Castellanos starting in RF for Erie SeaWolves

So much for just taking fly balls in the outfield. Tigers top hitting prospect Nick Castellanos in the starting lineup in right field for Double-A Erie in the SeaWolves’ first game out of the All-Star break tonight in Binghamton. Avisail Garcia, who had been playing in right, is starting in center field.

It will be Castellanos’ first outfield start since he was a freshman in high school, and it comes four days after he told us at the All-Star Futures Game that he has been taking fly balls in left field. The way he sounded Sunday, before winning Futures Game MVP honors, he did not sound like he was expecting to be moving immediately.

“I really don’t know,” he said Sunday. “I know the organization still loves me as a third baseman. They see me there in the future. They’ve also mentioned to get an outfielder’s glove, nothing too serious so far.”

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski told the Detroit News’ Lynn Henning that they’ve had “a lot of discussions” on Castellanos and the outfield.

“It’s a situation with Miguel [Cabrera] at third base, and with him being very comfortable there and doing a good job, there’s the potential [Castellanos] could get some playing time in the outfield,” Dombrowski told the News for the story, which appeared last night.

One look at the long-term picture with the Tigers, and it was a matter of when more than if.

“We thought the move was inevitable. After discussing with our player development people, we all thought this was a good time to get him out there,” Tigers assistant general manager Al Avila told in an email Thursday afternoon.

What does this mean for Castellanos’ immediate future? That’s hard to tell right now. Look at the talent level around other organizations, and Castellanos is more valuable to other teams as a third baseman than an outfielder. So it’s hard to look at this quick of a move as a showcase for other teams. Even with teams that have great third-base prospects, such as the Cubs, it’s unlikely a Castellanos audition in the outfield would be the key to a deal.

Another possibility would be that now that the news is out, make the move. See how he handles it, and get the transition moving so that he’s further along. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking at Castellanos as a possible call-up later this year. But then, when you look at their track record (Cameron Maybin’s sudden call-up in mid-August 2007 comes to mind) and then look at this move, it’s hard to rule it out.

Take note, too, that Castellanos is starting in right field. He had been taking fly balls in left.


I posted this on monday after my comments on the Future Stars . I m reposting some thoughts :
Detroit could be in the first place by now . The bad roster choices of april were too evident. Dirks earned that spot in ST. Raburn earned a spot in the OF too.The \”masses\” as the BB and RR fans blog call them wanted Berry because of his good ST
Unjustified choices of playing time handicapped them for a while.
There is no problem with hitting. The lack of speed and the missing 3 runs HR are causing the weird stats:
3rd in MLB in avg. FIRST with runners on.2nd with RISP 294.Second in hits with RISP.First in doubles with RISP. 20th in HR with RISP. 8th in RBI.
As I posted elsewhere, when you have 3 of Cabrera, Fielder, Delmon Young and Avila on bases , the bases are really loaded. You need a tow or hit the ball into Canada to take them home. It is like Fielder, Deer, Tettleton, Incaviglia all over again.
Why the lack of HR? You dont stand there and swing to the fences and hit a HR unless you want 200 SO too.Miguel hit lines that once in a while remain in the air enough to go out of the park. Fileder doesnt strike that much and hit for contact and that could be keping his HR down. In his last 10 games ,he only hit 265 but had 3 HR and 13 RBI. Also with Delmon Young finally hitting he has protection.
The HR will come with the hot weather.
Pitching? is Fister still injured or only out of synch because of the lack of work?
The bullpen have been great, here and there overmangaing by JL depleted it and left them with a rookie in the worst situation, but they are good.
The defense , sorry for saying the obvius, needs to be fixed.
A trade?
The rotation is locked until the end of the 14. Since Smyly is LHP, he owns that 5th spot. The only way to fit Turner is trading Porcello. So Tuner is not untouchable.
DD repeted the consensus, there are no sellers because of the second Wild card. Sometimes digging a hole to fill another is right as long as the new hole is less riskier. The Braves could be better off with Turner starting and RR in the LF than JJ ( he was Alexnader not Smoltz)giving BP to the contraries with Prado in LF.
Hunter Pence, Victorino, Upton, even Wells as sugested by Dan are upgrades over RR/BB( both need a trip to Toledo)
Dont worry about Chi sox, their bullpen will fail under pressure. Beware of Cleveland

Did not read the Beck article before posting this. He made the same argument about Turner and Smyly

Nice summation of the first half. Seems like we start every season with the wrong guys then slowly correct the situation. It takes too long.

I’d rather spend the 1st half of the season feeling out DD and Mr. I’s “roster questionables (inge, RR, etc.)” than the 2nd half. It is clear to me that JL is forced to give these guys chances by DD and Mr. I.

Disagree about Cleveland/Chicago. Cleveland will fade in my opinion, soon. Couple nice pieces but not a contender. White Sox, with a healthy Peavy and Sale pitching well will be neck and neck with Detroit, in my opnion. With Yook, White Sox lineup is pretty comparable with Detroits, and in some ways better.

Remenber Peavy is injury prone.And the bullpen is way too young

NO ozzie to kill team morale too…..

And, we have more potential competition in right. That’s good. It’s time for Brennan and Ryan to start hitting consistently. We have an extremely tough schedule ahead of us. It is time to do it. Their time limit is between ten and fifteen days.

You still have to replace them. Not so easy. DD might get somebody, but it might not be very exciting.

I wonder if the success of Harper and Trout has sped up the process for Castellanos in a small way.

Hey Rich,
My sons bought me tickets for Friday and Saturday directly behind home plate. This will be a first for me. I’m in Section 54 Sunday; tried to get 46, but all tickets were gone. Will try to catch up with you at least on Sunday. And DB, I haven’t worked since June 6, but I won’t feel retired until the new school year starts. I got a good report from my Oncologist on Tuesday. The final news will be on August 2 with the actual blood test. But I have felt pretty good. Thanks for asking.

Directly behind home plate is the best place to watch a ballgame, IMO. I found those sec 46 tickets on Stubhub at face value. Probably something wrong with them. Maybe the on deck hitter is in the way. We’ll find out.
Bring your rain gear and sun screen. That kind of weekend coming up.

great news on your health Greg, hope it keeps getting better and better for you

Boesch Hitting .360 in last 7 games.

BB is THE answer to hitting righties in the 2nd half. Doubt we can count on Berry and Dirks to pick up as much slack as they did in the 1st half.

The MVP of the Futures game. I think it’s a safe bet this guy will see game action in Detroit this year.

Could be…..but before Sept 1? Only if someone else goes. Who? Jackson, Boesch, Young, Dirks, Berry, Raburn, Kelly are your choices, I believe. Maybe it is one or more of them who will be DFA’d, traded or released.

looking at Castellanos AA numbers so far, he’s averaging a K per game and has 2 walks in 119 ABs. it seems he has some further work to do at the plate and in the field before arriving in the show.

Leave Castellanos in Double-A for the rest of the season. I’m glad they left him alone last year, and ended up doing very well in West Michigan after a slow start. He needs to stay in Erie, keep getting at-bats, and getting used to the outfield.

Speaking of last year, sometimes the best trades are the ones not made. Facing the Orioles, I am very pleased we did not end up with Guthrie. He has been very poor in Colorado.

I think a kid like this would benefit from a Septembr call-up. No point putting any pressure on him at this time but a taste of the Show is not necessarily a bad thing.
There is also reason to expect he very well could be ready by next year.

Welcome to the Ran Raburn show. One way or another. Does the skip get all anxious and put him in there against the righty tonight? Raburn does hit .400 against him in 4abs…. UGH get here 705pm sweet jesus

JL effectively benched Boesch, just when he MAY have begun to hit, in favor of Raburn against all those lefties. I’m pretty sure Brennan will start tonight.

good point. however, brennan was hitting well cuz he was on the road….skip might have done him a huge favor

Finally got the Angels rotation plans. Weaver pitches on Sunday, so we won’t see him next week. I’m sure we’ll get him two more times this year, though, unless they don’t want him pitching in Detroit, which would be silly.

Yeah, Weaver goes Sunday against Nova and the Yankees. Good news for us.

Did you get any news on Wilson?

To answer my own question, I went to the Angel site, Wilson has apparently recovered from the blister which forced him out of the ASG. Thus, we should catch him.

Looks like Ortega down and Worth up.

Yes, Ortega was sent down on sunday after the game.

The current active roster does not have Downs or Worth. Why??

I just this second noticed that myself. 23 guys listed.
I assume Downs stays, which is a good choice, he being lefthanded.

Worth was not because of the 10 days in the minors before been recalled rules. So he will be( or was ) called today

“Baseball is a game of momentum” says Justin Verlander. Tell that to the skipper. When asked about momentum, we get “it’s only as good as your next day’s pitcher” which is his way of avoiding a question he doesn’t care for. I would just answer with “well, we’ll see.” It’s the same thing and doesn’t sound as dumb.

@BBriten_tigers tonight lineup:Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Raburn 4. Fister is starting

Upton solves a problem for the Tigers. Bat, glove, speed. All in one.
What do you give up?
Porcello, Turner, Brantley or maybe Garcia. I’d love to see them get something for Oliver but I doubt they would. I think you can consider a Crosby as well.
I hope they hang on to (and I think they will) Castellanos. Boesch has also made himself available.

I’ll bet Fister is just drooling over RR playing 2nd tonight.

I didn’t expect Raburn.

Upton came out of the 2005 draft with Maybin.They were considered the top 2 position players that year. He will be 25 next month. Upton’s best year was 2011, when he hit .289 with 31 HR and 88 RBI in a hitter friendly park. In 2012, he is at .273 with 7Hr and 37 RBI. Moreover, Upton is reported to be having problems with Gibson. I would pass on this guy, especially for what he would probably cost the Tigers.

McCutchen was taken 1 pick after Maybin, Pirates did not rush him (wisely) and he is the best of that class.

yep it’s the first day of the 2nd half….lets get this Raburn thing going or overwith. hopefully the former.

Are all the guys we need to get going in the lineup tonight?? Do we play better when we have thirteen pitchers on the roster??? The only team that beat Fister after he became a Tiger was the Orioles. These guys have a better record than us. Are we the underdogs? Let’s get tough and win this series!!!!!!! Go tigers!!!!!

Darn right we’re the underdogs. From here on out.

I am good with that. It is when JL does his best work. When his team is the underdog.
— Bob

So we got Raburn 2-5 off this guy and Santiago 1-6. I hope that’s not the reasoning for who’s starting. If so, you may as well go with Laird 1-2 over Avila 0-1.
I guess this is one of those times when we don’t have the entire story? I hope?

at least he’s batting 9th.

santiago is gettin jacked tho [shakes head]

The Orioles’ Camden Yards is a homer friendly park. All our players who are below expectations in respect to homers are in the lineup. Does DY continue the streak??
Does someone else take off?? That’s what this should be about.

And there ya go – Brennan gets 2 steaks in the 1st!

W. Betemit @ 3rd in 2012: 11 errors and .908 fldg % (51 games)
M. Cabrera @ 3rd in 2012: 8 errors and .063 fldg % (83 games)

crap that was suppose to be .963 for miggy

We know what you meant. Do you think it’s between Beltre and Miggy for the Gold Glove in the AL??

Is it me or oes it feel like to you when we get in to therese “home run friendly” hitting parks we don’t hit many home runs?

Miggy would disagree :p

You beat me to it

Ryan Raburn with a double – hey now!
Is the word that Baltimore doesn’t have the best bullpen? If so it looks like we might have an opportunity to tax their pen here in game 1. Let’s keep up the hits and lets get some walks!

good night ayala! rod said nightmares!

Can’t get the game. Did see that BB got some RBIs and Avila and Raburn doubled. Need those guys to get it going.
I think it’s time to be realistic about QB. He needs to bunt to be effective. The long swing (and I would have figured he would have figured this out by now) is only going to result in Ks and rolling over his wrists for ground balls. He’s not slapping the ball with short strokes. I don’t get it.
Fister doing OK? It would seem like he is based on the boxscore.

I wanted to wait till the next inning to say much – but he looks better than last game….in fact he looks pretty dang good but he’s got more work to do

For all the complaining across michigan and the nation – about ryan raburn playing against the righty……now there is a lefty in.

boesch hitting lefties #goodsign

JHONNY PERALTA PUNISHES THE LEFTY! 3 run shot. And the “lets go tigers chant” starts.

Picking up hitting wise right were they left off on Sunday! Yes! Now if the Indians and Cicago old just stop winning!

“Chicago would” just stop winning.

berry just gave me goosebumps

Is anyone else havig trouble with I have to watch in Gameday only.
— Bob

Likewise. I contacted MLB. All feeds are down and they are working on a solution

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

MLB.TV VIEWERS: MLB Advanced Media is aware of the technical problems. They are working on it now. Thank you for your patience

We dont have the tv broadcast either

Ok .. Thanks. Weird. The highlights eventually become available.

wow how many pitchers are we going to see tonight? Is Buck Showalter worse than somebody we know (with the bullpen)?

Doug just looks awesome – looks of action – great command!

c’mon KC!

Tigers are ahead 7-1 according to the Yahoo site. Bottom of the 7th. Fister’s still in. 1st inning Boesch singled in two runs, 4th inning Raburn(!) doubled in a run. Then in the 6th Cabrera got a solo homer and Peralta got a 3-run homer.

Of all nights for the feed\s not to be working……

Gameday is working.And they are showing highlights

Fister slams the door in the 7th with a man on 1st and Coke and Dotel warming up. AJ up first in the 8th

I’d like to see Dotel close this game out tonight. No way Jose!

Evan… I do not have a feed. I have been concerned about Fister’s velocity and movement for quite awhile. Everything sounds positive tonight. Can you be descriptive about those issues and how it all filters out? Thanks.

Seeng is believing, I hope.

anyone else hear rumblings about omar infante?

Jayson Stark‏@jaysonst

Add another name to the ‪#Tigers‬ 2B shopping list – i.e., their old pal Omar Infante. If ‪#Marlins‬ sell, Infante is an excellent fit in Det.

Broadcaster here were making fun of Boston looking Scutaro and F Rod looked by NY. They will have the time of their life with this.
It was Trammel who demoted him to AAA for lack of hustling

MLB-TV feed is back up.


Richard tonight Fister was the guy we have been waiting to see all night. He was keeping the ball down for the most part and moving it around. The only time he left a couple up was the inning hedid give up the1 run. It was practically text book tonight.

Gk…Great news. Thank you.

Fister was still at 89-90 mph but his fastball had that late break to the right. Some shattered bats, lefties taking strike three on the inside corner, etc. Looked a lot like the Doug Fister of last season. Bear in mind that Baltimore is in a hitting funk, but Doug’s stuff looked good.
Raburn got one hit but it was a big 2-out RBI double in a 2-1 game. That won’t be enough to sate his bashers, but it was a big hit in this game.
Cabrera played an outstanding game at 3rdbase. He’s not only holding his own, he’s become very good at it.
Buck Showalter, I thought, used his bullpen wisely after Hammel went down. Six or so pitchers for an inning, coming off the AS break. Rather than use one guy to eat innings as he may have later in the season, he got all his relievers some work after the break.
Berry’s catch was a beauty. I do have a problem with his plate approach as of late. He needs to be more selective and get on base for the big guys behind him. That’s his job. And bunt more. He shouldn’t be getting an 0 for 5. Somebody needs to keep Q’s self image in check. I’m as happy for him as the next guy, but stay within yourself, sonny.
Is there anything in baseball better than a 3-run homer? A three run lead becomes a six run lead with one swing. Huge from Peralta. Delmon still swinging it after that first disastrous AB.
Is there often more years on a pitcher-hitter confrontation than Dotel-Thome, as we had in the 9th? I think it’s 80 years between them.
Six in a row. The race is on.

Thanx for the additional info on Fister. Helpful. Kinda like the 50s again. That is, relying on word of mouth for insight,

No complaints from this Tiger fan. I loved the whole thing! Go Tigers!!!!!

Omar Infante is an intriguing possibility for Detroit.
Another blast from the past, CJ Nitkowski, has signed a minor league deal with the Mets. He’s 39 now, and has pitched in Japan and Korea since his last major league stint ended in 2005. CJ had a website years ago when it wasn’t very common for a ballplayer to have one. He used to post some nice pictures there, along with some insight into life in the majors. The site changed quite a bit when he found religion, but it was fun for awhile. This of course was long before Twitter and all that.

Crap, White Soxs came back and won in 14? Kevin Youklis has been effective. Maybe Valentine was right Youklis wasn’t putting his heart into it in Boston, he seems like a different player since changing colors.

Good morning folks. I’m at the hotel in Baltimore , and it’s pouring the rain. What a time last night. I saw many firsts in all of the 23 times that I have seen the Tigers play in my lifetime. The crowd was rocking for the O’s and the Tiger fans were making plenty of noise. Some quick obsevations, and then I’ll share three things I liked about last night’s

Ryan Rayburn looks like a high school player in person. Of course latlely, he has played like a high school player.
ILot’s of people cometo a ballgame just to walk around. The stay in frot of people who are there to watch a game.
As I really got into the game, a girl seven feet tall sat right in front of me. Bummer
The two home runs were really well hit.
I saw the highest opups in my life off the bats of young and Rayburn.
This computer is a pile of garbage.
Three things that I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Mr. Fister was a “mean sister” tonight. The best this year. Fastball hit 93 a couple of times. Curve was excellent. The broken bats in the first two innings were what we had been looking for.
2. A big 2 out basehit by Boesch in the first. We got on top in th first, and never looked back.

3. Peralta’s three run homer. Again, what we’ve been looking for.
Finally, the Berry catch. The most amazing catch, I
had ever witnessed. No one knew that he had cought the ball, until he got up, running toward the dugout with the ball in his glove. Overall, the best game played this year by the Tigers. Iapologize for the rambling, but the computer is awful.



We are a half game behind for the Wild Card. 11 of the 14 AL teams are within 2.5 games, and 6 of the 16 in the NL. I draw two conclusions from that. The Central isn’t as weak as people think when compared to the other divisions, and there may not be many sellers at the deadline.
I watched Sox-Royals from 9 to 11 innings, and neither team seemed to want it. Messy game.
From Greg’s comment above, I see a lot of people walking around the ballpark too. I see them when I’m walking around the ballpark. 🙂 It’s not like the old days when the food selections were limited and most were sold in the stands, so people are on the move more. And yes, some folks attend it as an event rather than a game. The new thing is outfield taverns. They have one in Washington and Baltimore and I’m sure there are more. It becomes packed with young people doing what they do in a tavern, that is, drink and hunt for the opposite sex. Nothing wrong with that, but it seems like a pretty stiff cover charge to get in! Hardly any of them are actually watching the game.
Speaking of that, Miami’s new ballpark just looks weird. Still better than the old one, though.

Greg and Rich, Thanks for the comments. That’s the kind of stuff I enjoy reading. Ya know ya pay good money to see a game and you shouldn’t have to sit behind a 7 foot tall girl:-) And I agree people are up and down way too much. One of my biggest gripes. I think tall people should have their own sections for seating and I think every seat should be equipped with a safety bar like a roller coaster ride. You’re in your seat, you stay. Just have to work out a few kinks like allowing people to stand and cheer at exciting points during the game:-)
All day yesterday I was looking forward to coming home from work, relaxing and enjoying the game. Dialed in my mlb apps and got the “this game will begin shortly” message. “Shortly” turned out to be the bottom of the 8th. What a disappointment. I did see Q’s catch as a high light. That was fantastic. I watched it over and over.
What a weird first half this season was. A good start and good finish with this huge black hole in between. Really about the most depressing Tiger baseball since I joined the blog back in 2004. In fact when I think about it, it felt more like 34-52. The worst part is, by early June, I figured that was it. Too many injuries, too many weaknesses exposed. Fister, to me arguably the most important component to the success of this team, appeared to be physically unable to compete. I was worried he was going to have one of those throw away recovery years. Lets hope he’s mended and returning to his old self. The team looks like they may be finally turning it around.
Regarding trades, I know I’m in the minority here, but I never liked mid season trades (even though we got Fister last year). Too much of a loyalist I guess but I think you stick with the guys you started out with sink or swim. But I can appreciate and understand why folks are always seeking to upgrade. Makes for interesting discussion. I’m not against trades and FA signings but do it in the off season. Just my thoughts.

Well, speaking of injuries, Smyly is gone now. That’s too bad, especially with the calibre of game he threw last week.
Apparently Turner will pitch on Tuesday. Marty, they may be showcasing him for a “mid-season trade”!!!
Hopefully Smyly doesn’t suffer the same setbacks that Fister did (same injury).
It’s very encouraging to see the team playing like one. Peralta contributing is a necessity. Yes, Young finally getting around to hitting is important but JP chipping in will be very important to help offset the Boesch/Avila drop-off.
Great catch by QB and his enthusiasm is admirable but he needs to start getting on base. I would suspect Raburn starts in LF today.
Kudos to Nick Castellanos for his success and his recent award at the appropriately titled “Futures” game. The decision to get him in the OF so soon is an interesting one. I would not be surprised to see him on the 25 man roster in April.
Justin Upton would be a nice fit, at least on paper. I’m not sure about his work ethic and character though. DD has to be very careful with the prospects he lets go and also in tampering with the CHEMISTRY that appears to be developing on the team.

what is chemistry but a high school course. jk jk jk jk

Your answer is satisfying.I’ll have to try that.I see.You’d better look before you leap.Let bygones be bygones.If Tom cannot keep his promise, he’ll lose face.If Tom cannot keep his promise, he’ll lose face.It’s no use complaining.Is the cut still painful? we got a bad headache, and my nose is running.

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