Verlander officially named AL All-Star starter

The Tigers have turned to Justin Verlander for wins at Kauffman Stadium for seven years. Why wouldn’t the American League All-Stars?

Statistically, AL manager Ron Washington could’ve justified several choices for starting Tuesday’s All-Star Game, from Major League ERA leader and 2011 All-Star Game starter Jered Weaver to AL wins co-leader David Price to White Sox sensation Chris Sale. In the end, he turned to the man many recognize as the nastiest pitcher in baseball.

“He is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, not just the American League,” Washington said of Verlander at a Monday press conference at Arrowhead Stadium. “The joy that I have of giving him the ball tomorrow, he’s well-rested. I expect a lot out of him, and I know he expects a lot out of himself.”

Thus, a year after Verlander made the All-Star team but couldn’t pitch amidst a season that earned him MVP and Cy Young honors, he gets to make the first pitch.

“What an honor it is to start my first All-Star Game,” Verlander said Monday. “I’ve been to a few in the past and some I haven’t had the opportunity to pitch like last year and some I’ve pitched out of the bullpen. But this is something different, and I’m going to relish every moment and hopefully play a part in helping the American league win.”

Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder will bat fifth for the AL All-Stars. Former Tiger Curtis Granderson will start in center field behind Verlander for the first time since Game 162 (the game before the tiebreaker) of the 2009 season.

Verlander enters the All-Star break tied for the Major League lead with 128 strikeouts and topping the big leagues with 132 2/3 innings pitched and five complete games. His 2.58 ERA ranks him fourth among AL starters, while his nine victories put him two off the league-leading pace.

His WHIP ratio — walks plus hits to innings pitched — is 0.95, 96 hits and 30 walks over 132 2/3 innings. He’s averaging 0.7 home runs per nine innings, actually better than last year.

Verlander tossed a complete-game four-hitter last Wednesday to beat the Twins, his fourth win in his last five starts, then said he didn’t want a 2011 achievement award, starting an All-Star Game based on last year.

“Yeah, I had a good year last year, but I shouldn’t be [awarded] for that,” Verlander said last week. “If I get to start in the All-Star Game, I want to know it’s because I’ve been the best pitcher up to this point. …

“You’re not owed anything in this game. Whoever’s the best pitcher up to this point is owed that. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity last year. And who knows if I’d have had it anyway? [Jered] Weaver was really good up to that point as well.”

This numbers say he shouldn’t have to worry about that. As a result, Verlander will add an All-Star start to a resume that includes the 2006 AL Rookie of the Year award, a World Series start as a rookie, a Cy Young and an MVP, all before he turns 30 next February.

Verlander will be pitching on five days’ rest, and he won’t pitch again until Sunday in Baltimore, meaning he should be good for two innings of work if Washington wants that.

His history in Kansas City is impeccable, with a 9-2 record and 1.83 ERA. He hasn’t lost at Kauffman Stadium since 2009, going 4-0 in five starts. He tossed a 131-pitch complete game there April 16, during which manager Jim Leyland made the now-famous mound visit to tell his ace he was going to get him fired for leaving him in that long.

His success there prompted Verlander to joke what kind of reception he might get when he’s introduced.

“I can’t wait to see if I get booed or cheered,” he said last week. “It’s in Kansas City, but it’s AL, so they should be cheering for us. But it’s a division rival.”

He won’t have to wait long to take the field and find out.


If Brian Harper had any sense of humility, or brains, he would have respectfully suggested that someone else with more history and longevity in the game deserved the selection more than himself. Things come far too easy for this guy. I see him as a type that will alienate many peers.
Obviously a great talent.

He’s like Kirk Gibson, in that you love to have him on your team but you hate to play against him. Very much like Gibby.
Now we have ads on this site? We held out for years, but “they” finally got us.

well deserved! can’t wait for tonight and tomorrow. Get to see some of these NL hitters in action, see how well they do against the AL pitching. Go Tigers!

Those Angels fans are beside themselves with anger that JV was chosen. I was reading something things on other sites. Frankly I wish my guys weren’t in it at all, I’d rather them have rest. But I hope it’s eating Weaver up….guy is a piece of work and a hothead. Hopefully it throws him off of his game.

a true dingbat weaver is….glad he is eating his words.

how do people feel about Prince batting in the HR derby? Some say it throws of the players swings….but i feel like Prince’s swing is naturally that way so it doesn’t matter. looking forward to the HR derby tonight.

I guess it throws off the hitter’s swing if he has a bad second half. If he has a good second half, it didn’t. If you know what I mean.
It wouldn’t bother Prince. I guess he’s done for the night after one turn?

Guess not. I have it on in the other room. Looked like he peppered that fountain pretty good.

Knobler reported rival MLB executives are divided on what the Tigers need. Some say a pitcher, others say a 2B, and yet others believe nothing major should be done. Sounds like a regular day on this site.

what say you sir?

Truly an honor for all us Tiger fans to have our All-Star pitcher, Justin Verlander, selected to be the starter for the American League. Go get’em JV!!!!!!! As it is the All-Star break, I took a look at the all-time records of the pitchers in Tiger’s history.
Here’s what I found. Currently, #13 Denny McClain 117-62 3.13, #14 Justin Verlander 116-62 3.45. No pressure but I sure hope he wins his next two starts!! Anyway, before the season ends he should pass McClain, Bunning, Petry, & Lary
and be #10 on the list of Tigers’ winningest pitchers. I’m fairly certain that both Mc Clain and Bunning started for the AL in All-Star games. Other possibilities would be Lolich 70s and Morris 80s . In the very early All-Star games, we may have had Schoolboy Rowe or Hal Newhauser on the mound as the starter. Any All-Star game history buffs??

McLain too.

Oops, my bad. Spelling error. E DOK.

All of the above minus Lolich and Rowe. Also Rogers. Here’s a link to the list:

Thanks, Rich.

Saw a Harper interview this afternoon, I held judgement until now. The kid is a complete arrogant a$$. Someone needs to tell him to get a bit of humility he might need to get knocked down a bit. Trout on the other hand seemed like a good kid. Harper though is everything that is wrong with sports and overpriveldged athletes, his hole life he’s been told there is nothing he does is wrong.

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