Bunt work helps Berry hit

Before the Tigers put on their normal hit show in batting practice, before Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera started taking their swings at the outfield seats in Progressive Field, Quintin Berry was putting down one bunt after another. Manager Jim Leyland and coach Tom Brookens were watching, offering tips, trying to get him to keep his bunts on the ground.

“You have to work just like you do hitting in BP,” Berry said. “You can’t just keep going every day with just getting one bunt down. You have to get out there. You have to work on it and practice it. I’ve been struggling as of late with getting my bunts down.”

The work paid off during the game, just not the way you’d expect. He didn’t get a bunt down. He still had three hits, all well-placed singles.

Go figure. As Berry explained, working on his bunts actually helps him as a hitter.

“That allows my eyes to see the ball deep,” he said. “I’ve noticed a lot in my career, days when I do that, I usually end up having pretty decent days. It kind of helps me see the ball. I think that helped a little.”

Berry entered the night batting 8-for-39 (.205) with two walks and 10 strikeouts since the All-Star break, with six of those hits clustered into a pair of three-hit games. He was making the most of his times on base, but he wasn’t getting on base nearly as well as he had been.

Add in a walk, and he was on base four times Wednesday. All three of his hits were opposite-field singles, a line drive in the first inning to advance Austin Jackson, a ground ball in the second to drive in Omar Infante, and another grounder just inside third base in the sixth to drive in Alex Avila with two outs.

It wasn’t what they were working on pregame, but it was what manager Jim Leyland wanted to see.

“We were talking about it before the game, sometimes he gets a little aggressive and tries to do a little bit too much,” Leyland said. “Tonight he was just laying the bat on the ball. He was working on his bunting before the game, dragging and pushing.”

Leyland was working with him, stopping him at a couple different points to try to make a point about technique.

“I was in the minor leagues a long time,” Leyland said. “I listened to a lot of guys and learned a little bit about instruction, how to do it and everything. I was always taught when you’re a left-handed hitter, which I wasn’t, you take that back leg and just as that back leg hits the ground, you should be making contact with the ball. That’s the only thing I was trying to show him. Brookie and Raffy were talking to him.”


So if he practices bunting before every game he will get 3 hits a night! It’s just brilliant! Okay maybe not like that, but I understand him with seeing the ball longer. He should stick to his bunting routine and it will at least help him cut down on the strike outs. If he puts the ball in play more like tonight, with his speed, who knows what can happen.

Berry’s presence in the lineup poses an interesting question. We all accept that the primary responsibility of GMs and managers is to field a winning team. The Tigers appear (at last) to be achieving this goal. Query: as long as a team continues to win, does the manager
have a secondary obligation to give the fans what they want by commiting to play an enormously popular player like Berry who makes a positive

(Sorry, hit the send button by accident in mid-sentence.) Let me try again. If a GM and manager fulfill their primary responsibility of fielding a winning team, do they, as long as the team continues to win, have a secondary obligation to give the fans what they want by commiting to play an enormously popular player like Berry ? The fans, after all, drive the multi-billion dollar machine that is MLB. Since Detroit fans have embraced Berry with an outpouring of affection, are they entitled to an extraordinary effort by management to keep him in the lineup as long as he is making a positive contribution?

Nice bounce back win last night from the boys. Would of liked to seen a couple more hits with RISP, but a win is a win. At this point, stockpiling as many wins (esp road wins) is very important.
QB’s approach last night was perfect. He needs to slap the ball the other way more often. Remember Luis Polonia? He made a nice little career of doing that. Maybe JL should be like manager Lou Brown from Major League and make QB give him 10 push-ups everytime he pulls the ball.🙂
JV to win the series today and then they head my way. I will be at Friday and Sunday’s games cheering them on and trying to keep the good times rolling.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

What is the team record since Berry has been in the lineup? That statistic speaks for itself. Regarding management, I don’t think they’ve ever felt the responsibility to make any extraordinary effort to please the fans. They will play who they want to play regardless of any fan affections. Look at JL’s track record. I could restate your question by asking will management continue to play Q BECAUSE he has made a significant impact to how the offense is gelling by injecting a new dynamic into it. It would seem that continuing to play Q WOULD be the logical course. But….. well you know…… I don’t think Q is ultimately a JL or DD type of player. I may be wrong on this. I think JL is certainly glad that Q came along at just the right time when the team was descamated by injuries with a floundering offense and his energy and speed stopped the run away train” so to speak. But does that translate into any obligation on his part to continue playing Q? I doubt it. JL will do what he wants to do. All this I think is well understood by Q. No pressure on him, is there.

If Dirks hits like before the injury, he plays a lot. Same for Boesch, if he continues his hot streak. The issue will be verses right handed pitching, how much will Delmon sit? You have four spots and six players, assuming Raburn plays the outfield when a lefty pitches. The hottest hitters need to play. Dirks in right, Berry in left and Boesch as the dh gives the team good range in the outfield.

I agree with that. If DY does not get it going again, he has to sit against right handed pitching when Dirks returns. I know that Driks is not your proto-typical #5 hitter but I think I like him there better than Young. His can hit the gaps and I think he can grind out at bats better. We really miss VMart in that spot.
— Bob

Delmon has been a serious problem in the lineup the whole year. His 1st pitch swinging, his strikeouts with men on, swinging at bad pitches, not driving in key runs, killing rallies etc. Though he has come on a bit lately the tendencies will likely continue. The dearth of RHB power numbers for the Tigers (sans Cabby) has really hurt.
I doubt DD will or will be able to address this problem this season. They are likely stuck with Delmon and we can only hope he will go onto a couple of hot streaks like we have seen in the past.
Giving Dirks at bats ahead of Cabby seems sensible. I don’t think he’s a guy you want to drop to low in the order.
I still like Infante batting 2nd though you can’t argue Berry there when he’s doing his job either. I wouldn’t mind Berry batting 9th because it means he would be up ahead of AJ. With Berry on base AJ is going to benefit from more fastballs and more pitch-outs to get him ahead in the count.
Andy Dirks is a very significant piece of the puzzle here on out. I think he is capable of responding to the challenge.

Please don’t worry too much when we are facing righthanded pitching. Our manager will have some nice options provided everyone continues to hit as they have recently. The real concern will be when we face lefties. Toronto, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minnesota, Kansas City, Oakland. All these teams have the potential to throw a tough lefty at us. Some of them two or three. Who is

pulled out to put in some combo of Laird .180, Raburn.165 or Santiago .174 against lefties??? Yes, we might make another move.

Morosi is selling Johnson. He is the equivalent of Melky Cabrera according to baseball refence.But I guess is the pre 2012 Cabrera.Contact hitter with no power.
Corey Hart is not a realistic target but he would be a fit. Used to be a trade target for Detroit .

Would Ryan Raburn and one of these three (Luis Marte, Collin Balester, Jose Ortega) get us Reed Johnson??

Rumour is yes. Sean Casey II could be coming

However, the good Delmon Young can hit good pitching, as seen last year in the playoffs. Dirks and Berry in the playoffs? TBD.
I cringed when QB hit a home run last week, when he drives the ball (pull, other way) and hits it on the gound he is good. If he tries hitting HRs, he will be back in Toledo.

Agreed. If he lets the ball get deep on him and slaps it the other way, he will get a ton of hits between short and 3rd because the 3rd sacker will be in respecting his bunting. He can get a few doubles down the line too.
I was hoping the good Delmon was arriving right before the break; but he seems to be reverting.
— Bob

Berry has the tools to be very good, actually, but he has to stick with his game. Everytime he hits the ball in the air I say “you won’t make any money up there.” My wife probably gets tired of hearing that. I thought of the Lou Brown thing too. As far as his fundamentals go, he wasn’t in our organization all these years so what can you do? Keep teaching.
I was surprised to learn that Delmon has more career ABs in the 5-hole than any other lineup slot. We may indeed be stuck with him but JL doesn’t have to put him there everyday. The alternatives are limited but someone like Peralta at least has good ABs, which would be helpful against a pitcher in crisis. Boesch is too streaky, but you could take advantage of his hot streaks. Sometimes those pre-printed lineup cards don’t work so well.
If Victor comes back on schedule, we have the solution for the postseason if we get there. I don’t expect him to do what he did last year, but he’s a smart hitter and that’s what we need.
This wouldn’t be such an issue if Prince hit more homers, but I’m not going to complain about what he’s doing. Definitely an RBI man, and a smarter hitter than I would have thought when he came over.

When does Victor have to play to be eligible for the postseason?? Late August isn’t it????

No, he’s eligible coming off the DL.

Victor is on the roster and is therefore eligible for the postseason. He is on the 60 day DL. Realistically I don’t think he will be back this year. I hope I am wrong.

No one else mentioned it here but if working with Berry’s bunting helped his hitting, can something like that help anyone else? I am thinking mainly of BB and DY. Forgive me if this is an insane suggestion.

Different problem, different solution. QB has the speed to bunt to go on base. He swings like a power hitter. BB and DY are free swingers. No patient at all. Someone must explain them there is only one Vladimir Guerrero and the rest must hit only when the ball is in the strike zone

ElTigre, you seem more positive about Sanchez than the majority of our posters. I have heard him described as a “pure rental.” Why wouldn’t the Tigers want to lock him up? To me, Sanchez fits in a mid-rotation slot. He is only 28, has a plus fastball, is familiar with the strike zone, has a fairly high strikeout ratio and can eat innings.

I am not even questioning value for Sanchez. How do you come up with 48 mil for him, when as I have previously allude, negotiations for a new contract for Verlander must be under way next year. You don’t want JV unsigned in his free agent year.
Or does Mr. I throw money at anything. If we win with Sanchez being a plus, maybe. If not, he’s like a flat screen TV from a Rent to Own Store.

Greg…If affordability is the only issue, think about DY. He will be coming off the books

With all due respect, DY off the books will be about 12 mil, not 48. And I realize this
is out over several years; probably nothing to worry about; teams seem to do what they want. Oakland is playing pretty well with a 55 mil TEAM salary.

If we don’t win the World Series OR re-sign Sanchez if he does well, this looks like a trade where we overpaid heavily. The media seems to lean towards him being a rental. I don’t see the point in that unless we won the whole shootin’ match. Myself, I’d like to see Anibal do well and be back in Detroit next year.

Richard, we had this discussion before. My concern is always not having money for JV and Miggy in the next few years. We have to keep them.
Yes, DY is coming off and Inge is coming off and VV is coming off. JP may be coming off. But these spots all have to be replaced with money to somebody else. And Scherzer, Fister and Porcello are all closing in on arbitration years and will get hefty pay raises over what they are at now. BB is closing in on arbitration also. It is a jigsaw puzzle. Monday coming off the books but other guys getting raises due to years of service and production.
I will stand by my position. If Mr I want to spend like crazy; go for it, I say. If you can afford it; do it. It is his money. But dont dump all this money now and give an excuse in 2 or 3 years from now that you cannot afford to keep JV and Miggy.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Monday should say Money … cant spell.
— Bob

I watched the broadcast of his no hit-no run. I have watched a half dozen of his games. When a Venezuelan is pitching , the local TV tries to show that game. His numbers are good. His HR rate went up a little after leaving the pitcher friendly old park. But his SO/BB is great. Of the trades candidates he was the most likely target because of the 2b/ starter combo that is why I mentioned them before the trade as so.
He would be expensive to keep, if so.
This off season are arbitration eligible: AA, DF,BB, AJ, MS, RP, Coke, DK, RR.
JP has an buyout of 600 K but he going nowhere. The SS list of FA is worse than the 2B list. In fact, JP would be the second youngest available.
Anyway, they needed a starter. Smyly has been good but even with the time on DL , he probably had to be shutdown at the end of the season.
They still need a professional hitter and they are in win now mode. So keep tuned.

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Avila 2, Santiago 6, Infante 4. Verlander is starting

The game will be delayed.Did not know about the severe storm before posting

This is starting to look like a no-go tonight.

I am selfish. In a way I am hoping for a no go. Then I get to set JV live tomorrow.
— Bob

I wonder if Justin ate at Taco Bell last night?

Wow JV although he only gave up 1 run they hit the ball hard against him in the first inning. He better change it up..that wasn’t good.

He will say that the additional rest day broke his routine

Singles hitters

Let’s hope JV gets his act back. Too many long fly-outs. But his pitch count is good so far.

This game just doesn’t have a good feel to me? JV seems slightly off…yes I know he’s only given up 1 hit…and the walk was questionable by McClelland. I don’t think he’ll give up much but I also don’t feel good about our hitters giving him run support??? Just a feeling, I hope my gut is wrong.

Looked like Avila was going to be dead duck at home but the ball was cut off. Maybe Austin kept running because he saw that, and tried to draw the throw away from home.

That is exactly what happened. Great base running by Ajax. Avila was dead at home.
Now JV walks the lead off hitter. Why is it so hard to beat these Indians?
— Bob


And that is why he is great. JV made a mess, but he cleaned it up. You can credit JV’s great defense to spending his first 2 seasons in the big league in a rotation with Kenny Rogers. No doubt about it.
Now let’s get some runs off this guy.
— Bob

Tie game. Can you believe it?

Uh oh!!! Miggy grounded into a double play and wham two solo shots and a single. This game worried me from the start and now with their pen and our lack of hitting surely means this could be trouble.

Pretty dang disappointing!

Looking discombobulated……again.

Told my wife the Tribe would score after the Cabby DP. 2 things went wrong on that at bat. Cabby knows Smith is a sinker ball pitcher and should have waited for a pitch to hit in the air.The other thing is Leyland should have been running Berry to try to stay out of a DP.
JV has nobody to blame but his fastball loving arrogant side that always comes back to haunt him. Especially to Haffner.
Cabby having one of those days again. Seems to be in a position to do damage then fails to.
Ain’t over yet—JV doesn’t know what to throw at this point.
If we get out of this inning tied we will be really lucky. JV is done.

It’s over it’s nearly impossible to score on this pen…..thanks to Santiago and his crappy play in the field it’s out of reach.

Run and the sainted Santiago is nowhere to be found to get the third out at second! And then he can’t make a simple out on a soft liner. Terrible fielding…. Bad pitching what a stinking joke. Unfreaking believable so dang mad right now. Good job Verlander good job Santiago!

Holy crap. When JV unravels he really unravels.

It looked for awhile that JV had straightened out but oh my that 7th inning. Back came those long fly balls. This time too long.

Can’t believe they didn’t give Santiago an error on that missed catch…..as bad as Verlander was that inning he doesn’t deserve to have that run charged to him. Santiago cost him two that inning.

We can fault JV (and deservedly so) but all this happens because the Tigers have difficulty putting their opposition away when they have a chance to to stomp on them. Happens far too often.
Be a great victory but realistically there is almost zero chance of us getting to Pestano and/or Perez. They eat us up.
IMO Leyland has to take a little heat tonight. He steals with Berry and Cabby doesn’t hit into a DP.
That’s what Berry is for. He’s 15 for 15. He steals the worst that can happen is an intentional walk.
These are the games that break your spirit. This one was ours to win.

Why is it that it’s always Leylands fault when they lose on here but I’ve never or rarely see him get credit when they win? I agree that Berry could do more, but Miggy has had a pretty sluggish couple of games., blame him. Verlander was bad….. Santiago was bad….. Boesch was bad…. Infante has contributed nothing. Really only Jackson and Fielder had good days.
Was thinking about driving to Toronto on Sunday, but rethinking that decision. I feel while playing great for two weeks, they are playing like crap again. Not sure if I want to waste $400 dollars. If they can’t beat this crappy team and hold them down, what kinda chance o we have against a team that smacks the ball all over the place?

Agree–that was an error.
No miracle tonight. These guys couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of a boat tonight.

PR and PH there

it was time for Laird and Peralta

Why not pinch hit for Santiago? He doesn’t hit

No pinch hit for Infante either? I don’t get it?

Ok walk…

Really now, if you have a guy with berry’s speed you don’t think you should run him?
That’s the reason he is here.
Anyway-not blaming JL for the loss just saying he has to take “a little heat”.

I will blame Leyland for not pinch hitting for a few guys this inning though.

Regressing into the ways of May and early June. Terrible to not take at least 2 in this series when your three top pitchers were going, including Cy Velander. Indians arent that awesome, but at least they give a crap! Started to get a bit arrogant I think.

No team is as good as it looks when is winning nor as bad as it looks when it is losing.
Laird must have run for Avila. Peralta with the bat for Santiago.

They need a professional hitter . When your bench is DK, RR and you can use Laird because you are afraid of ending without a catcher in the 9th , well you are not set.

Gotta agree.

That’s the number of men LOB in the six games in Cleveland. That’s why we’ve lost five of the six. Blame who you want, but this is why we’ve lost these games. I don’t think this is an accident. I think that their team, who does have a good manager in Manny Acta, knows that our guys get too antsy in situations. You don’t need to throw more than one strike before our hitter will get himself out.
Other than that, when we play them head to head, they always look like the better team. Perhaps someone should check to see how other teams beat them? They are a sub-.500 club against everyone else, but our guys sit in the dugout looking stunned.
By the way, why didn’t Peralta play this game? Is there a reason?

My guess a righty lefty thing? Although Santiago was not very good at the plate (worse in the field). Although I think they lost tonight because Verlander was bad…2 innings anyways but that was enough. Hitting was and has not been good against the Indians all year.

First of all, I hope all is well with Jhonny’s family who live in Cleveland. We faced their starter once with Jhonny 0 for 3 and Ramon 1 for 3. Jhonny had played all the games since the All-Star break with the day off on Monday in there. But here’s the key, he had not had a hit the last three games. When someone is 0 for three days that might a good time for him to have a day off. Also, in this series he has reinforced #39 that he is still a valued member of his team. Jhonny who is 2 for 3 off Perez should have pinch hit in the ninth either for Santi or QB. Our other three bench guys have ZERO hits off Perez. So their all due but who does it?? Could you imagine Ryan Field’s asking Mr. Leyland if he had a gut feeling that QB was going to keep the rally going???

I’ve been saying that for awhile now. The bench was full of Mendoza hitters and still is. You can’t have a benchl ike this in a playoff round

A lot of teams have bench guys with lower batting averages don’t ya think? By the way Laird has been pretty good this year,

But JL wont use him . He is afraid of ending without a catcher

Two guys that could play catcher in an emergency Raburn and Kelly. I don’t think you can just give up because your afraid of losing your catcher, you have to give your best chance to win and I guarantee Santiago wasn’t it.

A little deja vu to when Verlander used to try to overpower the Indians with fastballs and get lit up. Bad pitches to both Santana and Hafner. Wouldn’t throw either of them fastballs, especially first pitch fastballs.

Sometimes you really wonder about this game of baseball. I do think JV was fastball happy, but would never have dreamed that the Indians would bat around. If we don’t lead after seven against the Indians, basically it’s time for the fat lady to sing.
Still looking for that offensive upgrade at second base. A game like this leaves that sour taste in our mouth for a good while. Look at where the damage came from; all hose left handed batters. It’s going to bite us every time we play the Indians, unless we can score more than three runs. Two of JV’s losses to this team. A bunch of Ragtags, whose cleanup hitter has 44 RBI’s, and is a base stealer. Man, this hurts. QB does not need to be in the two slot. Everyone knew he would strike out to end the game. Plays one good game, and then can’t come through the next.

I don’t feel like it, but I’ll go with three things I liked in the game:
1. Delmon saw quite a few pitches tonight. Another walk; 11 for the year, and the solo shot, his 11th. HR. How about that ? Same # of walks and homers. I would have thought that JV would ride with a 2 run lead. Delmon was okay tonight.
2. Ajax gave it all he had. Three hits and the ribby, plus keeping the ninth alive.
3. Alex has his second straight 2 hit night. Maybe it’s the start of a good streak of clutch hitting again.

Also kudos to Villareal for keeping Down’s man at third. Again, the failure to get the “coffin” hit, especially by Cabs, did us in tonight. Anxiously waiting the Sanchez start on Saturday. Good night to all.

I look forward to your three things every night, Greg. I know that’s difficult sometimes.
I’m not sure they can trade their way into being a better team this year, but they have to try.
This trip ends in Boston. This could get bad by this time next week. Let’s hope not, but that place is always a nightmare.

DY is the player Tiger fans love to hate. My fear is this young guy gets away from us and becomes what he was projected to be when drafted. I used to coach and knew him in state playoff action. He was a man among boys.

I played against Ike Blessitt. He was a man among boys too.

Funny. Truth is, several guys have passed thru programs I have been affiliated with, including at least three 1st rounders and a HOF( Fingers). Many MLB players have played locally, several of which were ASG players like McGwire , Sweeney, Monge, Cordero, etc, not to mention probably maybe 10 current MLB players. I have seen a lot of talented guys. DY stood out

“You’re killing me Smalls.”

“Red, I shoulda been a farmer.”

Sir “Natural”…I don’t get it. Way too sophisticated for a farmer like me.

I was swapping movie lines with Marty.

Really do not appreciate the disrespect. I have never shown it to you.

Who are you addressing?

Listen, all I tried to say is the “Smalls” remark grated. I ‘ve seen a lot of guys and between my kids and I we have been involved in baseball from T-ball to HS to college to national team to pro. Seen alot . The POINT was DY STOOD OUT. As I understand the “Smalls” remark, it is disrespectful. I do not want to treat others that way. And I refuse to accept that kind of treatment. I may not always be right in my conclusions, but I am not clueless..

Some things have to happen for us to be a winning team:
Fielder has to hit home runs
Cabby can have off days but he can’t leave men on 3rd and less early count DPs.
Avila, Peralta and Boesch have to be dangerous.
Berry and AJ have to steal bases and create some mayhem on the base paths.
Our guys have to start salivating over having men on base instead of tightening up. And they are.
Porcello and Scherzer have to win 17 games and Fister has to win at least 5 more.
JV has to make better pitching choices.

Hey, we have only lost two in a row once this month. Is everyone set to go to Canada??? Go Tigers!!!!

I am. I am. Oh wait, I am already in Canada.🙂 Friday and Sunday. Section 125. Behind 3rd base dugout.
They are going to have to pitch well this weekend and they need more than 3 runs in a game. This Jays team can rake. They have a banged up rotation with a bunch of guys named “who”. But we all know how well we hit against guys named “who”.
They need to put last night’s game in the rear view mirror as quick as possible.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Couldn’t agree more. We were thinking about driving up there Sunday but I fear they after playing soo well for nearly a month, look bad again in just three days. Is it a trend or a fluke?

I hear ya, GK. I was thinking the same in May when I was debating buying tickets and making my first trip to Comerica in 4 years. They were playing so uninspired at the time I remember thinking why do I want to spend money on tickets, hotels, gas and food when I may see them score 1 run on 4 hits. But I did. And I am glad I did. I think the poor play was the fluke and last night was just one of those stupid games that got away in a blink. (We have won a few ourselves that way this year). I will be in Detroit on August 22 and 23 against the Jays (my wife and kids wanted to see their team).
If you make the drive up on Sunday; there should be plenty of good seats available. We will be in Section 125, Row 13 seats 105-108 in you want to say hi.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Verlander is cocky which is probably what makes him good. But he wasn’t smart last night and that was his down fall. As in the allstar game in which he embarrassed himself and gave the excuse he was just trying to put on a show. ( which was crap, he’s far too competitive to look as bad as he did). Last night he fell into the same routine, instead of pitching he just tried to blow everyone away and that’s arrogance. I don’t know of he is getting to big for his britches but to me he isn’t even close to a sure thing on his days. I appreciate him but he needs to start thinking.

I dont know if JL said something about it last night,but the previous night ,he said that having Infante allows him to rest Peralta . He is back to the old routine, resting players in the worst time

The blog won’t let me post unless i hit reply. ?????

I guess it’s working now. The cursor wouldn’t click in the reply box. I shut the game off after the 8th. Pitching and hitting aren’t clicking and not on the same page. Look lost.

Resting players against division foes, two days after an off day, and saying his lineup is now etched in stone. I think you’re right, El Tigre.
Rest them in Toronto on that turf. He said it was a big headache having to decide who to play at 2ndbase everyday. I guess Joe Maddon has a headache all the time. Avila being worked to death.

Didn’t watch the game, but from the highlights you can tell that Verlander not only missed his spot on the HRs in the 7th, but also threw 93. You can’t miss up in the zone at 93. I know later he threw harder, but what was he thinking. I guess he is human. I bet he bounces back in the next start.
Last pitch of the game, QB did not swing, that was a terrible call.
2 times this week QB is on 1st and Miggy bounces into a DP, think we need to send him. That is why we have Prince, walk Miggy and face Fielder with the bases loaded.

Quintin Berry is still a strong contributor to the Tigers recent success. He now carries a four game hitting streak to Toronto. Beautiful to see those three singles the opposite way against the Indians. This was the third time around for him against Cleveland. He had five hits. Now we have a weapon for turf ball in Toronto. C’mon QB pressure them with bunts and go the other way. Let’s go Tigers!!!!!!

Turf ball followed by wall ball in Boston. A tour of strange ballparks. The turf could really work against Porcello, and it would seem doubtful that we’ll hit this Toronto whiz kid. I hate going in negative but they do that to ya.
Berry should steal when Cabrera is up. This has come up before. As I understand it, Q has the green light and JL has a no-go sign, so hard to tell what’s going on there. It’s Rod Allen that always talks about “taking the bat out of Cabrera’s hands” so I don’t know what JL’s philosophy is. I say have him steal and if they’d rather pitch to Prince, let ’em. I think that jibes with what most or all of you are saying here, and I agree.

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Porcello is starting

Honest to god can Avila get a day off?

A lefty pitching for them too.

Nope, that’s wrong. Righthander. I got some bad info.

Here’s how it goes tonight. Alex two hits Wednesday. Alex two hits Thursday. We face a righthanded pitcher tonight. Alex starts. He’s trying to get him on a roll.

Tomorrow , game at noon. Laird must be there .

More than likely on Sunday.

I’m with you Rich I don’t hold out a lot of hope or tonight…….

Back Back Jacks. Nice.
Infante is getting no puck luck. Hitting the ball well and hard just about every time.
Porcello must have that sinker going.
Can’t watch the game today—they blackout all Canada (and this is a pretty darn big country) for Blue Jay games!!!
Angels got Greinke.
Ahhhh- just picked up the game after Olympic opening ceremonies.
Oh Delmon, I just don’t understand swinging at the 1st pitch in DP situations. More often than not they end negative rather than positive. Go ahead dude with nobody on but no now.
Hateful baseball.

Prince doesn’t try to move out of the way does he? He takes it for the team.

Well The Old Porcello is back. Granted I thought he was getting a tad squeezed based on the way balls and strikes had been called all night but whatever he hung that pitch to Mathis and it cleared the bases. And the way the Tigers have been hitting I wouldn’t expect much……..regressing!

Pull him out before he gives 10 again

Well, I just can’t believe it. Everything seems to be falling apart including my computer. “Compatability problems” according to internet explorer. Can’t sign in to my WordPress account. It’s driving me nuts.

Try disabling compatibility view.

Thanks, El Tigre. I did that, but it’s still acting strange. How could they call a check swing on Berry when it looked like the bat barely moved?

So glad Infante is here, he has been a huge improvement over the other second baseman……….??????

Something is wrong with my computer. Says I’m having compatibility problems. It’s driving me nuts. I can’t believe this team.

By the way Anibal Sanchez was shelled by the Blue Jays during interleague play.

To the tune of 7 hits, 4 walks and 6 earned runs in 3.1 innings.

Infante will be fine. He’s a good ballplayer. He tries hard all the time and doesn’t give up at bats.
Wonder if Porcello’s problem in the 4th was listening to his pitching coach?
It was a pretty fat pitch to Mathis though.
I’ve said this about DY over and over—he’s a rally killer. Don’t look at the raw stats look at WHEN a guy is hitting into DPs or striking out.
You’ll find when he hacks at that 1st pitch with men on he often hits into a DP. That kills rallies. We have had a lot of rallies die after Cabby and Fielder.
I guess Berry must have gout or plantar fasciitis or something. JL let him run like a demon when he first came up and now he hardly runs at all. It’s like he doesn’t play HIS game anymore.
That’s the kind of thing that drives me nuts. To have an unemployed weapon. Th recognize that the guy fired up the team but then have him adapt to being lead-footed and wait for someone to jack one.
Berry and AJ give us a leadoff tandem that can create defensive hysteria on the other team yet when do we ever see it used?
Boesch back into a funk again. In and out of it so often.
Peralta back into being invisible again. Crappy at-bats by both of them tonight.
Tigers can’t go to sleep against these Blue Jays. They will hit and they will run you ragged.
Boring baseball by our guys. Fell totally asleep after the 1st inning. Not good enough.

No freaking way AJ struck out in 7th. And no way strike out pitch to Berry was a strike. Ump must have dinner reservations that’s all I have to say… Been a screwed up strike zone all night.

It’s amazing it is possible to score runs against the crappy pitching of Cleveland Minnesota has put an 8 spot on them….and appreaently you can hit Darvish since CWS has put 5 runs on him so far. Oh I know these pitchers and teams save all their best work for the Tigers! (sarcasm)

Look how fired up the blue jays are. The Tigers look like they are playing tight.

toast. There’s just no excuse.

Their playing that gives them too much credit!

I mean our guys fell asleep. I’ve been swearing and cursing and complaining right along.
Saw rumour about Hairston from the Mets. Don’t see the attraction. Another .260 hitting outfielder?
Yikes-we’re gonna get a dose of Brett Lawrie. That ain’t good–exciting guy but rather see him do this stuff against some other club.
This game is as good as over especially if they get Lawrie in.

ESPN Ney York. Hairston talks. Due dilligence.
OPS: 800
236 with A´s
Vs LHP: 308

Embarrasing. They’re making us look awful.

Turning it off….I’d rather watch the parade of nations on the Olympics thn this bull crap!
Definitely not going to watch game on Sunday….

Meaning we were gong to drive to Toronto…..waste of time and money

Was 8-2 after the All-Star break just a fluke? Now they are 1-3 and looking dead again.

Looked dead until Miggy scored that run. Delmon, Brennan, and what has happened to Mr. Reliable.

Put that run on Posey´s injury. He was afraid of being in the middle

When is Boesch going to figure things out? He is a Bi-Polar ball player. (No offense intended to anyone with that remark).

And they have 2 hitting coaches. What good does it do?

Well, that’s gonna PO Leland.

Oooooohhh. We’re gettin’ back into the Dead Zone again. How does this happen so fast?
Teams that win certainly lose games but usually they still generally play well.
When this team starts to lose they lose “it”, too. They just look bad and it is concerning when you have a team of good players but look bad as a team.
We might get a miracle in the 9th but realistically, how could we possibly do that?
BTW notice how Delmon hits ok with the sacs empty?
Oh boy–I can hear the trade haters warming up now after Infante’s error. Sure hope Sanchez can make us smile tomorrow.
What a difference in how Snider and Boesch handle their at bats.

8-3. That’s it. Goodnight.

8-3. Swinging at the first pitch. Great

One problem I see with this team, (and I know and hope I am completely wrong), is they look unfazed and almost blaise when they are losing or when they lose. I personally would like to see some emotion. Maybe a broken bat or helmet or something?
Time to get Laird in there. Give him back to back games. Boesch needs to come out.
Peralta is looking like he did when he was invisible a month ago.
Young? I can’t even go there. I almost don’t even consider him a ball player. He may as well just play cricket.

I can’t even find words for how bad that looked.

Dreadful, Abysmal, demoralizing, pathetic, discouraging, woeful, inept, dysfunctional, OK–I’ll let somebody else pick up the baton.


JL says his lineup is etched in stone so there’s not much point in discussing it, but I’d try someone else to hit after Prince. Anyone else. Someone who will at least try to work the pitcher. I can’t count the number of rallies that have died an instant death this season. That sudden reversal of fortunes has an effect on our team and theirs. I don’t think JL looks at things that way because it has to do with momentum. Momentum, as it turns out, is only as good as your next hitter.
Hell, I’m tired of talking about it.

McCartney should be on at some point here tonight.

Well that was a clunker. Hey Dan I wouldn’t do that, at least after just 4 games. Anyway I like Omar. I like him a lot.
Just got caught up on the blogs. Richard I meant no disrespect with my comment. If you took it that way I certainly apologize. I was responding to Rich’s comment about playing with Ike Blessett. I had to stop and think, who the heck is Ike Blessett? Then I thought, now there’s a name that probably generated some lore.
I used the line from “The Sandlot”, one of my all time favorite baseball movies along with “The Natural” which Rich happened to quote. It just came to me because, assuming Ike Blessett was just a guy, it reminded me of all the kids I played baseball with growing up, some who were really good players, none of whom went on to become professional, as far as I know. We played baseball every day back then, sometimes even in the snow. I’m probably exaggerating a bit but we played a lot. There weren’t a whole lot of other things to do back then, at least that were better than baseball.
“The Sandlot”, of course, was a story about a small bunch of rag tag kids who simply loved playing baseball like we all did when we were young. It was told through the eyes of Scotty Smalls, magically narrating his childhood memories. He wasn’t quite as talented at playing baseball as he was writing about it though. All this stuff is classic.
The year the movie supposedly took place was 1962. That was my first year playing little league baseball. I made my league’s All Star team in 1963, one of my few claims to fame. So that’s why I love the movie. I can relate to it.
Richard, take a look at the posting time of my blog and Rich’s. I was simply responding to his. Yours came after but somehow wound up in between, so it appeared I was responding to yours. Again I meant no disrespect. That would not be humor.

Did I mention the game was a clunker? There is a silver lining. Omar Visquel at 45, put on a baseball clinic for us tonight. The guy is simply amazing and a pleasure to watch. HOF.

Good evening folks. Once again, our team laid an egg instead of hitting a baseball. This is becoming an all too familiar scene. If Mr. Sanchez lays an egg too, then I will become a trade hater, Dan. I just don’t see us going anywhere post season, unless the bats magically begin to perform. Things got really ugly tonight;
our 5 through 1 was a combined 2 for 23 with 2 walks. The other 6 hits came from 2-3-4. This performance gives ugly a new name. Our bullpen let us down, and then Snyder got the coffin hit. Did I mention that things got really ugly? But in spite of all this ugliness, I ‘ll give three things that I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Back to back Homers for Miggy and Biggy. This should happen much more than it does, but really, it leads only to 2 runs. To top this off, both homers came with two out.
2. Cabrera’s good slide in the 8th. He had to put it in frantic mode, and did barely beat the high tag. at the time this makes the score 6-3, setting up a chance to win in the ninth. Snyder changed those plans with the coffin HR.
3. In all honesty, Porcello showed some more positive growth. The ground ball outs were piling up, when those dreaded walks opened the door for the big inning.
I’ve noticed 93-94-95 on the fastball, and increase in velocity from early in the year.
One pitch cost him the evening, the hanging slider to Mathis. I think Rick will finish the year strong.

Finally what frustrates me is our plain rolling over to the opponent’s set up man and closer. We do nothing to theirs. Lately, Benoit and Valverde, have been anything but dominant. Mr. Dombrowski, your move, again. Good night all.

I’d pick up the baton Dan but you buried it:-)…….and rightfully so.

Another excellent installment Greg.

Hey Marty–I looked for and noticed the exact thing you mentioned ( timing of those posts) last night. I think Richard took things the wrong way. No way these guys would be disrespectful to you Richard—absolutely no way.

Leyland NEEDS to assert himself. That almost seems to be a contradiction but in terms of strategy and lineup, he NEEDS to assert himself.
Peralta has to contribute. He can be steady and unspectacular. So far he has been neither.
DY is so blatantly, obviously transparently, literally, virtually, figuratively (and many other adverbs) been killing rallies. JL insisting him as the #5 hitter is hurting the cause.

Dirks is going to be batting 2nd when he comes back. Eventually anyway.
Heck, even batting Boesch 5th behind another LHB like Fielder makes a little sense.

I know he was dreadful behind Cabby but behind another LHB might not be so bad.
That being said, Boesch is still (after too much time in service here) trying to find his way as a big league hitter. He projects as a #5 guy but you could say the same for #3 and #4. It’s just not happening.

This is what I would do:
Against RHP:
Berry LF
Dirks RF
Boesch DH

Against LHP
Young DH
Dirks (or gasp) Raburn LF
Boesch (or gasp,) Raburn RF

I know all about the lefty/righty advantages and fixations. I would like to see us make life difficult for opposing starting pitchers. That seems to be more important than this idealistic LHB/RHB scenario that is supposed to make it tough for the opposing manager to deal with.
The truth is, we have had trouble all year with starters and certain teams shut us down in late innings regardless of who we put up there. Go for the gusto and get some runs (after the 1st inning when we shut down) against starters and we will win many more games.

I hope you appreciate what a nice working life you have. To have an opportunity to commiserate with the team personnel and write about it must be pretty neat.
Plus, you have probably one of the better BLOGS in MLB!
Congratulations and gratitude to to you.

Dirks, VMart and “Q” (Alburquerque).
Will these guys make the difference before it’s all over?

Experiment doomed for failure:
Oliver as a relief pitcher

Still angry this morning……won’t be able to watch tha afternoons game, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise??? Like I said last night Sanchez was shelled by these very blue jays during interleague. And lrd knows this guy we are facing will a high era will pitch his best game of the year! (at least that’s what we will be told). Difference between the winning streak and the losing streak…well it’s real simple..pitching and 5-9 hitting and not killing rallies. Tigers are doing neither these days.
White Soxs of course won…

I can’t watch the game either. Have to work today. I’m dreading it, quite frankly. The Tigers gotta get goin. Had to upgrade my browser. What a pain. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

I know where your coming from Dan about JL asserting himself, It ain’t going to happen though and it is up to the players to fill the void.
In Inge’s recent interview, he commented on the change going to the A’s with the clubhouse mood much lighter not being weighed down with expectation.
I would like to see JL asserting himself by not overmanaging and just let the guys play.

Well. I just finished reading everyone’s posts. As expected, it was just as bad to watch on TV as it was live. Way too many mailed in at bats from Young, Boesch, JP and Avila. They were terrible.
It seemed like RP was afraid of the left handed hitters in the 4th, walking both of them. The Jays won because they got production from secondary players and we did not. Mathis, Snider, Vizquel, Gose all had RBIs. Miggy and Biggy had all of ours.
They showed no plate discipline. I cannot even count how many times they swung at crap in the dirt. I am beginning to think that when they went on their hitting hot streak that it was just luck. They didnt change they approach. They just hit mistakes. Now they are seeing less mistakes and they show no desire or ability to grind out at bats. Of course, I am speaking of batters 5-8.
Hopefully, they can bounce back today.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Same lineup as yesterday, folks.

Either they wouldn’t let Jason into Canada or he used his writer’s sixth sense to forecast that these were games to miss. 🙂
A week ago yesterday, we were 1.5 games out. Swept the Sox and seemed poised to make the move and now, a week later, we’re 1.5 games out. No wonder the fans get cranky. Everybody understands that baseball is a game of streaks, but these guys have a knack not for driving in runs, but driving people crazy.
Dan has some interesting alternative lineups that, as he and we all know, would never be used. The Twins got good production from Delmon by hitting him 7th, and that’s not a bad idea. JL may remove him from the 5th spot, but it would not be for another month and he would preface the switch by saying that “most people don’t understand the importance of the 5th spot in the batting order.”
Signed, A Tired and Increasingly Cynical Tigers Fan Who Also Knows that Today is a New Day.

Marty… Thank you for clearing things up. Frankly, I believed I was being mocked for my DY comment. I thought the Blessitt comparison was funny, but I found the Smalls remark and retort offensive at the time. As I understand it, the Smalls remark was meant to show extreme frustation at someone’s ineptitude or clueless-ness, or both. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting
Yes, he hates Avila

Told ya, Laird on Sunday against the lefty. And JL said his lineup is etched in stone, so that’s that.

The Blessitt comparison was meant to be funny, so that’s good. I don’t want to diss Ike, though, since he did make it to the majors, albeit for only five games. He was indeed a handful in high school, in three sports.

A new day.
The Boys need to get to Alvarez right away, and I mean right away. If he settles in he can be very difficult. Kinda reminds me a bit of Jeremy Bonderman. Remember how Bondo couldn’t seem to get thru the 1st inning without giving up crooked numbers? But if he did, he was dynamite.
That’s Alvarez.
These Jays are an exciting team. Can’t take them lightly. Obviously you can’t make many mistakes.
They still have Rajai Davis.on the bench who is one of the best base stealers of 3rd I have ever seen.
That is something we do not do very well. I remember Berry doing it but he did not get the classic walking lead and just made it in. There’s an art to it-probably Cabby has the best understanding of this on our club. Unfortunately.
Getting really tired of not running with AJ and Berry.
I just shake my head. The club is not going good and you have these guys that can maybe fire up the bunch and they stagnate on base.

This is the 59th game with venezuelans starting for both teams.
Alvárez.20 HR allowed this year. 7 plus era this month.
Sanchez, lacked run support of had bad defense behind most of the time with Marlins.
Advantage , Detroit.
Bad break that icecon catch on Fielder fly

My goodness Alex, how do take a pitch belt high for a 3rd strike. These guys are terrible with men on base. Just terrible.
Where is VMart?
They are letting Alvarez off the hook. Back to where they were a month ago. Bad approaches against starting pitchers.

Bonehead managerial move #1
Refusing to put something on with AJ on base. No steal, not hit and run, no bunt.
It’s actually idiotic to not try to get AJ into scoring position for the heart of the lineup.
Also, if QB really WANTS to bunt he should square around a little earlier so he doesn’t have to stab at the ball.
I’m disgusted with JL. How dense can a veteran manager be? The Jays will take advantage of the managerial mistake.

Memo to Jim Leyland from John Farrell:
That’s how you play ball and utilize speed
Our team does not play with a confidence or intesnity or energy.
I mentioned the other day that Boesch is a reactive hitter, rather than proactive.
You could say the same about the the whole bloody team from the top down.

DY .. there is no one better than you at getting a hit with 2 outs and nobody on. You must lead the league.
— Bob

Are you at the game, Bob?

Not today. Going back tomorrow. Hoping Mister Fister is top notch.
— Bob

One good thing to look forward to tomorrow. Gerald Laird gets to play. Must be tough to have to produce when you sit the bench that much though. Wonder if Raburn will get the start tin left?
I feel bad for Infante-he’s pressing.
Jays answers back.
These guys are a good ball team and they are doing it with a compromised pitching staff.

Looks like everyone we play has a better ballclub.

They certainly play better. But that is the thing … they play. We appear to go through the motions.
— Bob

The bats are cold, I see. Going back to work.

DY up after 2 walks.
Anybody want to bet what he does?

2 outs, 2 on.

not able to watch game but from what I can tell making another below average pitcher look like CY YOUNG HUH?

Must drive Leyland crazy. Crazy enough to run the same lineup out.

He just deliberately put Cabrera and Fielder on with one out, knowing he could get Young and Boesch. And it worked. That’s a bad strategic trend for us, if more teams start doing it. It would also make the Tigers not worth watching.

It’s over now.
These guys are ruining a weekend.
Making a lot of Canadians happy I guess.

Not this Canadian. They are a predictable joke.
— Bob

They’re ruining an entire summer.

Is JP going to do anything other than strike out this weekend … 5 Ks already.
— Bob

The usual outing for Sánchez. 15 QS out of 20 games. A ton of strikes. His HR rate has been climbing this year, as expected for someone with 23 strikes in his first 25 pitches.No run suport, he wont miss Florida for that.
Unsual number of walks
Not many Tigers pitchers can field like that. That 3th out in the second

Did I say Brutal?
I can’t stand what we are being forced to watch. Uninspired, lacklustre, polite baseball.

Dont blame Avila. Sánchez movement is way too slow

Calling a pitchout could have avoided the run earlier in the game

So we traded two good prospects for a guy who JL never liked (and sticks him 9th) and an a batting practice machine who cannot hold runners.
OK. Sounds about right.
— Bob

I have a feeling we are going to get hammered tomorrow.
The team is giving up during games and I fully expect them to start doing it before they play.

He was out. He crossed the second runner

So no hits in the last 5 innings.
Ok. That sounds about right.
What a sorry excuse of an effort in these last two games.
— Bob

And we’re down and out.
Ugly again.
Whoopee!!!. We get to see Raburn tomorrow. There’s something to look forward to.

Embarrassing actually. Trouble is we’re more embarrassed than the players appear to be.

This is the time of year when the pretenders begin to fade, and the Tigers have been no exception to that in recent seasons. As it stands now, we’re being out-played, out-hustled, out-managed, and out-scouted. The Toronto series is already lost and the next stop is Boston. We all know what happens to this team at Fenway.
It’s a dangerous time right now. We’re teetering on the brink.
If we go into a season ending spiral, that trade will have become a dreadful mistake. We would need all available trade chips in order to strengthen the team during the offseason.

I doubt we are on the Titanic. The talent is there and things will turn around,again.

I’d love to share your confidence, but these things do happen. A downward slide is a very real possibility. That’s what I’m saying. We’ll see.

On the Titanic, the knew they hit an iceberg and knew they we going down. These guys have no clue or urgency (at least they dont show it) as to what is going on around them. You could not get the Jays at a better time. Their rotation is banged up. The best home run hitter in the past 2 years is out and they have a bullpen that is shaky at best. But do you know what they do? They play and they hustle and they take what the pitcher gives them.
Who says the talent is there? Maybe Avila is not an offensive star? Maybe last year was a mirage? Maybe JL broke him? Maybe BB is not the future star we thought we was developing into.
They are 5 games over 500 after hundred games. That is enough time to determine they are what they are.
Maybe they wont win; maybe thy arent good enough. But dont insult us with lackluster, uninspired, sleep walking efforts with no urgency.
GK, I suggest you dont make the drive up here tomorrow. I fear you will be sadly disappointed. But at this point, should we be surprised to see anything else.
That’s it. No baseball for me for the rest of night. Talk to you all on the flip side after I am tortured through tomorrow’s game.
— Bob

Actually, people on the Titanic did not know they were going down for quite some time, and helps to explain the boats not filled to capacity. In that regard, your point about no clue or urgency is very apt.

Actually, your Avila comment strikes me as the biggest issue you raised. His offense and defense are disapponting and make one wonder if last year was a career year. The rest of the regulars have established track records, with the possible exception of Boesch (who has been inconsistent but has shown flashes of brilliance). Just a return to usual form would be welcome for most of the guys, including Raburn.

I am not recommending it, but I would not be shocked to see something done with the Cubs for Soriano.

I’d change managers. That won’t happen, but that’s what I’d do. This team is tanking.

You do have to wonder when you have what is generally considered to be a good group of players assembled.
Hard to blame the SOC though. I don’t think he is doing enough and I don’t think he is utilizing what he has. He has a tendency to stick with the status quo when things are going badly. Still not taking advantage of trying to put some offense together using the legs at the top of the lineup.
Peralta going very badly right now. Not many options but keeping him in the same spot in the order may not be very creative.
Maybe a chance to hit 2nd tomorrow in front of Cabby might help?
I know that is not going to happen. I’m sure hoping it will help Infante. I’ll scream if he sticks Raburn there.
It’s one thing to lose and it’s a whole other thing to play like losers.
Wonder if we will see Avisail in September?
Why can’t we get guys like Troy Tulowitzki?
Nothing against Sanchez but it sure would have been nice to pick up a southpaw.
Why does a homer hitting built team not hitting them?

Good evening to everyone. So you think there was no joy in Mudville, eh? Well, Detroit City baseball has gone from SRO crowds cheering at Comerica, to a great imitation of sleep disorder. The offense was a pain to watch today. Nothing from the bottom three, almost nothing from the top three. Basically nothing. Welcome to the American League Mr. Sanchez. After five games, the trade looks like a big minus for the Tiges. However five games are not enough to make a reasonable assessment, so I will hold my final judgements through the remainder of the road series. Coming up with three things today gave me a Migraine to the Max, not Scherzer. Mr. Fister needs to bring that tall frame out with a mean curve ball just to salvage the rubber game with the Jays. Should not be happening with this opposition lineup. However, if they score 2 today, they win. So the worst major league lineup probably scores 2. Oh yeah, the three things:
1. Alex’s throwout of Encarnacion in the 7th.; his second in the last 4 games. We won’t discuss his offensive contribution.
2. Two 2 out hits by Delmon and Brennon in the fourth for our only run. It’s sad when Delmon makes the three things list almost daily. It makes you realize just how bad the rest of the team is playing.
3. Bullpen gives us 2 scoreless innings(Yeehaw)! Well, it did set up the potential for a tying grand slam in the top of the ninth. Please note the difference between potential and reality.

Finally, watching this was game like swallowing a box of cat litter right after the cat had pooped. It’s pretty depressing around my house tonight. Maybe Gerald Laird drives in six tomorrow, and Fister tosses a three hit shutout. It’s got to get better; surely it can’t get worse. Checkmate Mr. Dombrowski. Good evening all.

I could have done without the cat litter analogy, Greg, but I do encourage you. 🙂
So we got the Twins scoring 11 and 12 runs against that unhittable Cleveland staff and Chicago having no trouble with the Rangers IN Texas. And Oakland keeps on rolling. And the Jays don’t miss Bautista a bit when we’re in town.
Anybody watch “The Franchise” on Showtime, covering the Marlins season? This week’s episode showed the deal going down between their GM and DD, “live as it happened.” Their GM seems to think that Turner will be ready to go into their rotation in a few days, so I think he may be disappointed. I still think it was a bad trade for us, pending the signing of Sanchez.
Leyland drew rave reviews from the FSD guys for taking the blame for sending Sanchez out there for the 7th. He took the blame about six times in a two minute interview. I mean, he was like a broken record. Keats, C-Mo, Rod, they were all so proud of him for doing that. Personally, I think it was another case of JL taking blame for something that wasn’t his fault so as to deflect the subject away from his underperforming team, but that’s just how I see it. Cynical guy that I am.
New day tomorrow.

Bob we already made the decision not to drive to Toronto tomorrow. Not worth digging my passport out of the safe. If they were playing even half way decent id be thrilled to drive there. But no sir if they aren’t going to showup why should I??

And to comment to your comment Rich…….its amazing that the Twins have pounded on cleveland pitching but we could barely manage a few runs. Look at all our box scores we have had very few games one were we have put a beat down on a team. Oakland we crappy hitting puts the beat down 9on teams. But our high batting averages its a big night with 5 runs.

Our ship has come in. It just happens to be the Titanic.
Now I don’t want to make anyone jealous but……well…..I didn’t watch the game today.

That’s funny.

I read an interesting article in the Times this morning regarding “fickle fans” as measured by attendance during winning seasons versus losing seasons.Titanic or no Titanic, Tiger fans ranked only behind Dodger fans as the second least fickle fan base in basball. The most fickle fans? Phillies and then Yankees.

Talk about fickle, Ranger fans are now booing Hamilton.

That must be a result of those comments from Nolan Ryan about Hamilton giving away ABs?

Just did a study of the first base position in MLB and found that homers are down from last year. Ike Davis of the Mets and Mark Teixeira of the Yanks lead the way with 20. Our Prince Fielder is in sixth position with 16 as I’m trying to eliminate players who might play more at the DH position. Now last year Teixeira (39) and Fielder (38) led the way with eight 1st sackers having 30 or more home runs. How many will get thirty this year??? Time will tell.

. T

A former 1B has 25 . He is in pace to 40 for first time in his career.
Fielder has been one year great, one good . Career long . And trending to lower number each year.

28/50/ 34/46/32/38/ 28?

Those numbers you have below are great!!!!!! In fact, 28 was my prediction for him this year but I didn’t get it published. How many first basemen do you see with 30???

Would Trumbo be the answer?

I still dont get what happened to Adrián González. He must be aiming for 30 too

ElTigre..The Trumbo comment/question was in reply to your query (?) about the former 1B on pace for 40 HR. Is he the guy? Or was that just a response to DOK and not a quiz?

The former 1b is Miguel Cabrera. I was adding to the comment by DOKsince 56. He was writting about the lack of HRs by first basemen this year.Trout helps his case too. Where the good hitting firstbasemen have gone?

He wont get 30 either

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Raburn 7, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Laird 2. Fister is starting.

Black Sox have know 3 LHP.

Blame the West. Tigers still have the second best record against Central Division. Only team with a positive record against East.

No team is as good as it looks when is winning nor as bad as it looks when it is losing.

Meanwhile this Fielder guy allowed us to move Miguel Cabrera to third base where he leads ALL of MLB with 25 homers and 83 Rbis. He trails David Wright for the 3B batting crown and/or 3B Triple Crown. Let’s give him until the end of the season as he seems upset that he was not the AL starter in the All-Star game.

40/135 projected. Trout will come to earth. Yaztrensky is the next objective

ElTigre… I don’t know about that. Trout seems to be special. So special, that Al Kaline compared him to Mantle.

Someone compared him to Mays and R Washington took offense.

The Detroit Tigers are the best team in the AL Central Division EXCEPT when we play Cleveland and Seattle!!!!!!!!! We might have to add Toronto to the exception list.

ElTigre…I heard about the Mays comparison reaction, but did not read an explanation. What was that about?

We are talkig about the best player of all times. Ruth played against a reduced field.
Of course, nobody remembers Sparky. Every player was the new Willie Mays for him: Gibson, Peters, Leach( jk),…

Will Trout end up a corner outfielder or center fielder?? The way he rockets the ball between the third baseman and shortstop remind me of a young Al Kaline. The ball Trout hit to right center in Detroit is something only Mays, Aaron, Sosa, or F. Robinson could have done. He is every bit as strong as Mantle at 20.

My understanding is that Hunter and Wells are nearing the end of their tenure with the Angels. Presumably, Trout and Trumbo will then be the corner guys and Bourjos will be the regular CF.

I also heard if the Angels move Morales, Trumbo could move back to first; allowing more flexibility regarding Hunter and/or Wells.

I think much of this is just conjecture. ..Duh. What happens to Pujols? Down the line, even with these moves, coupled with a potential Morales move, he may move to DH due to age considerations. But that seems premature at this juncture. So…Who knows?

Did any of us, including Kaline and Washington, see Mantle or Mays as rookies?

Many of us were probably alive at the debut of Mays and Mantle in 1951. Kaline debuted in 1953, so he probably saw them. Washington was born in 1953, so negative on him. Probabaly my best recollection from that period was my car seat because it had a steering wheel. Just thought you needed to know.

In 51 Kaline was busy in high school playing ball in Baltimore. He maybe saw the highlights of the World Series between the Yankees and Giants. Today in one month we see more baseball than Al’s generation would see in any one season IF they watched it at all. Remember television was new. The comparisons of the generations is still there through statistics. Did either Mays or Mantle have eye popping numbers as rookies??

“It just tells you if we start swinging the bats with runners in scoring position, it will turn around for us,” the manager said. “That’s what’s killing us right now.”
Jim Leyland? Nope, Ron Washington last night.

El Tigre, it might be better for us to have Fielder #28 wear a larger number like maybe #40. That will be a better homer target for him.

Those are his HR numbers. His numbers shows that pendulum movement. Past performance does not guarantee…but most time allows to predict with some accuracy.
He has more HR at CoPa than on the road, unexpectedly. I hope he will hit more HR during the summer , when arms are tired and the temperature is hot( as long the humidity is low). But he is on pace to 28.

Talking of Mays.In the Caribbean series of 1955, he began 0 for 12. He ended 11 for 25. Little sample and all that

Statistcic is the science that says that if my neighbor has two cars and a I have none , we have one each. B Shaw

The closest Trout as a rookie comparison is Fred Lynn. Right??

RoY and MVP . Probably. We watched him in the WS

Let’s say that Cabrera and Fielder end up with 60 homers combined. Who are the last corner infielder pair to do that??

ARod and anyone playing 1B for the Yankees?

2009. Inge (27)- Cabrera (34 )for the Tigers

Right, A-Rod and Teixeira most recently. Could our tandem be passing them up as the best combo in baseball??

It will be by forfeit but still count

What we need to see today is a little CHARACTER.
It’s high time this team realizes and maintains its potential.

I suspect Miggy was trying to ignite the club yesterday when he slid into home and went all WWF for a moment. That guy really really wants to win.

Yes, he and Prince go the extra yard. A little odd in the fact that both of their body styles are not conducive to that.
There are other guys on this team that give it their all. By all I mean their heart and their effort when things aren’t going just right. Laird, Fister, and Verlander just don’t give in.
Some of our other guys are prone to diminished play when things go badly.
We need more. I won’t name them.

Cabrera and Laird.Been there, done that.
JV was too close
Fielder and Fister, they have the extra and their team fell short last year.

Well Cecil has a 5.82 era, I fully expect him to throw a no hitter against the Tigers!


Well after the 1st Ab’s the perfect game is gone but the no hitter is still intact!

Well they should be able to reach the seats off this guy. that of course has been a harbinger of win or lose for us. The home run game has not been an effective one for us this year. Everyone’s numbers are below expectations other than AJ and Miggy.

What’s up with DY? 4 walks in 4 games, if I recall correctly.

Well I guess the no hitter is gone ?

4 in 5 but good point. Where did the Tigers hide the real DY?

slowbyrne…Right you are. RR and JP swung it.

Shame that Fister gets charged with an earned run in the 1st.
Thought for sure Peralta was going to K!!
Fister—-please don’t be afraid to waste an 0-2 pitch.

Starting to think Fister is rounding into form. High of 92 and low of 75(?). Nice separation and seeming command down on the sinker. Hopeful he returns to tier 1 form. Would mean I can cut down on my valium intake and medication costs.

And that fastball has some tail. Ump is either squeezing Fister or getting fooled by movement.

OK, we are slipping back into lumber slumber. 2 hits against Cecil is ridiculous. They should be making life miserable for this guy. Cecil gives up about 6 earned a game.
The high fastball is not a pitch we should be swinging at.
I don’t like to complain about the umps but this guy is really squeezing Dougie. Cecil too.

This has been an area of concern this year. Inability to add on runs or get to the starting pitcher.
3 runs will not win this game. Need a little cushion because all it takes is a bad call by the ump a single and a homer and the game changes dramatically.

Two more guys wasted and by Miggy & Biggy.
That, my friends, is a turning point. This is how we have lost games. The inability to come up with the big hit that breathes life in the other team.
Very important that we have a shut down inning.
Here we go. I smell another stinker.
Gose on—not much question what a good manager like Farrell will do.

Ya we had 1 1/2 good innings at the plate then nothing completely stopped…………..nothing ………crickets………

Just got home. 3-1? Too close for comfort. Runners left on base I bet or nothing at all? My text message will let me know. Hope it’s good news.

A few left on but mostly just nothing.

Yup. Looks familiar.

This ump is lacking. His inconsistency in the zone swings both ways and for both teams

The both team item would be this ump’s saving grace. But it can’t stop him from being bad.

Well let’s see we really couldn’t muster much against Cecil who came in with outstandingly bad numbers…..let’s see what they can do against the even worse relief pitcher coming in!

He’s not a good ump. That much is clear.
But we just can’t hit. Cecil should not have had the numbers he posted today. No way.
We need another hitter badly. Can we wait it out for VMart?
Answer is an emphatic NO.

Not fair to subject your pitcher to this. How long can Fister hold off this home team?
2 runs not enough—especially with the 8th and 9th coming up if Fister manages to get through this.
Benoit has not had much work and you never know what you are gonna get with Valverde.

Doug Fister must feel like he’s back on the Mariners, what with the lack of hits and low scoring.

But with worse defense

It’s hard to believe how pathetic we are at the plate. Very troubling.

Just as I anticipated, couldnt get anything against a very bad relief pitcher!! Tigers are awesome!

And that is the art of pitching in display

Would be nice to see RR hit one here.

Would have been nice.

Might be wise to not expect anything from Raburn. I actually think he will be gone in a week.

I think they will keep Raburn simply because he is a righty and Kelly will be gone because he is a lefty. Both versatile players in a few of the same positions. It’s a tough question.

Gosh. Missed it by one batter. Crystal ball crapping out on me.
By the way, will Fister come out in the 9th? He should.

Valverde couldn’t have a better part of the lineup to deal with. 3 run save. He’s pretty good with them! Usually turns them into a 2 run victory.

You are correct sir.

Great game by Fister.
5 hits total a concern.
Peralta coming on is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Well glad we won obviously but the hitting was horrible again?? Fister was great. But the hitting. Peralta has me thank for his 2 homer game, I took him out of my fantasy lineup…bam 2 homers 4 rbi’s. As I took out Ike Davis yesterday and he had three homers.

What? No stress? I feel cheated:-) Great job Doug and JV2! Jhonny picked em up today and the defense was crisp and good.

You have to be able to win games with 3 or 4 runs and we did that, but the hitting has to come around. I see Dirks replacing Boesch, Brennan is lost up there. Jhonny P the entire offense today. As long as somebody does it, okay. Omar and Raburn hitting in some bad luck.

Fister showed again he is an Ace. I ll take a pitching duel (Even is on on side is known as a BP macchine) over a 10 runs game everyday.
Detroit has the best 1-2 of the game.

I’d like to see our guys (including AJ!) more aggressive going from 1st to 3rd. At least JL tried to run with AJ once. Took a lucky throw and tag to get him.
I have very little faith in Raburn finding himself. Can’t afford to keep waiting on him.
Yes, he got an important double today but he also whiffed a couple of times. I realize it is difficult to perform when you’ve been sitting but he has himself to hold accountable for that.
Love the way Fister fields his position. Actually all our starters are proactive fielders on the mound. Sanchez looks very good fielding his position.

Raburn doesn’t have to find himself, he just needs to have a little hot streak and help us win a few games. I’m not looking for one of his big second half performances any longer.

Gerald Laird needs to start MUCH more. I’ll say it again, he’s an impact catcher. Why is JL starting our second best and injured catcher so much? Just the matchup nonsense? You watch, Laird won’t catch for another week.

The funny part about the matchup theory is Laird this season hits righties really well and struggles against lefties. Boston had two lefties our last trip there. Will we get one or two or none ??. One thing that was mentioned recently was that Avila caught Sanchez during his first bullpen session. He then caught him in his first start. Since the All- Star break Laird has started four times. Maybe you could give him another start during that time. The part you are spot on is the fact that Laird is an impact catcher. He is just a better defensive catcher than Alex.

Unusual. We start a three losing streak with JV on the mound. Today Doug Fister became a stopper. And you know what, I’m thinking we may have two or three other guys who will be stoppers before we finish the season. Our starting pitching can get on a roll and dominate. Our hitting is just simply inconsistent. Now how can we get it better?? Who do we think DD could get for us??

My opinion is that the problem can’t be solved by a trade. I don’t think Hunter Pence is available. The guys we have need to get it done. DD already made “the” deal. Some more creative lineups by JL wouldn’t hurt either, especially if Dirks gets back.

The rumor is Reed Jonhson.
Soriano a long hot
Hart or Cody Ross. Fantasy baseball

Did you see the squeeze bunt by Reed Johnson yesterday?? Won their game.

No, we had Tiger – Jays. Ny – Boston and thanks? to the rain: Dodgers – Giants with Penny pitching for two long innings

He hits 300 against LHP. No power.

How is it possible the Twin got Jimenez for five runs?? I thought Jimenez was incredible and unit table? Freaking amazing!

I hate iPad spell correct…..and that I hit submit too quickley. Jimenez is not a unit table…supposed to be unhittable!

It’s baseball. What can you predict about baseball??

Nice game. Pitching compensated for hitting. ..And the Titanic sails on for those convinced of calamity.

Dude, nobody is convinced of calamity. It’s just a possibility that has to be considered after watching this team for four months. It’s still on a day to day basis, as always.

Where does the Reed Johnson rumor come from? I haven’t seen it at my usual web haunts.

Morosi and Henning at Twitter

Henning:”Tigers expected to add RH bat ahead of Tuesday’s deadline. Won’t be a biggie. Could involve some means by which Raburn is dispensed”.

“Reed Johnson would be a very nice fit as the short side of a platoon with Berry. … C.E. I think you might have nailed it. “

Morosi was simply adding a new rumors by himself , I guess

Okay thanks. I don’t do Twitter so I haven’t seen this. I think Raburn would fit well in the NL.

Rich…After due consideration, maybe the word “convinced” is a little strong. But I think the phrase “grave fear of impending doom” would apply and hold water, unlike the Titanic.

I’ll go along with that. Myself, I was pointing out that this is the time of year when the wheels come off for many teams. The Tigers themselves have given birth to some very impressive second half collapses around this time.

Nice to get a win even if against their B team of pitchers. 3 run homers take a lot of beating.
I have laid off JL all season but can’t let slip his worst two traits:
1. Continuing with the macho garbage of talking up players carrying injuries ala Avila, even though he has had countless examples on his watch of it does absolutely zero for the team particularly when options are available.
2. Talking to his players via the media with the latest being his theories on Jhonny’s recent slump.
Maybe I am being naive and JL just wanted to get his blood up leading to the two homer day out.

What was his theory?? I didn’t hear that.

Is this JL saying that Peralta may have been confused about whether to pull the ball or drive it to right?
I think JL is like Brandon Inge in that it’s often better just to say nothing at all.
I don’t call for Jim’s head anymore but I still have plenty of disagreement with his methods.

Yes – Tony Paul’s article. Sorry I am getting lazy not posting links.

Thanks, Dave.

I trust DD to do the right thing. The probable pitchers has the Beantowners sending Bucholtz, Beckett, and Cook at us. Three righties soooo you better start yelling, “Laird hits righties at a .423 clip.” On the flip side, Avila hits over .400 against these very pitchers. What will our manager do???

I am on the same page as you as far as DD is concerned. Of course, we all have our opinions, but that makes this game all the more fun!

I wanted Omar Infante. And so far, he looks about how he used to.

Well. A win is a win. But man, from the 3rd to the 8th, it was sleepy time again for the bats. Fister was great. Very efficient and made the pitches when he had to. Thank goodness JP hit the rare 3 run shot early. By the 4th I was getting a bad feeling that these Jays were going to steal one from us. But they seemed more intereested in makingtheir flight to Seatle. A poor getaway game for them.
Dan, your comment about AJ going 1st to 3rd is interesting. On Omar’s hit he was going to go to 3rd but Mr Magoo at 3rd threw up his hands. AJ would have made it. I was behind the 3rd base dugout and I was waving my arm. Jackson should have picked me up instead of Lamont.
Cool thing I saw today: JL and JV having an on field conversation wtih Ernie Els before the game and then seeing Els throw out the first pitch.
Funniest thing I read on this blog in the last 2 days: Greg’s reference that watching Saturday’s game was like eating contaminated kitty litter. That made me chuckle.
So, I went 1-1. Sorry I didnt couldnt do better. Can we win 2 of 3 in Fenway? Let’s hope so.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Untouchables? Reiter of SI raised the question of where Castellanos will be, when/if he becomes a star. Many people consider him untouchable. Is he? Think of established MLB stars and/or prospects who have been dealt. Just a short list, but consider starting with Ruth and add in guys like Clemens, Schilling, M. Cabrera, Clemente, Nolan Ryan, Bautista, Randy Johnson, Greinke, Sabbathia, H. Ramirez, Reyes, M. Ramirez et al. Really, no one is untouchable.

Unless it’s my wife when she is being “special..”

Meant to say the short list was merely a sample, not an issue of quantity. And when I say “special” about the wife, it solely refers to how I value her.

“Jhonny Peralta, the most-slumping Tiger of them all”. I guess RR, RS, AA ,BB are no longer with the team

Boesch’s average over the last number of games isn’t that bad really. His problem is he can slip into the void really quickly.

Yea Jhonny did go like 0 for 17 (hasn’t hit since the 21st), but BB is 3 for 23 on the road trip (AA did better and is 4 for 16 on the road trip)! Not helping – Miggy and Biggy combined “only” have 8 RBI on the road trip. If it weren’t from the production from AJ and QB we would have been straight up embarrassed.
was on vacation – sorry to disappoint with the reappearance.
On the trade: Omar is a huge improvement. Sanchez is an upgrade too – and I was impressed with his fielding. I wish Turner luck – but 2 in hand is worth more than one in the bush. period.

I was wondering where you were. Have to keep an eye on my homeys.


Good evening all. After a long day, and a much needed win, everyone has to be in a pretty good mood heading to Fenway. Mister Fister was a “mean sister” once again, and I do believe the injury is truly behind him. That bodes extremely well for the Motor City Kittys, as I also believe that starting pitching is a true advantage over the other guys. Sanchez has good stuff, and maybe he will pitch well when he starts at Comerica later on in the week. We have declared D-Day, July 29, 2012 in honor of Delmon as he walks again in a game, and actually scores a run. Better watch out, that OBP might be getting ready to fly by .300. Hitting was the usual today; there was none save for Peralta. We won a game with nothing today from Miggy or Biggy. That accomplishment shouldn’t be understated. I know you’re saying, enough bloviating, Greg. Get on with it! And so I shall. Three things I liked about today’s game:
1. The first Peralta homer, not because it was a three run shot(Thank heaven it was!), but that Jhonny fought back from a 1-2 count, and being in a horrible slump for the last five or six games. The second HR hopefully says, “There’s more of this coming”.
2. The excellent back to back defensive plays by Fister and Gene Money in the bottom of the 8th. Fister’s play on Laurie was the key defensive play.
3. Valverde’s no nonsense close in the 9th. He wanted the ball, he threw strikes, and he looked like the closer we need to be competitive. Haven’t seen too much of that lately, but Kudos to Jose this afternoon.

Enjoy this one folks. Mad Max, better know as “all arms and legs”, is on his way to Boston, to make a statement for the Tigers. Adieu until the next game!

Peralta refuted JL’s musings by saying he doesn’t try to pull the ball. I would definitely agree with that. Sometimes I wonder which game Jim is watching. The one on TV is more telling, it seems.
I also wonder sometimes which game Lamont is watching. Don’t try for the extra base, Cabrera is coming up. Just like, don’t steal second, Berry, Cabrera is coming up. How do these guys manage to turn having the best hitter in baseball into a liability? Head scratcher.

SMYLY has been activated and sent to Toledo.

You know Greg you are now officially denied a leave pass until hopefully the end of October!!

Deadline coming up on Tuesday. My fantasy choices won’t work. I’m okay with DD and I think we can win, if the Titanic stays afloat.,.

Don’t be surprised if we end up in another deal. Andy is not a lead pipe cinch to perform as he was and he is a LHB.

this is correct. We’re tops in the league vs. RHP and lower than middle of the pack vs. LHP (w.r.t. team OPS). IF DD went out and got a DH…he’d HAFTAH hit LHP.

“tops” here ment 3rd place. “league” meant AL here, as well.

Interesting article. Perhaps even important enough to take heed:
We’ve been saying this here for awhile now. Anybody who watches the Tigers play can plainly see that DY is not hitting people home or getting big hits.
If there is one problem that is somehow overcome and coreected—the #5 hole would be it.
It doesn’t matter to me if we “fix” this internally, by trade or by Delmon turning things around himself, in order to have an effective offense it simply has to be done.
Any bets how many posts will fall under this heading by the end of the Bosox series?

My question of the day is why is Nick Castellanos learning how to play RIGHT field?
I would have thought LEFT field would have been the greater area of concern.
What does this mean for Boesch? Left or Left Out?

I read that and was going to post the link myself. Chris did the legwork for us. It appears that Delmon is working on taking more pitches. Whether that translates into more RBI remains to be seen. I wouldn’t mind trying some different guys at #5, as you can always go back to DY if it doesn’t work out. At least try it, Jim. Don’t laugh, but Peralta has better ABs and is worth a look.
Jason must be on vacation, maybe in exchange for covering the ASG? He may show up in Boston, hard to say.

Lf at CoPa is for a fast player and Nick Castellanos must have a great arm.
As travisF commented there , nobody will have many RBI in the 5th spot unless who is there hit a ton of HRs. The problem is the lack of speed and doubles by Fielder even is Cabrera must be leading the team going from 1b to 3b

I still think moving Cabrera to the third spot was right. But is not working. JL wont do this but against RHP:
Berry ( or Infante).( He would be able to steal bases)
Boesch ( he wont anchor Miguel unlike Delmon and will see a lot of fastballs)
Cabrera( he will have runners on)
Fielder ( he too)
Infante (or Berry)

Boesch could be gone once Castellanos is ready.Or being a bat from the bench.

back from a vacation so only saw scores and looks like I did not miss much except frustration. I did catch part of yesterday’s game. Trust me it was a rough couple days being married to a Blue Jays fan, so was glad he could not get the broom out after me yesterday. We sure are a streaky team aren’t we? Nothing much to add other than time to get back to a good streak,and thanks for the mentioning of The Sandlot – a favorite movie around my house, my boy got the movie last year and we have seen it a dozen times at least – great movie.

I don’t see Brennan as a bench bat. He would be under utilized and I don’t think he would perform well at all in that role. It takes a special kind of player to be a Gates Brown! Or even a Champ Summers!!!!
Boesch projects as a 3-4-5 hitter once he figures it out. And I think he will. If Austin Jackson can learn to lay off the high hard ones so can Brennan. There are other things he needs to work on but that is the 2 strike pitch that precipitates the long walk back to the dugout.

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