Prince sounds like a go for Home Run Derby

Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera have a home-run derby opposite each other every day in batting practice. They hit in the same group, and they tend to put on a show for a round or two when they’re on the road.

“We don’t count,” Cabrera said. “I think he wins every time.”

Fielder wasn’t taking that compliment easily.

“It’s a tie,” he said.

Could they match up a week from Monday in the State Farm Home Run Derby? That sounds iffy.

Fielder was playing coy, but it sounds like he’s in.

“I don’t know,” he said when asked. “I think so.”

Fielder said earlier in the week that he would be interested.

Cabrera said he has not been asked, and he sounded noncommittal about it. The strong commitment he sounded was that he expects Fielder will do it.

“If they ask me, I’m going to think about it,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll do it or not. They don’t ask me yet.”

If they don’t, or if they do and he says no, then he says he’ll watch Fielder. But a lot of fans, no doubt, would like to see him do it.

Fielder won the Home Run Derby in 2009 when the All-Star festivities were held in St. Louis.


Come on. He is 25th in the league in homers. He has already won it once. Nothing to prove. But always a chance to mess up your swing for the second half of the season. Let Hamilton, Bautista, Cano, and Dunn do it.

Perhaps Prince feels a little obligated since he signed that huge contract. I’m sure all the (especially the younger ones) fans would love to see him compete. I don’t care one way or another. If he does compete, I’ll watch. That’s some tough competition on the list.
I see Miggy finally did a commercial with FSD. The media plays a huge part in promoting certain players and Miggy has always shied(sp) away from them. His English is much improved and some of the players continue to use both English and Spanish. So, don’t be so shy, Miggy. Tiger fans know your’e one of a kind!

I noticed that too Kathy, or should I say when I saw it I realized he is never in one. We are all used to not understanding everything he says, nice to see himself out there.

rubber flooring is awesome for sports.

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