Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Angels

Danny Worth gets a second straight start at second despite a right-hander on the mound in Jerome Williams. Peter Bourjos gets a start in a speedy Angels lineup against Max Scherzer.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Mike Trout, LF
  2. Erick Aybar, SS
  3. Albert Pujols, DH
  4. Mark Trumbo, RF
  5. Kendrys Morales, 1B
  6. Alberto Callaspo, 3B
  7. Maicer Izturis, 2B
  8. Peter Bourjos, CF
  9. Bobby Wilson, C

P: Jerome Williams


gotta win this series – lets do work boys!

Might have a rain issue later in the game.

There is noway Raburn should have been given a hit in the second inning last night. He was only half way down the line when the ball was flipped to 2nd. Should have been a fielder’s choice. I guess the scorer is feeling sorry for him.

20 doubles. Not bad for atruggling hitter

Where would you rank Peralta in the AL at SS just looking at the offensive side???

Behind the other Cabrera and Jeter?

I’m convinced that official scorers really don’t know their craft as much as they used too.
AJ is back.
Avila is my favourite plaayer.
Whey can’t JL simply use Berry more effectively when paired with AJ at the top of the lineup?

Valverde for Liriano?

A few doubles and an opposite field homer. Max with some more zeroes. DD must be smiling today!!

Very impressive 5th inning for Max. Lost it then was able to fight back by keeping his compsiure. Impressive indeed.

Nice job Max–very nice.
Not so nice job by Delmon, Don’t load the bases”, Young.
Now we need our bullpen to get it together.
Man that Trout is a beast.

Just let Benoit finish the “non-save” game, he’s only thrown 13 pitches and 9 for strikes! As Eddie said to Clark, once he (Snot) gets started, just let ’em finish Clark!!

I bet the Angel fans are having a fit! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a bad performance by our #2 starter Max Scherzer. We even out homered them!!!! They ouscored us by two for the series and we take the series three games to one. Bring on the Hawk Sox. Go Tigers!!!!!

After this series I am looking forward to watching the series with the Sox. Go Tigers.

lol @ Hawk sox…..that guy [shakes head]
Max pitched very well today.
Valverde pitching in a non-save situation and did well.
glad to see alex get a HR today! Lets keep the power up!

We have scored a ton of 2-out runs over the last seven games. Combine that with good starting pitching and the lower half of the batting order contributing and you win five of those seven, and nearly six of them.
I had written this series off as a split despite our dominance over the Angels at Comerica. This is a good stretch.
This has become a second half team? Who’d a thunk it?

Of course, I’m blacked out of Saturday’s game so I want to extend a hardy thank you to my good friends at Fox, and I’m sending Bud Selig a box of chocolate for making it come true. That last thing I want to do is see the most important game of the year to date.
Do they really think I would watch Giants-Phillies?

Christmas in July indeed. Three of four from the LA Boys. Wow and wow again. Thanks, Max for contributing to the rotation. Delmon had had chance for the “Coffin” hit many times, but came up just a bit short. Alex has a bomb finally, and Miggy gets another. But there were three things that I really liked about today’s game:
1. 7, 8, and 9 made real contributions today. This makes winning games a lot easier. I call this the “PAWS” effect. (Peralta, Avila, Worth) Pretty catchy eh?
2. Fielder’s belly flop double in the third. rather than settle for a single, he felt he could make it to second; and he did barely. He could have not scored from first on Jhonny’s double, and though Alex’s HR would have made that a moot issue, it still shows us the spunk that Prince has.
3. Alex had a good game; not only the HR, but he really worked well with Max today. In the end, I think we have two fine backstops.

I believe Worth is the one being auditioned; maybe a throw in player; would really be a great reserve for a National League Team. Finally, I really do believe that we might have turned the corner for good. The better starting pitching is making the defense better, and some timely hitting from 6-9 is becoming more consistent.
Bring on Mr. Obnoxious, “Hawk”, and his Sawx. But I must admit that I have always liked Ventura. Good evening all.

Dombrowski on the trade rumors: “I read a lot at this time just to have a pulse,” he said. “I also have direct contact with the general managers. At least half the stuff that’s out there is not accurate.”
Full article here:

Are we trying to tell everyone our team is clicking on all cylinders?? Go Motor City Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

Hey don’t look now but we own the AL WILDCARD

winning the season series with the Angels, Rays, Baltimore and Oakland could determine how goes to the offseason, ya know?
And it looks good for us in that regard. We are winning the series with Baltimore 2-1 (3 home games left), the Angels 3-1 (a home and away series left (6 games)), the Rays 5-2 (that’s all folks) and we’re tied with Oakland 2-2 (a 3 game homestand).
Today was a good day. Bless you boys.

I rather have the Divison Title. One 163th game is enough

fair enough. However, get in the postseason anyway you can….all that is needed is some getting hot at that point.

I still think they will be at the top of the division at the end.Unless they make blockbuster trade Chisox cant beat the Tigers.

Two wild cards. Wow. No one should set their sites for a wild card spot. Win the division!!!!!!!! My picks for the wild cards are the Angels and the Red Sox. Both of those teams are after division crowns. How many times has the Central had a Wild Card team????

Once, 2006

Do you remember seeing the Tigers celebrating clinching the Wild Card?? Then they blew the division title. And, of course, they bounced back to get to the World Series.

They were 15 -0 against KC before losing those 3 games.

Sometimes paybacks are hell. KC showed tremendous character and pride.

wow, what a great series. Thanks Max for allowing Good Max to show up today, he was impressive, our guys starting are really picking it up right now and the hitting too – totally different feel from just 3 weeks ago – funny how things change so quickly, perfect timing for the upcoming series to be on a hot streak –

Funny thing about that Wild Card setup, I keep hearing about how the two team’s aces will pitch that single game play-in, which supposedly weakens the winner going into the divisional series. The way I see it, the two wild cards will have to scrap so hard just to get into the game that they’ll likely have used their aces just to get into it. I don’t know how the odds on it would be, but I wouldn’t be surprised that we didn’t have, for example, a Verlander-Weaver matchup in the 163rd game. The winner could easily have their best pitcher available for game 1 or 2 of the divisional series. A staff ace could pitch the 160th game and still start game 1.

That was the idea. Selig did not liked the wild card going into the WS one after another and especially in 2006.

Watching the Sox vs Sox game right now. Bottom of 9 and the Wsox leading 1-0.
Be pretty nice to see the BoSox steal this one!

Bosox have the tying run at 2nd with one out in 9th.

ex tiger CODY ROSS with the 3 run jack off Reed…tough break Chisox

WALK OFF HR…Chisox are pale as the bullpen implodes

Youkilis was solid acquisition but they really need bullpen help. They’ll probably get it…

Great no-call by Hawk on Cody’s walkoff. What do you do with a speechless announcer?

It’s true. He did the same thing when Peralta walked them off earlier in the year. I went back and watched the Chicago feed just for giggles and he went speechless. Too funny. What a piece of work that guy is?
JV needs to set the tone for the series tonight. They are going to see tough pitching and they need to put the effort in and work counts and grind out at bats. If they do that, they can win the series.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

We could send them a Trojan Horse!!!!!

Chisox had runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 out in top of 9th and couldn’t get the add on runs.
this series will be a good test of the significance of momentum…Tigers on upswing, Chisox on a down note after tough loss. we know what the skipper has to say about game to game momentum…

mmmmm I wonder who i like less: Hawk or Kevin Youk.?

Good luck Tigers and Tiger Fans this weekend. Gonna be hard not to watch these games (I’m playing ball myself out of town).
Be great if we can simply win this series. A sweep would be fantastic but a win is a major accomplishment at this point.

I took a momentum class in high school🙂 Go Tigers!

heh, nice!

Cabrera, Fileder, Young X Jackson , Berry, Verlander= Tiges leading by Saturday night

I like the positive thinking. Chemistry + Momentum = Championship. Go Tigers!

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Avila 2, Peralta 6, Santiago 4. Verlander 1

And look at that: no raburn. Even tho raburn is .500 with 4 RBI in 2 ABs. Does that mean JL is protecting his own job, RR is too bad to play in front of the home crowd or that RR is not going to have a job tomorrow morning?
Peavy has been pitching well into games lately…but he has been giving up HRs….maybe the WIND will help things along tonight. Our hitters will need to get hits tonights – we can’t find ourselves in the 7th with less than 8 hits…lets give JV some stress relief. Talking about JV, I’d like to see him not give anything to Pierzynski….be careful with him….he hits justin about better than anyone not named Jim Thome.
Aside from that i hope Alex and Brennan can mash tonight – that would be huge.

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