Scherzer scratched, Below making spot start

Max Scherzer is back from the memorial service for his brother that he attended Sunday. However, he is not back to health. Thus, he will not be starting Tuesday as scheduled, and Duane Below will make a spot start in his place.

Here’s what happened: Scherzer was doing his day-after-start running Friday on the track at Tropicana Field when he felt tightness in his hamstring (not sure which). He was leaving Saturday to go home, so the Tigers left it alone until he returned. He threw Monday and still felt it, so team officials decided not to risk making it worse. He’s expected to start on turn Sunday to close out the first half.

Below hasn’t pitched since June 27, so he’s fresh. However, he hasn’t been stretched out lately. That outing in Texas lasted 41 pitches over 2 2/3 innings. He’ll also be pitching in some serious heat, judging by the forecast.

Between those factors and a bullpen that had to eat innings with Doug Fister chased after four-plus innings, the Tigers are adding two relievers. Right-hander Jose Ortega is being recalled from Triple-A Toledo, and the Tigers will purchase left-hander Darin Downs’ contract from there as well.

To make room, the Tigers optioned out reliever Luis Marte, who threw 50 pitches Monday in relief of Fister and wouldn’t have been available for at least a couple days, and infielder Danny Worth, who hasn’t started a game since June 15. The Tigers will remove a minor-league player from their 40-man roster Tuesday to create a spot for Downs.


Saw some “stuff” about Hamels and Castellanos. I’d trade Turner before I’d trade Castellanos. I truly believe Turner is over-rated. Castellanos is said to be blocked here because of Miggy & Biggy. Nonsense. Prince may have to do some dHing. We may never benefit from VMart again (sad to say that)
Castellanos is going to make it to Motown. It may initially be as an outfielder.
I don’t think Castellanos projects to being a 2nd baseman because of his size.

I don’t have a problem with Below. Not sure the last time Turner pitched, but what about him for Saturday. I don’t think at this point I can sit through another Fister outing. Never thought I would say that.

too bad about Scherzer, he has been pitching nicely as of late, and likely a bummer to come back from such sadness to not be able to get back to business as usual for him.

The loss last night was tough to take, we needed a win to keep some momentum going.

This could prove interesting and is a sweet opportunity for Below. Turner, Crosby and Wilk need more seasoning.

N.B. To Tiger hitters, especially those not named Miguel, Prince or Austin:
“Nick Blackburn, Twins (4-5, 7.74): Right-hander has taken a few of those bumps and bruises the Twins staff has sustained: 82 hits and 21 walks in 59 1/3 innings”

Who gets axed from the 40 man roster?
It has to be either Weber, Hoffman or Matt Young. Probably Young.

I am all for acquiring Hamels. Not only would it shore up our rotation, it would keep a team like the Angels from acquiring him. They will soon have a dilemma in the outfield with the return of Wells and could easily get value for Bourjos. They are scary good right now. With Hamels taking Santana’s or William’s spot,in the rotation,, they would be awesome..

How about the White Sox???

I feel for Max, good for Duane. Not impressed with Brennan right now. Raburn stays and Worth goes down? Too bad Danny can’t play outfield. And yes, where are the home runs? Delmon can be frustrating to watch at the plate. Time for a winning streak! Go Tigers!

I think Danny is now where he belongs. At least he’ll be playing. Raburn can’t be sent down now without financial implications and complications. We’re stuck with him unless someone recognizes his long ball potential in a a short porch ballpark.
Some talk of Carlos Quentin. Now there is a novel idea. A slugger with little speed, questionable defense to add to a lineup that needs both. And the slugging part? Well we all have seen what can happen to sluggers when they come here.

El Tigre, could you help us out?? Can you get to a number on how many homers C Quentin has hit at Comerica Park??? In how many ABs??

10 homers in 113 ABs at Comerica, with a .292 BA. For you guys who like stats, you can find nearly anything at

Bear in mind that Quentin wouldn’t be facing Detroit pitching if he came here……….

Thanks for those numbers below Rich. Kind of Babe Ruthesque aren’t they?? Sure don’t want him over here playing against us. In Comerica hitting for us.

Sorry, I was working. Rich already answered

Jason: Add up the total of 5 people expected to contribute greatly to the Tigers’ offense this year (Avila, Boesch, Raburn, Peralta and Young) and you have this — 1,147 at bats with …. 23 homers and 114 RBI … one homer every 49.9 at bats. When does the Detroit media get serious about questioning Lloyd Mac? They fired the pitching coach last year and things turned around. 23 HRs in 1,147 at bats? Those 5 with fewer combined RBI than Miggy and Prince? At what point do the media questions become less than softballs?

Lloyd isn’t swinging the bat for these guys, and he can’t coach them in the middle of an AB. There may be better hitting coaches but that’s not the problem with this group.

devil is in the details on why we have not hit as well as we want so far this year, imo.

It’s been written about, what he’s doing with hitters and the possibility that he goes. You just haven’t been paying attention. And I do think it’s a legitimate question, mainly because they fired Rick Knapp around this exact same point last year.

True, but most of what has been written is “Lloyd’s working hard” and “it’s not Lloyd’s fault.” Maybe both are true. But managers, and coaches, have been fired for less. For instance, that it just isn’t working. At bat after at bat after at bat.

This has happened several times lately: Jackson gets on first and, although it’s not a classic bunting situation at the time, Berry should still lay one down. At worst, he advances Jackson to second which forces the opposition to decide whether to pitch to Cabrera. If they walk him, they run the risk of a 3-run homer from Prince. At best, their defense messes up the bunt and we have two on. Put pressure on them.
This would work better if Prince had more than 11 solo homers of his 12, but I still think it’s something you do. There has to be run producing opportunities for Miggy and Biggy, because the lineup kind of ends right there.

Looked at the video of Cameron Maybin’s 485 ft homer last night. They were talking about how getting rid of the leg kick was working. Sound familiar?

I just read an article on MLB Trade Rumors.The Phillies are starting to assess Hamels’ trade value and the Tigers were noted to be in decent position to acquire him with Castellanos as a centerpiece. The author considered the deal a “no brainer” if the Tigers can lock him up in a longer term contract.

They’re not giving up Castellanos and a bunch of other prospects to rent Hamels for two months, especially when offense is a question. And that’s what it would be for them, a rental, because they’re not going to be able to sign him long-term. Keep in mind, this winter will mark two years left on Verlander’s contract, which is the point when most contract extensions get done for starting pitchers. If you let him go until the end of next season, there’s a much better chance he tests free agency, since it’s only a year away. Either way, he’ll be looking to be paid like the best pitcher in the game, which means three players making $20+ million for the foreseeable future.

ding ding ding ding ding

Verlander? 220 million, 7 years. CC contract ( baseball) inflation adjusted. And he has been in the spotlight and he liked it.A premium will be needed to keep him from pinstripes

However – I have convinced Castellanos will be playing 3rd while Cabby and Miggy are on this team.

…will NOT be playing…

(So why keep try to hold onto him so badly?)

As Jason says here, you’d want more than a rental for him. I kind of think he becomes an outfielder.

because it would be easier of a transition than to second base?

6’4″ and 210 and probably still growing at 20 years old. That’s one big 2ndbaseman. Besides, there will be trades. It will work out.

touche sir

Could he be a Cal Ripken type shortstop??? Or maybe Miggy could drop 20 more pounds and play it!! Then NC is the 3B.

Castellano is neither ready nor blocked. he is projected to arrive in MLB by 2014. By then, Fielder will be a DH and Miguel could be in the trade block. How many chances have the Tigers of keeping Miguel, Justin and Price . They will be worth nearly 700 millions by then.

Miguel was signed as SS

I checked 2012 salaries on the USA site. CC is @ $23M, Lee @ $215M, Halladay @ $20M, Hamels @15M, and Weaver @ $14.2M.

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