Monday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

The Tigers have right-handed hitter Ryan Raburn starting over Brennan Boesch against Twins right-hander Liam Hendriks. But there’s a trick to it: Right-handed hitters are batting 38-for-90 (.422) with eight home runs and eight other extra-base hits off Hendriks, while left-handed hitters are batting 13-for-58 (.224) against him.

Does that mean switch-hitting Ramon Santiago will bat right-handed against Hendriks? Um, no.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Ben Revere, RF
  3. Joe Mauer, DH
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  7. Ryan Doumit, C
  8. Brian Dozier, SS
  9. Jamey Carroll, 2B

P: Liam Hendriks


well the past week or so raburn is batting well and boesch is batting isn’t seeing the ball at all right now…..

[scratch second “is batting” from previous statement]
On another note this lineup allows for some good small ball 9-2….with 3 mashers behind that…

At least JL doesn’t have Raburn playing 2nd.
Would the Dodgers be at all interested in DY? They were wanting Carlos Lee very badly.

good pt about 2nd base

They wanted Raburn two years ago and were rejected by DD

Have ticket to 3 games this week. Tonight, Wednesday and Friday. Only the 3 rd game all year I didn’t have a heavy coat and/or rain gear. I’m looking for a bounce back game from Fister, and hopefully we don’t (the pitchers) don’t give up any homers to Trevo Plouffe or Willingham tonight.

Let’s just see if we can keep the Twins from looking like the second coming of the 1927 Yankees.

i sure hope so, it’s not like they are red hot being 6-4 in the last ten….

Right-handed hitters are batting .. so why is Avila there instead of Laird? Avila needs rest

Good question. Maybe JL is just playing the hot hand in this case.

It feels like DY has been in MLB forever. And he’s only what, 26? Presumably his most productive years are still ahead of him. DY has a lifetime .280 average with gap power and despite his youth has driven in as many as 93 and 112 RBI. I’m not in favor of giving up on this guy.

but if we did give up on him….i feel like we got him for nothing [besides paying him]. win-win. With VMart not coming back until late september….unless we get really hot- well have to keep him and play him.

With that perspective. package him with a prospect for Hamels,

I like DY also but we need more speed and defense. 95 in GR today. Go Tigers! –Dave

odd stat of today’s matchup: Mauer is 0 for 13 off Fister.

“2 out hits are golden…we haven’t done that very well this year… We caught Tampa Bay at the right time (with Longoria and Joyce out).” Leyland pregame

When was the last time that a game started with three guys called out of strikes??

I’m thinkin’ our hitters need to exhibit a bit more patience against this guy.

Precisely why I would like to see DY gone. No patience at the plate. If you are a pitcher and you have bases loaded you know you are going to have to throw pitches that are hittable. Not so with DY. You know it is virtually impossible to walk him so you just have to stay away from the fastball and away from the middle of the plate.
DY can get red hit. We all know that. But is that enough of a contribution>
Not in my opinion. Meanwhile he is killing rallies like nobody’s business.
Not hitting with men on very well at all.

Sure looked like the old Fister was back the first couple of innings…….WRONG. same crappy pitcher he was last time out. And the Tigers hitters per usual r making a bad pitcher look ok so far. Geez. Really ired of this crap.

Can’t blame the defense today, Fister just stinks!

Fister must still be injured. Everything he’s throwing is off speed. No fastballs to speak of. He was hitting mid-90s last year. The Twins know what’s coming.

Fister’s speed and location have declined this year for whatever reason(s) and Rod has commented on the velocity issue several times. Location has thus been DF’s mainstay. Dangerous way to go. Hope it is just a deadarm issue for DF due to his various ailments.

Which ailments caued him time off.

Strained muscles on hi left side.

Thank you,but I meant the ailment(s) caused him time off.

Cleveland is one down to Weaver. Tigers losing the chance to make ground into the second place

Delmon, that’s how you hit with 2 out and men in RISP.
Looks like a mountain right now but we really should be able to claw back into this one if we can be more patient and get the bottom of the order actually helping the cause.

Dude has a 6.45 era and hasn’t won a dang gam we’ve managed 4 hits and 1 run through 4. Freaking fantastic. On a positive note Alex hs 2 hits. I know its not over, but honestly this is pathetic.

Fister got whacked around pretty good. I’ve said this before but he and Coke are horrible 0-2 count pitchers).
I can’t understand Fister in this because he doesn’t get himself into much trouble walking guys he could be afford to be “nastier” in those 0-2 and 1-2 counts.
A guy like him should almost never be allowing hits when ahead 0-2..

In Texas he was wacked around. Three homers. Last night they nailed him for eight singles.
In the fourth, he had a chance to get out of it with one run scored. Plouffe had the key AB of the game. Fister will tell you he didn’t execute that pitch. I’ve watched that 4th inning three times and he made a boatload of quality pitches. There was a reason why they did not get extra base hits against him. Is velocity or execution the major problem??

He does not presently have enough stuff due to whatever reason.

What is waiting JL to pull him?

That will teach me to get a ll hopped about 3 backward Ks in the 1st inning.
What a turn of events. Fister looked so sharp the 1st 3 innings then boom.

They need a starter. Three starters and a rookie that can go more than 5 innings wont be enough .

Amen… Hopefully, DF can get turned around.

When it rains, it pours. What a mess.

Tiger pitchers lead the league in giving up 0-2 hits.

I see your point with the way things have gone this year for Fister. I haven’t given up on him yet. I think he is an interesting pitcher to watch and to have. He keeps his infielders loose, has good stuff, is intense and can be dominant. Whether he rediscovers this is a whole other story. We certainly need him to much better than he has been.
And we do need another starter (as well as a legitimate corner outfielder and 2nd baseman). A lefty would be nice.
I predict DY will hit a meaningless HR tonight.

Cy Hendriks is making the Tigers look like the “weak” batters they are. Fister needs to go down to AAA and get his mechanics straight or get offered in trade! He may be still suffering from the Spring Training side injury but last year appears was an anomoly now! 1-6 is almost as good as he was with Seattle! Bring back Furbush who is pitching well in specialty relief.

Time to reinstate the Kangaroo Court .

To be truthful Im following the game on gameday. Im watching: Halos. Tribe. I saw a couple of look ins and they showed the runs in the game to please Tribe´s fans. Has been DF that bad?Or defense failed him?

Who could have imagined Fister having the worst record amongst Tig starters for wins and an ERA only now lower than 7-5 Scherzer.
Nothing this season is ever easy and lucky my memory is getting worse.

Bases loaded . No out . Tribe did not score.
Could the Tigers win this. The weekend rooting for the Yankees and now for Weaver.

Well Berry is no Gold Glover out there (poor throw on allowing Revere to tag up and take 3rd on a fly ball, then a dive where he couldn’t find a resting spot in his glove for an RBI hit).
Nothing else defensively. Jhonny not being able to get to anything not hit right at him doesn’t help but we’re kinda used to that.
They hit Fister pretty hard though.
I still contend DY is a quintessential rally killer. Yes he got a sac fly with nobody out and 1st & 3rd. But, he didn’t get a hit and that pretty much killed any rally.
Raburn is predictably trying to end his season long slump by going yard. Somebody may want to let him know it ain’t working.

Thanks . On the 0-2 issue. , They are supposed to throw bad pitchs on that count. Or they have no control or who is calling the pitches is doing a bad work

Cleveland and Jiménez lost 3-0.

That being said–Coke made a liar out of me and threw a beauty 0-2 pitch to Carroll.
These counts are designed to make hitters really uncomfortable and in essence they should not be able to actually to get a bat on the ball.
I don’t see Berry continuing to play regularly very soon.

Here we are–Prince up. It’s about time Prince. Do it.

Geez—Prince is just not elevating the ball. Maybe the HR Derby will “FIX” him.
I think he will hit more HRs than our last Tiger participant.

Ya mean prince the former homerun hitter? Well that could be said of a lot of guys on this joke of a team.

Justin Henry has no power but is a contact hitter. Plays OF and 2b. He must be better than BB or RR

Mastroinani played here alongside Henry

no one is talking about Fister’s dramatic loss in velocity. He’s pretty much throwing batting practice out there. Could he be the contemporary version of Doyle Alexander’s one and done in Detroit?

Huh??? Try Rod…Try posts over his last several starts. Check this site for posts, including mine today and in weeks past. Your credibility is an issue with remarks like that.

Velocity AND movement for DF are issues at present and in the recent past.

It bears repeating. I just think he’s done – perhaps ruined by brass bringing back too soon.

BB to save the day. I have more faith in Donnie.

G$$ on deck. It’s a little late, isn’t it?

Another lost on the first game of a series

Bunch of pathetic losers. Waste of time again. Really bad starting pitcher and all but one of the relievers had somewhat elevated era’s……… not much happened. Pitching stunk, hitters were aweful, and well I guess same old same old. Fister has to be injured, but of course cntinue to throw him out there. The man is a shell of himself. What the heck I didn’t think in a million we would lose that one. Stupid stupid stupid.

So damn mad my head hurts.

So much for a home game against a last place team with a winless picher starting. Fister is one of the biggest disappointments of the year along with BB and RR and DY.

See…..people forget about Jhonny. His 8 homers and 48 RBIs (projected) along with his complete lack of range at short and his weakening arm is a factor as well

Boesch, Young, Rayburn, Fister are all expendable and the sooner the better! This team definitely misses Victor’s clubhouse leadership. Miggy and Fielder don’t have it and Avila has tried but he’s not credible enough. This team stinks!! They will be very lucky to get to .500 before the break. Mr Illitch you have to learn that spending money on the wrong pieces will not bring you a championship. Find a new GM and Manager soon.

uh oh. Roster moves on deck……

Lowrie @ SS/2B may be a good stopgap measure for the remainder of the season. The Padres will want young talent for Carlos Quentin and I believe Dirks is out for an extended period of time so don’t count on his return prior to mid-August.

Scherzer is scratched for tomorrow night. Is that right?? Who will start ??

Here are some wild bases loaded stats. Our almost exclusive 3,4,5 hitters have a total of 900 ABs and have batted with the bases loaded a total of 10 times. Meanwhile, Gerald Laird and Don Kelly parttime players with 182 ABs have 12 ABs with the bases loaded. How can that happen???

Rich, now that we know Scherzer can not pitch tonight, does it explain JL trying to get Fister through six innings last night?? Sometimes these insiders have secret information that we could never guess!!. Smyly five on Sunday. Fister four on Monday. Below hope for three or four on Tuesday. That’s going to make it a tough series.

Yes it does, and the lack of insider info on our part wil always have to be implied when making comments. Otherwise, we’d have nothing to say. 🙂

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