Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Right-handed batters are hitting .207 off the pride of Lakeland, Chris Sale. Left-handed hitters are at .209. But at least the righties have hit for some power. So aside from Prince Fielder and Brennan Boesch, the Tigers are going righty-happy today with their lineup. That includes sitting Quintin Berry, who has quietly gone 0-for-10 since his three-hit outburst Monday. Ryan Raburn, 1-for-4 with a home run off Sale since 2010, gets another chance to break out of a 5-for-36 July.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brennan Boesch, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  2. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  3. Adam Dunn, DH
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Alex Rios, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Dayan Viciedo, LF
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Chris Sale


Porcello won the head to head battle with Sale earlier this season. He is also 2-0 against the Pale Hose this year. Advantage Detroit. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

I would sign Rich ´s letter. We will have Giants – Phillies.

Three up. Three down. Let’ go bat!!!!!!!!

Cole Hammels just hit a HR, value going up.

Fox broadcaster, ” Twelve up. Twelve down.” Go Cabby!!!!!!!

Did Worth really dropped the ball?

Hey …… Should either of those “double plays” have been turned in the top of the 5th? I was in the car at time and Jim and Dan were kind about it?

Don’t think he would have gotten it anyway. The ball was a slow grounder.

Ok thanks!

I cant say since im on gameday , but baseball gives you the chance to redime yourself. Worth scoring


Rick has been OUTSTANDING!!! Heck of a day!

Dominate starting pitching. Clutch two out hits. Nothing better.

Porcello gets a chance for a CG.

Looks who’s in first place.

I’ll watch the replay later. I’m off to the county fair. I’ll say hi to the cows and goats for y’all.

As good as advertised

Sometimes when you least expect to win a game you win! On paper this one wasn’t in our favor. Now tomorrow if Turner can do anything we got a chance to win.

Since Houston is on a Marlin´s like sale, could Altuve be in the market?

The Tigers are now in 1st place in the Central. But this is a race and the Chisox are not going away. We need to win out, unless we want to face Weaver in game #163. Thus, we need a difference maker in our rotation, not a 3-4-5 guy. There are are probably about 10 available starters out there, but only a few who are truly legitimate studs. We need one.

i really think they need to make a push for Hammels.

I am a Hamels fan, but the Phillies made a decent extension offer on him and I understand he wants to remain in Philly. We can cross our fingers.

Non JV starters have a 4.82 ERA. Help needed. Only STUDS need apply.

Would love to see Shields as a Tiger. Sounds like a perfect trade scenario. Good for both teams with STUD potential for both clubs. Could mean big immediate payoff for us as well. Win.Win.

Who do the Rays get??

Brantly and/ or McCann, as far as I know.

Rays reportedly need catching..

Garza could be injured

He is not a STUD, but is ok. Hope he turns out healthy. Nice 3-4-5 guy like Wandy, Dempster, Sanchez, Vargas, et al.

Just finished watching the game. Had to work today. Oh, my, Ricky was terrific. The defense is tightening up and the Tigers are playing so well right now. Lots of games left, though, so who knows what will happen. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

We are on a semi-run. Every team seems to have one and our turn seems to have arrived.

Our defense is mediocre, was mediocre and will remain mediocre. Plus, it is not error prone. So, defense is NOT a problem, particularly because our pitching staff has such a high KO ratio, leaving few fielding chances to botch. Check sortable defensive team stats and i think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Well, Tiger Fans. Are you gettin’ pumped up now? Hawk is probably crying Sawx tears all over Detroit. First place since mid April sure was worth the wait. I keep getting more greedy, as now I expect Turner to pitch well enough for us to get out the brooms tomorrow. Ricky P. took a giant step in becoming a bona fide major league starter today. I think we sometimes forget that he won’t be 24 until December. So what did I really like about today’s game? Three things particularly:
1. Sox 2-3-4-5 hitters were 1-14. Way to go Porcello and Benoit. That’s a formula foe winning 95% of the time.
2. Our 6-7-8-9 were 6-12 with 3 RBI’s and 4 walks. Our bottom of the order put a hurtin’ on their top of the order. Boesch and Peralta keep making better swings.
3. We got a “coffin” hit from Ajax in the bottom of the 8th. Man would I have loved to see Hawk’s face. Even a grand salami in the top of the ninth wouldn’t have been enough. Thanks Ajax, for driving that nail in the coffin.

So many good things about today. Ricky P is really standing tall. Good evening everyone.

Hawk had this to say at the conclusion of today’s game:

” “

They don’t call him the best play by play man in the business for nothing, folks.

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 4. Turner 1

The Tigers are finding ways to win a game everyday, they will need another one today. Turner will make two more starts since Smyly wont be ready for a while.
Unless Turner find “it” , a committee is needed ( and is available) for today

We can throw eight pitchers at them if we have to, due to Verlander and Porcello’s work plus the off day tomorrow. No need to leave Jacob out there to get toasted if that begins to happen.

That is my concern, that JL woul leave JT there until the game is away

The ten days off between starts was not good for Turner. Agree Rich, Absolutely, no Turner Toast for the White Sox.

I sure hope Turner has a decent start. It would be a shame to see this highly touted kid produce another walkathon/home run derby.Just how much psychological damage can Turner handle without its negativly impacting his career?

Dirks was assigned to Toledo, will begin rehab

That’s good news. Could be the beginning of the end for Ryan. Sure was hoping Ryan would get it together, but it apears that he is so lost right now he can’t dig himself out right now, and the booing home crowds surely aren’t helping matters.

Well, I know a bloop single got the run in, but Turner doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone does he?

Nope. And he got by with hanging one to Konerko. All in all, the damage wasn’t too bad.

First inning survived

This gotta be a pitching duel

Q….great AB by AJ. And MC well is MC. Does everyone on this team has initial nicknames? Lol.🙂

You mean AA, BB playing for DD? we need to trade for CC

And JL the SOC and Mr !


Turner gets ten in a row. One run through four innings!!

Turner was coming up in the zone there in the 5th, so I’d start using the pen for the 6th. Good job, Jacob. Good depth on that slider and good location.

And there ya go. Two needless runs. JL a step behind.

Starting to feel a lot less comfortable here in the 6th.

Well Villareal isn’t sharp, I guess that comes from hardly pitching at all lately. Although I will say he was getting squeezed on 3 or 4 pitches?

No problem, OD, JB and JV( the biggest one) will end it

Or the new father Coke

Well got out of that mess, time to tack on a few more runs CWS isn’t going to go quietly that’s for sure.

Well I love Konerko great player. But dude you shoulda been struck put 2 pitches before…..was a strike all the way…….get over it!

Please more runs, just not comfortable with only a 2 run lead. CWS will be mad at the thought of a sweep and won’t go quietly.

Although Turner wasn’t dominating, he was okay. The best thing was he didn’t walk anyone.

Ya he was okay.

Wow…Dotel was nasty.

Interesting…Benoit warming up in en instead of JVV.

Saw that. Have you heard an explanatoin?

No……hope everything is ok. I really believe Jose has some sort of nagging injury.

Stiff back. Belly too large.



Oops, thought I could post a picture of a broom. What an incredible blessing to get the sweep!!

I hope everyone today saw what made Turner such a highly regarded prospect in the draft a couple years ago. He has a slider with good depth and bite, a 94 mph fastball and a changeup. He just has to make his command and location consistent, and he should be given about two more years to accomplish that. Let’s not trade him out of town just yet. And I wish JL had removed him after the 5th inning today.
I almost hate to see Berry hit homers, as I think he hits the ball in the air way too often. He has an excellent bunting technique and there’s no real excuse for failing to get one down. I don’t know what happens when Dirks comes back, but they both hit lefthanded. Maybe that shouldn’t matter, but I think it will.
Congrats to Miguel for 300. I suppose Prince will join him next season in that group.

Rich, I llistened to the CWS feed for the game. The announcers were not very high on Turner, although I thought he did okay and best of all did not walk anyone..They noted Matheny saw Turner with a 98mph four-seamer a few years back, which he has discarded for a 92-94mph cutter/sinker. For that type of primary pitch, he did not get the number of grounders he should have and has been hurt way too much by the big fly (7 homers in 25 MLB innings). I definitely agree Turner has potential and should be given time to actualize it in the proper venue.

Morosi reported the Tigers and Red Sox scouted Sanchez of the Marlins today. He allowed 3 runs in 7 innings in a loss against the Pirates. In his 7 year MLB career, Sanchez is 44-44 with a 3.75 ERA.

Sánchez , 2012 WHIP 1.272 0.9 HR/9 2.6 BB/Inn 8 .1 SO/9 inn 3.09 BB/SO.
SO and HR up, BB down from career avg.
He could come in a package along Infante

Maybe we should make the Tigers your national team? Your country certainly has tremendous players. Actually, Sanchez is ok, and coupled with Infante the tandem could prove formidable. Personally, I still want another STUD starter and not another 3-4-5 guy That’s just me. I defer to DD and JL.

They used to be. Magglio ,Guillen, Infante, Ledezma, Gallarraga, Cabrera.VMart.

ElTigre. STUDS they are/were.

QB got himself in a favorable count and made a really good swing on an up and away pitch. The homer was a bonus. My hope is that Avila and Boesch were taking notes. Those are the guys who need to hit a few out that way. How many times has Joe Mauer done that to us both in Detroit and back in the Twinkie Dome days??? Or better yet Jim Thome.

Dirks 1 for 3 . RBI. Already replaced

Good evening Tigerifics. I had taped the game today, and finished watching around 8:00. Turner gets his first career win, the broom comes out, and the team is playing pretty good baseball right now. This is where I have to step back, and not become so greedy. For a three city road trip, you’d like to play .500 ball. I think we can do .667. We miss the the big boppers from Toronto and Boston, and Cleveland is a little down. So let’s really make a statement here. Speaking of statements, here are three statements about what I liked in today’s game. Again, I won’t mention the obvious good thing, four dingers. I’m always trying to find the “little” good things which sometimes go under the radar:
1. Jackson’s first inning catch off the bat of Di Aza; this catch kept a potentially big inning from happening, and gave Jacob T a chance to catch his breath. If Rios’s blooper doesn’t happen, you have a scoreless first. The catch kept the damage to a minimum.
2. The lead off walk by Ajax. He made Humber work hard, and he let down his guard when pitching to Berry. That’s what a lead off batter should do; set the tone early for the offense.
3. Dotel’s relief effort; we have more of a gem there than we really appreciate. Four of five batters don’t put the ball in play.

Congratuations Miggy for being the best right hand hitter in the game today. Boesch continues to find the magic of 2010. I wish the Good Baseball Fairy would use her wand and tap Alex out of his doldrums. If that were to happen, we can make do with second base as is. Please, Fairy, make that wish come true. Two days in first place, and movin’ on. Good evening all!

JL mentioned Dotel in a big way. This guy was a good offseason pickup.
There are about 51 hours between the end of today’s game and the start of the next one. Nice to spend those hours in first place. A 3-city trip looms.

The Tigers proved they can do what it takes. I am not a JL fan but I give him credit for holding the team together. This shows me we do not need to add or subtract players this season, just get healthy. Go Tigers!

What a fun, fun weekend of watching our boys play. congrats to Miggy for hitting 300, what an amazing player. Rick turned in an outstanding performance, was hoping he would get his complete game, but no worries, he got the W and the team go the W and alot of thanks from the fans. This is the team we were waiting for early in the season – and glad to see Boesch amping it up. Let’s keep it going, things can change quickly though.

Pretty fantasttic to come home to news of a sweep.
Sounds like the pitching was just phenomenal though I suspect we should not get too comfortable with our 5th starter just yet.
The best thing is the confidence with which they are playing. Saw that Dirks is rehabbing too. There still are some difficult decisions looming.

Congrats to the Cokes.
Nice to see Phil so genuinely excited with the arrival of his daughter.

Weird thoughts: If Barry Larking makes the HOF shouldn’t Alan Trammel? They have very similar records and careers over a long period of time. Alan acutally wond more gold gloves than Barry did. Both won a world series ring. Larkin did have a better batting average but let’s hope the HOF committee doesn’t exclude Alan. He deserves it.
Speaking of Larkin, how is it the Detroit organization missed out on him and another Michigander, Derek Jeter?
And please, everybody likes Alex Avila. But let’s cut to the chase in some of thesed pablum level softball interviews with him and ask him why he isn’t hitting?

I thought of that exactly. The only difference in Larkin, was he won a MVP award, which we all know Trammell *SHOULD* have won in 1987. And Jack Morris…. he isn’t in the Hall of Fame because beat writers didn’t like his personality. Which is total junk. Morris was the best pitcher in the 80s and pitched one of the best World Series games ever (for the hated Twins, but….).
As for Jeter, he was long gone before the Tigers picked that year.
Avila has declined a little this year, I hope he catches a little fire soon. I worry about his knees. But I tell ya, GMoney has been great behind the dish this year.

Unfortunately, the HOF selections seem to be nearly as much a joke as the ASG selections. I don’t see the difficulty here. Trammell and Morris should both be in the Hall. Maybe even the Tram/Whitaker combo, ala Tinker/Evers/Chance. There’s nothing wrong with rewarding obviously great ballplayers.
Re Avila, I’m not sure yet if he’s even supposed to be a good hitter. We’ve seen both, and he’s young. Absolutely agree that Laird is having a tremendous season.

Avila was projected as a 270 hitter with some power

Funny how a week can change things. Tigers sure seem to be hitting their stride. On the trade front, I am anxious to see how this pans out for the Tigers. Again, pitching is a premium, but I don’t see anyone out there that would help much. Hamels is the only one that I would like to see come over, but the Phillies are not going to let him go cheap. The rest are no better than the good Rick Procello, and at age 23 I would rather see Rick for the next decade in Detroit.
This week I believe showed that the Tigers don’t need much outside help. OUr depth at prospective Catchers, the trade-able pick in next year’s draft are nice things for DD to dangle. But I think that Turner, Castellenos, Garcia and Rondon should be untouchable.

Trammell was ignored in1987 ,when he deserved the MVP. He was always under the radar because the press loved and loves Gibson who did not deserve the MVP he received. As Rose puts it about Concepción, he was hard to notice then. BTW: Trammell is over Concepción in 23 stats but David got more votes than Trammell.
The injustice is worse in the case of Lou, he cant be even considerd by the veterans´s committee.Only because the press disliked him.
Next year will be Morris year. Hope he enters with the Tigers uniform.
After them, we must wait until Cabrera.
Avila? he looked like ready to break in Texas but is being overworked again. His career could have ended last year. He is done unless he is rested enough

I know it’s tempting to be happy with the 13 out of 15 roll we’re on and figure the team is solid as it is. I’m not ready to agree that we can get by without a significant upgrade at 2nd base. We need more production out of that spot and we need consistent production from there as well. I’d love to see Aaron Hill but a guy like Omar Infante would help us out quite a bit. If you want consistency and dependability, Scutaro won’t hurt you.
I still think some thought (for the future) could be given to getting a more prototypical shortstop and moving Jhonny Peralta to 2nd. Obviously not in midstream this year.
A solid journeyman LHP would be real nice to have the rest of the way. Of course the fear would be getting another Washburn. I think Hamels is out of the question.. But, can you imagine him in this rotation?
I do believe DD is not going to do nothing (sic).

And I do not believe that DD is not going to acquire someone (double sic).

Even without trades, there is an interesting roster issue looming. When Dirks returns, what happens? The obvious answer would be to drop Raburn, but it’s not that simple. JL likes left-right matchups. Raburn and Kelly can both play infield while Berry and Dirks cannot. Worth goes down and JL forces Raburn into 2ndbase again?
Assuming there was no trade involving position players, what are some opinions on how this would go down?

Raburn’s RHB with 13 2B hits is too important when we face lefty pitching. Kelly s/b DFA.

I think Worth would go down until Sept 1. Raburn and Santiago, barring trades, would man 2B with Dirks joining QB, BB and DY in the outfield mix

I too am worried about Avila. I think his legs (knees) are going to curse him and negatively affect his career potential. I like him personally and marvelled at his rapid success as a catcher but I fear it’s only a matter of time until he becomes a 1st baseman for someone.

Dirks LF, AJackson CF, Boesch ( some games as DH)/ Raburn( he” bats ” RH) in RF. Berry as the fourth OF. DY as DH. Kelly gone

That’s exactly what I meant about difficult decisions. Especially, as you say, if there are no trades made.
You have Raburn, Kelly, Worth and Ramon. All have enough shortcomings to render them disposable. Their saving grace is their (apparent) versatility. I think Ramon is a Tiger and should remain so. I like the fact Worth can run a bit.with some youthful legs. I have no confidence in Raburn, and no confidence in Kelly offensively.
All in all I feel we have a very weak bench. Weak enough that it needs to be addressed. Of course it will be, by attrition, with the return of Dirks. I expect that Worth will pay the price again but if it were up to me it would be Kelly. Not that I like Raburn better, simply because of too many LHB. I don’t have a lot of expectations for Raburn or Berry. Berry at least can provide you with an alternate form of offense and cover some territory defensively.

Wonder if the Gianats would give up Theriot for Raburn? They need some RH pop.

That would be appropriate in that it was in SF that the writer called Raburn a scrub back in 2008.
The sensible move would be to move Kelly somewhere, NL probably, but it’s hard to imagine JL biting that bullet. Berry should stay with the club but, as a starter, I begin to wonder how long these mini-miracles can keep occurring. We can only hope that Dirks is for real, but he seems to be a solid ballplayer. Raburn will probably begin to hit, and have no more idea why than he does when he’s not hitting. I don’t dislike him like many do, but he sure is hard to figure out.
There’s really no good answer to the issue without a trade, even a small one.

Dempster going to Braves

Too bad-looks like they got him for very little if rumours are correct.

Wondering how Victor is doing?

4:59pm: The teams also swap the picks they obtained in last week’s competitive balance lottery, Peter Gammons of MLB Network tweets. The Marlins obtain prospects Rob Brantly and Brian Flynn along with Turner, Gammons tweets.

Infante to fill the 2nd baseman hole and 2 spot? Should be interesting.

Anibal Sanchez and infante acquired.

This move will likely mean Worth goes down and then it gets interesting when Dirks is ready. I would think Kelly goes, since RR is a right handed bat.

I think Kelly sticks. He is our emergency catcher and has value as a utility player.

I think this trade will work out in the long run. Brantly’s LHB had little chance here with Avila ensconced behind the plate. Some concern over Sanchez and the fact he is a free agent after this season. I think a rental means a guy better be pretty special, not so sure Sanchez is.
Infante (hopefully things are OK with JL) should help us noticeably at 2nd base.
I would supect DD is done but you never know.

I think if Turner makes it it will not be as a top of the rotation guy.

I think Turner still has a chance to be a solid 2 or 3. But, he needs a lot more seasoning in the big leagues, and the Tigers don’t have the room or patience to give him that. Smyly if he can stay healthy has better odds of filling the Tigers 5th spot long term in my opinion.

Kudos to DD and Mr. I. Presumably Sanchez will not be just a rental. Brantly is talented, but so is McCann. They couldn’t both play at the same time, particularly if Avila returns to form. Plus, we get a better draft choice out of the deal. not to mention a functional 2B. I think Turner will end up being decent if he remains healthy. But the Tigers are in to win it all and Smyly now gives depth to the rotation. With that said, I wish Sanchez spelled his name H-a-m-e-l-s.

Austin Jackson, CF
Omar infante 2B ( Berry for being LHB?)
Miguel Cabrera, 3B
Prince Fielder, 1B
Delmon Young, DH
Brennan Boesch, RF
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Avila C
Berry. LF

Plutonium or Weber DFA to make space?

Kelvin de la Cruz DFA to make room

That lineup has a lot of merit. #9 would not be a bad place for Berry the next few days, either.
It does look as though Guillen batted him #7 a lot . He was third on the Marlins in extra base hits. Definitely a DD type of hitter.

The Tigers have become the Yankees of the Central Division.

Greater opportunity for Infante and Sanchez. We are in a fight for the AL Central Division Championship. Are they ready?? They should find plenty of friends in the clubhouse. Welcome to the Tigers!! And welcome back Omar.

Is it a reserve infielder or relief pitcher to Toledo??

They DFA De la Cruz to make room in the 40 roster. The other move is not yet done

Great trade.

Matchups: Toronto knocked out Sanchez in June. Was Bautista hot then?? Infante has a bases loaded triple against Jimenez. They probably have more history in Winter Ball, too.

I can hardly believe it. Came home from work and took a nap only to have my son call & tell me about Ichiro. Turned on MLB Network and found about about Infante and Sanchez. Carlos Guillen’s protege. Another pitcher and a new 2nd baseman. Wow!

For me—this is a good trade. I like Infante coming in and I like having him next year.Sanchez is a gamble. I would have preferred a southpaw to battle our division foes but if the guy can pitch like he can in this big ballpark it may work out quite well.
I think it is good use of Turner who I personally believe is over-rated. Brantly was blocked anyway.
DD showed some guts and smarts here.

Love the way the Tigs are starting to play to their potential and the way we are matching up to Chisox in recent times.
DD had to throw the dice and got good odds on the call.

Great that it is behind us, too. This is another tough road trip. Really need to win this next series. @ Cleveland has been tough for us.

Dirks. 1 for 2 . 2 BB. SO

Your guys are on board. They better produce, or no more jokes from you.

After following the Tigers here for a while predicting the moves of the team is not that hard. My preferred options were Scutaro and Greinke. But that was not a real possibility with DD ( or with the material they had).

My initial reaction is that this trade is unnecessary and here’s why. We gave up two highly touted prospects who could have brought more in return during the offseason. In my mind, it has nothing to do with whether Turner or Brantley fit in Detroit, and everything to do with their value as trade chips. In return we received Omar, who I always liked, but is another slashing impatient hitter. Sanchez I see as a 5th starter that’s not needed.
If the goal is to “win it all” now, you have to win the playoffs. You don’t use a 5th starter in the playoffs. So we’re saying that Verlander, Fister, Scherzer and Porcello aren’t good enough to get us through the playoffs? If the goal is to win the division, I think we were already going to do that with the current cast.
It’s not a horrible trade but we could have done better.
Re Sanchez being a FA at season’s end, I assume DD wouldn’t have done the deal if he didn’t think he could sign him.

Time will tell.
But we absolutely needed production from another spot in the lineup.
The 5th starter could bring us the 3 or 4 more games needed to win the division. With Smyly injured and only other rookies to sub for him–I don’t know if we do make it. We can’t forget the slump Porcello WILL go into and the ones Fister, Max and Justin might go into. Every game matters,
I think this is a smart trade

Huh? Gotta disagree. DD did a great job. And as we discussed prior to the trade, the Infante/Sanchez tandem could prove formidable. Scutaro is old and only a decent rental. Greinke is possibly Cy Young , but very much a diva .He alone was not worth the cost. Hamels and maybe Shields would have comfortably fit the 1-2 slots. I’m good with this deal for the reasons I noted previously on this blog. Again, the Tigers are the Yankees of the Central Division. Kudos to management. Tiger fans deserve this commitment.

I’m sorry. My reply was to ElTigre. Apologies.

I do like the trade. Im worried about the strained realtionship OI – JL. I said before, the numbers of Sanchez are good. His BB/SO ratio is great. I t was you who said that them were not enough
But I have been always a fan of Greinke. And like you I would have liked a trade for an Ace or Stud like you call them. But that was not in the plans

Both of these guys have played solidly for the past three years. Infante gives us another good bat against lefties to keep teams from piling on us with lefty pitching.. Sanchez has the same opportunity to do what Fister did for us last year. The only difference for him is he can make some big money by doing it.

The Tigers are now in 1st place in the Central. But this is a race and the Chisox are not going away.

Love the way the Tigs are starting to play to their potential and the way we are matching up to Chisox in recent times.

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