Tuesday’s lineup: Tigers at Indians

Omar Infante makes his return as the ninth hitter in the lineup, starting at second base. Quintin Berry stays in the second spot, as you would expect against a right-handed starter.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (9-for-23 off Ubaldo Jimenez)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH (9-for-20 off Ubaldo)
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Doug Fister


Why is Infante batting 9th? Oh, I forgot, we can’t ask that.

He will hit lower in the lineup against RHP. Against LHP he will hit 2.

RLRLRLRLR P Fister Looks good to go. Play Ball!! Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Go Mr. Fister! Go Tigers! Good to see Omar back.

I hope we don’t have to listen to that drum very much.

The key to that is for Doug to keep runners off 2ndbase. That’s usually when Adams starts up.

Infante will be number 4 not 18.Bobby Higginson and Maybin number

Infante in, Worth out. Sanchez in, Turner out. Dirks in, ????? out.

Maybe Kelly?

That is the consensus here. RR saved by his right arm

Berry is slowly making less hard the choice

No plate patience. Everytime we face Ubaldo, no patience. Never beat him this way.

Berry has helped the Indians more than his Tigers in both at bats so far. Absolutely counter-productive. Leadoff single then no bunt (no speed game?), then next time he follows a leadoff with single and stolen base with no bunt and two looping swings for a harmless strikeout. I swear 75% of the time he either rolls a soft grounder to the right side or Ks.
This guy HAS to bunt and perhaps he needs to be told to bunt.
Since I’m complaining, Fister is delivering far too many 0-2 and 1-2 pitches in the middle of the strike zone. Got away with it in the 1st, thanks to Prince.
This game has a bad feeling early on.
Sure hope Dirks comes back strong. Do not want to see a platoon of Raburn and Berry too much.

Oh Cabby–you had time bud to make a better throw on a great stop. Prince is gonna bail many guys out on throws like that.

Just knew Cabby was gonna hit into a DP.
I hope the guys can pick things up against Ubaldo. He looks like he’s getting away with some pretty hittable pitches. Timely strikeouts though.

Crosby: 4 inn. 4 runs. 6 BB. 2 runners on his responsability. Dirks as DH : 0 for 2

Lots of opportunities squandered so far—we have had the lead-off man on just about every inning then nothing. Just got a huge break on Boesch’s pop fly.
Gotta take advantage.

C’mon, Alex.

Nope, can’t do it. Here we go again.

Of course not.
No clutch at bats for us so far.

Have to admit, Omar looks pretty good out there.

HR for Dirks

The Migster.

Looking at the score on the phone all night and ticked that they let a crappy pitcher like Jimenez get the better of them all night. Then excited in the car because Miggy tied it up….only to turn on the tv and see Fister give up a stinking triple to Hafner. Joke tonight huh?

OF failed tracking the ball for Triple.Avila failed in the SP.

Ubaldo wasn’t exactly crap tonight. He pitched pretty good, but we just haven’t had any clutch hits except
for Miggy. The triple should have been a double because of an error on Berry. Fister started off kind of rough but got better as the game went along. It’s been an interesting game to watch for me but I sure hope we can win it.

So Jimenez was good against us but nobody else. He’s horrible.

That ball was Jackson’s to play for a double, not Berry. Cleveland seems to lock us down…. let’s get em tomorrow

The more the season passes I beginning to think that Alex Avila was a fluke last year. He’s shown very little….thats good anyway. Huge disappointment.

It was not. He was badly managed. It was crystal clear last year was going to happen. The body can be overworked to certain limit.

I disagree. … Avila barely contributes offensively ( in a good way). He doesn’t throw anybody out anymore. Maybe he calls a descent game. The eagle adjusted against him but he doesn’t have the ability to adjust back. He routinely weekly grounds out to the right side. He sent hit the ball with authority. My opinion fluke… But we will see.

I mean, last year he had two good months. and 3 bad.The bad months were after the VMart injuries. He played one game after another until his knees were dammaged.
His defense was reliable but his hiiting was great.
Now is hurt. He can do more . Laird must take part of the load.

He is still at 29% in CS. Not great but could be worst with his pitching staff

Well you can’t win them all, but to let a crp pitcher like Jimenez get the best of ya, well that’s unacceptable to me……

6 shutout innings.

Doesn’t mean he was good. Like Rich said we tend to let guys like that off hook, and ont grind out the at bats. His last two outings he gave up 5 an 7 earned runs.

It takes patience to have success with Ubaldo, and that’s not our game. He will probably shut us down everytime we see him.
Miguel was in the middle of the offense tonight; both the success and the failures. I’m surprised he got pitched to that much with Acta in the dugout.
It appeared that the wall in Cleveland came up too quickly for both Berry and Jackson. Hold Trafner to a double and we’re still playing.
We have 11 more games with this team, so we better start beating them. One run games, we have to play smart.

Any ideas on how to convince JL to play Laird a little more?

Hmmm. As far as I’m concerned the game was lost because of no clutch hitting but also because Berry played opposite to how he should play. Even in the 9th he should be thinking about laying a bunt down to get on in front of Miggy.
Fister pitched well but actually deserved the loss. He just refuses to bury 2 strike pitches and the Tribe whacked 4 or 5 balls on stuff he left up ahead in the count. With his command he can afford to bury a curve, change or slider. For some reason ,and it’s just not tonight, he gets “strike happy” and lets the other guys get too good a swing in counts they shouldn’t be able to.
Can’t expect to win with 2 runs but we damn well could have tonight if it wasn’t for that.
Anybody think some GMs are calling DD and asking if Raburn is available?
(Just kidding)
Ubaldo pitched pretty darn well. Handles us pretty easily.
Tough break on the Hafner triple. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong on that pitch. Fister’s fault but seriously misplayed in the OF. Should have been a double.
Dirks can’t get back too soon as far as I am concerned.
Berry doesn’t do it for me unless he is creating havoc with his legs. And he doesn’t seem to be into it anymore. Even when he does show bunt he is putting less than full effort to get that ball down.

Actually, I expect to win them all. Like everyone else, not so much the frustration with Ubaldo, but more so with the way we play the Indians. They have our number this year; would not be surprised if we lose the series. The game tonight illustrates my concern with adding Sanchez. The Tribe sent 9 Leftys to face Fister, and he seemed uncomfortable the whole evening. He didn’t pitch that badly; too many softballs on 0-2 counts. Our division is laden with lefty lineups, and we are going to throw five righty’s in a row. We can’t win if we don’t beat the division, and we can’t win if we don’t beat the Indians. This game was a reprise of all those games in May and June where you couldn’t get that two out RISP hit. Disappointing, but there were three things that I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Biggy’s hustle backup to get Brantley out at third. That really showed baseball instinct and passion. I wish everyone played with his passion.
2. Three good DP’s to keep the game in check. Again, Biggy played a big role defensively tonight. Infante will help tighten that defense.
3. Boesch’s excellent catch in the 8th. This would have been a lead off double, and the Indians would probably have tacked on a run(s). Sadly, they didn’t need any more.

I wanted so much to beat Perez; he mocks us after each save. We have to be leading them after 7. No success at all against Pistano and Perez. As I see Alex each night, I’m beginning to wonder myself. Was last year a fluke? And we just traded our top catching prospect. One final comment re the trade. How do you sign Sanchez for 48 mil. next year. You must open negotiations with JV. His free agent year is 2014. I would want a contract done before the end of 2013. Good evening all.

Do you need to sign Sanchez or can Smily be the 5th arm?

The bats got a little cold with that day off, I guess. Win as a team, lose as a team. I’m not complaining about any player. Prince is becoming a better firstbaseman and that’s good to see.

Seems you’re targeting Berry lately Dan. He went 1-4 with a walk tonight, a well worked walk that set up Cabrera’s 2 run HR. That’s OB 2-5. Did anyone else do much better? Agree his bunting has been sloppy lately and he needs to make a better mental effort at it. I still like him in there. But you know what? When Dirks returns, Berry will sit.
Hafner’s triple was a weird play. Both Berry and Jackson seemed to make it to the wall but Berry never turned to see where the ball was. Austin seemed to pull up on it but ended up too close to the wall to play the bounce. It’s like they both got to where the ball hit the wall but neither was prepared to catch it. Had just one of them been a slower outfielder he could have played the bounce off the wall and held Hafner to a double. I’m not going to blame either one of them. In this case their speed worked against them. I’ll blame Fister. He threw the ball.

Rich, no ideas on getting Laird more playing time. I don’t know, maybe a trip to the optometrist for somebody. Good points Greg and Kathy. I will be the first to admit that earlier in the season I said some negative things about Prince’s fielding. I’m growing to appreciate how he plays the game and I think his defense has improved considerably.

I think Prince is restricted by his stature. Can’t make the stretches and the picks that many lanky 1st baseman make. Really needed him to come up with Miggy’s throw early. That would have completed a great play and those kinds of plays can be game-changing. It wasn’t an easy play by any means–but would have been a big one. He makes some nice plays and some not-so-nice. Average 1st baseman at best IMO.
Saying I am targeting Berry makes it sound like I have some kind of motive. I am just stating an opinion and one that, to me, is a very obvious one. The guy is (was) exciting. He has got away from his game. He hurts the team when he does that. He needs to bunt, steal and slap the ball to the opposite field.The strike-outs and the lazy ground balls are not getting the job done in front of Miggy.
I don’t think he is ideal in that position (2 hole) if he isn’t doing the above. When Dirks gets back Berry should be the 4th outfielder ahead of Raburn. If Raburn starts to hit like a bloody demon I’d keep Berry (if he’s doing his job properly) ahead of Kelly. Just don’t think he should be considered a regular with the way he is playing.
And yes, I understand how versatile Kelly is. I am not convinced that that versatility is all that imperative.

As to playing time for Laird. It’s pretty simple–just play him every 3 or 4 games and at least against southpaws. The TEAM is better with him behind the plate. He brings an intensity, athleticism and energy that affects those he’s playing with. He needs to play more and Avila to play less.
Avila may come around but he looks like Brandon did with mono a couple of years ago. Avila was my favourite Tiger even before last year. I now cringe when he comes to the plate or blocks the plate.

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