Tigers win pick in Competitive Balance Lottery

Never thought I’d be writing this covering baseball, but the ping-pong balls worked out in the Tigers’ favor Wednesday. Thanks to MLB’s new Competitive Balance Lottery, Detroit picked up an extra pick at the end of the second round of next summer’s First-Year Player Draft. And they might not even have to wait that long to reap the benefits of it.

I wrote yesterday about the rules quirk that allowed the Tigers, with baseball’s fifth-highest payroll, into the Competitive Balance Lottery, and what it could mean for them heading into the July 31 trade deadline. The Tigers were one of eight teams in the lottery for six picks at the end of the second round (six picks were also awarded at the end of the first round, but Detroit wasn’t eligible for those), and they got the last of them. Depending on how many free-agent compensation picks are doled out this coming offseason, the Tigers’ pick should fall somewhere in the mid- to late 70s in the overall order.

By comparison, the Tigers didn’t make their first pick in last month’s First-Year Player Draft until the 91st overall selection. They didn’t come up in the 2011 Draft until the 76th pick.

In those drafts, the Tigers lost their first-round pick thanks to signing free agents under the old rules. Now, not only did they gain a pick, it could help them gain another big-name player if they need an extra trading chip.

That’s right, trading draft picks. That’s the other new quirk about this Competitive Balance Lottery. The picks awarded through the lottery are tradeable, allowing teams to trade draft picks for the first time ever. Moreover, they’re tradeable now, giving the Tigers an extra enticement leading up to the trade deadline.

In many ways, it’s like an extra prospect the Tigers can deal without taking away from the farm system they have. It’s not only about the pick, but the extra draft spending that comes with it. Even if another team isn’t intrigued by where the pick falls, that team could sign somebody under slot and use the money on other picks.


That’s good news, but it further muddies the trade waters. The new CBA has already come into play a number of times this year.
A quick comment on Jacob Turner: while the 21-year old version has been disappointing, he’s a much better pitcher than he showed last night. That’s probably obvious. I’d like to see Laird get a crack at catching him on Sunday, if JT gets that start.

Another point about Turner, he looked as bad last night as the Angels starter from last night looked his previous starts. Turner’s location was awful last night. But remember he is 20! He needs experience.

Actually, I’ve seen Richards pitch several times. He has nasty stuff and has been up from AAA because of all the rotation problems for the Angels. In his 8 appearances, he started 7 times with only 2 bad outings. Extract them from the equation and his ERA is in the 1.5 range. Otherwise, it stands at 3.53.

Whoa–every game counts now. Not so sure I want to see Turner be throwing against a division rival.

couldn’t agree more. JL even said he isn’t ready.

He’s slated to be the starter on Sunday against TBA. Unless something happens…..

what about what happened last night, rich?

A scout about Turner( at Knobler):”Everything he threw was in the middle of the plate,” I asked after the first inning And I would like to know still: a) He does not know how to read the sings
b) he cant execute
c) Who is calling the game is doing a poor job . Fastball in the zone , 0-2? really?
d) all the above

b and c

Another one at baseball reference , only 9 pitcher in history has been worse than him in their first 5 games.

Counting on Turner against a key division rival is a scary prospect. He has decent stuff but showed poor command against the Angels. Turner could use more seasoning. But under the circumstances, there does not appear to a better option, assuming Smyly remains unavailable. I hope he proves all us doubters wrong and makes me eat my words.

That’s the issue. Crosby would be as hit or miss as Turner. They could hold Below for the start, but he’s not stretched out. Saw that last night. They could acquire Dempster before then…..

By the way, Bowden announced the Tigers remain very interested in Barney and are willing to offer a mid-level prospect for him.

I think that may happen. The devil is in the details.

Just out of curiosity……is Barney a “solution” at 2b? I mean…his career offensive numbers aren’t barely different… He doesn’t steal much more than ramon… Just curious.

i.e. Ramon ~ Barney

his career offensive numbers aren’t barely better (than ramon)

Infante > Barney / Santiago

@beckjackson Humber will pitch on sunday against Detroit

On full rest. Why the TBA stuff?

He retweeted the White Sox beat writter. Something about Axelrod back in the pen and Floyd in DL

Oliver on DL

I do not believe Smyly to be unavailable for sunday

Probably not a solution like Cano, Kipnis or Kinsler. But a definite upgrade over Raburn, who seemingly has failed his oppurtunity That leaves Santiago to return to his utility role, at which he is excellent and creates better bench strength.

Sorry. This was a response to your earlier query about Barney.

Barney is young.
Has wheels. Good glove.
Pujols is amazing.
Raburn’s last days.

Third time in four games: Miguel from 1rst to 3rd with a single

Fister has been impressive so far. He has control, command and movement. I hope to see increased velocity. Thus far, I count only 2 fastballs that have hit a pedestrian 90mph. If he can get back to that 92- 94 range, just to show it, I would feel he is back to at least #2 level. Then the Tigers would not have to mortgage the future to bolster the rotation with a premium guy.

Richard took the words out of my mouth. I’ve been watching for that 90 mph also. He is making good use of his other pitches though.

9 SO in 6 innings, proving that location is much more important than velocity.

Actually, I agree with you that velocity is not the end all and location is extremely important. Take Turner’s performance from last night as an example. He had nice velocity without the other intangibles. My point was that Fister has demonstrated command, control (location) and movement. With velocity, at least for show, it gives greater separation to other pitches and causes hitters to get off balance.Thus, the art of premium pitching..

And that’s with not very much help from this upm. Nobody is getting the strike at the knees and Fister is not getting that outside corner. To pitch that well when being squeezed is a real accomplishment.

Who is warming?

is there a need?

No. Give him the credit he deserves and let him go for the CG.

If Fister keeps pitching like this (like he did the 2nd half last year), he slides into #2. Scherzer as a 3 and Porcello a 4 is a plus rotation. So we no longer need to mortgage the future, since a 5 starter only gets about 9, 10 starts in after August 1. So if we can get an upgrade over Smyly/Turner that can slide into long relief in the post season, than ok. a couple prospects can slide.
2B, oviously an issue. But now that Delmon/ Peralta and Boesch are hitting it is not so glaring. Santiago is better than Barney in my opinion, And Raburn, if he gets his second half surge, is much better than available 2B.
Lastly, with the extra wild card, it is obviously a big time sellers market. I predict there will not be much movement. The Tigers roster is solid and when Fister is right I really like our club.

I do see a move. Any GM with enough patient will find bargains. To get a compensatory pick , you need to offer the player 12 millions. So trade now or lost them for nothing. It is growing a consensus about the Wild Card, it is unwise to trade to get a 163 th game

That pick will be in the 70s, so will not be 12 million to sign. It is a valuable pick. That pick and a propect like Brantly or McCann could fetch a good player. Also, don’t forget that the Tigs got Delmon in August last year, the July 31 deadline is meaning less and less.

Under the CBA to get a compensatory pick you must make the FA a qualified offer: 12 and a half million.eg: Nobody will offer Quentin 12 millions at the end of the season. So if he go as FA, SD gets nothing. If they trade , they get a prospect.

Buster Olney‏@Buster_ESPN

By the way: A lot of teams in a holding pattern, and partly because some don’t view one-and-maybe-done wildcard berth as a real incentive.

el tigre – we are talking about different things. I am talking about the pick that was awarded to the Tigers today (see the top of this blog). It is different than a compensatory pick that you speak of, it is a Competitive Pick and nothing to do with free agency. The Competitive Pick, that can be traded, will be in the 70s in the 2013 draft.

How much value these comp picks draw on the trade market is going to be fascinating for me. We’ve seen how valuable draft picks are in trades in other sports. This is a first for baseball, and it’s happening in the heart of trading season, without much time to react. Add in the fact that more picks mean a bigger signing allowance for teams under the new rules, and it’s really intriguing to me.

I know,but it is the lack of the traditional two picks the factor that is making players less valuable as now.
Giving the pick plus a prospect is way too much for a rental. It is a buyers market as soon as GMs dont panic

Fister getting on top of his pitches tonight would seem to indicate that he’s healed up. Good news on that front. I believe we may need some kind of extra starter just for added depth, but I wouldn’t overpay. That was a darned good hitting club that Doug shut down tonight.
I think you could go with Santiago and also give Worth more starts at 2ndbase. I wouldn’t put Raburn there again. I still think, however, that they’ll pick up someone, most likely Barney. Don’t necessarily agree with the move, but it may happen.
Gerald Laird should get more starts back there. He is actually an impact defensive catcher.

When Worth went to 2-0 on that AB when he was bunting, I wanted to take the bunt off and let him swing, and darned if Jim didn’t do just that. Kind of surprised me. Even if Danny had popped up rather than single to right, it still would have been a good move.

Wow, that game went by fast. Fast and furious Mister Fister. The whole team played great! Go Tigers!!!!

For those of you who don’t get the postgame show. JL said that he was going to send Fister back out for the 9th but he was stiffening up from that comebacker that hit him in the 8th. Took him out as a precaution.
Jim also said he wasn’t going to explain his lineups anymore, then went on about it for a minute. He wasn’t upset but patiently explained that there are only 4 guys on the bench and one of them is a catcher, so when he needs to give Santiago a blow or Berry a game off against the lefty, he only has three guys to put in there.
This would sound obvious but there are a tons of negative comments from the fanbase on this stuff and it does get old. As Jim said, “it’s not like we have 30 guys on the roster.”
Myself, I don’t know why he even bothers with talk radio and all that. If he wants good comments, he can come here. 🙂

Interesting info, at least to me.Tiger Bullpen Coach Rojas is the brother(?) of Angel Announcer Rojas. Dad was former MLB manager Cookie Rojas. Small world.

I see Santa Claus smiles in Tiger Land tonight. Maybe Christmas in July was the very thing needed for the guys to get rolling again. Wow, if we could get tomorrow’s game, 3-4 would be a great feat against the Halos. A very solid win, AS Mister Fister continues to get back to full strength. This is very encouraging. And it seems hopeful that Dirks, will be back in the not to distant future. Having said that, let me share three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Scoring seven runs on eight hits without a home run. That tells us that almost everyone in the lineup was participating in one way or the other.
2. Boesch’s opposite field double in the fifth, to drive in the last two. Those two extra runs took the sails off of the Halo ship. Have you noticed that the name Boesch is appearing in recaps more and more?
3.Laird’s game calling. Yes, Fister spun a great game, but Laird is not appreciated enough for how he handles our staff. One of the best success stories for us this year(resigning Laird).

Glad to see Worth worth something, even Rayburn gets a ribby. But like others have said, unless he hits 6 homeruns with 15 RBI’s by July 31, Rayburn will join Inge
as a faded memory. Good night all.

The Tigers are 10-5 against Halos at CoPa since 2009. So a win tomorrow wont be unusual

We need another starting pitcher. Injuries occur and rotational depth has proven lacking. The black hole #5 slot has re-emerged.. There is no organizational starter who has shown enough to even serve as an adequate fill-in with the exception of Smyly, who has proven unreliable as well as a victim of health issues. If Fisteris truly healthy and continues to progress, then he could be the #2 we need. The jury is sttill out on that question. Ideally, the Tigers need to acquire Hamels, Greinke, Shields or someone of that calibre .We would then have pitching depth, qualiity,and trade leverage to acquire help for positional needs.

The Tigers are really close. A couple of tweaks and we are right there. If everything else proves favorable, i can see where a guy like Garza and a 2B like Barney or Scutaro or Infante can solidify us for a run thru the playoffs. Heck, we could even do it with our present roster if everything went our way. But how often does that happen? So…I put in my 2 cents and will leave it to our resident Tiger expert management team to work its magic. That is, until tomorrow.

You keep saying that Smyly is unreliable but he is the only starter to allow 4 runs or less in all but 1 start this year.

Smyly has made 15 starts. He began the season well, then went through a period of 7 starts from 5/14 through 6/16 when his ERA during that period jumped to around 8.00. Smyly was then solid in his last 2 outings, but has never gone more than 6 innings in a start. Now factor in his 2 stints due to injuries, which is partly why 9 different starters have been used in our rotation. In summary, I like Smyly and hope he has a great career for us. I just think he has not shown enough to rely on him.

He has been good and lacked run support but he is supposed to be shutdown at the end of the season . If the Tigers are in contest to the wire, is he reliable? or will be available?

Delmon came through early – that was big for everyone.
Doug is a major reason why it’s hard to blame DD for our problems. He’s awesome – and he’s got a great head on his shoulders.
RR does enough to stay alive!
JL put together a lineup with DW, GL and RR in it – and we had 7 runs by the 5th. Thats me giving JL credit for knowing more than “us”.

Super bounce back win. Go for the series win tomorrow. Then bring on those White Sox. Verlander vs. Peavy on Friday. Porcello vs. Sale on Saturday. Go Tigers!!!

Hopefully we get AJ back to his real self again. Looks a little off right now.
Looks to me like it may be quite likely we pick up another starter. Can’t see them throwing Turner against the Sox. Can’t afford to be overmatched from the gitgo at this point of the season against your stiffest competition.

May not have much choice but to start him. Jacob shouldn’t be afraid of walking a few hitters, and he needs to knock them back off the plate. His catcher needs to work with him on this.

THis williams pitcher fellow….doesn’t look to be on any hot streaks right now😉 EATM UP SCHERZER – EATM UP!

Yeah. Williams has been around . He is the 5th starer in the Angel rotation . Williams can be surprisingly effective at times and can go pretty deep into games. I believe this is his second start since coming off the DL for respiratory problems, whatever that means.

Just a note about Fister. The LA Times had some nice things to say about his performance last night. Hunter said he was amazed at DF’s movement

Fister may be a guy who was just coming into his own last year and we got him at the exact right time. After his first couple of innings, he displays no-hit stuff sometimes. He ever goes out there with that mid-90s fastball working and it could get interesting.

Infante’s name has surfaced again as a possible 2B upgrade for the Tigers. Bob Nightengale of USA and John Lowe of the Free Press reported.

Paired with Anibal Sanchez. A extremely good pitcher. With Fister in Seattle kind of numbers

AJ? he hit safe for 16 games. Scored in 13 games. A little correction was expected since that kind of streak involves always some luck.
JV and DF could be the best 1-2 of the game right now.

AJ looks like he is beginning to struggle a bit IMO. He’ll come out of it, I have no doubt. Thiis is indicated when he starts taking fastballs over the middle of the plate.
I think Fister’s performance was absolutely one of the best of the year for any Tigers pitcher. To shut that lineup down after they had their way with us the game before was remarkable. Let’s hope it is a portent of things to come.
My eyebrow is slightly arched over the DD comment (innuendo) to media about Castellanos perhaps being ready “right now” as an outfielder. I hope this does not mean they are building him up for a trade. They need to keep this guy.
Gerald Laird plays tghe game with fire, passion and intensity. I actually prefer him to the listless Avila right now. Avila looks happier on the bench anyway. What a shame.
Used to be my favourite Tiger.
Here’s a trade for you!!! Aangels need a reliever. Valverde is just about done. I would rather do without him “to be honest with you”. How about him for Bourjos ?
I guess we will get to judge what kind of character (guts) Turner has eh? I am not at all sold on this guy and haven’t been since I saw him last year.
Quinton Berry is not going to be getting a whole lot of playing time when Dirks gets back (if he stays healthy). He’s fun to watch (until he gets into easy ground balls to 2nd base mode) but he is also not totally dependable defensively. Really awkward routes to fly balls and his arm is just not very good.

I read the same new and tought with Al2 back who is the odd man?
Valverde? Benoit is not trusted as closer by the Tigers( Henning says they see him a “weak”). Dotel used to be a good closer.
Bourjos is a fit for LF. AJ can not play for all 3 OFs( he has done it for a while anyway)

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Worth 4. Scherzer is starting

Avila after a night game. JL hates him

sorry wrong post. Laird was there last nigh. Watched Sox squared.

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