Boesch: “I wasn’t going to give any at-bats away”

Talked after the game with Brennan Boesch coming off his first three-hit game in about 3 1/2 weeks Tuesday, and his fourth of the year. He definitely sounded like he went in with a mindset to wait on his pitch after striking out twice in as many at-bats Monday night.

“I definitely was consciously trying to get a good pitch,” he said. “I got those pinch-hit [at-bats] yesterday but didn’t start, I just wanted to make sure today that I wasn’t going to give any at-bats away, or at least try not to give any at-bats away and try to make sure that every at-bat I’m fighting and doing everything I can to try to hit the ball.”

Those pitches came at different times Tuesday. His two-run single in the second inning came on a 2-0 fastball after Boesch shrugged at a curveball in the dirt and a fastball inside. His fourth-inning home run, by contrast, was a first-pitch fastball he jumped off starter Nick Blackburn.

Actually, Boesch hit the first strike he saw in all four at-bats. His sixth-inning single was a 2-0 slider from Jeff Gray. He hit another slider, this one on a 1-0 count after a first-pitch fastball inside, and nearly homered in the ninth inning off Glen Perkins.

When asked if it was an encouraging day, personally at least, he seemed to agree.

“Anytime you get three hits and a home run, it’s momentum to build,” he said. “I just missed hitting that last one out, too. Can’t really enjoy it for too long, but you can bring it into the next day and use it as momentum to try to get some consistency and build off a day like that.”

UPDATE: After reading in the comments below about Delmon Young’s average on 2-0 and 3-1 counts, I decided to look up Boesch’s splits. When he puts a 2-0 pitch in play, he’s 8-for-18, with two doubles, a home run and eight RBIs. When he puts a 2-1 pitch in play, he’s 4-for-9. When he puts a 3-1 pitch in play, he’s 1-for-5. When he gets to two-strike counts, he’s batting .144 (19-for-132) with four extra-base hits (two doubles, two homers).


That was great. Encouraging even. But you have to catch that ball Brennnan. Don’t get too carried away with tonight, the game is more complicated than that.

The offensive is 4thin avg. in AL. 2 in MLB in avg with RISP. They leads in doubles with RISP but lack power with RISP.But it is not the offensive
Only three starter are not enough ,unlike 1984,. They have been inocnsistent but it is not the pitching even if a veteran inning eater would do wonders.
The bullpen have given here and there a bad timed walk or served a HR but they are doing a great job recently. But is is not the bullpen.
It is the deffense. They are going nowhere with 3 out of for pieces of the central line so bad.
Laird needs to play more games.Its not the injury, Avila had a ton of passballs and too many throws became WP last year.
They need a SS. An Adam Everett would be great. The SS doesnt need to hit 300. The Sox have a 219 with 115 SO in the third spot( yes, he has 20 plus HR, in an too hitter friendly park) and TB has a 197 hitter in the second spot. Add a second base. The field was wet so you could excuse Santiago for last night but the other night and the other. He is an improvement over RR and BI but..

With all respect I don’t think that Santiagos miscues had anything to do with a wet field. He just messed up big time!

El Tigre you are spot on about AA as a defensive catcher. He has lots of room for improvement. Who’s our organizational catching instructor?? We just used G Money one game in TX and one game in TB. He should catch Thursday and maybe Sunday. Let’s give JL until Sunday. I worked too hard to get AE off the team. Hope he is enjoying his retirement. Or is he back out there somewhere??

Ramon pretty much murdered that game with his defense.
At least he has contributed the past 30 games or so (with his offense).
Looking at fielding stats is difficult for me – but how does the defense Ramon brings to the SS position compare against the league?

What Boesch talked about here…isn’t that what a hitter should do in every AB? I can understand a lost AB due to fatigue, but Brennan is talking like he just discovered this approach. That doesn’t encourage me at all.
Meanwhile, Santiago has one bad game and the dreaded Spotlight of Doom swings to him. I’m not saying he had a good game but you do have to understand that a ball nearly hitting the 2ndbase bag would be bouncing among divots and cleat marks and it took a bad hop. Go back and look at the play. It was a bad hop. It happens.
The second play where he ranged right had no such problem. That one he should have gotten cleanly. So Peralta would have made those plays?
That reminds me, it sounds like there is one lone guy booing Raburn now. Where did the rest of them go?

Ramon is certainly probably our second best defensive players, but regardless of that I respectfully disagree about last night. To me that is a play that should be made, and and I bet Ramon would tell ya the same. That just goes to show ya this team is finding ways to lose when Ramons miscue is the reason (or at least the most glaring of the night).
What it comes down to is we are all frustrated at how this team continues to find ways to lose. They haven’t played great or even good ball for more than a game or two at a time.

Finding ways to lose being the key point. They’re making a science of it. Everyday something different. 6 runs on 10 hits, very efficient, but not enough on this night. The crazy thing is, the current personnel could play .650 ball in the second half. I don’t think they will, but it’s a baseball possibility.
From a fan’s perspective, they’ve ruined half of our summer even if they do win the division.

This team sure needs a circuit breaker and the break can’t come soon enough.
Central is sure bunching up mired in mediocrity.

Ramon is a good fielder. 2nd or short. But he is not going to hit enough.
No point deliberating Ramon’s expertise at short compared to the rest of the league. He is going to play there only a handful of times. Peralta is their man. It is what it is.
Raburn should not be playing 2nd base.
We’re better off he is in LF if Berry isn’t used properly. Berry’s speed does not necessarily mean he is a good defensive player.
When I say I am encouraged by Boesh I mean by the results , certainly not hie “Eureka” moment about having good at bats. That is almost a ridiculous statement for him to make and Rich is right about the fact that approach is one that should be omnipresent and not just dialed up every now and then. The kid has a lot of potential.
I believe he should be inserted in the #2 spot again.
The team will be changing relatively quickly (next year). They are beginning to fast-track Garcia,Castellanos, Brantley, McCann and Rodon.
I would think one of the catchers on the farm will be traded this summer..
The key of the game was Cabby not being able to come up with the bases loaded hit after getting ahead in the count 2-0 against Blackburn. Made everything else (im)possible.

Correction (slight) on DY’s bat avg in 2-0 & 3-1 counts:
He is actually hitting .437 (7 for 16)
Obviously my point here is plate discipline and working the pitcher it EVEN will work for Delmon Young. He’s just not patient enough to allow that to happen. The odd thing is, pitchers know he is a hacker and they often throw him pitches in the dirt or below the knees on the 1st pitch. He swings at them anyway.

I switched to Bert and Dick and the Twins’ feed last night. They were making wry and weary comments on Delmon’s hitting approach. You couldn’t miss the inflection. They had been as frustrated as we are.
You’re coming up with good numbers on this, Dan. Sometimes it’s hard to quantify what a Delmon Young type hitter is doing to create such a negative reaction, but you’re on it here. I think DY is killing us in the 5-hole.

To sum it up, does the big picture about Delmon explain why Gardy had him bat seventh in thier lineup?? It’s weird that the only place he worked for us was in front of Cabrera.

It’s up to JV to throw the “fear of god” into the Twin’ LHB. Mauer needs to be knocked on his fanny. He is far too confident up at the dish against us.
Morneau had hit a few against JV I believe. Unless I am confusing that with some he may have hit of Zumaya.
The guy we have to keep of the bases is Revere. He’s making life miserable for our pitchers as he gets on in front of the middle of the lineup.
Something our guy is NOT doing.

Revere also is too comfortable diving out and going the other way. Our pitchers aren’t mean enough. You don’t have to start a beanball war, just aim one at his feet now and again. If it worked on Big Papi, it will work on anyone.

I was afraid of this. Angels MLB writer Gonzalez is talking about possibly acquiring Greinke or Hamels. I like the Angels, but not to the detriment of the Tigers.


Beware the White Sox. Kenny Williams has been involved in a few of these trade deadline rodeos.

Ya know what some of it is with DY I think as far as the risp stat ( and maybe true of a lot of guys on this team for that matter). Statistically it looks like they are ok, but in reality somebody is in second and he ( they) hit a single with 2 outs and since most on this team can’t score from 2nd on a single, they got a hit, but not an RBI. No damage. No proof just a feeling and a theory,

You are right on. Are we 15th or 16th in the AL in team speed?? There must be two teams that have lapped us by now.

You are both right. They go station to station. They do have lot of doubles with RISP. But even that is not enough when you have a cargo train in front of you: Cabrera, Fielder, Young, Avila on bases gives a new meaning to bases loaded.

Proof’s in the pudding GK! That has to be about right. He has no hits with bases loaded.
I think what would help him is if we had a superior hitter hitting after>after him in the lineup. The #6 spot has not been dangerous. If Boesch or Avila were able to be dangerous this would increase the amount of fastballs to DY. Which he loves.
Basically the lineup has not worked after Fielder.
And very true, as it has been stated here too often, Fielder’s lack of homers may have changed the course of between 5 or 6 games (or more) games in my opinion.
He has to start hitting dingers. No question about it.

There are a lot of shocks for me this season with this team, one of the biggest it I thought we were getting a power hitter .. A home run hitter. It’s crazy to me.

I get the feeling that Prince came over here and was so impressed with Cabrera that he tried to fashion himself more after Miggy’s image. That’s a good hitter to try to emulate and it’s rather admirable that Prince has put the team above his own stats. He comes up there with the sole purpose of driving in that run. BUT, the cost has been in homers. No surprise, if this is what’s happened, that 11 of his 12 are solo homers. I’d like to see JL tell him that he wants more homers and to sell out to get them. If his average takes a hit, so be it. What we have now isn’t working, despite Prince having proven what a good hitter he is. We need some 3-run jacks.


Even though Prince has been hitting the ball hard he is often driving the line drives into the OFers mitts. They can’t catch those in the stands..
I agree–start going for the fences. That is what is paying his rent.

@tigersTonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Raburn 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Boesch 9, Avila 2, Santiago 4. Verlander 1

El tigre, I see homers by Santiago, Raburn, Peralta, and Cabrera with a team ave. of .369 last year against this guy. He has pitched relief most of the season. What do you see??? It looks like the Twins are ready to throw any lefty they can against us. We are 2-13 in our last 15 games with lefties starting against us. We need to be better.

I watched the game last night until the end of the top of the 9th. I was sure they will comeback. Balckburn would be DFA but he is singned until 2014. Nothing againt him

As now , see what Tom Gage usullay optimmist has to say:@Tom_Gage

#Tigers hat trick of mediocrity: Finish first half with 39-42 record – 30-39 since 9-3 start – and they are 17-20 at home.

Avila playing again today vs the lefty. This would have been a good time play Laird, maybe even back to back games

Ah, and everyone in the chorus sang, “we miss V-Mart.” That’s the bottom line. Next year will be where PF gets his homers provided V-Mart is back healthy as the DH hitting behind him.

Leyland’s legacy in Detroit is going to be a broken down catcher. He keeps saying he has to find Avila days off then he never does it. This is criminal and a reason to be fired, IMO. I’m tired of this inflexibility.
The usual disclaimer: if Laird doesn’t have an injury.

I agree. Why have Laird if your not going to use him? He’s been pretty darn good this year.

Againt Duensing ( Tigers notes)
Avila .273 11-3-0; Laird .111 9-1-1 I agree Avila needs rest.
Peralta .500 20-10-1

So…..two hits difference in those numbers.

Little sample as they say

In this house he is referred to as Cy Duensing. Looks like Cleveland is putting it to the Indians.

Yeah, they thumped Santana, who is struggling. And yesterday, they thumped Haren, who may be going to the DL. Indians are whipping on what has been the hottest team in MLB for the last 2 months.

Jason’s story for tonight’s game is out there. Lots of good information. Laird will play some before the break. Not five in a row though.

Minn and KC is ready to start five lefties against in a row. They are determined to get ahead of us. We need to get better. Will we?? Raburn, Peralta, and Santiago murdered this guylast year.

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