Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Royals

As Danny Knobler of pointed out, so many people (including me before spring training) figured Miguel Cabrera would be a designated hitter by this point, and yet tonight will be just the third game at DH for Cabrera this year. He gets a day out of the field, with Delmon Young moving to left. Quintin Berry gets back into the lineup in right field against the lefty, with Ryan Raburn at second base. Ramon Santiago is the third baseman tonight in Cabrera’s place.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 3B

P: Drew Smyly


  1. Alex Gordon, LF
  2. Alcides Escobar, SS
  3. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  4. Billy Butler, DH
  5. Yuniesky Betancourt, 2B
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  8. Brayan Pena, C
  9. Jason Bourgeois, CF

P: Jonathan Sanchez


I think it’s pretty obvious that Prince Fielder should be an every day DH, whether he likes it or not. Cabrera is fine at third base, but he’s better at first base. In fact, Victor Martinez is better at first base than Prince.

Raburn should never be in the infield, and Delmon should not be in the outfield. For the rest of this season, I would platoon Boesch and Raburn in right field and see if one of them gets hot. If Boesch keeps hacking, send him down and pick up something on the waiver wire or in a trade. For next year, get the second and third basemen that we know we’ve needed for a few years now.

some good points, Patrick. I know one thing: our infield defense is suspect tonight. Ran Raburn better bat well tonight or he might not make the ASB

Very shaky infield tonight. Prince is capable of making an absurd play at 1st base on any given pitch. He does surprise sometimes on digging a few balls out of the dirt. Any play that requires grace or finesse ain’t gonna happen. If I were him I’d be getting lessons from someone!
Cabby has played pretty well at 3rd. He does tend to not get to some balls to his left but all in all, he has met the challenge with enthusiasm and determination.
People are getting happier with delmon. I’m not. Even his HR yesterday was typical. 3 runs ahead and nobody on.
He still is not driving in important runs.
Ditto Peralta. I like JP but I am glad that next year is an option year,

do you think the tigers will exercise that option?

So you weaken the infield and the outfield plus likely take the bat out of Cabrera’s hands, since he hates that DH stuff. All this to please Delmon? I guess I wouldn’t be as popular with the players as JL is. As in, you can play the position when you learn how to.

well you’d have 3 full time DH’s then (PF, DY and RR)

and VMART when he gets back that’s 4

I’m not sure how having the best hitter in baseball becoming a non-factor as DH translates into 4 DH’s, but okay.

When VMart is back, I bet Delmon is gone. Raburn is ok in the field, he makes glaring mistakes for sure but has a good arm and is athletic. Raburn’s problem is not in the field, it is at the plate.

Supposedly, this had nothing to do with Delmon. This was Leyland’s choice to give Cabrera a day out of the field.

Giving Miggy/Prince a day off from the field every few weeks isn’t the worst idea in the world.

Prince is not gonna DH. If you don’t like it, write a letter to Mitch Illitch. He was the driver behind the signing, and that was part of the deal.

id rather see Boesch in RF than Raburn

right but Berry was choosen over Boesch…RR is in there because the skipper said he would do that several days ago (so RR can be evaluated)

“I tossed and turned with it,” JL on why he played RR over Q on Thu

dont you think raburn has already had his opportunity? i cant remember the last time he got a hit

Morosi reported the Tigers are interested in both Barney and Garza from the Cubs.

Dislike both. Garza has been getting knocked around.

Garza currently makes nearly $10M/yr. Hamels
makes more, but not that much more. How do we afford Garza, but not Hamels? Is it more an issue of prospects potentially traded away as opposed to affordability? Hamels excites me, Garza could be okay. Barney has upside as a 2B.

Scutaro is a decent rental, Nothing spectacular and old..

I do believe Scutaro would be a good addition if the price is reasonable. He knows AL pitchers, can play both middle infield positions, decent defender, fairly patient hitter (3.92 pitches/PA, only Austin has seen more 4.23/PA among Tigers’ regulars), and not easy to double up (4 GIDP).

The main factor is that Hammels is a rental while Garza is under control for a couple of years.
Barney talks ended two weeks ago.
I dont see any trade with the Cubs working. Epstein asked too much everytime he was approached while in Boston.
He wanted a king´s ramson for Garza during the Hot Stove: Turner and Castellanos for him. Now with they Tiigers in need , he will want even more.
If the farm ( wath is left) must be depleted there are better options like Hunter Pence

Morosi posted today about Barney. Check it out. He did not say where things are going NOW. Hamels does not need to be a rental. That is the problem with Philly (an extension issue) coupled with their indecision whether they are contenders. Regarding Garza , it is now a sellers market and Epstein can deal. That is kinda my point/ question. So why not Hamels if Garza is leveraged? Anyway, I want the the best team out there and Hamels is a star.

Howard was reactivated today, so they probably will take some time before begining to sell.
Jon Morosi‏@jonmorosi

Sources: #Tigers asked #Cubs about second baseman Darwin Barney a couple weeks ago, but talks didn’t progress

Leyland pregame: “Downs was terrific, he saved us, we basically had 4 relievers (with Coke sick and sent home).” “Porcello is bruised and swollen today.” “(About Smyly) I’m not sure the next step is going to happen this year. His breaking ball needs to improve. He needs to go up by design and out of the strike zone. He can’t pitch up in the zone regularly, he’s not that type of pitcher.”
Also mentioned that he chose Berry over Boesch because Boesch more likely to swing at pitches outside the zone. Sanchez known to have control problems.

The last point, and I’ve mentioned it several times before. The Angels are playing the best in MLB over the last 2 plus months. They already have Weaver and Wilson, but are talking about Hamels or Greinke because of other starter issues. How awesome would a threesome like that be in a playoff situation? The acquisition of either of those 2 guys by the Tigers would level the playing field. I don’t think affordability is the issue for the Tigers, given attendance and where we sit in terms of team spending versus our competitors. Not to mention we are well below the luxury tax.

No offense, Jason. Just my opinion and everyone has one.

People this team’s major flaw remains an inability to hit lefthanded pitching. When our manager fills out the lineup card he has four automatics to write down: Jackson, Cabrera, Fielder, and Young, who all are over.275. No one else starts based on their good performance this year. Next best hitter is Brennan Boesch at a robust .235. In my estimation, he is right to not always start him based on that performance. Somehow these guys have to snap out of this two month slump against lefties. No reason to point at one man when we have seven that need to get better!!!!!!!!!!!! No pat lineup here so our manager gets to tinker, tinker, tinker.

Smyly been impressive through 2.
The key inning for him seems to be the 4th.
Fun so far.
DY just swing at the 1st pitch again?

Boy are guys couldn’t make it much easier on a crappy pitcher through the 1st 2.

So four GM released Q

Yes, they need another starter. Smyly could be hurt too. And he needs to get more sthreng before playing a full season in MLB

Smyly looks pretty solid again today More like his first 6 starts and not that Black Hole thing he became later, along with the rest of the youngsters.

He looked bothered by something the last inning. I tough he was injured

KC announcers think JV will likely be ASG starter.

Justin Upton could be on trade block. RHP with power . Corner OF

That is a pass for me.

QS. And bullpen time

Excellent job of pitching when in trouble. Two plays like our two DH’s just made in the field can ruing a game pronto.
BTW, smooth move JL, Raburn AND Young playing defense in the same game??

delmon butchered it but I can see the ruling on that one. However, that is an error on Raburn. I am not sure , and I have been saying this all year< where our present day official scorers have learned their "craft". Obviously an error, that wasn't Revere or Span running down the line.

He gave back what he took

Delmon—P-L-E-A-S-E note. You were ahead in the count 3-1. As mentioned a few days ago–when ahead 2-0 or 3-1 he is hitting a tonne.
Patience man–patience.
Get ready to say good bye to Ran

Jose Mijares , the man who hit Everett in the back of the head because a Tiger stole a base 8-0 down. He got the unwritten rules backward. Bondo made him pay

Hunter paid for him

that was a wild one….

Way to go Smyly. 6 IP and NO walks.

Harsh analysis of DY and RR. Even KC announcers agree with hit calls made by Tiger home scorers.

Not harsh at all. Young misplayed it somewhat (he is pretty awkward) but that was a legitimate double.
The ball hit to Raburn is simply an out.

Drew struck out 10 batters tonight in six innings. JV never hit double digit Ks as a rookie. This kid has a lot of talent. That cuveball was filthy tonight. This team has three key lefthanded hitters and he controlled them very well.

He is young, talented, and the most ready of our youngster starters.,I only hope Smyly does not revert to Black Hole form and remains the guy he was his first 6 starts.

1.2.3. The rest worked marvels on Valverde.

Very good tonight and a league leader in saves for 3 of the last 5 seasons(?). Great acquisition by DD.

As I recall, Delmon was the one that Bonderman drilled in retaliation, and DY charged his own dugout! Still my favorite memory of Delmon. It was Mijares that caused DY to take the hit, so he went after HIM. Made sense to me.

No, Toru Hunter. He thanked him for hiting him in the leg. He was expecting to be hit in the head. Evenr Gardenhire acknowledge it was due. Mijares was demotted to AAA

Tori Hunter, Im sure.

No, you are right. Young was

Okay. You had me going there for a minute. I thought I’d lost my memory completely. 🙂 I even went back and looked it up.

Excellent game. Coaches strategized and players executed. AND we are @ .500.

That was a large strike zone tonight. It helped Smyly, but it also helped Sanchez. Even taking that into account, some of our guys still need to display more patience. If we got into more hitter friendly counts, we’d eventually do some damage. I hope.
The best part of the game was when no runs scored after those two adventures from Raburn and Young. I was pretty nervous about that defensive alignment tonight.

Good evening; we have power back after 22 hours. Not bad for us, considering we’ve had 40000 without power since last Fri. night. Everybody is supposed to be back up in Roanoke tomorrow. I got to see the entire game this evening, and celebrate .500 finally after 8 tries. There were three things that I liked about this evening’s game:
1. Our manager had enough sense to move Ramon back to second for the last three innings. Big play in the 9th., especially with the Sweet Potato on the mound.
2. Opting for QB in the lineup over Boesch. Though his strikeouts are increasing, Berry brings that energy level to the team almost once every game. Getting in front again changes the dynamic of the game; we have had to fight from behind so often over the past 45 games or so. All KC did was tie; they never led in the game. Thanks QB.
3. Delmon not walking. He got the walk out of the way last night, so tonight he hit ball four for the go ahead and winning HR.

Rayburn is treading might thin ice. Is a double in 4 able to keep him hanging on through the AS break? Good night to all.

double in 3….he earned a walk to dude

A bit steamy at the baseball game tonight. Glad to be back in the air. Was happy with the win and all, but certainly thought we should be able to do more against a pitcher who is bad.

You know,GK. You sound like a crusty and more than loyal fan of the Tigers. I am very impressed by your willingness to attend games in virtually any type of climatic conditions. I could not beleive the report of hail and 101 degree temperature. I told my wife She said we are not moving back to Detroit.

Back from the AAA Rochester Red Wing game tonight. They beat the Pautucket Red Sox 3-1. Clete Thomas played CF and batted 8th. He hit a solo HR and played a solid CF. Wilkin Ramirez played LF and batted 6th. It was good to see Clete again. I had forgotten he’s still in the Minnesota system. That guy Parmelee is already back down to Rochester. He hit the HR against Tigers. Was it off JV?

By the way, is there another Marty joining the blog? Because those were not my comments near the top regarding RR? Could get confusing. Berry continues to contribute. That was a huge triple tonight.

I’ve never seen such terrible fielding by delmon……but then again his bat got us the win. Smyly is going to be really good some day, maybe as soon as next year. Ran Rayburn did OK offensively. Feels great to be .500 – I don’t shave my face when we are under and it’s hot out.

Little things can be game-changers. We were fortunate that KC blew a possible game-changing moment on Betancourt’s 2 out double where Delmon mis read the play but Butler couldn’t advance beyond 3rd. We are used to seeing that kind of base-running but not often from our opposition.
Thank’s Billy.
BTW, would anybody else here like to see Billy on our side?
This guy is a fantastic hitter and DOESN’T mind DHing. Can you imagine what things would be like if you could plug him into our #5 spot?
I’d gladly give up Turner and a mid-level prospect or two for this guy. There is no quit in him when he’s up to bat.

I like B. Butler – I’d be down with him on the team. However, with VMart, Cabby, Biggy and Delmon…..geesh i think we have that “type” of player already on the team!

Cabby and Delmon have Chen’s #……be nice to see delmon get a roll….he’s hit well the past few games

delmon SMASHED LHP last year for us…..we gotta get that back

VMart and Delmon are likely soon to be gone. Delmon obviously has not done the job in the 5 hole. VMart would be great but he is coming off serious injury.
This is all wild wishing but I am only saying that “can you imagine?”. Butler’s bat instead of Delmon’s bat this year probably would have us in 1st place right now.
Plus–he’s only 26!

That imagining would have to include the players (probably some of our best pitchers) that we traded for him, but I agree with what you’re saying about Butler. A born hitter.
It does make me think of a tale of two cities. We drafted pitching and KC drafted position players.

From this point, we’d have to go 46-32 to win 88 games, which I deem a reasonable total to win the division. Chicago needs a 42-37 mark to accomplish that. This tells me that we’ll need to beat the White Sox head to head, Peavey, Konerko, Dunn, Viciedo and all, to win this thing. Can’t count on any help from anybody, as witnessed by Texas this week.

Soxs have two of the current best pitchers including one that could star the ASG but their bullpen is extremely young.
Down to the wire , will the rookie manager able to handle it?
The tribe , one year more more mature,could be best positioned to end at the top.

Upton, had Detroit in his no trade list but he changed the list , and is receiving the RR treatment. Contact , power, he could be the impact hitter they need. I have never read anything bad about his defense

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Raburn 9, Peralta 6, Santiago 4, Laird 2. Fister is starting

Funny that in the pregame interview with Dickerson yesterday, Leyland said Smyly’s curveball needed to improve…and then he went out and it was a huge swing and miss pitch for him. wonder if he changed his grip on it having had the recent blister problem.
The hunch that Berry could have some success off Sanchez was also rewarded. Today’s lineup looks to be one of the strongest defensive alignments Leyland can put out there.

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