Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Rays

Brennan Boesch returns to the lineup against Jeremy Hellickson. Ramon Santiago sticks at second for sinkerballer Rick Porcello.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF (3-for-9, HR off Hellickson)
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Brennan Boesch, RF
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Desmond Jennings, LF
  2. Carlos Pena, 1B
  3. B.J. Upton, CF
  4. Luke Scott, DH
  5. Ben Zobrist, RF
  6. Brooks Conrad, 3B
  7. Jose Lobaton, C
  8. Elliot Johnson, SS
  9. Will Rhymes, 2B

P: Jeremy Hellickson


I wish it were still Thursday, maybe a do-over for last night!


Morosi has noted some interest by the Tigers in Shawn Marcum.
I remember Marcum from the Blue Jay days. Not a ground ball type pitcher. In fact kind of a fly ball guy–probably give up a few HRs but pretty good control and and doesn’t walk many. Decent WHIP. Might do OK at Comerica.
Not what we need though.

Fixed the date. Sorry, it’s been a long enough trip that the days run into each other.

Jason, with your schedule I don’t know how you keep anything straight.

But Shawn Marcum is on DL . Elbow.Supposedlywont return until ASG.
Thome with Baltimore. Just showed in the board of Tribe 10- O´s 5 game

This week in baseball. That and the Monday Night Game ( difered to tuesday) plus Game of the Week ( difered to sunday) was all the baseball on tv back them. Only the Play Off and the WS were broadcasted live.

Thome is an Oriole. Dan and Jim will be disappointed. They have been mentioning him in their broadcast the last few games. Almost sounded like they were lobbying for him. You know he can still hit.

OK, what years did the Tigers wear those uniforms?

I thought that uni was from the 80’s but maybe they started wearing in late 70’s.

Tigers uni’s sweet. Rays hilarious

Oh DY. Can you please start coming through with men on?

Are they playing throwback walk-up music also. I swear I heard “Theme From Shaft” when Desmond came to the plate.

Horrible approach in the 2nd inning.
We were talking about homers. A big part of this is the expansiveness of Comerica. Our guys do not seem to pull the ball down the lines much. This will eliminate some HRs right there. Too many of our guys are getting good wood only when the hit to center field.
Avila is a good example. He does not pull the ball in the air very much at all. If he were able to he would have a higher total. Peralta has been going to CF and RC quite a bit. You never know where Boesch is gonna go.
Be nice to have a couple of guys pulling the ball–DY is pretty much pull and Peralta used to be. Raburn will pull when he is dialed in.

What is this? The Evan Longoria show?


I think we might of hit this guy if he stayed in.

Or in other words, we might have hit him if we hadn’t hit him.

Yep…. Does anyone waste more opportunities than the Tigers?

I kind of doubt it. All year long they have failed to get big hits. Very often we will leave 2 men on 2nd and 3rd. DY did it yet again..
Couple of bad breaks on Miggy & Biggy, but still you have to take advantage in order to win.
Another thing, we just don’t “push it” on the bases. i.e I have seen Berry singel to RF 3 times with AJ on 1st and AJ just pulls up at 2nd base. You gotta push the envelope. If you don’t make it then at least you know you are giving it your all and if you do, you are putting more pressure on the opposition and firing up your own dugout.
We are far to passive on the base paths. Even with 2 out.

Come on Tigers, get some runs. Rick is pitching well but one run is just too scary.

There are 10 teams with less RBI with RISP than the Tigers including the Evil Empire..

The problem is not the offense but the pitching

Depends what night your talking about. By the way we have 4 homers out of the dh spot this year.

Geez Porcello pitching a gem……and this. Run support boys. Is it in your vocabulary.

Nice job getting out of the mess. RUNS BOYS.

Here in the 7th inning….no extra base hits.

Way to go Fielder once again coming through. Now its up to DY not to waste the opportunity again.

More worried about the cleanup spot than DH

I’m worried about all of it.

Basically in order for a Tigers pitcher to get a win… Or the team for that matter s to be nearly perfect.

When you are 4 of 14 in hits, average and RISP yet are 8th of 14 in runs scored and RBI’s, we still have a major offense problem linked to the lack of multi run homers shown by:
Bases empty – 47 HR’s & 31.6 AB’s per HR;
2 run homer – 17 HR’s & 45.4 AB’s per HR;
3 run homer – 5 HR’s & 61.6 AB’s per HR;
4 run homer – 0 for 55.
We have only one homer with two on when one is on 3rd from 119 AB’s.

True, the Yankees has 184 with bases loaded ( 218 for Tigers) and still have more RBI with bases loaded.
But I was answering to the question is there is any time with more wasted opotunities and the answer is yes, including the Yankees, ten team are worse
with RISP

Dy has now stranded 7 runners. This is his contract year? He’ll be lucky to get a contract to sell peanuts in the bleachers. They are going to lose this game. Ten runners left on base. It will be a miracle if Rick can pitch a shutout. They need to support him better.

El Tigre, kinda agree. Tigers BA remainns OK in AL. RISP not so good. First 4 starters are rounding into form, with the possible exception of Fister (due to injury, rustiness or deadarm issues?) The # 5 slot, whether solely Smyly, or adding in Crosby and Wilk, again not so good. Smyly alone has given up 28 runs in the 33.4 innings he has completed in his 7 starts since 5-14-12. I keep thinking BLACK HOLE. Mr. Smyly, please prove me wrong and show your upside from your earlier starts.

Yes , that is my point. They have one great starter( unless he pitch against the east), the best pitcher in AL. Two inconsistent starters , coming in form just now. Fister looking to be ready . And the continuation of ST contest in the 4th and 5th spots.
And a bullpen that looks great now, but still is near the bottom

RP has thrown a beauty. The best thing is he kept doing his job and when Jennings’ hit went through then Pena got on–he was still doing his job. In the past this scenario has spelled doom for him. That showed character. I think sometimes we do forget how young this guy is.
As to why we lose. IMHO, it has been the offense this year. The lack of clutch hitting, the men left on base, the base-running, the inability to support a well pitched game, the home run count, the bottom of the order.
It’s been devastating.

6 th three run homer

Well, finally, some Power!! Action Jackson.

A 3-RUN HOMER !!!!! I can’t believe it.

El Tigre…..really? 10 teams with less RBI’s with RISP. Unbelievable. Of course, we are always watching the Tigers, not other teams.
Situational, RISP click RBI. And that is only AL.

We dont like Fielder, think of Halos fan when Pujols was unable to hit a single HR for weeks

8 in the AL, 20 in MLB

Pretty to watch.
A collective sight of relief.
A clutch hit and a THREE– run HR with one swing of the bat—-to support your pitcher.

Blacked out of the game. Yahoo! Jackson with the 3 run homer! When was the last time that happened? Regarding your question Dan. I think it’s defense, lack of IF mobility. The hitting has not made up for it.

Sure hope we don’t have to wait another 3 weeks for the next one!!🙂

Benoit is obviously not sharp tonight.

It’s never easy, is it. Can’t just sit back and relax. Nope. There’s almost always drama for Tiger fans.

Agreed. Tampa fans now get their turn in the barrel

Yes, now very good for us . Hold your breath.

Pretty damn predictable that Avila would ground into a double play. He’s useless at the plate.

Peralta picked him up.

Hey, I’m watching a 6-2 game for us. Did I miss something?

Don Kelly worked a walk and Peralta hit a single with bases loaded


Peralta had a couple of strikes on him without swinging the bat. Looked done. Another big hit.
Avila did look bad. That was a bloody 2-0 pitch with nobody out and the bases loaded.
You have to have a better knock than that.
Good game and an important one. (To have the offense support the excellent pitching).

Take away the 3 run homer and the 10 hits (Vs 7) and 7 walks (Vs 0)would result in a 3-2 nail biter.
11 of 14 in walks and 12 of 14 in stolen bases makes the multi run homer imperative for the way this team is stacked.

Stat man Dave. Are you on to something?? May be if we are patient at the plate and draw more walks the chance of the three run jack goes up. Although we know that what led to AJ’s homer was #39 getting drilled in the back. When that inning started people in our dugout were chirping at Peralta, who was just off the suspension. Did that lead to the pitch that hit Santiago?? Also, you suggest if we could consistently get more hits than our opponents our chances of winning should go up. Right??

My internet was down all day due to last night’s big storm, then the game was blacked out due to Fox. Watched a movie, didn’t even know what had happened until 15 minutes ago. Sounds like Ricky P was on. I thought he might have some success against this team. 87 pitches. What do you think, should he have pitched the 8th?
There’s nothing like a 3-run homer in a baseball game. Big one from Jackson. Santiago made a big play in the 6th?
As soon as the archived game comes up, I’ll look at some of it.

Positive vibes. Hopefully, it is so so good tomorrow.

Ah yes, my friends. There is joy in Tigerville this evening. It’s amazing that you can leave 12 risp’s hanging, have no extra base hits until deep into the game, strikeout 8 times, and still win 6-2. Very entertaining game; I’m going to dispense with the obvious things, ie Rick and AJ, and give three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Ramon Santiago at second base; smooth as silk; need him in the infield every time Porcello and Fister pitch.
2. Biggy’s 10 pitch at bat in the ninth, after going down 0-2, and then walking. He didn’t do much else, but that AB led to the add on runs from Jhonny.
3. Every batter in the lineup, including Kelly, got on base, either by hit or walk. You’ll usually win when everyone contributes on way or another.

Might have been Porcello’s finest ever. Good night all, and let’s hope that the “Smile” man can make it 3-4 tomorrow.

Thank you and I HOPE you are right about Smyly.

I love those old Tigers unis. I had the jersey and hat when I was a kid. The Rays’ were a lot fun, too! Great win by the Tigers, hoping for some consistency, though, which seems like will never come!

Glad you survived the storms Rich. We sure could use some rain here, but not like that. I don’t remember the last time it rained here, nearly a month I think.

Fashion news: I like those throwback Tiger jerseys. As I recall, they wore them a lot more form fitting back in the day, but I prefer that looser fit they used last night. The Rays, with a chance to design their own, came up with that? It was an…….uh……interesting look?
Did Stockton and McCarver make up the oldest announcing duo in combined years? Yeah, find that stat.

I think Majestic was resposible for that Tampa look.

Sunday’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Avila 2, Raburn 4, Kelly 9, Santiago 6, Smyly 1.

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