Verlander slotted to face Sox, Indians later this month

Is it too early for the Tigers to plan out their pitching rotation for division matchups? In this situation, with a gap to make up against both the Indians and White Sox, it is not, and the result will have Justin Verlander pitching the third game out of the All-Star break.

Doug Fister and Max Scherzer are slated to pitch the first two games in Baltimore, with Verlander pitching Sunday. By doing that, Verlander falls in line to pitch the series opener against the White Sox at home on July 20, then pitch in Cleveland July 25 or 26. It’ll also put him in line to pitch in Boston at the end of the month.

Could it cost him an extra start at the end of the season? Perhaps, though they can tweak that by how they use their off-days. But at this point, you can argue it’s more important who he starts against than how many starts he gets.


I’m all for that, and I think it’s something we haven’t always done. Looks like JV will be in line to pitch in the ASG too. Other than that, he’s got ten days between starts. Should do him some good.

Agree with the plan. Our starting pitching will be the key to how we do in the second half. This should help JV.

Berry batting 2nd. If JL gets these two guys on—–RUN THEM.
Does anybody ever steal 3rd? (Besides Cabby)
Whey do we have zero creative base runners?
Will JL please order Berry to bunt?
Base-running is a large part of our LOB totals.

Max, there are a lot of people thinking about you and your parents today.
All we can do is wish you well.

Is his brothers funeral today?


It’s hard, my sister died last fall. We counted the other day between my spouse and I we have lost 8 family members and 2 friends in the last 4 years. Tired of funeral.

ASG is fan´s game so I have no problem with the voting system( The Golden Glove is no better and managers and coach vote). Still, Cabrera and Jackson were far deserving than Fielder or Beltre. Cabrera could be the best players in the last 10 years still never won the popular vote.

DY–again—-ist pitch swinging and we got the hugest break as it should have been a 1st pitch swinging DP I can’t stand the guy’s approach with men on.

Lunchtime. How did the Rays get the first run? 2 on, no outs. I wonder what will happen.

Walk, steal , WP, SF

Glad I wasn’t home yet. Thanks, El Tigre.

when was last time Tigers scored run without a hit? memory fails me on this one.

Your welcome

Tigers are 4-5 on this road trip. Need today’s game to break even and keep up with teams ahead of them.

Dickerson says 35 of last 52 games have been on road. that’s a tough stretch. they’ve played a MLB-low 35 games at home this season. Tigers have been outscored at home 159 to 151 but have more HR 36 to 31.

Give Smyly some run support.

Back to work. Go Tigers!!!!!!

To borrow a phrase, the Tigers have a murderers row of rally killers.

Sickening. We were given 5 outs and 3 hits and 1 run scored. Just can’t do the job with bases loaded, and haven’t been all season. Horrible at bats for Ramon and Kelly.
BTW-the nightmarish bottom of the lineup today is JL’s responsibility.

Looks like the guy’s strike zone got bigger with the bases loaded, but there were some hit-able pitches that we didn’t swing at. That will probably bite us.

Careful Smyly—this is not a typically good inning for you.

Seems to me Smyly has thrown a few pitches this inning called balls that were awefully similar to the one that struck out Santiago, Not even saying it wasn’t a strike, but come on ump.
More squandered opportunities. Same thing different day, thats my Tigers!

Highly unusual linescore. 1 run on no hits as opposed to 1 run on 5 hits thru 4 innings.

I’m so sick of this namby pamby managing by Leyland. The ONLY reason for Berry is his speed. You have to be aggressive. If he steals (hasn’t been caught yet and Cobb has a poor history of holding runners on)-we have a run on Cabby’s hit.
Drives me crazy. You have a guy like Berry and you don’t run him?

Well that was better. Both DY and Avila got the ball up in the air. I am not a fan of DY’s constant 1st pitch swigning with men on but it worked that time.
And the 3-0 pitch to Avila? I favour that too. The way he was going he was better off to be able to sit on that pitch and get used to pulling the ball in the air. He actually just missed it. Didn’t quite barrel it up.
Boy that damn Zobrist seems to like Tiger pitching.

Running out of gas? the new Rozema. 5 innings , call the bullpen.

Tigers in a nutshell. Rays don’t hit and wham a couple of doubles and tie game. We again get a couple of runs but really is another squandered opportunity.

What is JL waiting to pull him out?

Yep, there’s Smyly bad inning again.

Unfortunate for him. Smyly otherwise was pretty solid. I hope this game marks a turnaround on his part. Smyly’s previous 7 starts were very poor.

Finally JL! Great bunt at the right time for Ramon.
Now………with Berry up against the lefty you pressure the defense some more. If you don’t Berry will either strike out or roll over to the 1st or 2nd baseman again.

I agree with your assesment of Berry and how his skill set can best be utilized. I only wish JL would more regularly pursue that strategy.

Nice tack ons. I thought for sure the way that came off of Fielders bat they were going to be able to field it…..artificial turf single.

Nice inning by Villaral.

Villarael was electric.
Coke in now. Fingers crossed—this is NOT my most trusted guy.

No way I bring Coke in there. Villarreal could have done another inning. We’re lucky to survive that. Keep going to the pen till you find the guy who doesn’t have it that day. Such smart managing.

I agree.

Too many LHB are getting key hits against Coke. We got away with a little bit there in the 7th.
Good move putting Worth in.

By the way you know who has more homers than Prince or Cabrera? Trevor freaking Plouffe and Willingham in Minnesota. And ya knw what most of their HR’s are coming at Target Field.

Does anyone think this might turn into a five team race???

I like QB. I don’t like the way his swing has got long.. His style lends nicely to short quick strokes and quick to the ball—slap it around. Or bunt.
We are not benefitting from his speed.
If I am a proactive manager I can see what is happening. As much as everyone wants this guy to make it the fact is it does not look like he’s going to.
JL has a habit of keeping people in (pretty much till they get injured really). Can’t afford to have him languish in front of the middle of our order.
You might see Boesch back there soon.

My only problem with our QB (Wonder if he was an option QB in HS?) is that he does not slap the ball to the left side enough. He’s been a little pull happy and long like you mentioned. The production he has generated has been impressive. Numbers. Numbers. This is the big leagues
and right now if it became QB vs BB for PT, Berry would win. The #2 hole option I’ve been puzzled JL hasn’t at least tried maybe in a lineup against lefties is D.Young. Remember how he did batting in front of Miggy last year?? Then we would also get a chance to have J. Peralta bat 5th!!!! I think that would be a true WIN-WIN for us. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Sorry Slowbyrne I didn’t give you the obvious numbers why we need Berry there if and when. Berry in 125 ABs 25 runs .296 BA .385 OBP .400 SLG 14 walks .385 RISP
BB in 284 ABs 33 runs .232 BA .269 OBP .369 SLG 12 walks .257 RISP
People that are run producers will play. Especially on a team that is scuffling to score. My hope is that Berry can keep producing at a good level until Dirks gets back. And of course, I would like to see BB jack a few homers and drive some more doubles to all fields and bump his BA up over .250. Both will get opportunities until AD returns. My worst fear is that AD is out for the season and we have to trade BB and CC to pick up C Q from San Diego.

All’s Well That Ends Well

This is the day I’ve been waiting for the past several weeks. Now we go home for 14 of the next 17. This is the opportunity to make a move. The worst part of the schedule is behind us. Whether that translates into more wins remains to be seen.

Yes. Seven games at home against Twins and KC. Time to take 5 of 7 and get back above .500. Do not play down to their level.

Agree, Rich. Good call on the 5-5 road trip. Back home for seven games. We need to beat the Twins 3 out of 4. Then 2 out of 3 against KC. Keep winning series.
Good team pitching effort. Smyly did his job. JL pulled him after 92 pitches. Villarreal, Coke, Benoit, and Valverde all followed with good efforts. The only thing I see with Coke is Mr. I pays him over a million. Besides the good five pitcher effort we also had five guys knock in a run. And I think our 8 and 9 hitters both had a double. Good job everyone.

You know Folks, we might have indeed turned an important corner. Granted Cobb is not Gavin Floyd, but you have to beat your opposing starter. As we head back to good old Comerica, I look forward to getting a little streak going. Alas Boesch might end up less and even lesser relevant, moving forward. Santiago continues to anchor an improving infield defense. And now, three things I liked about today’s game:
1. Avila’s peg to third gets Zobrist, and essentially kills the 7th. inning for the Rays.
2. Biggy’s two out hit to drive in run # 5; and it was off of a very tough lefty. We got those two runs back pronto. Way to go Biggy!
3. Villa is REAL! Man, this dude can throw strikes at +96; he doesn’t weigh 170 pounds soaking wet. Can you imagine Vill and Al in the same pen? Makes you want to slobber if you’re a Tiger fan!

Starting pitching is starting to stabilize, Bull pen is suddenly very dependable, Valverde’s control seems much better, and the clutch hitting is improving. Good evening to all.

Leyland said he wanted to avoid using Villarreal for more than an inning at a time. Fair enough. If we can get Alburquerque back soon enough that I haven’t forgotten how to spell his name, that would make it a lot easier with the pen use.
I’d still like to see another type of hitter in the 5-hole. Don’t know who, though. Peralta? JL obviously likes him 7 or below. Just seems to me that Jhonny would put up a better AB in a situation.
I’m very interested in how Fister will look tomorrow night.

Doesn’t seem right that AJ is not on the All-Star Team. Even missing 3 weeks his numbers are great. Is there any way he could be asked to fill in for someone who can’t make it?

That could still happen. Where did he finish in the voting??

That’s good as he needs to slow the innings down for little V. Remember he has some innings in Toledo he had to throw lights out in order to get the second call up.
Jhonny P has been my #1 choice for the five hole all season. The man has knocked in 80 for the past four years. Now Delmon is on a little bit of a roll so he will probably stay there. That’s okay as long as he hits over .300 and knocks in between 15 and 20 this month. Be hot in July Delmon. Fister is the wild card in the rotation. It would be nice if we nailed the Twins starter tomorrow night as he carries an 0-5 record with over 6 era. Can we give Fister a lead to work with??

Totally agree – he just refuses to move Jhonny above 7. I would put Alex down from 6 regardless of his hitting particualrly as he is getting all the playing time over Laird. The mental and physical grind on the catcher position is quite unique in sport.
I would also open with Berry and use his speed. Ajax at 2 will see more good pitches and he is probable our most reliable hitter with men on anyway.

I don’t think Berry will get on base enough to make a move like that. I see the logic, but I’d rather have Jackson taking his cuts without worrying about a base stealer out there.
That’s a very good point about Avila hitting 6th. He’s got enough on his plate as it is.

Berry batting first against righties works for me. Not sure about lefties.

If I gave a hoot about the ASG I’d be ticked off that Jackson didn’t make it. Personally, I’d rather see my guys get the four days off than to participate in that. It’s become a joke with the legal ballot stuffing. Now I will usually watch the first round of the HR derby, but that’s it. That thing takes forever and gets real boring real fast. The ASG itself, I’m usually doing something else. It’s my four day break from baseball too. That said, I did enjoy that pregame ceremony at Fenway in 1999(?), with the all time greats all there with Ted Williams. I would have hated to have missed that.

Real good point considering that Miguel and Prince refuse to take a day off.

News flash. Yesterday we finished our first month of the season with a winning record!! Three more to go. Well, let’s count October too and go for four. Two more days to the real half way mark. With two wins over the Twins, we can finish the first half at 41-40. Wouldn’t that be great??? It needs to be better next half. Will we need 47 wins in the second half?? That is if we get the two wins over the Twins??

We need to beat Chicago and Cleveland head to head and we’ll be in.

I think we better add KC to that list. Break even with the Twinkies would be okay then. Their two up on us now with Gardenhire as manager.

I agree Rich I would rather my guys get a couple of days off rather than go to the allstar game, especially if they’ve been there before. Now someone like Jackson, first time, he shoulda been there, but whatever.

Nice to get the .500 on the road trip, I think we all were hoping for that and would be happy with it. Villareal is like a different guy from last year, he is doing a great job. Must have been the mullet that was holding him back.

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