Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

Jhonny Peralta is just 5-for-26 lifetime off Nick Blackburn. He sits in favor of Ramon Santiago, 7-for-22 against Blackburn, and Ryan Raburn.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  8. Brennan Boesch, RF
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Duane Below


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Ben Revere, RF
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  7. Ryan Doumit, DH
  8. Brian Dozier, SS
  9. Alexi Casilla, 2B

P: Nick Blackburn


b surprised if we didn’t have some sort of delay tonight due to rain

Actually Jason,you have the best seat of any of us and probably know what is affordable for the Tigers. But, they already have 3 twenty million dollar players in Miggy, Prince and JV. If Hamels were added to that group at $20 million and JV were increased to $25 million via an extension, that would place the Tigers’ annual salary total @ 157,300,000, slightly above the Angels and well below the luxury tax threshold.

I am watching MLB and Milar and Rose were just talking about how nice the Hamels acquisition would be for the Tigers.

I hope Minny is hitting to the left field side of the infield!

Second spot start delayed by rain?

Blackburn will undoubtedly benefit from Tiger Tonic. Almost every starter does.
Game delayed. I hear it’s not raining now but I guess they are maybe waiting for it?

We can win this thing. Let’s do it. Go Tigers!!!

I just can’t imagine getting Hamels. The price in $$$ and players would be overwhelming. Amaro of Philly says they are not letting him go. Of course, Pudge, Maggs, Miggy and Biggie were all surprises.

Good point about surprises. DD can deliver. Jason made a money point and he probably knows best about the affordability issue. Still, Hamels’ salary is @ $15M. In comparison, CC is @ $23M And many of the experts have spouted off about how this would help the Tigers. I admit, I am very excited about the prospect. Add in Mr. I, who likes star power. Hopefully, maybe.

By comparison, I infer Hamel should be able to be had @ about $20M. Also, Mr. I’s approach is obviously paying off in attendance despite the economy. 3 million this year?

The concern is how many players can they afford to have at over 20 Million. Jason made this point on a previous thread. JV is up after 2014 and I think Miggy is the year after that. I dont think it is sustainable. If signing Prince long term and possibly trading for and signing Hamels means we cannot keep JV and/or Miggy then I will be very upset. What is the point? I believe we will be worse off.
The problem with this team right now is not the “star power”; it is the supporting cast. Last year, the supporting cast was outstanding. This year, they are atrocious. It does not even seem possible that Boesch, Peralta, Avila, Young and Raburn have all been this bad together. I would rather take the 20 million and find 3 pieces to fix the corner outfield and middle infielders. And that may not be able to happen until the offseason. I would suspect only minor tweaking before July 31. Obtaining Hamels does not solve the problem of our 5 and 6 spots.
I am beginning to accept that this season is what is appears to be. One big disappointment. Maybe those 5 guys mentioned above will all start going at once but I have a hard time believing it now. It is Game 81 for crying out loud.
Maybe we can cobble something together in the second half to win this feeble division.
My expectations are not what they once were.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Does anybody have any word on whether this one is going to be played and when?

start at 835 remember when started at 815

Victorino? affordable in terms of money. But not in prospects
Wandy Rodriguez? Astros are really too eager to sell him.
Lowrie? too injury prone
Scutaro¡ plays better at SS than 2b
Getting two of them would not be bad. And they would better off

When it comes to DD, we do know that we don’t know what he’ll do.

You are right about that.
I just hope he doesnt trade the few top prospects we have on a team that appears to have more flaws than intially thought.
— Bob

The radio just said 8:35.

Well, you make good points. But as I noted, even with the Hamels acquisition as our 4th $20M player,we would only be in the Angel salary range at around $157M, not in the luxury tax range of the Yankees @ nearly $200M. Factor in that VMart will be dropping off the books when your other salary concerns surface. DON’T GIVE UP.

Meant this as a reply to Bob.

Below looks bad. Minnesota is going to give us fits this weekend.

We play KC this weekend.

Seriously if the cant do anything against Blackburn, I might try to be done caring.

Been in the bench forever wont help him.

Fister had a great first 3 innings last night. I believe it was 9 straight outs. What happened in the 4th inning? Someone said he lost velocity. Is he physically unable to go more than 3 innings? it looked like the Twins had a very easy time hitting him and eveything seemed to find a hole. The Tigers hitting was woeful against a winless rookie.

I don’t mean “bad” disparagingly. I mean like in “LeRoy Brown” bad!!
Truthfully I was a little quick with that comment. I guess I’m getting used to believing the worst.

Did it rain going upside today?

Bases loaded again. Cabrera at bat. THUD!

Well, not to b..ch too much, but this was one of those defining moments of our year. Where you have the starter on the ropes and on his knees and in the worse possible position to be in but you can’t stomp that snake on the throat. If Cabby could have come through there it keeps the game changed. As it is, the Twins can come up for air and get right back in it. That’s too bad. It seemed like tonight was the night that things might just be changing.
All the guys we have complained about, sans Peralta, got hits or good wood.
It would be nice to have a laugher here and a chance to let the new guys pitch in a trouble free environment.

Cabrera 2. Fielder 1 . Career GS

H, Bk, WP , E6

Balk, wild pitch an error and a run. Freaking fantastic!

Take that back 3 runs! Super freaking fantastic. Losers!

Upgrade needed? Maybe Hamels could help?

Take that back 5 unearned runs! Way to o Below and Santiago!

Balk, Wild pitch, Error, HR = 3 unearned runs.
Yep. That is pretty much par for the course. Tiger baseball circa 2012.
— Bob

So, Hamels could not help as an upgrade?

Oh my. This smelled bad when Cabby took that 2nd strike.
Like I say, we had ’em by the throat and we let them up.
And yes, that is indeed an error.

That THUD you heard when Cabrera failed with the bases loaded just resulted in 5 Twin runs. A repeat of last night’s game? And the W Sox and Indians are winning.

Ya Cabrera failed, but Santiago and Below are the ones to blame.

Now for your musical interlude…..nice polite baseball.
5 Unearned runs. Blackburn now regained his confidence. All he has to do now is throw strikes and we’ll 1st or 2nd pitch swing and take listless pitches for strikeouts..
it’s pretty disgusting really. I think because it is so darn predictable more than anything.

This was supposed to be an easy week against two teams below the Tigers in the standings while the W Sox had to play Texas and the Indians faced the Angels.

MVP. The game aint over until is over

Downs or Ortega?

Ortega has stuff. Say a prayer.

Rod sure is kinda making excuses for Santiago’s horrible play in the field tonight.

So was Bert Blyleven. Bert explained it very well.

Bert is good at his job and down to earth. His son and mine played in the offseason together and went to the same university to play ball before signing. He was nuts in the stands and acted like a thoroughly enjoyable,but crazy fan

Whenever I’ve heard him do an interview, he seems like a good guy.

You why he didn’t put himself in a good position to field a pretty much routine ground ball?

If Ramon backed up to take the hop, Mauer is safe. He charges for the in between hop and it hit something. Bad hop. No chance.
The second one over deep in the hole he should have fielded cleanly.

I rooted for him when he was part of the family, 1979 WS.

Wet field . Nothing unexpected

José Ortega : “My progress with slider and splitter brought me here”.
“My heart was jumping”

Nice potential!

Another…..here we go twins bases loaded and 0 out. Awesome

Well that there in the 7th inning could of very well been our chance, but Plouffe makes a great play and a base running error and thevTwins are out of the inning. And if the Tigers had just made a routine play this game is 6-2 Tigers.

Berry was safe by my replay.

Another bad Twins pitcher getting the best of us.

Lots of everything in this game. Lots of blame to go round too.
Done zip with the the Twins bullpen. Called strike=outs at this stage of the game are inexcusable.
JL has a lot to blame too. Ortega should not have been put in the game at that point.
He also is not inisisting Berry try to get on via bunting. It’s ridiculous really. There is no point batting him 2nd if he is going to meekly ground to the right side or K every time. He’s being misused.
Boesch is wearing 2 hats tdoay. That fly ball took the starch right out of us.
Blame to Avila too, he keeps calling for BV to throw fastballs and that’s fine if he’s hitting his spots but amost of them were right over the middle of the plate. Could have gotten out of that inning with a ground ball on a slider.
Frustrating game and I just can’t stand DY any longer.
I think we go down meekly in the 9th.
Not a whole lot of RHP for relief tomorrow. Pressure squarely on JV and a loss tomorrow will break this team’s back (if they lose today, which \i think they will)

Also, I am worried again about Avila’s. physical condition His knee looked pretty balky trying to field one of BV’s intentional balls..
JL should know enough to be playaing Laird more often. I am worried about the long-term impact of abusing him for short-time foresight..

Really no point in have Berry bat second, if he get on Miggy won’t let him steal second.

So stick DY in the 3 spot and back them up like last year. Nice reults in2011?

Mayo and Richard. How about Delmon at #2 and Berry @ #9. So who @#5?? Peralta!!!!!!!!
Actually when I looked at RISP the other day JP was at .255 which is his lowest ave in FIVE years. He is a big key to improving this order and making us competitive in the second half.

How do you go to the WS with only 3 MLB starters? Upgrade needed in the rotation. NOW.

Or allowed 47 unearned runs, and oh ya your 20 bigilion dollar home run hitter you signed doesn’t hit home runs!

Or the biggest blame…Ramon Santiago, if not for his error or the pitchers not picking him up after his error, we are winning this game. But as much as I like Ramon Santiago and I think he’s our best option, he was the biggest problem tonight. No excuses, nobody on here would give Peralta the same consideration. For some reason it’s taboo to express any displeasure with him on this blog.

Sorry yes, I’m annoyed! Do you think they can make me look bad and get a couple? Or will Cy Perkins come through?

Cy Perkins came through!

Come on…The money is probably there given the attendance and Mr.I’s willingness to make the most of it. I’m old too! Let DD and JL work their majic. We need some fixes.

But why? They need too much.

Because we want to win, and we can win and we deserve to win.

Typical. Trying to hit three run homers with nobody on base. it’s inexcusable not to win these last two games with the quality of pitchers they were throwing out here. This team isn’t going anywhere. Can’t pitch on a regular basis, can’t field ever, and hitting is a mystery. I kept on thinking they were turning it around,.. And no. Thought this would be the week to make hay…..nope. If there was anything that would make me believe this team had anything, I’d find it easier to hang in there. But they really aren’t that good in any facet of the game on a regular enough basis to lead me to believe it will change.

That’s 81 games. All things considered, that’s the worst first half I’ve ever seen a team have. There’s something dreadfully wrong with this club’s psyche.
Disappointment. Everyone involved, owner, upper management, manager, coaches, players, and fans are wallowing in disappointment. At this point, it’s the wrong attitude to have. At this point, everyone needs to quit thinking of this as some kind of super team and starting thinking of them as underdogs in this pennant race, a race they’re still in, believe it or not. That kind of mid-season switch in thinking is difficult if not impossible, but that’s the situation we have here.
I’m spending my time following this team while my other club, the Nationals, are rolling along in first place and playing exciting baseball. Those lifetime ties to the Tigers are hard to sever.

I hate those Twins! I think I mentioned that last night! We never have a clean game with them. They do just enough annoying things to pull out a victory, or we open the door for them to take one. They’ve always had these lightweights who looked like batting champs against us. Need I remind you of Nick Punto. Others have said it, and it’s becoming more and more obvious. I’m not sure we can win 84 games, which might could win the Central. Ramon, what happened tonight? QB, all of a sudden, a rookie mistake shows up every night. This was tough to swallow. I’ve been pondering in my head three things that I liked about tonight’s game, and man it was tough; I actually have four:
1. I do think Rayburn is starting to swing the bat better. I look for a hot stretch after the all star break.
2. Ortega showed promise tonight! His fastball has some giddyup to it!
3. Boesch had three very good AB’s. The opposite field homer was a very good approach to hitting. Defense was another story.
4. And finally, Delmon saw six pitches in 4Ab’s instead of four pitches. You better be glad that your salary is not based on pitches you see in a game. Nice going Delmon!

I continue to marvel at how many ways we find to lose to teams that are supposedly worse than we are! Well JV, what’s new? It’s all on you. Happy Independence Day to all.

When Delmon comes up I just leave the room. Can’t stand to watch, and I’m usually back in about 30 seconds anyway. What a waste of talent.

Someone noted DY’s RISP average was at a surprisingly high .301. True? If so, has he been given a bad rap?

Rich, I know you disparage stats. But… baseball is a numbers driven game.

And..despite your bringing forth the oddest and most interesting stats of all.

Delmon Young has 31 RBIs and an on base % of less than .300. He’s walked 8 times. He bats after the 3 best hitters on the team.
He’s squelched more rallies than the raisins in my bran flakes.
He has had undisciplined at bats all year that have contributed significantly to forcing his pitcher back into the next inning after 5 minutes in the dugout. He averages 3 pitches per at bat. He’s hitting over .450 when ahead in the count 2-0 or 3-1 (Duh!!) He has ONE home run with a man on base.
So hitting .301 with RISP doesn’t really tell the whole story for our DESIGNATED HITTER.

Very intresting numbers.

We just completed the first half of our Bud Selig AL Central Division Baseball Schedule with a 39-42 record. One thing I’m confident of is that no one on this blog thought that we would be in this position. Am I right ?? This team other then the three All-Stars and a few others has underachieved. With two losses to the Twins, we have turned this into a five team race. The AL Central is the weakest division in baseball but it may end up having one of the most exciting races in September in a long, long time. We are flawed. They are flawed. All these teams are flawed. Now getting back to this B.S. schedule we play and the fact that we still have the Angels for ten games, the Yankees, Red Sox,Rangers, Orioles, Blue Jays plus the games with our four Central Division rivals and it is obvious what we must do. We must stay in day tight compartments and start finding ways to win games. No let up. No wild card for this division. Just one champion. Can the Detroit Tigers win it???. Absolutely. It will come down to power pitching, starting pitching, and relief pitching. Are any of the four other teams going to outpitch us??? Not to be forgotten is that two owners are willing to buy this championship and one of them resides in Detroit.
Just remember who got Jimenez last year. Also remember what happened after we picked up Delmon Young on August 16th. DD did three deals last year: one two weeks before the trade deadline, one at the deadline and the third two weeks after the deadline. NONE of them were WOW moves but they worked perfectly. If it needs to be done he will do it.

Good points.

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