Fielder to take part in Home Run Derby

Prince Fielder has spent most of his first season in the American League batting closer to .300 than he has to the home-run leaders. That didn’t mean he was going to be passed up for the State Farm Home Run Derby.

The hemming and hawing from Fielder on Sunday after All-Star rosters were announced strongly suggested he was going to take part. On Monday, it became official when AL derby captain Robinson Cano named him to the team for the annual slugfest, set to take place next Monday night at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

It’ll be the third Home Run Derby for Fielder, who has a flair for clearing the fences when it takes place at a division rival’s park. He won the 2009 event when it was held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis and he was a Brewers slugger.

Fielder served as the National League captain as last year’s Derby and made it to the second round before losing out to eventual champion Cano and runner-up Adrian Gonzalez.

Fielder has indicated his interest remained over the past couple weeks as it became apparent his lead in All-Star balloting among AL first basemen was going to stick. The fact that he changed leagues had no impact on him. He didn’t confirm it when asked Sunday or Monday, but the coy nature of his answers gave a pretty strong indication he was taking part.

Fielder entered Monday’s series opener against the Twins with 12 home runs to go with a .296 batting average and 53 RBIs. Two dozen American League hitters entered the day with more homers than Fielder, but just a handful have the track record that Fielder has posted over the past seven years, and fewer have the derby history that he does.

Fielder and Cano will join two-time AL home-run champion Jose Bautista and Angels sophomore slugger Mark Trumbo on the team. Among those left off was Miguel Cabrera, who took part in the 2010 derby but wasn’t sure when asked Sunday if he would take part.

Fielder becomes the ninth Tiger to take part in the derby. They’ve combined for 33 home runs, but no titles.


Let’s hope this gets the Prince hitting some HRs for us.
It ain’t feeling good tonight.

Still after that elusive .500 mark.
And still after those elusive home runs.
If things go as they have nobody among Boesch, Young, Avila and Peralta will hit even 15 for the season. That’s a lot of runs we haven’t scored.
Peralta has quietly gone about his business this season. He’s kind of an under the radar kinda guy and as such he has avoided the wrath of the Tiger fans.
In fact he has been so “polite” so as to be almost harmless.

If we are still just 2 behind when we come up in the 9th there is only one thing Berry can do. He’s gotta try to get on via a bunt or work a walk. I think he’s lost his touch swinging that bat. we need a runner.

It was 78 games ago that Miggy & Biggy went back-to-back. I’m just throwing that out there!!!! Ya never know..
My fingers are crossed the Delmon doesn’t hit into a game ending DP.

You know you are going bad when you get nothing but fastballs and you know they are coming and 2 of them are down the middle and you can’t do squat.
We don’t away with that kind of pitching—ever. That bordered on being stupid (Perkins).
Tough one and these Twins don’t roll over when they play the Tigers. It ain’t gonna be easy.
I’ll be the 1st to say this–you can blame the pitching (and rightly so) but again, we came up empty at the plate (except for Cabby) again.
This is a team that should be able to score 6 or 7 runs way more often than 22 times (we’ve lost 5 of them).

Homeruns? Anybody? Please?
Berry has stopped laying down bunts as often. Can’t see on TV where the 3rdbaseman is positioned, but Quintin could try dragging one. Not bunting and not stealing bases saps all of his strength to the team.
I would bet money that Fister is still injured. He has no fastball to speak of, and the Twins just teed off on his off speed stuff the second time through. They knew it was coming. Everybody knew it was coming.
This was the kind of game where managerial moves loomed large. There were two I didn’t agree with. I wouldn’t have sent Fister out for the 5th because it was painfully obvious he didn’t have it tonight. All that accomplished was to give them the two runs they won the game by. The other one was pinch hitting Boesch for Raburn in the 7th. I preferred Raburn against the RHer over Boesch against the LHer, numbers be damned. As it turned out, that move also bit us again in the 9th. I didn’t agree with those moves even if they had worked, or I’d be second guessing myself. Boesch has nothing right now and needs to go down if we had anyone to replace him. Or trade him. His skills are limited, and he left his bat in the batting cage in Lakeland after hitting in the Cabrera/Fielder group.
Did anyone else know the game was over when Cabrera and Fielder didn’t hit back to back homers in the 9th? Crazy thought to have, but I had it.
Three things I liked about tonight’s game: Cabrera, Cabrera, and Cabrera. What a ballplayer.

The numbers are with you. BB is hitting more avg against LHP. But has no HRs against them and his RBI tally is far lower. He is ,beside avg( little sample), a common LHB better against RHP

He didn’t much like Peralta bumping into him on the foul pop. I agree with him. That could have been very bad.
We need a dynamic middle infielder, either short or 3rd.
BTW. I wonder if Ted Lily is available?

He was many times last two years. Now is in on DL

Your right Rich it’s obvious Fister isn’t right, but the hitters still just don’t get it done either. This supposed good hitting team should of teed off on a pitcher like that, it’s pathetic and they should be enbaressed.

Yeah Rich…You’re right.

I don’t think Lily would be available unless the Dodgers start fading fast.

Yeah– I suppose. Their pitching is probably carrying them. They really need some power. Injuries have hurt them.

By the way not to state the obvious, why would you want a non-home run hitter in the Derby? There are probably 25 in the AL that have hit more than him.

There were 24 entering Monday, actually. But fewer with the reputation or the track record he has.

It is truly amazing to take 3-4 from the Rays away from Comerica, and then come home to lay down against the Twinkies. They have always been pests, even when they’re bad. So sad to see the slow demise of Boesch as a productive hitter. Rich, I don’t recall Fister ever being in the low 90’s; I recall fantastic control, and really keeping the ball down. I’m sure you are right; my memory doesn’t always come through for me. Certainly not the result I expected, or wanted. I offer three things that I did like about the game tonight:
1. The heads up running by Miggy on the passed ball. It gave us a run with Delmon’s SF; his only contribution that really mattered; he did have the hard hit ball off the pitcher.
2. Coke’s one pitch out to Morneau in the sixth to escape a bases loaded jam created by Marte’s case of “Walkitis”. This kept us in the game.
3. Five innings of shutout ball by the pen, which again gave us opportunities to tie and even win the game.

I have to believe that Scherzer and JV will give us back to back victories in the next tow games. If not, we need to look at Plan B. By the way Rich, I will be at all three games in Baltimore. Hope to be able to say hi to a fellow Long Time Fan. Good night to all!

People were commenting last year on Fister’s increased fastball velocity. I don’t think he had pitched that way before coming to Detroit.
Cabrera drove in three and scored the other due to that heads up baserunning.
I’ll get back to you on our seat locations in Baltimore, Greg.

It was his increased velocity that pushed him into the top tier of pitchers, combined with his other assets. The separation in his stuff resultantly became dynamic.

Just read that Scherzer has a sore “hammy”. Below starts on Tuesday. Marte sent down. Tow new pitchers called up.

Scherzer pushed back to Sunday (hamstring) and Below starts tomorrow. Just do your job, Duane, it’s not an audition.
JL used a 3 for 5 to base his decision on hitting Boesch. That’s not a big enough sample to base anything on. Brennan was probably in hot streaks at the time. If it’s not some 15 or more ABs, I wouldn’t use it. Jim does that a lot.
I always try to include Peralta in my little groups of disappointments. 🙂 I wish they’d trade Delmon for no other reason than he wouldn’t drive me crazy anymore.
You know, it’s not the position we’re in that’s bugging people, it’s the way we’re going about it. Don’t ya think? I mean, this team is agonizing to watch on a daily basis.

Can’t spell TWO!

I wish Dombrowski couldn’t spell Ortega. No way this guy will help our ball team other than keeping Don Kelly from warming up.

I don’t see the upside of batting Berry behind AJ if the speed effect is negated by not getting on, bunting or by managerial “strategy”.
As a last ditch effort I’s insert Boesch there to see if he can benefit from seeing better pitches. I know he hasn’t shown it yet—as I say—last ditch.
If he can’t hit there he won’t hit at all. You can’t afford to stick him down in the bottom of the lineup which is already challenged after Prince.
Yes, DY got a sac fly tonight. But what he didn’t do is get any hits with RISP. He just doesn’t do that very well anymore.
He does not help to sustain any rallies whatsoever.
I can’t even imagine how many men he has left on base this year. It must be staggering.

I thought the same but was surprized to see Delmon has a .301 RISP. We have a lot of players that have above average Risp but I believe it doesn’t get us runs as guys are moving up one base at a time.

You nailed it. With Cabrera, Fielder , Young and Avila plus the help of the child poster for a human stop signal at third they go station to station, wasting all those hit with RISP

Nex to the Lily idea. Truly, what we have is as good with the potential to be better. Think HAMELS.

I don’t think we can afford to get Hamels. Love to have him. He’s got spunk plus a good arm.
We really need a combination of some power and speed and defense with a corner outfielder and a middle infielder. I think our pitching might sort itself out though I would like to have a lefty in the rotation that we don’t have to worry about.

Ortega makes no sense at all. Downs does. He has pitched well, he’s a lefty, used to the bullpen and doesn’t walk guys very much.
As to Ortega. He’s just plain below average. My head is shaking on his call-up. He’s wild and he has the capacity to implode at any given moment.
There really is not much to draw from at Toledo. Someone mentioned Justin Henry. That’s probably about it.
The only outfielder on the 40 man worth looking at is Avisail Garcia. There’s little chance (short of an emergency) they would call him up.
I really like Boesch. Nice kid. But I am thinking he may be worth more to us right now as trade bait than as part of the team. He is the kind of player that may go nuts for somebody else but I am not sure he will ever succeed here. They say it’s tough to play in NY. Maybe it’s a little tough to play here too. Look at Matt Joyce.
I’ll bet the Dodgers wouldn’t mind a kid like Boesch. Home grown and all.

Add that Downs also will be a good story as he has been in the minors longer than Berry with no time in the show. He was born in the Detroit area but the family ended up in Fla before he finished high school.

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