Berry: “I just wanted to get it over with”

Quintin Berry has done plenty for the Tigers’ fortunes since coming up from Triple-A Toledo, obviously. On Friday, his biggest contributions came without swinging the bat.

It was Jake Peavy’s 0-1 pitch hitting Berry that extended the third inning for the middle of the Tigers order to churn out three straight two-out RBI hits. Then in the ninth, Berry’s diving catch ended it, avoiding what would have been a situation with the potential tying run at the plate in the form of Alex Rios.

Granted, it would have taken quite a hit to get Paul Konerko around the bases, but nobody wanted to take that chance.

“I just wanted to get to it and get this game over with,” Berry said. “Big series, you want to start out on top, and he hit it well enough that I was able to get to it.”

Most of Berry’s big catches seemingly have been to the deep parts of the outfield, forcing him to use his speed to backtrack. This one forced him to come in and angle towards the left-field line.

The catch itself brought out a reaction that made his usual clapping for a base hit seem subdued.

“I was just fired up we got that game over with and got that W,” Berry said. “It’s just big, man. It’s a big series.”


Man we went wild after that catch. It was like a playoff game ending. Q. Berry is quite the athlete!

Tiger scouts are now on Shields (again), according to Morosi and Rosenthal. The Rays want Brantly and/or McCann in a package deal. Hellickson, Cobb and Davis might also become available. Shields figures to become a hot commodity as the trade deadline nears.

Conflicting reports on Dempster and the Red Sox. One says the Sox are out. The other says the Sox have made an offer.No further news on the Dodger offer, other than it was apparently underwheming.

Morosi reported the Tigers and Angels both have interest in Hamels, but Shields looks to be more attainable.

I think the pitcher we will acquire is not among those named in the rumors. Barring injuries, of course.

just watched the replay of Berry’s catch…how can you not appreciate the enthusiasm he brings to the team?…it’s good to see some of the love of the game shine through. easy to root for this guy.

Sometime back in May, I said that I was looking forward to July. It was the schedule that caused me to say that. That is coming to pass so far, but there are ten days left in the month. Looking ahead, August will be a grind it out time against stiff competition. They hold their own there and September looms as the opportunity to create some space in the standings, if space will be created at all. Either way, this will be a dogfight for quite some time.

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Raburn 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Laird 2, Worth 4. Porcello is starting. #tigers

Jason Vargas, Aníbal Sánchez, Clayton Richard. Those are the most DD like target for a trade

Those are more names that have surfaced lately. Hard to tell with DD what will happen. His deals often come in under the radar.

Extremely good list, El Tigre. All three teams s/b sellers. Which one looks best??

Aníbal Sánchez. He is seen as bad managed . The other two have so so numbers in pitcher friendly parks( so had Fister before going to Detroit)

Peavy has been unlucky , no run support lately ,but he has a history of injuries.
Supposedly Seale was moved to saturday to avoid a showdown with JV. If that is true, it is worse than making a rookie debut with bases loaded against Ramírez like JL did.He really want him in a run to the wire?
Floyd is on DL. And Humber after his ump aided perfect has been… imperfect.
Last night they showed a graphic. Only Thorton is not a rookie in their bullpen.
25 rookies has palyed for them this year.
It is for the Tigers to lose it.

True. And wouldn’t you think good relievers are the toughest thing to pick up mid-season?

Our scouts are first noting whether the White Sox and Indians are also scouting these guys. The Red Sox, Dodgers and Angels could be looking to make moves so let them get the market set. Does anyone remember us beating out the Yankees for Jarrod Washburn? We were really cooked when U. Jimenez went to Cleveland last year weren’t we?? No need to be the WOW guys this year. IF we need to make a deal, DD will do it.

Ok bad timing for my post:WSox just adquired Brett Mayers.

Are they getting him to be a starter or closer????!!!!!

A closer with 29 saves with Houston-ERA 3.52. 10 millions vesting option for 2013. Panic move

We are showcasing D. Worth today. Right??

I think Danny is just getting a start as a RH hitter. I don’t know about all this showcase stuff. Hard to imagine JL buying into that.

Smyly will miss two more starts according to Tigers news. So , pitching is now a priority unless Turner deliver tomorrow

Humber was not only helped by the umps in his perfect game, but by the opposing team. The Mariners just can’t hit in Safeco Field. Nothing like the Tigers in Comerica, and I’m thinking they won’t have much trouble with him.

But the Safe is practically the only place Jason Vargas pitches well, so I can’t see DD getting him. Fister, on the other hand, had success in other ballparks besides Safeco Field.

I only watch the Mariners when Felix pitchs ( its kind of a fix here, the broadcast of his games). I was talking based on their numbers, and based on that I dont see him as a great fit either. And iI was surprised when Fister pitched better with Detroit than at that huge , cold park.

Felix is amazing. I kind of think that Fister did better in Detroit because of finally getting some run support, but that’s just a guess. He never complained or made excuses. But being on a winning team might have helped.

He wasn’t bad here in Seattle either, especially last year –he could’ve won a lot more games here if the M’s had scored more. But all his stats improved when he got to Detroit, not just win-loss.

Agree on the run suppost. Even if there were jokes here about him being amused for seeing it for the first time.

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