Friday’s lineups: Tigers at Rays

Jim Leyland had a decision to make on whether to play Quintin Berry against David Price — not only a lefty,  but a stingy one (25 strikeouts in 90 plate appearances from left-handed batters). In the end, Leyland opted to start Berry over Brennan Boesch (1-for-3, 2 strikeouts off Price) and Danny Worth (0-for-2 off Price). However, he moved down Berry to the ninth spot, putting Ramon Santiago (3-for-7 off Price) in the two spot.

Former Tiger Will Rhymes gets the start against ex-teammate Justin Verlander.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Quintin Berry, LF

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Desmond Jennings, LF
  2. Carlos Pena, 1B
  3. B.J. Upton, CF
  4. Luke Scott, DH
  5. Ben Zobrist, RF
  6. Brooks Conrad, 3B
  7. Jose Molina, C
  8. Elliot Johnson, SS
  9. Will Rhymes, 2B

P: David Price


This is why Prince should be a dh…. And Berry was lacksidasical.

Bull, it was an error by Prince, he blocks ground balls with his body, because he can’t field it. Sorry a 1st baseman should make that play he is freaking horrible. And so far his bat isn’t making up for it in my opinion…where are the homers? .Verlander isn’t sharp.

Shock of all shocks, an umpire screwed up a call! Who’d believe that?

I think it’s going to be a night”……………

Price is the kind of pitcher that can really make us pay for not being able to produce longballs. Pretty good control, and you give him 3 or 4 runs to work with he will also be tough to scratch and claw.

Why woud you bat Ramon 2nd? I don’t get breaking up that happy duo we had that was producing.

Ramon actually had really good numbers against Price.

Verlander is horrible tonight. Three homers and two to a guy who doesn’t hit them. This may be the day Verlander doesn’t make it through six.

He has not been sharp in many games. Wath is the point of letting him there?
Overworked, lack of concentration because of promotional activities…

Top of the seventh. We need some rally caps.

As much as JV has done for this franchise wouldn’t it be neat if somehow his hitters came through and pulled one out for him? Especially in a game where he really doesn’t look sharp at all.
Unlikely the way Price is throwing.
He’s keeping the ball down and he’s staying ahead of the hitters. 96,97 down around the knees is a pretty nice place to live for a southpaw.

Pretty bad night. I don’t like losing any game, but what once runs me here really is how Verlander looked today and really a few times recently. Is it a fluke? Is is fatigue? Lack of run support has surely affected him this year. Pretty disappointing tonight for sure, I was looking forward to a god game tonight and well they haven’t delivered.

But what really concerns me is

Here’s me being positive. Dotel did a nice job getting out of that mess.

Boy Price looked pretty good for a guys who’s back is bothering him. Is is evil to say too bad it didn’t happen earlier in the game?

Top of the eighth inning. No Price. Tough break for them. We are back in this thing.

Here’s a question if McGee is so tough on righties why not pinch hit a leftie instead of Raburn?

Top of the ninth. We need to get two on for Cabby.

Rodney was nasty. 97 down to 82 and save #22.

Both Price and Rodney were darn near unhittable. At least by us.
I am likely to be crucified for saying this but we really need to find ourselves a 2nd baseman and a leftfielder.
Hmmmmm- I think I said the same thing in the spring.
Yes, yes I know Ramon is a good 2nd baseman, yada yada yada. He is just not an impact player and we need one. Ramon will be a .<230 hitter by the end of the year
We need another corner outfielder. Not Raburn. Berry can't last. I like him (btw, he was misused tonight–should have been bunting, especially leading off the 9th), but his inexperieince at this level is showing and his hitting is definitely going to drop off.
Our one viable hope are our starters. Can't have too many games like the top 2 just had. Even so, JV gave up only 4.
We just know that this team is not going to win many when they give up 4..

Well last week we got to within 2 of CWS and all that momentum is gone. The two guys you expected to get a win out of this week, Verlander and Fister both disappointed. To top it off, Yankees aren’t doing anything to help us out. I know realistically it’s too early to give up, but I just don’t see this train turning it around and/or CWS tanking it.

Verlander two ditto games with TB. 4-2 4-2

Just got my power back after the massive storm that just blew through here. Power is the theme here. They hit 3 homers, we hit 1, they win 4-2. That’s our season in a nutshell. This team has GOT to hit more homers. These guys with 20-HR ability have to start hitting them out. Anything else we do, any trade we make, will not help if the guys we already have don’t start hitting homers. It’s hard for any team in baseball to win without the longball, and even harder for the Tigers. Look back over any big wins we’ve had in the past few years and you’ll see homeruns. Without an increase in homers, this team will not win anything, and that’s the first time I’ve suggested that possibility. They are a .500 club without homers. It’s as simple as that. Anything else is just conversation. Maybe Harrah can help these people find their homerun stroke, I don’t know.
Verlander didn’t seem to have a curveball at all. He threw about 20 pitches to Will Rhymes. That’s over an inning’s worth of pitches in two ABs to one slap hitting infielder. He could have elevated a fastball at any time to finish him off. JV wasn’t good tonight. But again, that’s just conversation. Hit homers or go home. DD’s comment about liking the guys who hit gap doubles won’t fly in real life. We can’t get 13-15 hits often enough to win enough.

Rhymes almost took JV deep on one pitch as well… yikes.

Rich, how do you define 20 homer ability?? We have only four players who have hit 20 homers in a season in the majors. And Delmon only did it once .

This storm was pretty amazing down in the Roanoke Valley too. Lots of wind damage, massive trees uprooted. Tigers were uprooted also, and Mr. Dependable did not have an effective second pitch tonight. The change was decent with the lefty batters, but those two fastballs to the leadoff were begging to be it, and he obliged. Didn’t see any fire in JV’s eyes tonight. Price was tough on the kitty kats. It was tough, but I came up with three things I liked in the game.
1. Hitter of the game was Delmon; my, can he hit a fastball. Need to see a whole lot more of that. We have him for at least one more month.
2. Biggy’s great defensive stop, after hie not so great blooper. All things equal, that stop saved a big inning from developing.
3. Dotel’s solid relief effort. Again, he gave us a chance to tie, by preventing add on runs.

The amazing stat of the game: Rhymes sees 20 pitches in 2 AB’s; our team sees 78 pitches in 7 full innings.

Man, I hate looking up stats, but here it is:
Avila: 19 last year
Peralta: 20+ four times
Raburn: 14, 15, 16 in less than full seasons
Boesch: 16 in 428 ABs
Young: 21, plus 8 in 40 games with Detroit, projected to 33 over 162 games
I’m not asking anyone to do anything they haven’t done before. I’m not even asking all of them to step up the power. If just some of them came close to what they used to do, we’d be in first place today.

Heck, add Prince to the list. He averages 37 homers a season. He’s got 12, nearly halfway through. The dude has hit 50, 46, 38, 34, etc. Whatever the reasons, we need to fix this power outage on the club.

11th in the league in HRs and worst in pct of HRs that are solo shots at 68%

Good name to add to your list of guys who need to hit more homers. I’ve been shocked with their lack of homers, too . June has been a kind month for Prince in the past and with us playing the NL central I fully expected him to have a big month. Didn’t happen. Boesch likes June too. Going into this season, he had hit 30 dingers and 14 of them happened in June. He has two in June this year. Jhonny and Alex had good first halves last year. Raburn is down five from last year during the first half.. It has not happened for them this year. It is frustating. But that it is part of the beauty of baseball. We must remember that those guys on the other teams are trying to keep us from hitting homers. We need to get better. We need to go forward.

Couldn’t agree with you more Rich. It’s nice to have the big rally innings, but the power outage to me is mind boggling. Interesting thing that Mario said during the game, that th team is on pace to hit less homers than they did in 2003.

We’ll get a good sense of the moxy of these Tigers today. They face Hellickson who is coming off the DL. He generally pitches pretty well against us.
With Smyly going tomorrow they really need a determined effort to win this one today.

Berry can help this team by bunting. From what I have seen he is an excellent bunter and with that speed he puts pressure on the defense. This will become more important as opposing teams continue (and they already are) to find ways to pitch to him. He definitely should have been bunting leading off the 9th against Rodney. Rodney fields his position about as well as Dotel, Valeverde or Villarael, so why not?

IMO, the two stats that have most to do with where the team finds themselves now are:
HR differential and Ground Into DP differential.
Price had a couple of quick early innings yesterday because his D was able to turn the DP.

Not only TB. Allowed 4 or more runs twice against Yankees( Only 3 of 5 earned in one game). And once against Boston. If he cant beat the probable opposing teams in the playoff …
Agree with Dan , they need someone for the OF, perhaps even two. Since Dirks wont come soon, they need to replace BB and Raburn. Batting numbers of both are identical. None can play at the field.
Berry has been showing why he did not make it to MLB before.Use him everyday while the fire last
Rodney ? he was 37 for 39 in saves for the Tigers. Like Jones he did the work , in a painful to watch fashion . But a soon as the W is there , who cares?

The lack of power by Fielder would not be unexpected since Miller park stand as second in Park Factor. CoPa 14th. But Fielder has more HR at home than in the road so the problem must be he has been unable to adjust to AL pitching. His lack of HRs have not been as deep as Pujol´s but he has not make the adjusment

@tigers:Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Avila 2, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Santiago 4. Porcello 1

They have to play what they have. And that is the best they have

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