Tigers’ Futures Game display in quotes

Futures Game MVP Nick Castellanos on his three-run homer and 3-for-4 performance:

“I think the biggest thing that I’m happy with is that, as big of the stage that I was set on, with as many good players that are here, I was able to just remember my game and just stay within myself, stay with my old routine, stay with what I do good, which is just hitting line drives, getting base hits. Don’t think just because I hit a home run I tried to press or do anything different in this game. It just happened to go out. I’m just really happy that I was able to stay within myself and do what I can do.”

Castellanos on his reaction to his home run:

“I think I gave a couple first pumps rounding second, and I remember saying to myself, ‘That’s huge. That’s awesome.’ It was a great at-bat. The pitcher pitched me really well. I worked a 3-2 count and he left I think a two-seamer that got in. And I was able to get the good part of the bat to it, and it got enough to get out. That at-bat’s definitely up there with the greatest at-bats I’ve had in pro ball.”

Castellanos on his bat going to the Hall of Fame:

“The bat’s probably the coolest thing ever. That’s right up there with playing in this game. I don’t even think I’ve taken that in yet, that the bat I used is going to Cooperstown. I went to Cooperstown when I was 12 for a tournament and I was just walking around. The names that are in Cooperstown and that my bat’s going to Cooperstown, saying that out loud is pretty cool. …

“First time I used that bat was to bunt in batting practice today, so it’s a good stick.”

Catcher Rob Brantly, who doubled in Castellanos in sixth inning and threw out a baserunner:

“I’m so proud of him. That’s my brother over there. To see him have that sort of success, it lifts my spirits. It’s great to finally be playing with him. I got excited when I got to play with him one day in Double-A and then I got moved up. But when we’re in the lineup together, I don’t know what it is, man. It’s just something kind of electrifies him, and we get it going.”

Reliever Bruce Rondon, who hit 102 mph on one pitch on the Kauffman Stadium radar gun and hit 101 on three others:

“It was a beautiful experience, something I’ll never forget. It wasn’t the score that I wanted, but it was a great day. This is such a beautiful stadium I look forward to playing in one day. This is what I dream about. This is what I want my family wants and everybody who loves me wants. I am so happy and I’m healthy. What else can I ask for?”

Brantly on the thought of potentially facing Rondon:

“I think everybody was thinking about that at the beginning of the game. I don’t know if you guys saw the radar gun there, he didn’t throw anything below 101. Guys were coming out of their shoes early. They were looking forward to getting out of the box — single, home run, whatever. He pounded the zone, so kudos to him. I’m proud of him.”


Great quotes. Actually watched the entire game, usually watch until Tigers prospects are taken out. Worked out as Rondon was scheduled to pitch the 9th. Was great to see Nick, Brantly and Rondon have good games. As a West Mich. resident nice to see former Whitecaps players grow and succeed. Nick getting the MVP was icing on the cake. Talk about making a memory.

I hope Nicks’ performance will quite some fans on trading him for over-priced pitchers that won’t get the Tigers into the World Series. He’s their best positional prospect, and maybe moving him to the outfield is a sign that they plan on keeping him and letting him develop for a couple of more years. No use in moving him or moving him up to quickly.

probably could trade a package centered around either crosby or turner and get a 2Bman….I feel good about our starting 5 right now.

Raburn batted with a 463OPS against LHP this year. what a dingbat

JV to start ASG, according to Fox news.

Uh, oh. They become “electrified” playing together. That means chemistry. And we all know what Jim thinks about chemistry.

We can only hope that by the time NC and Brantly get here together that JL isnt here.
— Bob

the guy is tops in the league in manager of the year and voting by the players; got more outta the tigers than we could have hoped for last year; really cares about the city and the fans….and you gotta say stuff like that. C’mon its one thing to hate his quirks, style and general attitude….but it’s another to have a BAD manager. Guy is going to the hall if he has another WS appearance.

I think most on this blog do not agree with JL’s style of managing. This should be his last year so let’s see IF he can get the boy’s to play for him and make an appearance in the WS.

LOL, good points, Evan. JL is an overrated manager but not a bad manager. I think managers get changed just to provide a new voice in most instances.

i don’t know who said it but someone did – and that was that “eventually the players stop listening”. Fresh voices are loud voices!

Nice streak we got ourselves on, nice to see Delmon flip the switch and go from barely anything to a great string of games. Jackson continues to impress and Fielder found the multiple run homerun so all of that is very encouraging, along with good Max showing up much more and Fister having a more respectable outing. Rest your bodies for a few days, but don’t lose whatever you were finding last week – we must like the heat…

Wait till those shoulders fill out (NC)! This guy will become a power hitter as well.
His sense of humility is very refreshing, he’s no Bryce Harper in that respect.
BTW, I didn’t agree with sending Harper to the ASG. Michael Bourne, Aaron Hill or Brandon Phillips all seem far more appropriate to me. Seems to me that Seems to me the Baseball World shouldn’t be Harper’s “oyster”.
It might be irrelevant but It is also an insult to guys who are more deserving in the American League too. And I think we all have a pretty good sense on who that might be.

The Nationals are my NL team and even I don’t agree with Harper being an AS. A little over two months of time in the big leagues isn’t enough. May as well vote in Quintin Berry. If Austin Jackson isn’t an AS, nobody is. But again, what does one expect out of this circus?

The Nats are my NL team too and I agree Harper doesn’t belong at the Allstar game, neither does Trout. What can you do when the fans want them in. By the way, Pudge was on Dan Patrick this A.M. had nice things to say about Tiger & Nationals Allstars, worth a listen.

Evan, I respect you like JL. I dont dispute his credentials. He has managed a long time. I don’t always agree with his moves, but there are times that I do. What I dont like is the way he talks down to the fans and goes on his rants. He is a bully with the media (not saying he is the only manager to snap at a reporter). The reason I quipped on kathy’s comment is because she is right. JL has said he doesn’t believe in chemistry; he doesn’t believe in momentum. It is the way he comments to the fans through the media. We are not idiots. Dont make comments like ” getting the extra run was big; people dont undertand there is a big difference between a one run lead and two run lead” … Really? Duh. We are so honoured to be in the presence of your baseball genius.
I think Rich has made the point before about last year already. I think it was Rich. DD made the team JL proof. By getting Betemit, JL couldn’t keep running Inge out there everyday (with two bad knees) like he did in 2009. Last year he may have wrecked a young catcher’s knees. Part of that is on DD for not getting a backup called up.
Some like him; some don’t. Too much saying one thing and then doing another and when asked about it; he gives short, gruff answers and says: “Next question”
Last year he said: “I don’t manage for every Tom, Dick and Harry after being questioned about taking RP out with a shutout after 8 with less than 90 pitches”
Actually Jim, you do manage for Tom, Dick and Harry. And for Bob, GK, Rich, Dan, Marty, Greg, Richard, Kathy, TigerGirl, DB, Illionoisfan (and more) and even Evan 😉 .
Have a good break, everyone. Rich and Marty, go get us a series win in Baltimore and I will try and return the favour when they come to Toronto at the end of the month.
Go Tigers

i can see what you are saying. I also think a lot of it is perspective – it’s how you want to hear it. Reports are annoying – constant complaining about the skipper is annoying. I like the way he BS’s the media and sticks up for players people are writing off too quickly. That is my perspective coloring the situation. And then the credentials back him up – so i’m golden😉
and in the end, i think all the complaining about him makes him even less nice to media. I hope we do well and he gets another year extension on september 1st.


. Dirks eraned the LF sppot in april. SI was not even in kg when they won the 68 series and was already in college when they won the 84 WS. But I like playing by the book.I wont run taking out the bat of my best hitter but neither I would order a hit and run with no outs and two runners on ( it was sinkers pitcher , so kudos for the smart play).And he orders bunts enought. Detroit is tied for second in the AL for bunts. They were third last year. So his managing is usually OK
I was ok with pulling out Verlader in the first game of the season (I would have done it before the eight) but not with overworking him in KC. I followed baseball a lot when Martin broke Norris and Sparky , known as Captain Hook while with the Reds,threw away the 1981 series pitching Rozema for the full game or Morris with 3 days rest ( he always played with 4 starters in april and september).So I thinks it is best to fail by the side of caution when dealing with pitchers like JL usually does.Of course that made infuriating that 50 pitches games that derailed the perfect season by Valverde.But as Dan has pointed out, he overmanages with those arm -bat matchups and depletes his bullpen .Certainly, having every single pitcher but Verlander in DL during 2007.2008 it is not a great demonstartion of pitcher administration. But after Hernandez was dismissed , it began working better.
Avila? Every one backed him up lat year. When someone mentioned his overuse, the answer always was , he is young. He can cope.It was DD who called up Inge instead of Santos but was JL who benched Santos almost all september
But Detroit could be in the first place by now . The bad roster choices of april were too evident. Thomas and Inge had to be DFA before the season began. Dirks earned that spot in ST. Raburn erned a spot in the OF too.
Inge was not desiganted out of loyalty. But where is the loyalty to Santiago?. That is on DD not JL
But it is on JL his unjustified choices of playing time. Worth does not hit? in the bench it is hard to do.Raburn was signed as SS or 3b? He is a decent OF but does not hit enough to be one. Santiago cant play a whole season? well mix him with Worth or trade for Scutaro, Fontentot ( he was released last year and now he is being scouted). Berry? probably he was right. You call up a journeyman released by four teams and he plays like an unpolished version of AJax? After he made a couple of bad plays you sit him to give him time to calm down.
Has he lost the team? As Rich pointed we dont have inside information( certainly not me, 2500 miles away from Detroit) but he is a lame duck , he is not signed for next year.

A good rant derailed by bad editing:I was not even in kg when they won the 68 series and was already in college when they won the 84 WS

great points/perspective/rant man – just great!

Jim Price would always be “OOOOH he just a horse – solid steel rah rah rah” and I kinda always wondered why he would say that. he was being used like your father’s work horse I’d agree with that.

*father inlaw’s horse, that is

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