Verlander wants to be judged on 2012, not 2011 for All-Star start

Now that Justin Verlander is done for the first half, he’s thinking about his All-Star assignment, and he’s thinking about the field of potential starters. And as he waits to see how AL All-Star manager Ron Washington calls it, he made it clear he’s not expecting anything based on his Cy Young and MVP awards from last year.

“Yeah, it would be nice. It would be fantastic,” Verlander said. “But I know there are some other guys out there having exceptional years. In my opinion, the All-Star Game is year-to-year. This is the halfway point of 2012, not the end of 2011.

“Yeah, I had a good year last year, but I shouldn’t be [awarded] for that. If I get to start in the All-Star Game, I want to know it’s because I’ve been the best pitcher up to this point.”

The fact that he wasn’t available to pitch in the All-Star Game last year, having pitched in the Tigers’ final game before the break, shouldn’t factor in, he said.

“You’re not owed anything in this game,” he continued. “Whoever’s the best pitcher up to this point is owed that. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity last year. And who knows if I’d have had it anyway? [Jered] Weaver was really good up to that point as well. It would be nice. I’d like to have that on the resume, but like I said, there are some other guys out there having fantastic years as well.”


Verlander has matured quite a bit since he was drafted.

JV is still having a solid season. The play of the team behind him can possibley wear on him a bit, and he still gets little run support. One of the top pitchers in the game should be on the All-Star roster.

Would five CGs be a tiebreaker??

not sure what the temp was like last night after the rain and if it was muggy, but very impressive complete game, considering the late start and my assumption it was not the most comfortable evening. I only saw through 5 innings so missed some of the homerun action, but looks like a good game, losing the night before was just a heart breaker, glad we did not lose anymore ground.

After the rain, it was pretty much 78 for the rest of the night. Definitely strange night at the park. It rained and more interestingly hailed all the way own then it hailed for probably another 45 minutes to an hour. We were unable to get out of the car till about 8:20. Just storming to hard. Mind you I’m glad I was stuck in my car rather tan the concourse! But it turned out to be a pretty good night thanks to the big 4. ( Miggy, Biggy, JV and Jacskson.). Honorable mention to Boesch for his catch.
Regarding the all star game, I’d rather have my guys resting than playing at that thing. My only exception would be a first timer like AJ.

I understand what Justin is saying but he still deserves to start based on last year because his is still showing THIS year how good he is. If he had some run support he coulod be 12-2 or 13-3. Not bashing Raburn but who put him in the 2 hole? Raburn is the one though that swung at a 3-1 pitch and hit a weak groumd ball to 2nd. Action Jackson, you know you are an all star! Let’s everyone think winning streak! Go Tigers!

Jackson 8, Raburn 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Laird 2, Santiago 4. Porcello 1

The louder you boo Raburn, the more JL becomes entrenched in hitting him second. You create your own purgatory. 🙂
Joking aside, with a LHer pitching, Raburn is as likely as any of the alternatives to take advantage of those “good pitches” you supposedly get hitting in front of Cabrera. I mean, who else do you put there?

NO El Tigre say it ain’t so! BOESCH needs to hit in that 2nd spot today…..

He is hitting .900+ OPS the past week and he (wink) hits lefties better than righties

BB hits better for avg against LHP but better against RHP for OPS.So yes ,he is good for second spot against LHP and 6th against RHP

It is the official lineup posted at @tigers. I would put there Santiago

Look on the bright side, this may be the segue to getting rid of Raburn. If he can’t hit better (hit at bats are still atrocious) then it is time to ship him out..
Eating his contract,? Well we have (and are) eaten worse—much worse.
Totally agree with putiing Boesch there.
Peralta after Delmon is pretty stupid too.

yes he has had a bad week (17abs). However his past 42 ABs tho have him a .262 with .381 slugging. Lets start that conversation up if he has another bad week.

Read where the Twins may make Morneau available. Not a fit for us, but the idea stunned me given their recent play.

Weaver lines up as a starter @ the ASG and he has been fantastic again this year.

JV will get the nod. He can be as humble as he wants but he has fashioned a marketable name for himself and a reputation from his 2 major awards that will ensure him being named as the starter. Bet on it.
Some talk of Tigers being interested in Scutaro. Not the impact player I would want and certainly this is a short term fix. Many will people will say that Ramon is as good as Scutaro so why bother.
Well, Scutaro is one of the more solid, dependable and what’s more important for us, consistent ballplayers (at what he does) around. Doesn’t strike out much, hits to the right side when you need him too, decent speed, excellent glove, team player and a Venezuelan to boot. This would not be a bad singing at all for this year.

was at the game last night, stuck it out thru 5 innings so I missed the HR action. It was still very humid and warm sitting in the upper deck but a 8 AM work date was calling so I decided to get some sleep. JV looked good, Boesch’s catch was awesome. I was amazed on how many people stayed it was almost sold out still after a 2.5 delay, very dedicated fans and parents with young children there. The storm just kind of lingered and it did hail quite a bit, glad I had some Tiger Den tickets to stay dry and cool. Need to take this 1 PM game and finish this week on a good note.

Don’t like to use an old saying, but trying to make a lineup out of these guys is like arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They either hit or they don’t. I’m not going to hound JL on this.
Verlander is the “big name” and baseball is all about marketing, so that’s your starter.
We actually could use Scutaro because Santiago could go back to utility, which he is extremely talented at doing. I’d give up limited value for Marco, though.

too soon. to suggest Ramon is a legit SS. tuesday is too fresh.

(his play at SS was a horror film)

You’re joking, right? You base things on one bad game in 8 or 10 years? Beside the fact that he’s the starting 2ndbaseman right now, not shortstop.

I don’t see it Evan. Ramon is a nice player. But he can’t hit enough to make meaningful offensive contributions every day. You couldn’t ask for a better backup guy.
We were fortunate to get 2 runs in the 1st yesterday. Raburn hit into what should have been a DP. I believe every at bat resulted in pretty much the smae kind of ground ball. That’s not good.
Seems to me they are shortening (even though it seems the opposite) the leash on Ryan. He will need to make an impact soon with that bat. And a loud one IMO to justify any roster position on this team.

That’s affirmative.

Glad to hear Justin state the truth. You start the pitcher with the best chance to get a win.

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