Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Orioles


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Ryan Raburn, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Quintin Berry, LF

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Nick Markakis, RF
  2. J.J. Hardy, SS
  3. Jim Thome, DH
  4. Adam Jones, CF
  5. Matt Wieters, C
  6. Chris Davis, LF
  7. Mark Reynolds, 1B
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Robert Andino, 2B

P: Wei-Yin Chen


The Detroit News‏@newstigers

Tigers’ pitcher Smyly on disabled list again

i was told once that the average MLB team uses 9 starting pitchers throughout the year. What are we at now, 7?

regular 5 plus Below, Wilk, Turner, and Crosby. Would not be surprised if they trade for a vet starting pitcher for the stretch…a guy who would leave in free agency next season.

hmph i forgot about wilk starting

9 so far .Detroit used 12 in 2009, 11 in 2007, 9 in 2008.

Dempster would be nice.

2nd base will definitely be a problem for us next year. We are not so fortunate to have a Jason Kipnis in our farm system so we have to go out and get something.
Actually short is also a problem.
My question: has there been any thought to moving Peralta to 2nd base?
This seems like it might be at least worthy of consideration if they find a quality shortstop out there before a quality 2nd baseman.

Prince rolling into 2nd priceless!


is that you, “Badd Max”?

Doesn’t matter what uniform he wears. Even at 43, Thome kills us!!!
— Bob

Max isn’t fooling so far!

Chen got some really generous strike calls there in the 2nd inning? That’s okay as long as Max starts getting them too. Consistency, that’s all I ask for.

Not consistent, in my opinion.

Max ain’t getting much on the inside to LHB.
Doesn’t look sharp today.

He had Weiters struck out on the 0-2 pitch. If Max doesnt get the inside part of the plate, he might as well come out of the gaem. Coz he will have no chance.
— Bob

Well Max got screwed over there in the 3rd Weiters was struck out and instead go being 2 out and a runner on 3rd its 1 out and runners on the corner. And just scored a run. I freaking hate this umpire. Apparently he has already decided who he wants to win.

Raburn can throw but I think he needs to remove that titanium slab he has under the palm of his glove.

LOL. Good one. The only thing missing is the sound of “CLANK” when it hits his glove.
— Bob

Boys need to start hitting!

And Reynolds was struck out before he finally walked.

Ump cost Max a run there in that inning.

I wasn’t too thrilled with this lineup before the game. Truth is we really do need to match up better than we do against southpaws.
Max should thank Wilson Betemit for 1st pitch swinging to get him out of trouble. He was fading fast. Hopefully he can keep us in it.
Back to the outfield. We need a RHB that has a glove and some legs in one of those corners. You should be able to expect some power out of your corner outfielders. We get some from Boesch but to limp through with Berry and Raburn ain’t gonna cut it.
We have some poor years going on for some of our regulars and we can’t afford to have two deficiencies in left and at 2nd every single game.
I am not one of those guys that think Berry will provide a solution. I would think he will end up south of .250 and will frustrate us with not being able to take advantage of his speed enough.
Waiting for Dirks is not a good enough strategy either. He has to physically be able to play and for him to come back at the level he was playing is unrealistic.
Dombrowski needs to make some moves.
Meanwhile we have found another Chen we can’t hit.

They look pretty weak don’t they. Really disappointing.

This is going to be their big inning. It is time to wake up and NOW the 6th is the inning to do it.

Hope you’re right but they don’t look like they’ve got it in ’em today.

We’ve only had 1 hit? Pathetic.

Bets on the 1st pitch to DY?

That would have been my bet!!!

Yikes Brennan. For a guy who’s 6-4 why is it you can’t recognize a pitch at 6 ft?
He sure loves those high hard ones. Actually he probably hates them.

Berry again showing why he was released so many times

You must never be the first or last out trying to reach 3rd. Especially that way

I can understand why Berry keeps getting released. I can also understand why he keeps getting picked up. He is a situational guy who needs to bunt, run, and make contact.

I forgot to say, run “intelligently.”

Thought it was a given.

It’s pretty clear we need upgrades in LF and at 2nd. 8th inning emphasized that.
Both Berry and Ramon have periods where they just can’t get the ball out of the infield. That’ll kill you.
Berry’s base-running there was about as bone-headed and bad as it can be. Took us right out of the inning and probably the game.

T hats not his first or his second base running error either.

Downs is training to be a closer with the Tigers


I think what needs to be understood by management is that neither he nor Ramon are regulars. I’d keep Berry over Raburn (at least right now) but only as a sub.
Good to see the tigs kick up their heels a bit here in the 9th

Someone is back. It is no more just one game

Avila was good in these sits last year

Ya he definitely isn’t the same guy is he?

Berry for MVP.

Baseball gives you chances to redime yourself

That’s for sure!

Yah for knotting up the score, but bad being thrown out at home! Why is he putting Marte in? Geez.

Ad Dan would say, overmanaging

Difference a year makes. Avila looked areal upset (not)
Glad I bad-mouthed Berry!
Darn–thought Boesch was gonna put Weiters into the 1st row.
Very frustrated with Alex Avila. He just has no juice at all.
Clutch comeback and great to see them take advantage of what should have been a game ending DP. Young got away with that one.
Nice hitting by Peralta and Boesch.
Marte in?

Don’t agree with that at all. What’s wrong with Villarael? Benoit should be good to go too. Uh-Oh-be careful what you ask for!
Coke in now. Fingers firmly crossed.

A win here would really add to that chemistry!

Tigers hitters have a real hard time laying off those high pitcches don’t they.

Love ya Miggy but that was a weak at bat.

Coke scares me.

He doesn’t scare me. I will say I thought he was squeezed a bit. But I don’t know why he didn’t go to 2nd with that bunt.

Heck, hail and 101 doesn’t scare you away from any Tiger.

Nice double play Miggy.

Sorry, but maybe Worth should go back to AAA and learn to bunt.

Crap… Stinking bunt… Can anybody on this team bunt. And I think Ripkin is right PRINCE should of been on 3rd with that DY single. Dang!

Bad bunting and bad base running cost us a run in this inning if Avila doesn’t come through. (which I’m not counting on)

How in the hell could the ump call that first pitch to avila a strike. Oh well he got a single anyway.

Delmon scores!!!!!

Each time a Tiger is called out here, he delivers

What is more scary?
Jose with a one run lead.
Jose with a two run lead.
Jose with a three run lead.
All of the above.

José with a four or more lead , no runners on.

Somebody please call Valverde a bad name!!!

Papa Grande time. Keep your fingers crossed

Dang. A double wasn’t a bad pitch but geez.

One more Papa

No time to get wild

Well here we go Jones has a flare for the dramatic. But so does VV


A lot of the thump is out of the lineup. Dang VV.

Pretty weak at bats by the 1st two guys this inning. Miggy get on and wham 6 pitchbes 4 batters and 3 outs. Really super bad guys.

Dotel can’t throw a strike either. Although the 1st pitch was a strike, but this ump hs been a piece of crap all night.

Good throw has him there. And oh ya the ump screwed up with a couple ocf pitches he should of called. Strikes. He’s squeezing Dotel big time.

This umpire like I said made it pretty clear in the 1st few innings what team he wanted to win this. Very inconsistent strike zone. Luckily it didn’t cost us there but it did earlier in the game.

Bonus, bonus, and extra bonus baseball.

A solo shot wont be that bad

There is, again

These announcers didn’t even realize that Kelly has bee in the game in the field for about an inning. Way to pay attention guys

Don…… up to Avila again

Twice in a night?


Berry for MVP. Go figure!

Benoit! Please!

Not Benoit too. Damn what the heck is going on?

I guess Worth and Downs must be happy JV is pitching tommorrow otherwise they would be on road to Toledo tonight and Ortega and Holladay coming back

Would of rather just lost in the ninth instead of wasting the whole damn pen. Other than Coke and Downs theft didn’t do their jobs! Valverde and Beniot were both pieces of crsp tonight!

5 and a half hour for this…I never saw my team comeback until I was able to go alone to the Park. When they were losing after the 5th , my father said : lets go home . It was a good advice today.

Man, what an emotional roller coaster ending with the big drop, I feel for the guys at the game.

And PS Ripken was pretty obvious in the ninth when he was saying he was saying it Valverde was due to blow a save, and there again in the 14th with his comments. It only maters that he is doing a national broadcast and was practically routing on for the Orioles to win it. Not very professional.
Really disappointed in Benoit and Valverde.

Oh No. Not this stuff again. You know, find a way to lose mode?
That was awful.
The big 3 of VV, Benoit and Dotel don’t look like they handled the pressure well at all.
We win that game it’s a huge win.
Walks and wildness will eat you alive.
That was as close to a devestating loss as you will see.

Exhausting. Did not forsee many things that happened during this contest for either the Orioles or Tigers. Guess that is the attraction of baseball. Never over until it is over. Tigers are grinders. Win the series tomorrow.

I’m quite shocked that Benoit pitched that badly. I trust him far more than Valverde. I have zero confidence in Valverde.
I have no idea why he tried to sneak a fastball by Teagarden.

Too much bad baseball again.
Fielder missed one that should have been ruled an error,
Berry’s base running gaffe, Worth popping up a bunt. Horrible at bats with man on 3rd and less than 2 out. (Avila, Kelly)
Gotta play better all around ball to keep those winning streaks going.
Excellent come back but the different “departments” didn’t follow each other up and support each other.

I’ve never seen such terrible announcing.
AJ, Santiago, Delmon, Benoit and Valverde took a crap on us today. Only as strong as the weakest links.
Pat on the back to Q. Berry today – holy cow, what a gamer!? His friend Mr. Jones must be very impressed indeed.
Did JL blow this game? I don’t think so – If VV or Benoit played half decent we’d have won this game 2x.
The Baltimore bullpen must be destroyed – with JV pitching tomorrow at 1pm…..if we can get into their pen we can take the series.

Win as a team, lose as a team. Hoping, hoping, hoping we get the W tomorrow. Go Tigers!!!!

Is Kelly alright?? That wall did not give .

A chance to game a game on the two clubs ahead of us and they blew it not once but twice? Who wudda thunk?

We finished the first half with a five game win streak and even stretched it out to six. That made us 8-2 in the last ten for the first time all season!!! Alas, all good things must end and it did in the thirteenth tonight. Now we need to win the series tomorrow. Go JV. Go Tigers!!!

Reporting live from Baltimore. What a heartbreaker. Five hours and I’m sunburned with a heartwrenching loss It was such a rollercoaster of emotions. The scene was wild with Tiger excitement each time we went ahead. Just wasn’t meant to be. I’ll share three things I liked about tonight’s game even with the wrong outcome.
1. Fielder’s never ending hustle on the bases, plus it’s always entertaining.He plays the game the right way. We will win many games in the future because of him.
2. Again Below and Downs gave us a chance to win, thought not easily, especially for Downs. Holding the O’s scoreless after the third through the ninth, gave us the chance to tie and win, and we blew it twice. But kudos to those two leftys.
3. QB’s continuing ways of keeping himself in the lineup. The base running blunder was far outweighed by the clutch hitting.
The game atmosphere was so much better than Friday night. I’m amazed at the thousands and thousands of dollars in food and beer slaes that roll through major league parks. You say to yourself, What recession? It just doesn’t show up at the ballpark. As my wife and I left the park, some Oriole fans were downright nasty and crude. it as a first in all of my years in coming to Baltimore. That was almost as disappointing as the Tiger nightmare. Looking forward to JV on the mound tomorrow. Keep the fiath Tiger faithful. Good evening. See you tomorrow Rich.

Greg, I’ve been coming to Tiger games in Baltimore since they (the TIgers) were very bad. The Orioles fans used to seem to think it was “cute” that the woebegone Tigers had fans. One time we were the only ones in the ballpark. Since Detroit has become a “big time” outfit, they aren’t quite as nice, plus there are more Tigers fans chanting and stuff. It’s okay when we win, but if the Orioles win it their fans can get kind of obnoxious. I had no problems tonight, though.
The game itself was too long and it was too hot. While many people at the hotel commented on what a great game it was, I only saw the mistakes. I probably watch too much baseball. I will decide in the morning whether to stay in town for the game. 97 degrees predicted and if it’s sunny, it’s not worth sitting there in it. I mean, this team isn’t that much fun to watch and I’m not as young as I used to be.

Was blacked out today. So I’ve already missed the first 2 games of the second half. Since I didn’t see the game, I’m not taking it as hard as most I guess. Feel badly for Greg and Rich. As tough as the outcome was for us, it would have been much worse for the struggling O’s had they lost. They’re the ones who blew the big 3 run lead in the 9th, and they were desperate for a win. Tomorrow the Tigers can win the series if Justin pitches well. Things will look better then.

The team was due a poor outing though the bullpen not delivering in the crunch never sits pretty.
Without any longball for a change sure hurt and it took their third to finish us off.
Rich, I don’t envy your dilemma (OK I do) though you know what Justin will do if you pass on the game.

Sorry you had to sit through that heartbreaker last night, and not once but twice. You were probably so excited when they tied it up and went ahead twice only to be kicked in the gut.
Greg I’ve been to 3 different parks, White Soxs, the new Twin stadium and to Toronto. We were treated nicely all 3 places. I had heard horror stories about Cellular Field in Chicago, but it was ok. Although I will say it was a last minute thing on a work trip to Chicago so I wasn’t dressed in my Tiger gear, and we were seated in a more private club level section were maybe you ont get the riffraff? Hopefully things are better today for you.
Hope you see a better game today. Hopefully JV pitches like JV and not that fool we saw on Monday.

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Boesch dh, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 4, Kelly 9. Verlander is starting.

Cannot believe he doesn’t have DY in there, he has been one of your hotter hitters as of late, Guess he has no interest in putting his best chance to win on the field.

JL must be DK’s biggest fan. I like Donny as much as the next person but how long can he be maintained on this roster?
This club has a bench consisting of Worth, Kelly and Raburn. That is not a bench that will help you win championships.

Don Kelly in the past few years has contributed. He isn’t getting any time to speak of this yer to show anything. He probably goes for two weeks sometimes without getting an AB. So not his year I have little faith, previous years when he got more playing time he contributed for sure.
Now regarding their starting pitcher who has very few innings to his name (18.2). It looks like he has mainly pitched in long relief where he gave up a single earned run in each of his 3 outings. However his last outing he faced the Angels in LA and gave up 3 hits and 2 walks (1 run earned) in 7 innings. I hope our Tigers see the ball better out of his hand than the Angels, Indians , Boston or Toronto did? Coud be a long afternoon otherwise. Lefties hit him slightly better than righties, but neither very well.

Dumb Move #1:
Leadoff walk to AJ and you don’t put anything on with Berry up. What IS the point of having speed at the top of the lineup if you don’t exploit it?
I’m not sure when the last time was we had a stolen base.
Berry should at least be bunting there to put pressure on the defense and to get AJ on 2nd where he belongs in front of Miggy & Biggy.

I see this situation the same way.

324. 2 Hr 9 RBI . Last 10


Berry tried to bunt in every game this series. Multiple times in the first two and he never got one down in fair territory.

Berry in my opinion was better hitting when he first came up because he used to bunt, kept people guessing and used it to his advantage. He doesn’t bunt either in a sacrifice or for base hits. That’s why he has been less effective I think.

Agreed. He is not getting the most out of his skill set , nor are the Tigers.

Berry has not been very effective in getting bunts down. According to Baseball, he has only 5 sacrifice bunt attempts in 2012; 1 in May, 3 jn June, and 1 in July. I couldn’t locate the number of bunt singles for him.

Of course, Berry leads the Tigers in stolen bases, He is a perfect 12 for 12. The problem is he has not stolen a single bag in at least his last 10 games.

Now, the Tigers are 3rd in the AL in bunts.

Boy…..more wasted opportunities. 10 men left on base through 8 innings. Unacceptable. Back to old ways today. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bit us in the butt.

Ok . It is time to call the bullpen

Guess the bullpen got called. and it answered with a successful outing. Call it what you wish.

Call the bullpen what?
They didn’t clutch up yesterday-at least the two main guys.
What’s up with Villarael? He’s not hurt is he?

Remenber JL thinks taht you need to go as soon as possible back into the horse

Tks Justin, and no more Macilroy- Wozniaki talks

Villareal could end it.

4-run “save”. Jose is capable of these.

Eight straight innings of getting the first hitter out. Streak has been broken.

BTW, the Hens and the Wolves are not winning many ball games lately.
Gotta be pretty discouraging for our younger guys.
Helluva game by JV.
Boesch has to shorten his strike zone but he is at least coming around a bit.
Berry had a good day yesterday.
His problem is “tomorrow”.

Second place.

Villareal has a bad neck.

Heyman reported today that the Tigers are in on Hamels given Mr. I’s desire to win in 2012 and beyond. The issue for the Tigers is they have no established starter behind JV.
I have been and remain 100% behind this potential deal. It means a solid 1-2 starter punch, pitching depth in case of health problems (see Fister and Smyly), and trade leverage to pursue other perceived needs.

After further review, I’m not sure how deep the Tigers are in on Hamels. But, I am hopeful. They had a scout at the Colorado/Philly game, but he could have been there to look at Scutaro.

JV did the job today. Eight zeroes for the Os. Q. Berry hits .424 with men in scoring position. He also hits over .400 when ahead in the count. Numbers like that make it hard for the manager to bench him. People just enjoy it. If you look closely at the bullpen numbers, you may be shocked to see that Colin Balester is still #7 in innings pitched among the bullpen guys. Our manager is notorious for riding hot young pitchers. Villarreal is being given a longer break because he pitched too much leading into the break. Three days in a row for Valverde is never a good thing. First of ten games with the Angels tomorrow night. We need to get off to a good start against them. Come on Rick keep the zeroes jumping up on the scoreboard!! Good signs from our hitters they seem ready for the second half. Go Tigers!!!!

Villareal isn’t pitching because he has a neck problem, according to JL”s post game.

We do seem to have gotten away from utilizing some of Berry’s strengths, such as bunting and stealing. I did want him to lay one down there in the 3rd inning. It appears we’ve predictably reverted to Leyland style baseball.
On the other hand, I did not want Santiago to bunt in the 8th. It was a classic bunting situation, except that the pitcher in his big league debut was having trouble finding the zone and Kelly was up next. I thought we gave him an out he may not have gotten on his own, and helped to settle him down. Predictably again, we didn’t get any runs. I didn’t want to follow the book there.
Managing along with Jim is fun and frustrating at the same time.
We passed Cleveland, so that’s a major accomplishment this weekend.

As Rich has pointed out we dont have inside information. I tought Villlareal was good for the 8th( but for the unknown unknown). And that JL would go with JV in the 9th , going back to the horse.
I like to go by the Book. I was expecting a pitcher change and a PH , DY .BSh stood by with his RHP who got his first career SO

That’s a good point. I just had the impression the rookie was in there for the entire inning with the O’s being down three. What I don’t know is if Showalter had anyone warming in the pen.

Levine has the Tigers continuing to follow 35 year old SP Dempster, SP Garza and 2B Barney of the Cubs.

Good evenig from Hagerstown, Md. The rain fwelcomed us us here. After sitting in 94+ sun today, the rain is a welcome relief. Today’s game ended the weekend on a plus note. I know that my wife and i talked to at least 50 Michigandersc who drove in just to see our tigers. I’m really impressed with the loyalty of ur fan base everywhere. Three things I liked about today’s game.
1. AJ not messing around, and getting JV the instant lead.
2. Boesch showing improvement in his swing; less uppercutting; better followthrough
3. JV simply letting the O’s know that this was his game today. No fooling around. Just being the best at what he is.

I came down to row 46, but you hadn’t gotten there yet. The ushers were being nasty about people hanging around; sorry I missed seeing you today.
Good evening. After a day of outlet shopping to rward the wife for 3days of live baseball, we’re back to Roanoke tomoorow evening.

By the way, I can’t type or spell

My apologies, Greg. I meant to warn you that the ushers would be particular about that section.
We met Tiger fans sitting right behind us who live about a mile from us. I could have sworn there weren’t any others within 100 square miles. Hard to believe there were so few just a short number of years ago.
I guess my next Tigers game will be in the playoffs.

Is that why you are a teacher? (just kidding). Actually I forgot who just retired from the profession—was it you or Marty?
Good victory today. Have to forget about yesterday but wouldn’t that have been nice?
No question in my mind we need a 2nd baseman. Barney would do. He is young and he plays the game right. Scutaro is a model of consistency. Perfect for 2012.
A deal that inclueds Barney AND Dempster sounds do-able. Garza would require a whole different negotiational (sic) strategy.
Greg gave his 3 positives—I would add one: Johnny Peralta. He is whacking the ball right now. Made a couple of loud outs today. Major cog in the machine.
Raburn is gone. Maybe not quite yet, but he is gone. Kelly will be next. He may be versatile but his usefullness is muted. How often do you actually NEED Kelly?
Don’t count Borgeous out yet.
I can smell a trade brewing. It won’t include DY. I hope it won’t include Laird. He is a commodity better served on our roster than another.

I think there will be a trade, but it will be small. Just a feeling. Impossible to guess along with DD.
“Moneyball” is on TV right now.

Hamels would be great but I don’t see the dollars that it would take happening here.
Personally I think they could do a nice deal with the Cubs. Barney and Dempster?
Not that I want him, but the Cubs would pay to divest themselves of Soriano too. He is having a pretty good year for an old guy.
I could see the Cubs being interested in DY, Smyly and Turner.

Last night, LaRussa was inteviewed by ESPN in español. The venezuelan anchor asked him , after noting that LaRussa is known for his use of statistics, how much did he use sabermetric? He showed his thumb and index separated by half inch:” Computers can help you, to know who bats better or who pitch better but in the field is to the players”.
Candy Maldonado added:those numbers are put by people that never played baseball( NB: Fully agree), statistics doesnt include the human factor, the heart you put there. Moneyball worked once but they had Miguel Tejada,Jeremy Giambi,Barry Zito.
I add my own , I used to value WHIP . But then I saw a easy rolling go by the side of Raburn .How do you compare the WHIP of Verlander with Detroit´s defense , not the worst by the way, Orioles one is even worse, with King Felix and Seattle´s outstanding defense or Weaver´s with LAA also good defense backing him?
Moneyball, two playoff in 10 years? Ask the Twins how do you get every year to the playoff( their payroll was not that low anyway)
Pirates ,Nationals, Rays? the draft system working as expected ( for once).

I think the movie “Moneyball” is a somewhat interesting work of fiction based on real people and events. The Oakland A’s were not “gutted” after the 2001 season and they won in 2002 because of their rotation and an experienced closer named Billy Koch whom they had acquired from Toronto. None of this is mentioned in the movie. I didn’t read the book, due to lack of interest in the subject.

They also mentioned that Starlin Marte was out of the lineup. That means that Upton could be headed to the Pirates

I thought trades were useful if you wanted to improve and didn’t think you could do it with the personnel you have. Guys who haven’t played for any reason – or have and are due for a big 2nd half.
Positional players, offensively: DY, JP, AA, BB (VM, RR, DK, RS also)
Starters: DF, MS, RP
Pen: AA (Lots of new young arms who’ve impressed (LM, BV))

just seems like we can play WAAY better ball…without trading for anyone. Sellers market for sure anyhow.

Despite a season’s slow and plodding marathon-like pace, things actually happen quite quickly. An injury or a winning or losing streak can change outlooks drastically in a matter of a few days. We’ll know a lot more about where we stand a week from now. Double that two weeks from now, which is July 30.
Trade rumors have practically become an industry of its own. Witness the frantic build up to the Big Day, which is presented in breathless fashion with countdown clocks and the like, followed by disappointment that it wasn’t as exciting as the build up made it out to be. It’s a strange and recent phenomenon, fueled by the 24-hour news cycle.

There were some drama too in “ancient times”. Remember Fred Lynn risking his life to get in time to Detroit

And good material to anger or please fans. Everybody talks about Alexander but not about Madlock who caused an injury to Tony Cabezas Fernandez ( that guy for NY against Guillen style) that could have been instrumental in the Division tittle.
Of course, we knew about the trade one (or two here)days latter.

Man, you remember everything! I don’t recall the Fred Lynn thing. I do remember the final weekend of 1987 as three of the most gut-wrenching days of baseball ever. Imagine Game 163 played three days in a row.

The Fred Lynn affaire 1988. he took a privat plane , during a storm.That caused a change in rules:

Morosi reported the Dodgers and Tigers are the most serious suitors of Dempster. He noted the Tigers also recently scouted Victorino.

He also mentions that Quentin price is going down.

Victorino is cool. He’d fit here.
The guy next door wondered if the Turner start was a showcase. I figure it’s just to replace Smyly. Who else is there?

I also rather have Victorino than Quentin

Yeah, it will be interesting to see where all these trade rumors for the Tigers end up. Ideally, Fister rounds into #2 form and Smyly gets healthy and provides a little more consistency. Throw in a productive Dirks and that leaves us with just the 2B issue. Santiago is a sweet utility player, but an Infante could stabilize that spot without mortgaging the future too heavily. Otherwise, DD will need to surprise us as he has so often in the past.

Now 8 of 11 teams are within 1.5 games of the WC. It’s no longer a given that the WC(s) comes from the East.

Help is needed.
We all know about LF and 2B but we also really need a better bench.
Serious consideration has to be given non-contributors like Kelly, Raburn and Worth.
I believe we will see Ramon on the bench soon. And that is (regrettably to say) the appropriate place for him. He’s pretty dependable at 2B but is too easy an out.
Raburn simply has to go. Even if he predictably buys more borrowed time by pulling the ball down the line for a double. I am still unconvinced with Berry but prefer him, by far, to Raburn. He can do other things much better than “Clank” can.
I’m pretty sure we end up with Barney (1 error this year), Scutaro or Infante.
Victorino would both rejuvenate and be rejuvenated, if he were to end up here.
I don’t see either Upton or Hamels coming. Maybe Dempster but I’ll bet the blue Jays will not miss out on Garza.

Rosenthal mentioned one thing that can enhance the chances of a Dempster trade: he is an ex Marlin, played for DD and JL.

Well, I am now officially off suicide watch with the Tigers recent play. That could change dramatically with our next 2 sets. Hopefully RP is effective wih his sinker tonight and Santana takes the Angels on another wild ride

Dempster is a pro. Can’t hurt to have a guy like that in the rotation. Not so worried about the NL – AL issue with him. Though that can’t be just overlooked.

How has Dempster done against the White Sox in his Cub years??

This year:lost 1. 6 inn. 4 runs on 7 hits. 2 HR by Vivciedo and Piezinsky.Won another in 2010. No more information. One of my main sources seems to be going suscription only for some data.

Thanks, El Tigre.

Brian Britten @BBritten_Tigers
Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 4. Porcello 1

No complaints

good lineup.
anyone heard about a package around Rob Brantly for Tampa’s James Shields?

Knobler suggested the idea, but it sounded essentially like speculation. The Rays are supposedly holding off until after this weekend to decide where they are headed. ElTigre posted a link you can follow for more definitive information.

yea yea that’s what i saw too. Anyhow starting pitching isn’t what is worrying me. Even if shields has team options the next two years.

In July we are 8-3 as a team. Our starting pitchers are 7-1 during this run. Both Porcello and Scherzer, the lousy bums, were run out of town in April. Somehow, they both sneaked back to Detroit and have pitched more consistently in May, June, and early July. Are these two guys ready to become solid MLB starters?? Fister and Smyly have both spent time on the DL but they also both have two victories in July. Didn’t these two guys look like dominate pitchers in their last starts?? Then down at Toledo we have Jacob Turner who threw a complete game shutout July 7th and Casey Crosby who allowed 1 ER in about 20 innings over three starts recently. We are deep in young starting pitching. We need to keep it that way. Do we really need Dempster?? Why?? Who do we lose to get him. He would be the second coming of Doyle Alexander. Doug Fister’s numbers last year were eerily like Doyle’s in 1987 but the difference is the age factor. Young starting pitching just keep it.

One can make a case for acquiring pitchers, outfielders, and 2ndbasemen, or to make no trades at all. All would be valid assessments. It’s one of those years.

Doyle (talk about a long-dead horse) Alexander!
Dempster is for this year. Rent him. This is the year to go for it. Smyly coming off an injury can’t be counted on just yet. Injuries will still play a part in the rotation before year-end. Can’t have enough experience IMO. The difficulty will be accepting that and deciding what a fair trade-off would be. (2 mid-level prospects?)
Would I prefer Hamels? Of course. Garza? Not so sure about him.

On another note, we could really benefit from an intelligent base-running mentor on this team. Even parachute one in. Van Slyke seemed to be OK.
We just do not ever seem to go from 1st to 3rd on those hits to right and right-center. Even AJ holds up at 2 often-times. That is one of the hallmoarks of a good team.
DY is hitting a bit but why does he whiff with bases loaded and stroke hard singles with bases empty?
Cabby is amazing. The other day he pounds a homer to deep, deep center and the ball was down & in!

I wonder if Boesch will continue the hot bat, at home? And will RR survive the homestand?

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