Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

Leyland told reporters in his office this morning that he had a tough time weighing whether to start Quintin Berry today against Scott Diamond, who has given up a .324 batting average and .940 OPS to left-handed hitters this year. Ultimately, the fact that Raburn has seen Diamond before — and he’s supposed to hit lefties — won out.

“I tossed and turned with it today to play Berry or Raburn. I ended up playing Raburn,” Leyland said. The thought process is if Raburn doesn’t help us against left-handers then we have issues. You give him the benefit of the doubt to see if you can maybe get him going a little bit.”

It sounds very much like Leyland is sticking with the idea of using this stretch to see if Raburn can turn it around.

“I’m kind of playing the string out right now to see if Raburn’s going to do something,” Leyland said.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brennan Boesch, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Ben Revere, RF
  3. Joe Mauer, DH
  4. Ryan Doumit, C
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  7. Darin Mastroianni, LF
  8. Brian Dozier, SS
  9. Jamey Carroll, 2B

P: Scott Diamond


raburn batting 2nd was just like rich said. props.

berry isn’t exactly ripping the cover off the ball either…s’why i said bat boesch at 2nd…

He can at least take a walk.

very true kathy very true. he has had some miscues in the field too tho….

Not that many. He’s also made some amazing catches. Boesch jumps up 1 foot against the wall and catches that ball last night and you’d think we won the world series.

@Tom Gage Leyland about Raburn: “I’m kind of playing the string out right now to see if he’s going to do something.”..
We heard that before but someone could be ending his tenure

I just can’t believe all these very isolated storms hitting Detroit. And, they are very isolated. My grass is straw. We haven’t had a drop.

It saddens me to see RR wearing a Tiger uni number that should be retired.

Couldn’t agree more. He has desecrated Storm’n Norman’s # long enough!


Raburn was awful last night. He clearly isn’t the same guy he was last year or the year before. He grounded to the middle infielders 4 times last night and should have grounded into two double plays. Enough is enough with this guy. They should have left him at Toledo until he proved he could hit. His defense it terrible and he’s doing nothing to help the Tigers win games, which is the goal after all, isn’t it.

like i said before he’s play bad this week….he’s played OK since his return. Give it another week.

.676 OPS since return isn’t bad enough to run him outta town quite yet

Couple questions for the board: Peralta and Valverde are free agents after this season. Do you re-sign them in the offseason or look elsewhere?
If you were setting the Tigers’ playoff rotation now, who would be the #2 guy?

I pickup his $6M team option next year. And Scherzer.

and NO way JOSE on VV

I can tell you this So-called fans are going to make damn sure he doesn’t succeed. He was getting booed ferociously last night. Whether he should be on the team is not even my point, being booed like that is going to ensure failure. Hell good players fail 70% of the time at the plate, so even if he gets on base 1 out of his 3 plate apearences he will get boos. . Hell it worked on Inge and Jason Grilli (back in the day) and now people are working on Ryan. All I’m saying s what god does it do? And who’s gonna be next after you don’t have Raburn to make the scope goat…..Boesch, Young, Peralta, Fister, Avila, Kelly, Santiago? Ryan is a secondary player, there are some bigger failures here than Ryan Raburn. Lots and lots and lots of blame to go around from David Dombrowski, JL to the players. Booing doesn’t freaking help anything, only puts more unneeded pressure on a person already struggling.

agree 100%. I blame Mr. I as well (forcing the Fielder albatross)

On last night game thread, Tigergirl posted a good expalanation about why Rraburn and not the others. I agree with her

I went back to read what she said … My thought is that she said people remember what his failings were now and last year. What I remember is that he had 14 homers last year and 49 RBI….2010 15 homers and 62 rbi’s. And I remember him getting hits a week ago when he was on the road when he wasn’t getting booed for every out he made and this week at home getting booed incessantly and coincidentally or not the hitting has faltered as well.

Why is he being shoved down the throats of Tiger fans as a “primary” player who is going to help lead them to the promised land?
I can accept him as a secondary player no problem. With a similar number of at bats as Worth, Laird, Kelly Santiago would receive. He is NOT a solution as per our need for a corner outfielder or 2nd baseman.

Ya but that’s not his fault or his decision. Boo DD,write him a letter. That’s his decision.

Blame Mr I? Without his money where would the Tigers be? It’s Leyland’s team to manage! Show some nads!

Actually DD makes personnel decisions.

DD basically said one day “Prince not a fit here….unlikely”. Then the next day “Oh we got ’em! Mr. I wanted him!”
which is why Mr. I is to blame too…..maybe not for this year…but it’ll be apparent in the future i promise.

GK, maybe that means he can’t handle pressure. Lots of really good players have been booed unmercifully at times. And in their home parks. Get over it.

But maybe he can’t. Or maybe he just sucks. How would you feel if every time you did something wrong you had 30,000 people mocking you. Im lucky (maybe) I get to go to a lot of games and it’s uncomfortable. Maybe instead of telling me to get over it, maybe people should get over it and consider what they are doing. Booing sure hasn’t worked.

Got two words for the boo-birds: Delmon Young, Him hitting 5th is the biggest problem we’ve had, not some secondary role players. But you keep on booing Raburn and then cackling at his failures. Have fun.

lol – and Delmon goes deeeeep for ya, rich!

booing is for the birds. Delmon batting 5th might be the biggest or second biggest offensive problem…..but not being able to get starters/bullpen, hitting and fielding all hot at the same time seems to be the biggest problem to me.

Porcello should of fielded his position a lot better than he did there. He cost himself a run.

certainly did. Cabby and RABURN played pretty well tho….

I know its only acceptable to boo Raburn, but nice job there throwing him out at home. Everything is finding a hole today with Ricky. At least 2 of those hits I believe should of fielded.

C’mon.. I wouldn’t personally boo the guy at the ball park but call a spade a spade. He’s been a huge failure this year. Every time he is put in a game means somebody else is sitting the bench that could be out there.
If you perform poorly as a Tiger and are disapponting an already disappointed fan base then you are going to hear boos. Delmon, Boesch haven’t been immune.
Peralta will be next. In fact he looks pretty much like a statue of himself playing shortstop.
Nice throw by Raburn from short left-field. Hopefully that picks him up. but let’s remember what he is and what he’s not.

I don’t disagree with his playing time I am only commenting on the booing and it’s effectiveness in motivating some people.

I think we’re saying that these yahoos pick one guy to ride. That is a fact. Just boo them all if it’s that much fun.

I can only watch the highligts and look in so I will say only: nobody has ever doubt he has a powerful arm. The problem is getting to the ball and keep it on the glove.Still he is an around avg OF

Boy Rick isn’t fooling anybody today. I’m nervous.

They’ve got one run on seven hits. This is the kind of game we should win in the end. You know it would be if the roles were reversed.

3 innings…..Twins 6, Tigers 0. Hits, that is. A couple of Twin squibbles. Can anyone tell me why in 3 games this series the Twins hits find holes while the Tigers hit the ball right at a fielder? Any “experts” out there?

Here is my no- hit jinx. No- Hitter no- hitter no hitter…… Diamond making it look awefully easy right now.

Booing is for children to do, and my kids get a talking to when I hear booing. Everyone has a right to do as they wish, I just hate hearing it because I never think a true fan would boo his own team at any time. Maybe a missed call by an ump that takes away a perfect game, but never a player.

Seems we have this discussion a lot! It is a fiery discussion no doubt about it.

Prince screwed tat up big time.

Now 8 hits. And a 3 Stooges, Keystone Kops act .

Screw up number 2… Don’t agree with Rod I don’t think that was Fielders. There should be to outs this inning. Typical.

Dan & Jim said that was Laird’s play all the way.

I can’t hardly stand to watch this. I may seriously have to stop.

This game is a dang joke through the top of the 4th. And again these Tigers hitters can’t get a hit. Pitch count is escalated. Umps also squeezing Rick quite a bit.

Should of been out of this inning 20 pitches and 4 batters and 2 runs ago. I’m smelling another game of being ticked off.

God help us, they’re getting worse! Two perfect pegs by Laird and neither Prince or Cabrera can apply a simple tag. This is the worst they’ve played all year, if that’s even possible.
I guess you can kill an elephant by pinching it.

I think your right. That inning looked like a little league game.

That about does it. They are REALLY going to lose 3 out of 4 at home to the Twins? 12 Twin hits, many of them “accidents.” Now Porcello maybe injured. Tigers have just one of anything… error.

Well my no- hit jinx worked!🙂

Or shut out. No shock AJ and Cabby involved. Now can Prince do anything?

Nope he looked pretty pitiful.

At least were a not Twins fans 12 hits , 1 e and only 3 runs to show?

Leyland makes the line up, not DD,

Ya but who ya gonna replace him with? Don Kelly, Danny Worth ( now in Toledo).? There’s nobody better in the farm, the only infield prospect I’ve even heard anything about is Castelsnos. ( I must of spelled that wrong). Unless he trades for something this is what we have. That’s on DD, not Leyland.

Note to DD: If they do lose this game, it is time to start cleaning house. First, you are stuck with Prince. MI says so. But what is his problem? Is American League pitching that much better? Are American League parks that much bigger? Still, anyone else with his stats would be great. It’s just that we expected more from him, I guess.
Next, you do not have a 2nd baseman. Sorry Ramon. Something even has him distracted from his usual good play and hitting. But keep him as a back-up for sure. And don’t even count RR as a 2nd basemean.
So what’s wrong with Peralta? Would a contending team take him off your hands in exchange for 2 better hitting, better fielding, base-stealing players? Then do it.
Keep Cabrera, obviously.
to be continued…………………

It aint over until is over

What glaringly obvious in that 5th inning… Their fielders get to balls and our don’t.

continuing……I guess leave the catching situation as it is. Unless you can get something better for Laird and bring up one of the younger catchers.
The outfield. Can DD get JL to try batting DY 3rd and moving Miggy and Biggie down one place? If that doesn’t help DY then I guess he needs to go. Again, can you get 2 speedy scrappy players for him? Let’s hope Dirks can come back as good as he was. Keep Berry untilunless he totally falls apart. He does provide speed and some scrappiness. Send Boesch to work with Durham in Toledo.

Darin Down last game in Venezuela:

Sorry Beck i did not know it will show that big

No worries. WordPress is kind of bizarre with video. The clips from that I post every once in a while show up tiny by comparison.

Pitching…..Hire a private investigator or whatever to figure out what is wrong with Fister. And that means you only have 3 dependable starters. The rotating door of #5 starter has not worked. And I’ve lost track of all those minor league relief pitchers. Schlereth, Weber, Ortega, Putkonen, etc.
Sometime you just have to shake things up a bit. the way things are going right now, this team is not going to make it with the present personnel.
…………….if only JL and Lloyd could hit the road.

Well Texas laid a turd in Chicago, white Soxs walked all over them.

Nice job by Downs. Actually very nice and quite surprising.
Fielder is going into a slump.
Didn’t think we’d score Boesch after Laird’s really nice off-field grounder to get him to 3rd. Ramon doesn’t get the ball out of the infield with regularity.. Didn’t like the idea of Laird bunting there–thought he should be swinging away–and when he did he got robbed. Could easily have been a tie game.

For his first 3 innings anyway, Darin Downs looked good. Let’s hope.

He was good. Ith his story it’s a guy anyone would cheer for.

Ortega, Downs, Villareal. Not that bad for the rookies

Freaking hilarious Dotel may get out of this yet. Being rewarded or not paying attention at ll to the base runners.

Cannot waste this………triple

As much as I have no confidence in Raburn he at least had 3 fly balls today. QB will be lucky to get the bal out of the infield —if he hits it. Unfair to put him in here IMO

We agree today Slow

What I meant was Leyland plays Raburn and bats him second. If anyone gets boo’d, it shuld be JL. Where is the fire? Oh Yeah, in GR, it is 101 degrees

I think delmon just got one too.

It was that hot here yesterday but with the rain this morning it’s only ( lol) 92 at my house but muggy. Tomorrow 100 again.

That’s what we were lookin for.

It’s about time! Yes boys!

OK, so the jinx worked. JL puts in Berry. Sweet! Prince hit a 3 run homer! Watch out second half!

That ball was crying all the way out

WOW!. How many things are right about this sequence of events?
Fabulous to see Cabby come through but even more fabulous that he was so genuinely stoked for his pal.
Prince did this with men on, in the clutch and against a southpaw.
Kudos to Berry for not swinging at the 3-2 pitch. Changed the game.

That was a nice reaction. I love Cabby and how much fun he has.

Valverde non -save situation???

Wouldn’t you know. I had to leave after the 7th inning. I missed what was one of the few Tiger rallies. Oh. well, there are the highlights.

Washington has not named his starting pitcher for the ASG, but admitted giving consideration to Price. The Yankee announcers mentioned him as well yedterday.

BTW–talk about encouraging. Valverde looked pretty darn good. And why I say that is that finally his splitter seems to be working again!

So “baseball protocol” was played out again, in that the team with the early wasted opportunities ends up on the losing end. Or as Leyland calls them, games that “didn’t smell good.”
We actually witnessed two unusual events this week. One was Prince’s game changing 3-run jack and the other was two separate 2-game win streaks inside a week by the Tigers.
JL got testy in his postgame over something about Raburn and some Twitter thing, I didn’t catch the gist of that. He made his comment than told the guy he could put it on Twitter or E-Bay or wherever he wanted. Classic Jim there.
No matter what happens with Darin Downs going forward, he’ll always have this day, and that’s one of the wonderful things about baseball.
I’ll be the first (I think) to say it: Austin Jackson is kicking Grandy’s butt so far this season. I don’t think anyone foresaw Austin being this good.
Raburn joins the long list of Tigers who have crushed one to CF for a long out. I don’t think you have to decide between him and Berry, they both do what they do and it depends on what you’re looking to accomplish at any given time. I sure do like Berry’s enthusiasm and wish more players displayed it. There’s nothing bush league about that.
We’ve got two chances in three to at least finish this weird first half with a .500 record. Today’s game was a microcosm of the entire season. We kept screwing up badly yet remained in the game.

Got home from work and read the comments before even checking the game outcome……..yeah, I don’t know why I do it either………..but you guys and ladies are hilarious:-)

Fielder is coming out of a slump.

Ha, Dan. Good one. 🙂

Quite a game today. enjoyed it. WOW is our starting pitching INCONSISTENT

Tomorrow. raburn again in second spot. Cabrera DH and DY in LF. Leyland said

3B? Ramon?

Or Kelly. They could sent to AAA one reliever

SI reported Tigers are scouring the market for pitching. Garza and Marcum were noted to be possible targets.

I wonder about the legitimacy of the Marcum idea. He is having arm problems and I think he remains on the DL with a salary of nearly $8M.

Can’t forget G$$’s performance today. He was pretty good!

yes he was!!

awesome game, got home from work and caught the last three innings. Need to take this game tonight, sick of all the hype and momentum then loose the next day, but according to Leyland there is no momentum in baseball, dont believe that at all but lets take tonights game and get at least two from KC to be .500 into break! Terry Francona was saying on ESPN that he thinks Tigers will be the team to make the most noise in 2nd half, boy I hope so. Also, Miggy’s reaction was priceless to Fielder’s HR, hes a kid out there, have to love it! Go Tigers featured Cabrera and Raburn on their back-to-back out plays to Laird on Must See video. Poor Raburn even had his name misspelled by MLB in that feature item..

There’s no Y. The name is Ran Raburn.
Entertaining baseball yesterday. I could have done without some of the early game entertainment the Tigers provided, but I tuned into Nationals-Giants last night. The scrappy Nats, sporting 1924 Senators uniforms, came from behind and walked off on the 1924 New York Giants. Washington swept the series of games started by Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, and Matt Cain. A pretty good week’s work. Edwin Jackson remains a favorite of mine. If the Nats ever play the Tigers in the WS, we have a pact to attend every game, even if we spend all of our retirement money.

Good morning:
In the middle of the 7th. yeterday, of all things, I lost my power, and it’s still off. I am at the new library in Roanoke, and will offer three things about yesterday’s game:
1. Gene Money’s defensive game was outstanding. He is a true grit player, even if Biggy thinks he’s a knockdown toy.
2. Downs gave us a chance to win. You couldn’t have asked for more.
3. Delmon had a walk; I passed out.
I didn’t get to see or here abut the two HR’s by Biggy and Delmon; just really excited about a Tiger needed win. Good day to all.

Oh, so you missed the good and only got the bad and the ugly. Well that’s not right.
I think Laird should get more time back there. There’s no reason to run Avila into the ground when you have another very capable catcher. I liked the way Gerald blocked the plate on those two plays, although granted they were both in front of him. Not such an easy task to block the plate when the throw is coming from the right side and the oncoming runner is on the catcher’s blind side. For the first seven innings it did appear to be the G$ show. Seems like he was everywhere.

Rich is that “Ran” Raburn like ran out of town?
Or “Ran” like in Kurosawa’s Uprising?
You know I’m kidding you. I’m the Blog’s worst typo guy!!!

Aha, I slipped one by you. I said there’s no Y and I removed the Y from Ryan. But I know it’s still early for you out there. 😉

Laird should be getting more time. No doubt about it. Avila is a tough guy but he is a bit fragile right now. Why push it? It’s not like he is Johnny Roseboro or Yogi Berra. He’s not needed quite that much.

Watching the replay, and not very attentive, I saw Prince swipe at the runner getting back to first and missed. Bad luck or bad break. It seems like nothing has gone the Tigers way in the first half. I think the AS break is just what the team needs. September is the key month. We need to be healthy. Yes, rotate those catchers and man do we need a 5 hole hitter! Go Tigers!

rumors swirl about Matt Garza to the tigers…….*sigh* i do not think starting pitching is something we should be upgrading. We need scutoro if anyone.

Scutaro , price to high.
Garza. Cubs scouting Erie. Not serious talks yet.
Morosi on tweeter


What was the price on Scutaro? I’d be surprised if it were much more than 2 lower level prospects.

They got him for Clayon Mortensen ( Boston AAA) and is signed for the season ,6 millions

He does not say but since Scutaro seems to be the only available 2B ( and SS , 3b) of worth.
BTW: he has an history of injuries while playing other position than SS. He plays every position but catcher and pitcher

Lineup Jackson 8, Berry 9, Cabrera dh, Fielder 3, Young 7, Raburn 4, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 5. Smyly 1

I know this Sanchez guy has been good in the past….but he is struggling right now. I think Prince is the only player to see him more than a handful of ABs….hits him pretty well too.

Scutaro would help this team more than a lot of people would think. Short term.
One of the most consistent players in the game and that is something we could really use from one of our middle infielders.
Runs the bases, catches the ball, moves runners up and is a tough out.

Castellanos should not be considered as being available.
Turner, IMHO, should be. He could bring a lot. I don’t see the major upside in him that the organization does. Granted, they should know this a lot better than I do.
But, I think we could fix our ball club with him being ‘baited”.

I assume there is some reason why Cabrera is the DH tonight?

He announced it yesterday. Also that Fielder would be given the option of DH during the weekend but Monarrez only reported that the decision was easy after the thursday game. No explanation

My buddy just said “why isn’t boesch in”; which brings up an interesting point…because boesch is def. hitting lefies better….this week and month. It’s that JL basically testing RR to see if we need to cut him. Because the reason boesch isn’t playing is that berry is playing a little better than him this past month. Not to mention speed and defense.

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