First pitch scheduled for 9:30

Justin Verlander is long-tossing as I type this. The heavy downpours that hit the area and drenched Comerica Park have passed through, leaving temperatures in the 70s in their wake. So unless something crazy happens, this game should be a go.


Thanks Jason.
Will be a late night for y’all.
Good luck.

There are the 50 and 51 double with runners in scoring position. MLB leading. Of course the first one with no RBI ( thanks ump)

El Tigre…Nothing to do with baseball, but do you sleep?

We are here a half hour earlier than Detroit. While I watch I have this webpage, gameday, baseball refernce , yahoo. twitter ( Beck, Gage and Tigers )open.

And tomorrow , it is holiday here. Our Independence Day

Well then, God bless you too.

Jackson triple. No outs. Did not score.

I noticed.

Nasty funny.

Another throat stomping time and we blew it. Two games in a row. Leadoff triple with the top of the lineup should not result in no runs.
Raburn is not the right man to be batting 2nd and even though he is hitting better since his recall—he’s not the right man for this team either.

A .188 hitter = homerun.

The 188 is not the problem. His second HR in the whole season

Add the leading 33 th DP with RISP breaking the tie with the Evil Empire

Alex must be feeling a bit cursed. Pretty much robbed of two hits.

Thank goodness for Miggy!

Rayburn needs to be traded! He has little value defensively and offensively. 3 ground outs, 1 into a DP and another did not advance AJ after a leadoff triple. This guy will not bring much in trade value though, sad loyalty by Leyland for a guy who only produces 1/2 season at most!

now 4 groundouts in the 2 slot!! what a wasted position player on a failing ballclub.

One game into the half season and El muchacho de la película has18 HR and 68 RBI with 323

And thank goodness for Justin Verlander. Complete game and sends the fans home and happy.

embarassment having raburn on the team…. if he must bat it should be ninth not second

Happy Fourth; What a great land that we live in; what a great gift freedom is, and with all of that the game of baseball. It’s getting late, so here goes with my three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Watching the best right handed hitter in the game.
2. Watching the greatest pitcher in the game.
3. Watching the greatest DH in the——-; sorry Delmon; I got confused
3a. Watching the greatest fans in the game; all 41000 who endured a two and one half hour rain delay. You weren’t disappointed tonight; Kudos to the nice defense.
Good night to all.

Heck of an outing by Verlander. It’s not like the Twins hadn’t been hitting, they had. He and Cabrera worth the price of admission. Austin Jackson not being on the AS team demonstrates what a joke that business is.
I find it increasingly odd that people boo and make comments about Raburn even though most of this team has fallen flat on their collective faces so far this year. Why does no one else get this treatment? Some psychologist will have to explain that one to me.
Looks like Prince is a little frustrated himself with the lack of round trippers. Hang in there, big guy. They’ll come.
Another thing I find somewhat odd is that FSD chooses to make this holiday a salute to the military. It’s an observation of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the birthday of the USA. Memorial Day and Veterans Day are the military holidays.
Okay, somehow get 3 of the next 4 and we go to a much needed break at .500.

I think the Raburn bashing has more to do with his performance over time and not just now – the team as a whole is a let down right now, some players more so than others, but Raburn for the last few years has been increasingly frustrating and in reality the fans should be upset with Leyland/Dombrowski for having him out there if he isn’t going to produce.

I don’t like to bash any of the guys – I surely recognize they are all doing their best, but their best sometimes just isn’t good enough. Boesch is frustrating, but his youth and the talent we have seen in the past puts him in a different light. I think we have guys like Boesch and Raburn not producing, and maybe we can get away with one guy like that but having multiple on the team is tough.

I don’t know – that is my 2 cents…
I remember when Laird at times was a source of frustration as well, but as a back up now we are all begging him for a little more playing time. Ah, the ebb and flow of the game.

You are right. Avila´s goodwill has a lot to do with him replacing Laird and beginning his carrer hitting HR . RR , DK and BI are seen as Leyland ´s favorites ( fair or not )

Add the MVP leading off

Good game. Only got a little wet but was pretty sticky by games end. Much credit to the comerica park grounds crew for their hard work on a hot day. They worked like a well oiled machine.

Interesting observation Rich. Good on ya.

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