Tigers option Worth to make room for Infante

Danny Worth is a right-handed hitting middle infielder whose playing time lately consisted of part-time starts at second base, with an occasional pinch-running appearance. The Tigers traded for Omar Infante to be a right-handed bat in the order while taking over full-time at second base.

Look at it that way, and you could forecast what the Tigers’ move would be to make room for Infante on their 25-man roster. It became official Tuesday, when the Tigers optioned Worth to Triple-A Toledo.

With Infante taking over at second, Ramon Santiago — Infante’s old double-play partner on the 2002-03 Tigers — becomes a utility infielder again. Ryan Raburn, who wasn’t starting much at second anymore anyway, remains on the roster as Detroit’s lone right-handed hitting outfielder off the bench (unless you count DH Delmon Young, which nobody wants to do). Raburn hadn’t started at second since July 13 in Baltimore.

That lefty-righty status could make for an interesting decision when Andy Dirks to ready to come off the disabled list. Clearly, Raburn has had his struggles, and so far there’s no sign that usual midsummer tear from Raburn is coming. Yet if Dirks and Berry are on the same roster, both left-handed hitting outfielders, it arguably makes Don Kelly’s role redundant. However, Kelly has barely started this summer, entering more as a late-inning sub for Brennan Boesch. That role wouldn’t necessarily change. But that’s an argument that won’t be answered for a while, with Dirks likely on for a decent rehab assignment.


Kelly is also the emergency catcher, Cabrera’s back-up at third and Prince’s back-up at first. Not redundant.

e. oliver, excellent point. Kelly has played 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, CF, and RF so far this year. Last year he caught and pitched as well. Look at the depth chart, he’s a pretty versatile guy.

Kelly has been on the field in 58 games this year, but only started 26 to-date. I believe that Jim Leyland tends to hold him in reserve. He’s only had 101 at-bats so far this year, so to expect him to hit 300, is just not realistic.

send Raburn down, Kelly does a good job filling in wherever needed and Dirks will get some starts for Berry, I cant see Berry keeping this up but pulling for the guy. Mr. Fister set to do work tonight!

Judging by the Toledo games I’ve watched on MILB.com, Dirks appears almost ready. I’ll bet his return is within the next 5-7 days.

for those of you not on twitter here is what danny worth said…

@DannyWorth29: In honor of getting optioned down for the 11th time (I think?) of my career, I shall buy a sweet ass electric guitar #cheermeuptweet

i feel bad for the guy he just goes back and forth all season long… hopefully he can get into a routine in Triple A and come back strong later in the season…

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Fister

I like Donnie Kelly, I really do, but he has to hit more. He really isn’t a catcher. Infante can play 3B if needed as well. So Don, please start hitting to stick in Detroit.
I haven’t seen Dirks play at AAA, but indications from leyland was this could be a long rehab, achilles are tricky injuries.

Kelly isn’t on this team because of his hitting ability. He is on this team because he plays good defense at multiple positions. Raburn can’t play defense anywhere on the field and now doesn’t hit at all either.

A long rehab for Dirks allows Berry more time to play himself back to Toledo. Who gets the most benefit of August at bats in Toledo???. Raburn?? Berry??? By the way, it’s great for Worth to go get consistent at bats for five weeks.

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