produce, send him on his way. Need I remind everyone again that Inge has as many HR’s and more RBI’s than Boesch, Delmon, Rayburn, Avila, and Peralta.
When you play Berry, bat him ninth; tell him if h can’t bunt, he doesn’t play. These guys are getting millions of dollars to hit a baseball; they need to do it, or find players who can. I am so mad, I can’t see straight. It took a stretch, but here’s my three things i liked in tonight’s game:
1. Miggie’s really nice play from Ellsbbury, that nearly bounced off his head. Huge play that got the froce, and prevented a potential big innning for the Sox.
2. Alex’s pickup of the third strike on Sweeney in the sixth. He made a great throw to first to record the out.
3. Max’s nine strikeouts. He has electric stuff, but both walks hurt him, especially the 10 pitch walk to Jacoby in the first. When he learns to get the arms and legs going in the right direction at the right time, you’re going to have a very dominant starter.

I honestly would sit Boesch, Young, and Peralta tomorrow(Kelly in Right, Rayburn, DH, and Ramon at short). Just shake things up. if JV’s on his game, we won’t need but three runs. Enough of my ranting. Good night all.

Just watched AJ throw away a bunt which led to a walkoff win by the Twins. For those of you who can stay up late enough, watching the other games sometimes leads to a happy ending. So we’re still 1.5 games back with one more day off the calendar.

The Tigers are #6 in MLB in batting average. They are # 10 in MLB in runs scored. Run production at the approriate TIME is the issue, not offensive production.

slowbyrne…I am with you. I think our batting ORDER is a problem.

The Tigers need consierably more than Reed Johnson. As I mentioned earlier, he is not a #5 hitter or RBI guy. That is what we need and that is what we have needed all year.
The team is sunk without production from there. I think it is even beginning to affect Miggy & Biggy.
Young should be ashamed of himself.
Leyland the same for pretending it’s going to work.

It is fish or cut bait. Maybe giving Raburn 1 more shot is an idea. I don’t think he deserves it but there aren’t a lot of option. Dirks is coming off a serious injury. His LHB is not exactly what we need.
Avisail Garcia is on the 40 man and I will bet he will be called up in September. Everybody has to start sometime. Trout did.
Still think a deal for Soriano may be considered.
Maybe we could trade Toledo to the Twins for Willingham.

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