Tuesday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Angels

None of the Tigers have faced Garrett Richards in the big leagues yet, so no numbers to report. However, in Richards’ limited big league time this year, lefties are batting .326 (29-for-89) against him, compared to .231 (12-for-52) for right-handed hitters. Regardless, it’s the same lineup.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Jacob Turner




Buck up Jason, you sound bored.🙂 I myself am excited to see Turner again.

We won’t be seeing Jose Bautista in Toronto next weekend. He’s on the 15-day DL with a wrist injury sustained while swinging his bat.

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On trades by Lynn G. Henning‏@Lynn_Henning
@drew_tomlinson Drew: That’s what they would prefer to do — deal Delmon. Not easy, but Dombro will be creative as trade talks progress.

a) He does not know how to read the sings
b) he cant execute
c) Who is calling the game is doing a poor job . Fastball in the zone , 0-2? really?
d) all the above


Just sat down to watch the game……OH! It’s over already?

We’re not going to score any runs if we don’t show more patience than in that first inning. Disappointing approach.
I just can’t get a read on Turner. Cool and calm or disinterested? Can’t figure him. Yet.

I have said I just don’t see what all the fuss is about with Turner. Big deal, he’s composed. Doesn’t seem to get rattled. But his stuff is pretty hittable, his command isn’t there so what does composure matter?
I’ve never been impressed, felt he was being “exaggerated” and certainly haven’t seen anything to change my mind today. Richards on the other hand is throwing with confidence and panache.
If we can get a serious 2nd baseman for him they better go for it.

He will be ready by 2015 ,if ever.If they are showcasing him , he is losing worth pitch by pitch

WOW game over. now what the fudge do i do this evening. GET HIM OUTTA THERE JIM, YA DINGBAT!

Hey kid, the HR derby was on monday


Based on this performance and the others that I don’t recall, he hasn’t really shown any of the potential a lot of people seemed to think he has. This game is already a disaster for him. His only hope is to be taken out and see if the Tigers can jump on the Angels’ pitcher.

Pull him out. He will lose on mercy rule

Can anyone explain to me why they don’t just put Below in the rotation? He’s even lefthanded. Why use him once a week for a couple of innings?

Because it’s YOUR idea Rich!! Many other Tiger fans I might add, and NOT the brainchild of JL himself. He’s not called a SOC for nothing.
There comes a time you have to perform. Turner is not even doing a first rate job in the Minors.
I hope you are wrong about his value but he did not add to it tonight that’s for sure.
We saw Oliver, highly touted, become virtually worthless. Can’t wait too long. Maybe someone will see BOTH of them as projects and take them off our hands.

It’s almost insulting treatment of Below really. He must feel like a forgotten man as he only seems to be called upon in throwaway games.
I hope he can shut these Angels down and in doing so save the bullpen for the next couple of games.

Cognitive disonance . They will never admit that they were wrong on : Santiago, Worth, Raburn, Below,Fielder,Oliver,Pauley( the LH one)…

Below just sits in the bullpen game after game rusting and rotting away. If he’s not perfect here, that is the reason.

That Weaver impersonator is delivering

I don’t think that Below would solve anything as a starter. But based on what he has been asked to do and done here, he should be respected enough to have been given a try.
Have they announced Turner has been sent down yet??

Below cant start for lacking a third pitch. Turner does not have one

Horrible effort out there tonight. They gave up a long time ago.
May as well let Worth play.

He is in , with DK and RR.
They were 9-4 at CoPa against Halos since 2009

Today’s game has served as a wakeup call. Unfortunately, ideal circumstances do not prevail for theTigers. The black hole #5 slot has re-emerged and there really is no guarantee Fister will prove to be the #2 starter the Tigers need to win out in 2012. Besides Smyly, who has proven unreliable as well as a victim of health issues, no other organizational youngster has shown enough to even serve as a #5 fill-in.
Injuries obviously do occur. Rotational depth is lacking. Our pitching prospects are just that, prospects. TheTiger priority must be pitching. With the return of Dirks, the outfield should be OK, if not very good (see Angels for comparison purposes). Stabilization at 2B must take a backseat. Santiago and Worth can fill roles, even though they do not appear to be the ultimate answer.

If we can find a 2B to stabilze that position after addressing the pitching issue, without mortgaging the futue, great. That would also thereby enhance our position depth.

This team does not win without an upgrade at 2nd.

Usually agree with you, but we have a greater pressing need in our rotation. And the team hits well enough to win without much offensive impact from 2B as long as some defense happens there. If we can get Infante or someone of his ilk, so much the better.

Houston is too eager to part with Wandy Rodríguez.But why not? they need a long term solution.

They can scout Bourjos

Yeah, when he can break into the lineup. Do we really need another CF type?

Because of the huge LF at CoPa , he has being on the shopping list of the Tigers for a while

Who pitch on sunday?

ElTigre, don’t you think AJ covers the gaps? Frankly, I thought that was his saving grace following the Granderson trade.

it is their assesment not mine.AJ is the best by large in MLB.But he cant cover for the shortcomings of the other two.( Including Berry) Boesch is as bad a RR.Not to mention Delmon

The Angels would like to keep Bourjos. Hunter is nearing the end of his tenure with the team .Bourjos will then move to CF. Trout and Trumbo will move to the corners. Bourjos can cover. His offense is very much at question, but he can both cover and run the bases.

Wrong placement here, but the big question for the Angels is what to do with Wells when he returns. He is virtually untradeable. That is why Bourjos keeps being brought up in trade news despite what the Angels want to see happen. They are in a pitching quandary because of injury issues (see Haren and Williams) as well as performance concerns(see Santana).

There is RR with the icing of the cake

With K Raburn ending it, they are 9-5 since 2009 against Halos at Copa

It was Dan or Jim who mentioned rr jumped up to catch the ball but ot went behind him. I had to laugh. Waiting for Greg’s insights tonight. I know one thing: Jacob Turner: what you see is what you get. Go Tigers!

After the 3rd inning, it was clear that we weren’t going to do the necessary work to get to the Richards kid, so I switched to the Nationals game for the rest of the evening. Fortunately for me, that was a classic battle to watch. Ended up with ex-Tiger Tim Byrdak losing it for the Mets. Tomorrow night I expect Tigers-Angels to be much more entertaining than tonight.
JL said that Turner is going to be a top of the rotation guy. I was surprised he used that exact terminology.
The reason I prefer Below to start is not because I think he’s a great starter, but because he’s the best candidate we have right now. That’s the fact as I see it.

The best candidate? Maybe. But definitely the best reason to purue pitching help.

I recall him getting beat up in his spot start he made. But generally, I like him. He comes in and gets outs.

Well Kathy, your anticipation is now over. Like a fool, I watched through the ninth trying to find something I like about tonight’s game. For the second time this year, I found nothing. Thought it would be Below- – – he ran out of gas. I suppose Villarreal gets the nod for Game Guy. Wow! No pitching or hitting. Two double plays were decent. And that’s it. These Angels can put a real hurting on a pitcher, especially if he’s throwing batting practice. Turner doesn’t get rattled; he’d be a better poker player with the non-emotional approach. Actually, I guess we were due a meltdown. The last three weeks have helped at least to stabilize things. As far as the discussion on Below as a starter, I don’t see another real option for long relief, especially after Marte goes back down. Mr. Fister better be sure that curve is working tomorrow, and he’d best keep it low, or we might be in store for an encore.
On second thought, one good thing about tonight was getting the walks, albeit nothing came from them. More than usual.

Pretty unbelievable. Turner nowhere near being ready. Can’t stand guys that show no emotion at all. Oliver, Turner Avila after a strikeout. Drives me crazy. You don’t have to Jimmy Piersall but show something!
Hopefully that is all out of the way. The easy roll-over groundouts to the right side were far too polite.
We do need fister to be a stopper.
I actually have thought for wawhile now that Raburn has a better chance of catching the ball with his mouth than his glove. I actually do laugh at him out there. Today I needed a laugh and he came up with a pretty good one. He’s far more brutal than Boesch. Boesch is not what I would call a good outfielder but Raburn is the only guy that can turn outs into homers. He should wear a helmet out there.
I can’t see them carrying him much longer. I don’t think he is gonna make it anywhere else but he has no chance of making it in Detroit. Japan?
Sorry, don’t mean to carry on but there are some embarassing problems on this team.

Just read JL’s post game comment on Turner. Wow. That was dumb. I mean it’s one thing for ust to say it but for JL to say “he’s not ready for this” in the media is not helping his GM too much. Too bad he was so bad. We just lost a bargaining chip.
Greg, we have to have 3 positives, we’re used to it now. It’s legendary here.
So please forgive me for adding these:
1) There was no bomb at Comerica Park. (Besides Trout’s)
2) The temperature fell to under 100 (Even though Turner melted like a Hershey Bar)
2) Alice Cooper in the broadcast booth talking about, Kuenn, Kaline and Colavito.

Wow, went to see a movie last night, got in the car and it was 7 -0, got home it was 11 – 0 – so did not bother watching and will not bother reading the stats, no reason to get all worked up over a game like that, but it does sound like Raburn had another doozy of a bad play, would like to see it just for chuckles but I doubt it is on the Tiger website.

Another day starts today – I can live with that game if we win the next 2.

Last night was an organizational curse. Tigers lost 13-0. Mud Hens lost 17-1. Matt Young pitched the last inning for the Hens. Now, everybody, for some important questions. Did Turner pitch any after the July 7th shutout?? Ten days is too long a layoff. Did he throw a simulated game in between?? When did he find out, he was pitching last night?? Do we have our best options at Toledo lined up so they can help us in Detroit?? Is Smyly good to go on Sunday against the White Sox?? Thad Weber pitched on Monday for Toledo and threw seven innings. Duane Below was stretched out last night. This guy is effective when he pitches down around the knees. Not much of that last night. Could one of these guys be starting on Sunday??? Or is this how Leyland forces DD to make a move???

looking forward to playing tonight.

The definition of being “Pounded”:
Brian Pounds pitched to 6 batters last night for Toledo. He gave up 6 hits…..3 of them were HRs.
Turner didn’t do a whole lot better in Detroit.

Olney reported the Tigers figure to be 1 of the 3 most aggressive teams at the trade deadline. He felt a starting pitcher will be the primary target and possibly a second baseman. CBS indicated the Tigers continue to be interested in Gaza and Dempster and also are looking at Wandy. Possible trade chips were noted to be Brantly, Crosby, Turner, and Rondon. Shields and other Ray starters may be available, but I haven’t seen the Tigers connected to a potential deal there..

Correction. It wasn’t CBS, it was ESPN Chicago.

Wandy?Houston is too eager to trade. He supposedly has issues of character but JL is a players manager and he can handle the situation.
Morosi mentioned Liriano too. If he he is healthy and DD is not reluctant to intradivisional trade, he is worth a look.
Rays? Knobler mentioned it. They could swap Porcello for Shield. The other possible trade is unworkable. They need a pitcher that could have been Turner and a impact hitter. The problem , the impact hitter Detroit wants to trade is radioactive for the Rays ( Young)

Last night would have been a perfect time to use Jose Valverde!!

One thing is sure: “The future is not longer was it used to be”

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers
Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Raburn 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Laird 2, Worth 4. Fister is starting

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