Avila: Goal is over .500 by break

If you were wondering where the sense of urgency was in the Tigers clubhouse, the Tigers might have found it. Considering the schedule, this seems to be a fitting time for it.

The Tigers had just lost to Yu Darvish and the Rangers Tuesday night when Alex Avila laid out the goals the Tigers had in mind when the trip began.

“I think we all have a pretty good feeling,” Avila said at the time. “I think our goal is to get to .500 or above .500 by the end of the road trip. That’s what we want to do. We’re in a good position to do that.”

The Tigers were 2-3 on the trip at the time. They would’ve had to win four of the final five games on the trip to get there. They didn’t make it, but at 5-5 for the trip, they’re very close.

They headed home Sunday at a game under .500, and three games behind the division-leading White Sox, with seven games coming up against the Twins (4) and Royals (3) at Comerica Park before the All-Star break. They’ve had seven chances to get back to .500 since they last sat there May 15. Avila expects them to get there eventually, and thinks is the chance.

“This series is over. Whether it helps us continue to play good baseball, I don’t know,” Avila said after Sunday’s 5-3 victory over the Rays. “I know we want to finish strong going into the break and at least be over .500 by the time we get to the break. Obviously, [that means] we have to win the next two series.”

He wasn’t the only one thinking this is the time for them to at least make the first step of their move.

“It’s not a time to back off, just because we’re headed towards that break,” Austin Jackson said. “I think this is the time to really push and try to come out on top for the first half.”


well lets take that first step. Lets continue our hitting and put 5+ runs on the board on this Liam Hendriks guy. Anything less will be disappointing. And lets play good defense for Mister Fister – maybe get a quality start for Dougie….lets get Doug back on track starting tonight!

I’d like to be 2nd when that ASB starts. Cleveland playing the A’s i think.

I agree Evan, great night to get Fister back on track because lets face it we need him dominate again to make a run, best time of year, weathers nice everywhere and baseball is in the spotlight, stay hot Tigers and lets take 3 from the Twins! Cant wait until the 4th to see JV in attendance. Going to be the perfect way to spend the 4th

Can’t go to game tonight have to work. Hope my father in law enjoys the game. Hoping to have the forth off so i can enjoy a game soon. Im going through tiger deprivation. Ahh.

You must have the Friday night ticket package like myself?

I’ll be seeing Scherzer and Verlander in Baltimore on the 14th and 15th, and I’m inviting all Tiger fans to be my personal guest at Camden Yards. All you have to do is buy your ticket and get to the ballpark. 🙂

Interesting Boesch isn’t in the lineup. He did whack a helathy opposite field double in his last start. Been worse at Comerica so that could be part of the reason but I still am surprised it’s Raburn over him tonight.

.390 OPS in his past 20 ABS is why….imo

with 7 Ks and 1 BB

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