Cabrera: Castellanos more athletic than me at that age

Miguel Cabrera seemed a little surprised to learn that Tigers top prospect Nick Castellanos has been tracking fly balls in the outfield at Double-A Erie. That wasn’t a position change he had been thinking about. But if that’s a position shift looming for Castellanos, Cabrera sounds confident he can do it.

Cabrera should know. He made the shift when the Florida Marlins first called him up in 2003 after spending all but three games at third base at Double-A Carolina (he played those other three games in left field).

“It was easy because I was young. I was able to do that,” Cabrera said Tuesday afternoon before All-Star batting practice. “I was surprised at the time, but it was an opportunity to play in the big leagues. When they gave me the opportunity, I wanted to work hard, not throw away the opportunity they gave to me and try to make it and try to be consistent in the big leagues.”

When asked about Castellanos’ potential move in the future, Cabrera said, “He’s more athletic than me back when I was that age. He’s faster than me.”

That is not a shallow compliment. At 20, a slender Cabrera was one of the best athletes in baseball, capable of many of the feats he does now but with more speed and agility.

Cabrera did not see Castellanos’ MVP performance in Sunday’s All-Star Futures Game; he had the Tigers’ first-half finale to worry about. However, he knows his ability well.

“He can hit,” Cabrera said. “We worked out in the offseason with him, with hitting. We were hitting together. We were able to see how he’s a smart hitter with his approach he had at home plate. I think if he’s able to do that, I think he’s going to be successful in the big leagues.”


Praise from Caesar. What a great hitter and teammate Miguel is. So glad he is a Tiger, hopefully until 2020.

I remember when Cameron Maybin was “untouchable”.
Castellanos is, for sure, “untouchable”.

Maybin was traded for a guy who was a long-term franchise player upon arrival. Personally, I don’t believe anyone on the trade market right now fits that category for Detroit, Justin Upton included.

Yes, Cabrera and Willis for Maybin and a bunch of guys who never really panned out. DD was fabulous in that deal.

I suppose that first week or so coming out of the break will provide clues as to what, if anything, happens on the trade market. DD is well known for acquiring people in August. A lot of this is, in Gilda Radner as Barbara Walters voice, “wumors are wunning wampant.”

With JV on the bump tonight, I’ll break with tradition and watch the ASG, at least the first two innings. So, does he start out at 91-92 or does he immediately go into late game mode? He could fire that ballpark up real quick. I’m thinking of Pedro in 1999.

Im thinking we should see if nick costelanos can play shortstop. In a couple years peralta will be past his prime and we will be looking for his replacement. Ive heard nick plays some ss. Why not prep him to play that difficult position.

Bummed kinda was really hoping JV would have a clean outing.

He wasnt only not clean he was horrible. Bautista was brutal in thefield the was he payed those and Prince coulda done a better job on fielding that Jeter bounce. Don’t think he would of been put, buy still. Oh JV that was pretty weak.

Good grief!

JV is just too pumped and became a thrower. But, back to Tiger transactions, maybe we can sign the guy who threw Derby BP to Cano.

That was embarrassing…

We all know exactly what JV is capable of, I for one would rather he have a rough outing at the ASG then at Comerica, he is still one of the best in the game and everyone Tigers fan or not knows it. Can’t wait to get back to Tigers baseball.

I agree with Laura. It would have been nice if he could have done better, and I’m sure he wishes he has, but it doesn’t take away from the kind of pitcher and person he is.

Of course!

jV had a rough night. Kate upTon will make him forget about it tho. It’ll motivate him to play better.

JV is a competitive animal. He sometimes reverts to a power mentality when he is better off keeping hitters guessing. The good thing about JV is he is a ‘learner” not exactly a quick learner, but he does take things in.
He was overthrowing–let’s hope he learned from that tonight.
Bautista lost that fly ball and if he catches that, none of that inning happens.

Advice from an Old Man:
“Justin, stay away from celebrity dating. Be cool, stay humble, keep pushing yourself as a ball player not a “player””

Anybody seeing Jason’s tweets from the right column? ->
All you need to know about JV’s start is right there. Tonight’s performance is no big deal. It was a show. JV knows that. Not worth the time it took me to type this.

on a side note, if JV is indeed dating Kate Upton, i will hate him forever.

he stole my woman!

I dont know about this Kate Upton thing…..he posted a picture on twitter on the jets to the all-star game that included his family and girlfriend. And isn’t she only like 19 years old?

She’s not jailbait for cripes sake. She’s a grown woman, just like I was at age 20.

JV has a g/f name Emily Yuen and they’ve been together for like 6 years or something. I read that pretty recently so I don’t think he is dating Kate upton.

Emily is/was his H.S. girlfriend……just don’t know if they still are. pretty sure kate/jv were seen hitting a concert/drinks together recently tho. no big deal lol

Dan, you have never been more correct. A huge difference in professional baeball player to “player”. JV, take this advice!

Sounds like TMZ or something here. Friday can’t come soon enough.
I think JV knows not to throw 100 mph in the first inning, unless it’s an exhibition game. Which this was.

I know JV is better than what we saw last night. But I also know he is a bulldog and doesn’t want to fail or look bad. I don’t buy his little explanations from last night, that he was just trying to put on a show?

TMZ – good one! Nothing else to talk about with no games the next few days!

Actually, I shouldn’t have said that. All the other sites are waaaay more into a Kate Upton angle than anyone here. My apologies to my fellow commenters here.

Main thing to remember for JV is that “These are Major League Hitters” and as such you can’t simply rely on power to get an out. He does forget that sometimes. Often he will do that in a close ballgame in the 8th inning. He’ll get his hard one amped up and then can’t seem to, or forgets to, augment it with the secondary “nastiness”.
It is odd to see other pitchers able to blow hitters a way with 92 MPH fastballs and JV unable to do the same 8 MPH faster. Part of this is movement, part is location, (he seems to be higher in the zone with his fast stuff) and part predictability.

Dan, great point. Mr. Price likes to say “the art of pitching”. You also have to outguess the hitter. Zumaya sometimes thought he could just blow his fastball past a major league hitter. So positive to be over 500 to start the “2nd half” Hey Greg, how is retirement? I hope you are feeling good! Go Tigers!

Rich, I checked some of the other sites to see what you were talking about. Geez…I now appreciate this site all the more.

So does anyone have any “post 1st half stat analysis” points they’d like to make? I had some but figured i’d give publishing my thoughts a rest.

I don’t have much of anything stats-wise. All the numbers demonstrate a team that played .500 ball at home and on the road. Individual stats point to what we’ve witnessed on a daily basis, in that some played to their abilities and some didn’t. Very few over-achieved; Berry, maybe Jackson. Several guys have disappointed so far.
The most striking stat to me is that our longest win streak is five games and our longest losing streak is five games. Couple this with that long stretch of alternating wins and losses and it’s really quite remarkable to play such consistent .500 ball over such a long string of games.
Going forward, I think Chicago and Cleveland are playing to the level one would expect. It’s up to Detroit to get better. Head to head series will decide this thing.

Stats? Analysis? ElTigre, where are you?

was wondering the same thing, I guess he took an all star break too

Tigers have 10 games against the Angels in the 2nd half, equal to or more than against ChiSox, KC, Minny. Hoping for another Verlander-Weaver matchup. Is there an opposing player who will be booed as loudly in Detroit as Weaver?

Ron Artest comes to mind

or good ‘ol Allen Iverson.

Now I don’t boo very often….but i’ve been the govenor on opening day a few times….i think…idk we are always half in the bag by the opening pitch

i’ve BOOed

I have purchased tickets for the September set against the Angels. Things could be very interesting about then. Looking very much forward to the matchup.

Yes, Justin has been a media sensation the past week, but the media loves it and yes, it does sell newspapers. I hope Justin remains a Tiger, but also wonder if he ends up being a Yankee, eventually. If I was his girlfriend, I’d probably not like reading about his social life in the D. Hope all is well with everyone concerned.

Note to GREG:
On Saturday, we’ll be in section 334 row 9. Upper deck behind home.
On Sunday, section 46 row 3. Lower box, 3rd row between the Detroit dugout and the screen.

Wow. Those sound like great seats for Sunday. Have a blast.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

{sigh} still more than 24 hours until a game. even a lineup to complain about would be nice.

Evan, you sound like a man who will wither away unless you have a lineup to fix or better yet nix so I’ll give you a couple to kick around. Do you think you will see either of these lineups against lefty pitching before August 1st?? I have Laird and Raburn in the first one and Avila and Santiago in the second one.

Jackson CF
Berry RF
Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Young LF
Castellanos DH
Peralta SS
Laird/ Avila C
Raburn/Santiago 2B

Now after Aug. 1st do you think you will see this one??

Jackson CF
Dirks LF

Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Young DH
Quentin RF
Peralta SS
Avila C
Santiago 2B

Have fun!!!!!!!

anyone know what bobby higginson[sic] is up to these days? how about demitri[sic] young’s come back attempt?

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