Monday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Angels


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (4-for-11, HR off Ervin Santana)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH (3-for-16, 6 K’s off Santana)
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (2-for-16 off Santana)
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Mike Trout, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-9, HR off Porcello)
  3. Albert Pujols, 1B
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH
  5. Mark Trumbo, LF
  6. Howard Kendrick, 2B (2-for-12, 5 K’s off Porcello)
  7. Erick Aybar, SS (2-for-13 off Porcello)
  8. Maicer Izturis, 3B (5-for-7, HR, 3B off Porcello)
  9. John Hester, C

P: Ervin Santana


I heard Grienke, Hamels, Dempster, and Scutaro mentioned as possible trades. Is there any truth to any of these?

Report on 97.1 the ticket, Nick Castellanos has been declared out for trade by the Tigers. That rules out Hamels.

That means he is off limits.

Do we see Porcello pitching around the # 8 hitter????!!!!!!!!

does anyone know how Al^2, Dirks and VMart are progressing?

who is this Trout fellow? I’ve never heard of him before. :p

anyone know why Ryan Strieby was released from Triple-A Toledo?

He was not in the 40 roster since december so no trade related move
Blocked by Fielder. Batting 195.

13 HRs and 55 RBI too.

AH didn’t know he was batting so poorly.

we’re going to need Brayan if Coke is going to be unavailable soon (wife due july 22)

finally get to see Trout, hopefully he wont do too much damage

La Máquina as Cabrera calls him is the middle of his worst season. 271 with 15 HR. 265 with 3 HR in the last 10. Let him keep the bad season going

Alex been hitting well lately as well….hopefully he can hit this righty tonight!

I son’t see Alex as hitting well at all. Every now and then a ground ball through but where is the power?

fair enough – just one double, recently. I guess i was looking at his OBP…which is .545 over the past 3 games

According to Knobler, the White Sox want to block the Tigers by proritizing pitching. The Tigers have been interested in Garza and Dempster, as well as linked to Shields. They are also interested in Scutaro and Infante. The Tigers top concern is the #2 slot, which would be important as a difference-maker in the playoffs. Turner looks like a trade chip.

Santana looks good tonight😉

Speed and hustling.

Oh boy DY swinging on the high stuff and the stuff in the dirt…on consecutive pitches no less. Keep it real DY – Keep it real.

The second strike must be illegal. It was a great pitch

holy cow what OF defense that inning!?! If good defense sparks good offense….then this could be a good inning!

The ESPN broadcaste was calling the HR.
Berry is not good but he is able to correct in time

In the name of Justin

That is why the Tigers are looking for a starter. The pitch against Hunter could not be worse

Boy Rick was looking pretty good…… He definitely walked Trout, but I’m pretty sure he had Tori struck out.

I think it was outside. The third pitch against Pujols perhaps was strike

Well we will disagree on that. Jackson sure screwed up there baserunning…or should I say not running that was horrible.

Rick robbed of strike 3 on both Hunter and Pujols. The ump is not giving him the outside pitch even though it is in the strike zone.

Avila screwed RP out of strike 3 with a terrible frame and setup and…the Angels take advantage and are now up.

15 nbatters, 15 first strikes. Beware of the next at bat of the professional hitters

Miggy swung at ball 4 and flew out to center. To bad it would of been bases loaded and nobody out.

DY failing by caribbean baseball and not reaching 3rd prevented a run. He is losing his last supporter with me.

They are hitting Santana but in the gaps. Berry, Peralta and Avila.

NOT in the gaps.

AND RP has Hester struck out. The ump is just not giving him that outside pitch that is in the strike zone. Clearly.

Again a strike out to hester ther in the 5th. Okay ump…keep it straight and fair. Freaking consistency. Really freaing frusstrated and I think Porcello is too. And alreay frustrated with Rod gushing over Tori Hunter. Rck is falling apart.

D–N that Torii Hunter. Seems to kill them every time.

Was JL signaling IBB or what?

Rick needs to get out of this game. They are hitting him like they know what’s coming. Freaking ridculous.

We clearly need at least one more pitcher Rick is barely a #5. He just isn’t panning out.

Wrong…This is not RP’s fault. He made good pitches with nice velocity and movement, but his receiver failed him in a critical situation by not framing properly and giving the ump the chance to prolong the inning. GK, just think about this one.

They clobbered 3 balls off of him Tori on the first pitch. That had nothing to do with the strikeouts (2 that he got screwed out of which did cost him 2 runs). But they still hit some awefully hard balls off of him…..not bleeders but hammered balls to the deepest parts of the park. That’s what I know Richard.

Everyone hear will eat their words o Rick Porcello. This guy has good stuff (it was actually bordering on excellent…until). He did have Hunter struck out. Not Pujols but yes Hunter he did.
Problem with Berry in LF evidenced today. Poor arm. We should have had Izturis at home pretty easily..
Still need an everday left-fielder. Been saying the same thing for years now.
RP lost composure.
He is going to be a solid starter.
Humped it up today with his 4-seam and had a really nice 2 seamer that he didn’t throw enough.
DY drives me nuts. We need intelligence, clutch and discipline in that 5th spot. I don’t care about all those recent homers. He’s still a rally killer and I predict he will do the same here in the bottom of the 5th.

poor arm and no feeling for how the ball is coming off the bat (re: Q. Berry). OH and how about DY there?

He’s a #5 right now at best. Yes he’s still pretty young, but if you want to contend we need better.

Berry , the spark. Cabrera working the walk and in back to back games going from 1 rst to 3rd. Fielder was 383 with RISP before that hit. Cabrera running fast after watching Fielder going from 1rst to 3rd . And DY with another RBI. Not bad

I don’t take it back.
I will say that the base hit by DY was a good one. I will also say that he is not consistent enough there though.

We need Victor

who should bat behind prince then?

I don’t think we have anyone else right now.

fair enough. Alex can’t….peralta could be argued – he’s hot right now

Toledo has lost their last 5 games, Erie their last 4.
Castellanos and Garcia have homered tonight. I do believe we will see NC this September. Garcia may be gone. I think Turner will be gone.
Actually agreee with JL taking RP out.
#5? Well if Delmon were to go you could escalate Peralta or Boesch.
If they were to pick up Quentin–well he’s a natural there. Upton? Who knows..
Nice polite baseball. Avila is not hitting the ball the way he should.

Alex Avilas new speciality….grounding into double plays. He’s just not the same guy is he? I don’t knw if his knees or whatever was bothering him is still effecting him, but he’s just not the same.

Ramon has been such an easy out. If DD doesn’t find us a 2nd baseman he deserves to be severely criticized

Bunting with AVial was due


I think your right. As much as I love him, he is hitting the weakest ground balls lately. Not hitting anything very hard. He’s probably still hunting.

Well the Angels pen is really really good, from what I’ve heard. My guess is that Santana may not be coming back out, he’s horrible and we really let him off the hook a bit. Granted in a few of the innings Tori made a couple of nice catches to Rob Peralta and Berry, but still..

As soon as they keep making DP like today, he is the regular there.

That is waht we were talking about this morning, heart thrumps numbers

One thing’s for sure, Q does not let an 0-5 previous game affect his next game.

QB played to his strengths for a change. It caused problems. 14 SB out of 14 chances. He has not had a SB for 10 games plus. ThankU. 5-5.

And BB puts frosting on QB’s cake! 7-5.

He has no speed. He lacks fundamental, even if he is learning and did not run with that. His speed is the only thing that put himahead of Raburn or Boesch. I want six like him in the team

he has nothing but speed.. commenting on commercial breaks..

You are a funny guy,but only when we win!

Whoa he hit it a mile!

What is with Benoit and the gopher balls?

What is up with Benoit and all these homers he is giving up lately? It is getting very concerning.
— Bob

Not Benoit homer again……….oooohhh.

Trumbo is scary strong. Benoit had him off balance and he still got it out in a pitcher’s park. Give him credit. The guy is a stud.

He’s really strong. Benoit and all these homers mildly concerning. I still have faith though.

Love the way Santiago did his job in the 8th. Maybe it leads to a rally.

YES!!! 8-6. Berry for MVP.

Bad at bat by Fielder. Twice made swing at too high balls..

Wow I can’t believe that blew that opportunity! Bad bad bad. Please VV!

Yes–surprising. I figured fielder would come through with a fly ball. I had no confidence in DY with the bases loaded and the game on the line.
Oh boy, here comes the bomb—Jose can you see?

Oh my, bunt by Hunter? Did not see it coming. Trouble for us!

Yes! Tigers win

Game Over. TIGERS ROAR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

All these complaints, and it was a joy to watch for me. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

It was FANTASTIC !!!

great game….just another 4 to go on this homestand and im feelin great

Great win! Just when some here think Berry is done, he comes roaring back. So Dirks returns. There is no way they can drop Berry. He just adds a whole new phase for the team. This puts Raburn and Kelly on the bubble. Who is more valuable to the team? Neither is hitting very well. Kelly is better on defense. But who plays 2nd base if Raburn goes? They would have to depend on Santiago or Worth or someone new. Any new ideas out there?

R Sox beat W Sox. Tigers gain a game. Indians ahead by a run at TB. Can the Rays squeak out a comeback?

Me too Kathy. El Tigre, if you’re talking about taking 6 of QB, maybe that’s a few too many. I’ll take one any day though.
Torii Hunter always kills us. I can’t help but like the guy though….as long as we win. Always looks like he’s having fun.

It was a joke. But I would like 6 players with his heart to add to Cabrera, Jackson and Fielder.

Well Berry keeps ticking. He definitely impacts a game when he’s in it. He had a lousy lead at 2nd and still stole it! The bunting is imperative for him.
To see a Tiger stealing 3rd is a treat.
JL simply has to play this guy.
Good things to see on this club. I even saw it in Porcello. It’s there. He’s on the cusp. The 2 seamer will be the pitch that changes things for him.
DD might be able to avoid a trade for a corner outfielder but he can’t ignore what’s going on offensively, from the 2nd base position. And NO, that does not mean Raburn should get another go at it.
I don’t see either him or Kelly sticking it out much longer.
Jose was scary–I thought for a spit 2nd that Pujols got all of that at the end.

Marty. Hmmmm. The Angels do have a surplus of fielders! He’d look pretty sweet in our uni. He does play the game right.

Vernon Wells would be the odd man out. They are holding on Bourjos

I think QB could steal any time he wants to. The thing is that with Cabrera hitting after him, a gap hit, or hit down either line scores Q anyway. Whereas if he does steal it leaves 1st base open to IBB Miguel. I’d still run him every time unless up against a pitcher that can hold base runners well.

Couldn’t tell it from reading here, but the good far outweighed the bad tonight. It was a fun and interesting game start to finish.
Berry is not getting the green light all the time since he’s hitting second. He said so. That would explain the lack of steals lately. Leyland ball. He seems to play the style of game that the opponent features, you notice?
I think Benoit has hung some sliders which is usually a dynamite pitch for him. Needs to make a tweak there, and will.
At 23 and no college experience, Porcello by all rights should just now be making the big club. They may have done him a disservice by putting him in the permanent rotation so soon. I’m not sure Jeff Jones is the best pitching coach for Rick. Bottom line, I wouldn’t trade him unless I got somebody really good, really young, and under club control.
Guess I’ll go listen to what the ol’ man has to say now.

The Trout homers was on a change up in the zone.

You are correct. Trumbo hit a changeup. Hardy hit a slider out on Saturday night then Teagarden hit a fastball. So all three of Benoit’s pitches have left the yard in the last three days.

Was thinking the same thing Dan. If/when Dirks is back there may not be room for another OF though.
Thought RP looked fine tonight minus that one inning. The umpire did not give him two or three of those outside pitches at critical times (I thought they looked close but missed) and the Angels pounced for 4 quick runs there. RP is still a valid 3, 4 or 5 guy. Certainly would not give up on him.

Good evening folks,
Back home at 6:30 this evening. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. The game tonight offers real hope for our team. We gain a game on the Sox, we get one behind us before Turner is put into the pressure cooker, and we continue to get more hitting from some folks who had nearly fallen off the radar. I’m still not sold on Valverde as a closer; too much dependency on a not so dominating fastball any more. We’ll probably have to sink or swim with him for the rest of the year. Have you really given thought to how many new faces this club will have next year? It’s going to be a drastic change. Well, enough of my irrelevant comments. Here are my three things I liked about tonight’s game.
1. Keeping the crooked number innings to only one. This team can “two you or three you” to death. Keeping the game within three gave our guys the confidence they needed to pull it out.
2.The solid two out rally in the fifth. To get two runs back with two out then, was a big momentum change for the Tigers.
3. I mentioned last night that Boesch’s swing as coming around. He continues to slowly work things out; the HR swing tonight was classic Boesch from two years ago.

My biggest sorrow is seeing Alex struggle behind the plate, and at the plate. The magic from last year seems gone. Hope this is correctable, but one begins to wonder. Turner needs to step it up tomorrow night.

Put dirks in lf with his strong arm if hes healthy. Start berry in rf and center when jackson has a day off. Delman and boesch dh and at least a start in o.f. every week. Kelly goes to toledo. Thats my thoughts.

Yes, let’s not give up on Rick Porcello who carries a 44-35 record with his fourth season not complete. Hal Newhouser was 36-52 after four full seasons and Denny McLain was 59-42 in the same time frame. In their fifth season both of these Tiger greats won the AL MVP award. Not saying he will do that next season but whatever he does better be as #48 for the Tigers!!!

Great comeback win. In the next two nights let’s gain a split. If we do that then we can go for a series win in the last game. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

I hope it is not true or the talks fail: Peralta for Drew and Ryan Roberts.

That trade doesn’t make any sense at all, from what I can see.

nice win last night, did not see the game until the 7th inning but caught enough to know we fought back and righted the ship. Benoit giving up so many homers recently is a concern, but in the end he got the job done and Valverde gave a calming performance – that bunt was highly unexpected but easily took care of it with the next batter. good for Boesch, I am hoping he is coming out of it, seems he is getting a few more hits now so maybe he is on to something, because when Dirks returns I can guarantee Berry is staying up. I get a kick out of him, he gets so excited when things happen, it is refreshing.

And we gained a game on the Sox! Keep creeping higher and higher above ..500 and good things will follow.

nice win, it is refreshing to see Berry continue to win games for this club. His energy is priceless. You can tell it motivates Miggy and Fielder when he steals to get into scoring position, it almost always happens that Miggy gets a RBI. Let the big fellas eat as Rod would say. It will be interesting to see how Turner does against this lineup tonight but if the bats get hot we will have a nice chance to win. Keep this streak going and we could be in first by weeks end. Tigers!

Berry has faults (Long swing, bad feeling for ball off the bat, arm) and positives (Speed, good eye at the plate)……but the most important is this: He’s a gamer – he’s clutch.

Been working too much and at the cottage on the weekends so have not been able to watch many games. Got to see the Boesch homer. Going to my mom’s for dinner and a game (tiger’s game that is!) She has been a fan for over 70 years! Brennan post game said not too high, not too low, but I would still like to see more emotion. We sure miss what Dirks can do. We need a starting 2nd baseman but other than that, don’t sell the farm. Porcello will be great. He is only 23! Go Tigers! –Dave

regardless of why you want a new infielder – if we get one, you can count on it: The infield defense will suffer. That’s what happens when you get a new infielder mid season. Look at how bad our IF was at the beginning of the year if you don’t believe me.

Depends who you get.
The Tigers have expressed interest in Drew?? Sideways move that means less punch from RHB. Drew might have more range than JP but one thing for sure, IF JP gets to a ball he will usually keep it in his glove. He is starting to hit.
I have wondered aloud here if any consideration could be given to shifting JP to 2nd base if they keep him.
Tigers have talked about a RHB. It does not necessarily mean it has to come from a corner outfielder. If the DBacks are considering Drew and Roberts maybe they consider Hill. Hill brings you grit, defense and a RHB. I have watched this guy play with the Jays. He can play and he can actually carry a team at times. Not an easy feat for a middle infielder not named Tulowitzki.
re Castellanos being called up in September, JL says: “That would be probably a surprise to me,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “That’s an awful big jump.”
He’s full of that stuff he has filled us up with for years. Castellanos will end up on that 40 man roster in September if he is not traded.
Not sure DD could pull this off but Dempster and Hill bring the Tigers a pennant. I’d settle for Dempster and Barney. Barney has made ONE error (at 2nd) all year.

We all know what the term “spin doctor” means. Since I wouldn’t call them experts, can we create a term for rumor guys like Rosenthal? How about “rumorian”?

It’s nicer than “ru-moron”.

it’s fun to think along with the GM and try to figure out what direction they might go with any late season acquisitions. trade rumors are mostly noise, but occasionally there’s a signal of something about to happen. guys like Rosenthal have connections in the game and sometimes get the scoop on a trade that’s imminent. i don’t mind the baseball rumor mill when it’s only about transactions and not someone’s personal life.

I’m on your page. It’s fun to think along with the trade experts, like DD , Hart et al. Just like it’s fun to strategize and second guess JL.

As we say here :rumour is no good but it entertains.
Stark is chating on trades reading him the Tigers are in play for PS: they are front runners for Dempster( a youn player would be the price). Willing to pay the price for Shields. The buzz about Infante is great.
On Olney, the first rartional thing I have heard about trades under the new CBA:”There’s not as much incentive to being a Wild Card team as there has been,” Or trading a prospect to lose it all in a 163 game? One old time player said long ago, that they did no like the 5 games playoff because it was a bad thing to risk in 5 games the chance of a WS. What would he think of a single game? It is a coin toss.

I sure like trade rumors more than I like constant complaining about management

Can’t I do both?

oh of course – nobody round these parts will stop you

I’m a facts person, but I understand that most people have fun with the rumors. I look at some of them myself for something to read. The problem I have is that some of these are ridiculous. Can the writers at least stick to feasible rumors? An example is Dempster. I don’t really want him, but I can at least see that happening. The Drew/Roberts/Peralta thing is silly. But, people need jobs, and making up, I mean, reporting rumors is a job.

Hey Rich, reminds me of a Fleetwoo Mac album.

a bad one at that

I’d rather have a southpaw but I presume Smyly will make it either this year or certainly, next. Hamels is out of the question. Wandy might be available but could bring definition to the term “out of his league” if he came to the American League.
Dempster would be a rental and would have to be regarded as such in determining value for him. I think he would stabilize the rotation. I’m a little partial perhaps as the guy is from my neck of the woods. Excellent guy in the clubhouse and in the community.

Just saw they are going to honor Carlos Guillen on August 4th which I am thrilled about, but my luck is bad, we are going to the game on the 5th – would have loved to have been there for that, guess I’ll watch from home like I did for Maggs.

Good stuff there, Dan. I didn’t know he was from BC. Good people are always welcome.

I think they end up getting a 2ndbaseman from somewhere, so Santiago can go back to utility. That would effectively replace Worth on the roster.
If Dirks is returning soon, I’m not sure how necessary it is to add an outfielder.
A pitcher would need to come at the right price. I don’t think DD will sell out for a starter.
Here’s my favorite stat: since June 9, the Tigers are 21-11.

@britten tigers:
Lineup:Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 4. Turner is starting

no complaints about that. haven’t looked at the history off the pitcher or the splits tho

He is a call up too.
I found this at Halos Heaven:”Pitcher: how about any soft-throwing, left-handed, young no-name prospect?we can’t hit any of ’em “by nselbe7
That is how they feel about their team making Cy Young of unknown AAA pitchers

There is a second hand new that will make the dream of many: Detroit is shopping DY. Henning said.

because we need less hitting against left handers?

he’s like 4th best on the team against lefties….and our team hardly hit lefties in the first half. Better get someone in return who can swing a bat s’all i’m sayin

I thought shopping Delmon was the plan all along?

well yea but that was on the assumption that RR, BB and JP would be contributing vs. LHP. I guess you can hope and dream that will happen…and trade DY…but what are we getting back then?

BB and JP have been lately too…..just saying DY is another bat vs. lefties. really doubt anyone is going to give anything for DY that can be used to help us THIS season.

Delmon is not anyone I really want to keep around as he is so one-dimensional. BUT, if he could compensate for that by hitting productively in that critical number five hole then good enough. The question is the killing of rallies.. If he can be feared so much that pitchers don’t want to walk Fielder then maybe we have something.

well fielder is walked like most in the AL. So yes, he isn’t doing his job.
So if he is traded. Who is batting 5th, striking fear and not killing rallies for us, instead?

BTW-I wasn’t able to find any reference to DY “shopping” in any recent Henning columns

Twitter. I will post it later

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